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3 Strikes and you're in

Kiorey: I had shown myself to the Digidestined. I sent them to a double world where Digidestined are evil and Myotismon was the good guy. After proving they were the good guys they helped to make their Digidestined good again. Myotismon handed them Key Cards for their Digiwarrior Houses. They came back and the leader of the Digispirits told me to let the Digidestined have some more power to help them on their quests. They can now all digivolve to Ultimates. But they are going to need more than that to defeat the evil in the Digital World.

Bubbles alarm clock goes off.
Bubbles: (groans) 8 am I didn't get much sleep last night.
She gets out of bed and goes to the shower. Not long later there is banging on the door.
Jed: Hey come on sis I gotta use the Bathroom here!
Bubbles: Can't a girl have her shower in peace? I'll be a few mins yet go use mum and dads on suit bathroom.
Jed runs into his parents room opens the door to the toilet and closes it.
Mr Sanyo: I guess Bubbles is in the shower.
Mrs Sanyo: Yeah.
Bubbles gets out of the shower and gets dressed. She goes back into her room and Kiorey is up.
Kiorey: Morning Bubbles.
Bubbles: Morning Kio. I am so tired.
Kiorey: No wonder since you were up till the small hours. We'll talk more about it when we are in the Digital World ok?
Bubbles: Ok.
Kiorey goes and has a shower and then when ready comes down for breakfast.
Mrs Sanyo: Good morning Kiorey.
Kiorey: Good morning.
Mrs Sanyo: Breakfast?
Kiorey: Please.
Mr Sanyo: Help yourself.
Kiorey: Thank you.
Jed: Kiorey how do u still manage to eat even though you are a Digispirit?
Kiorey: I don't really I just use it as fuel to keep my power levels up. I don't taste it like you do.
Jed: Oh I see. Is it weird?
Kiorey: I got used to it. Losing my real body wasn't very nice but I got used to being without some things but at least I can touch, talk and hear still.
Bubbles: How did you lose your body?
Kiorey: A very long time ago by pure chance I was caught in a thunder storm and I saw a cave. I ran to it and sat inside. Lightning struck the top of the cave and it caved in. I was trapped nobody knew I was there. I went to find another way out but I didn't find one. After a few days I felt weak I knew that if I wasn't found soon I would die. It was then that I saw a fog coming into the cave. I figured that there had to be a way out but I was too tired to get up. It encircled me and lifted me up. It took me to the Digital World. I met a digimon who helped me regain my strength. He was leader of the Digispirits. He was an ultimate digimon but very powerful. He used his power for the good of the Digital World. I was happy in my new home. My parents looked for me but couldn't find me. Soon they were convinced I was never coming back. By the time I was fully healed they had a new baby. I decided it was best if I didn't return so I stayed. Then when a virus came to the Digital World the Spirit leader tried to protect me but it got to me after a long battle. It killed me but I didn't get reconfigured as digimon do I was made a Digispirit. He blamed himself for my death and when his back was turned looking at me the virus took his body and data and then vanished. I didn't know where he went but then I found out of the virus' reappearance. But that is another story he is now back as the Digispirits Leader and good once again. He is the person who spoke to you. His body is trapped that is why he can't appear to you.
Bubbles: Woah!
Kiorey: Well I think we need to get everything ready to go.
Bubbles & Jed: Yeah.
They all went and packed a back pack each. Mrs Sanyo gave them sandwiches and drinks.
Mr Sanyo: Take care of your sister Jed
Bubbles: It'll be me looking after him.
Jed: Hey!
Kiorey: They'll be fine I'll make sure of it.
Mrs Sanyo: Ok bye.
All: Bye.
They all go next door to get Jay. Bubbles knocks on the door. Jay opens it.
Jed: Ready to go?
Jay: Yeah but my parents still ain't happy with me going.
Jed: They'll come around they know how important it is to go.
Jay left his house and they went to Trixy's.
Trixy came out.
Bubbles: Ready?
Trixy: Yep I think.
They went further down the street and got Cali, Spike and Lita.
Bubbles: Tai and the others said they'd meet us in the Digiworld.
Kiorey: Now you're all here we can open a porthole.
Bubbles: We need a computer though.
Kiorey: No we don't. I can open a porthole any place I choose.
Bubbles: Oh
Kiorey: Digiport open.
The Digiport opened in front of them. They went through. When Kiorey went through it closed.
In the Digital World Bubbles shuddered sensing something.
Kiorey: What's wrong Bubbles?
Bubbles: I can feel it.
Jed: Feel what sis?
Bubbles: The darkness it is strong. We need to hurry.
Tai: Hey guys.
Jed: Hi.
Cat: What's wrong Bubbles?
Kiorey: She can sense a strong darkness. What was it that freaked you out last night?
Bubbles: I saw it enter its body. But I only saw a blurred shape it was if I was there. I went to the window when I made the shapes of digimon but there was one that seemed weird as if it was watching my house. It was in the shape like something out of Shakespeare time.
Kiorey: You sure it was a digimon?
Bubbles: I was defiantly not mistaken.
Purrmon: I know exactly who it is.
Spike: Who is it Purrmon?
Purrmon: Piedmon it is Piedmon.
Matt: Woah that is defiantly not good. But how can we help?
Bubbles: We are going to find our Digiwarrior Houses and we need support.
Ken: Ah I see safety in numbers.
Bubbles: Exactly we can't do it alone at our levels. But us fighting together if he attacks soon is the safest bet. But I do have one question.
Kiorey: Yes
Bubbles: Just who exactly is Piedmon I heard you briefly mention him before.
Kari: Piedmon was one of the Dark Masters but Tk's Patamon digivolved to Magnaangemon and sealed him in the Gate of Destiny but I don't know how he got out.
Spike: I think I do. When my Patamon digivolved and used his Gate of Destiny that flash of light that we saw I bet that was him escaping.
Kiorey: That is a good theory. But besides him we need to get you to your Digi Houses. You know the area where you respective houses are you need to split into groups and go and find them.
They split into groups. Bubbles, Cat and Ken were group 1. Jed, Tai and Matt were group 2. Spike, Izzy and Tk were the 3rd group. Jay, Cody and Joe were the 4th group. Lita, Sora and Kari made group 5. Cali, Yolei and Davis made group 6 which left Trixy and Mimi for group 7.
Kiorey: I will keep an eye on all of you.
Bubbles: Ok We'll set off in a group of 3 and a group of 4. From Kiorey's calculations Spike, Cali's Houses and mine are in the same proximity areas.
Jed: Ok take care sis ok?
Bubbles: No problem bro I'll be fine.
They split into their groups and wished each other well and went to find their houses.
Bubbles, Spike, Cali, Cat, Ken, Izzy, Tk, Yolei and Davis made their way to the nearest area which was the Temples. The sky started to go dark and cloudy.
Bubbles: Hmm I don't like the look at those clouds we better find some cover.
Spike: Wait a minute lightning is to do with me so if I follow the clouds I'm sure to find my house.
Cali: Are you sure?
The first flash of lightning lit the sky.
Spike: Yeah we'll be fine won't we Izzy, Tk?
Tk: Yeah.
Both Patamon's: We'll make sure they're ok.
Tentomon: Am I invisible then?
Izzy: Tentomon!
Lightning flashed again.
Bubbles: Hmm I don't like it but go on. Any trouble let us know straight away ok?
Spike: Ok.
Lightning came again and hit the stone ruins in the distance.
Bubbles: Go on we're going to shelter in those ruins. Be careful.
Tk: Relax we'll be fine.
They went off following the flashes of lightning.
Bubbles and the others ran to the ruins. They saw lightning strike a spire further on in the distance.
Cali: No wonder it hit that it looks massive.
Ken: Hey guys come and look at this.
They all went to where Ken was. He was stood at a stone wall which had some strange markings on it.
Chibimon: This is Digi language.
Bubbles: Digi language.
Freemon: We write in Digi language just in cases humans come but not you guys your digivices should be able to read it.
Cali: I'll scan it.
She scanned the data and her digivice translated it.
Cali: It's my Digihouse. It says only the one with Power can enter here anyone else will be deleted.
Bubbles: Ok what are you waiting for Cali. There is the slot for the card.
Cali swiped her card and the door opened. Inside was a table. She went inside and looked on the table. On it was a card. It had the Symbol of Power on it. She picked it up. The moment she picked it up her digivice shone. The Digivice now had a split in its side. She had a look around the house. She found another card it had a picture of her medallion symbol on it. She then left the house and went to the waiting digidestined.
Cali: I guess you saw all that.
Bubbles: The light was hard to miss.
Cali: There were 2 cards in my house. One with my power symbol on and the other with a picture of my medallion symbol.
Bubbles: Cool.
Cali: This is the modified digivice I got. I guess I have to slash the cards through the split.
Bubbles: I'll email everyone to tell them of our find. I'll also tell them to wait to slash the cards until we are all back together.
Cali: Ok.
Bubbles' digivice then beeped.
Bubbles: Oh I got mail.
She read it.
Bubbles: It's from Spike. He's found something we should look at.
They went to the exit of the ruins.
Cat: The storm is still raging.
Bubbles: Hmm and they're in the forest. Trees and lightning don't mix very well.
Kiorey: Digidestined.
Bubbles: Oh hi Kio.
Kiorey: I got the message you found the first Digihouse.
Cali: Yep this is what I found.
She showed Kiorey her finds.
Kiorey: Spike has found another Digihouse. But it isn't his.
Bubbles: He said he had found something and since it's in the forest it guess it's mine.
Freemon: Yep.
They left the ruins and went on to the forest.
The lightning continued to flash.
Bubbles: I'm not happy about the weather and this forest it seems unnatural.
Kiorey: This is a Digi storm they can be mild or really aggressive.
Bubbles: An this is.
Kiorey: Pretty mild.
Bubbles: What? Oh.
They went into the forest and found Spike, Izzy and Tk. They were next to the spire the lightning had struck.
Spike: We're off again the storm is moving faster we need to keep on track with it.
Davis: Ok
Yolei: See you soon.
They went off out of the forest onto the open lands.
Cali: So it was your house the lightning struck.
Bubbles: It would seem so.
Bubbles translated the writing on the wall.
Bubbles: Only I can enter.
Ken: I thought that was coming.
She opened the door with her key card and went inside. Everything was pure white. There were 4 other doors inside. On each door was a symbol. She went to the first door with life on it. She went in and found the card. She picked it up and left that room. She went to the door with peace on it and got the spirit card and the Kindness card. She went back into the main room and looked around. On a stone was one more card with her medallion symbols. He digivice then also changed to the updated one.
When she left the house she talked to Kiorey.
Bubbles: So what do these cards do?
Kiorey: You will find out when the time is right.
Bubbles sighed and looked to the sky. It was getting brighter. She saw the storm was moving to the south.
Ken: Are we going to follow Spike?
Bubbles: Yeah I don't see why not.
They walked on the open land and searched for Spike, Tk and Izzy. Bubbles continued to look to the sky. She saw lightning strike in the distance.
Bubbles: If I am correct where the lightning has just struck is where they are.
They ran to the area but found no Spike or Tk or Izzy.
Cali: Your theory was wrong Bubbles.
Bubbles: No they're here somewhere. Something doesn't seem right here.
Freemon: What is it Bubbles.
Bubbles: I'm not sure.
Kiorey: This could be important Bubbles focus.
Bubbles sat and closed her eyes. She scanned the area around them. She saw shadows of Spike, Tk and Izzy. But couldn't see their bodies. She caught a glimpse of another shadow it was the digimon she had seen the night before. Her eyes snapped open and she got up and began running.
Kiorey: What *pant* is wrong *pant* Bubbles?
Bubbles: Piedmon, I saw Piedmon he has Spike, Tk and Izzy.
She suddenly stopped.
Bubbles: They are here I can feel it.
Piedmon's voice: Oh aren't you clever.
Bubbles: Piedmon what have you done with the others.
Piedmon's voice: As if I'm going to tell you.
Bubbles: If you don't I'm going to make you wish you had never been reborn.
Piedmon appears.
Piedmon: Big talk for a small girl.
Bubbles: I maybe small but I can dish it out with the best of 'em. Change into Power.
She began to change into her Digiwarrior.
Piedmon: Don't expect me to play games with you. Clown Trick.
He blasted the still transforming Bubbles.
Bubbles: Arghhhh.
Freemon: Bubbles! Now you've got me mad.
Kiorey: Becareful he's strong. You all need to work together he's a mega and you're not.
Digidestined: Digivolve
Bubbles and Cali: Change into Power.
They all began to digivolve.
Piedmon: Muw ah ah ah ah. Clown.
Purrmon: I don't think so. Black Paw.
She jumped at Piedmon and knocked his mask off. She used her attack again and scarred his face.
Piedmon: Agh.
He grabbed his facemask and put it back on. Bubbles and Cali's digimon had now digivolved to ultimate. The others were at Champion. Bubbles and Cali were also at their ultimate forms.
Bubbles: Taking a cheap shot at me wasn't your best idea Piedmon. Peace Sphere.
Piedmon: Trump Sword.
His swords headed for Bubbles.
Cali: Ninja Darts.
Bubbles: Peace Sword.
They tried to deflect the swords but his attack got through.
Cali: Bubbles try and find Spike, Izzy and Tk. I'll try and hold him off with the digimon.
Bubbles: Ok.
Purrmon: Kiorey let me digivolve.
Kiorey: No Purrmon.
Purrmon: But they need me at ultimate.
Kiorey: I said no it's not time.
Purrmon: Kio they need me though.
Kiorey: Purrmon don't you understand, if you digivolve to her then what happened could happen again.
Purrmon: But that was years ago when you first met me.
Cali: Ninja Dart.
Magnachibimon: Magna Blaster.
Fairymon: Daisy Chain
Piedmon: Trump Sword.
This attack made both digimon dedigivolve to rookies.
Stingmon: Spiking strike.
Exveemon: V laser.
Piedmon: Clown Trick.
This hit them making them dedigivolve.
Purrmon: There's only me, Cali and Bubbles left. I have to digivolve.
Kiorey: I said no and that's the end of it.
Purrmon: Fine let us all be deleted and then he'll rule the Digital World. You'll never see.
Kiorey: Purrmon don't even say it.
Bubbles: Freemon!
Freemon: Sorry Bubbles he is too strong.
Bubbles: It's ok me, Cali and Purrmon will have to try and deal with him.
Freemon: No I'm still fighting. Your intentions are kind to keep me safe but if I don't then I wouldn't be much use of me being your digimon.
Bubbles: Freemon you need to gather your strength first.
Freemon: You also need to gather your strength.
Bubbles' digivice started glowing. The Digicoin of peace came out and in its place went the Digicoin of Kindness.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Daisymon: Daisymon.
Ken: Woah she skipped from Rookie to Ultimate.
Daisymon: Attack together. Pollen Blast.
Cali: Ninja Dart.
Bubbles: Peace Sphere.
They all hit Piedmon. He dropped a device on the floor.
Kiorey: Bubbles.
Bubbles: I see it
She went down to get it. She picked it up.
Piedmon: Hey get off of that.
Bubbles: Hmm is this where Spike, Izzy and Tk are then?
Piedmon: As if I'd tell you.
Bubbles: I take that as a yes then. So what would happen if I press this button then?
Piedmon: No don't press that!
Bubbles: Ok then I'll press it.
She pushed the button and Tk, Spike and Izzy materialised.
Bubbles: Bingo.
Spike: Back!! Woah who is that digimon?
Bubbles: That is Freemon with the Digicoin of Kindness. Her name is Daisymon.
Spike: Cool.
S Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
S Angemon: Angemon.
T Patamon: Can I Tk?
Tk: Yeah
T Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
T Angemon: Angemon.
Spike: Go for it again.
S Angemon: Angemon digivolve to.
Magnaangemon: Magnaangemon.
Piedmon: Muw ah ah ah.
Magnaangemon: Your going back to where you belong. Gate of Destiny.
Piedmon: I don't think so. Trump Sword.
This countered Magnaangemon's Gate of Destiny.
Piedmon: I know the Gates Secret you cannot trap me in there again.
Angemon: What I want to know is how you escaped.
Piedmon: Simple I just bided my time building my power up and when another Magnaangemon opened the Gate I used my spirit form to escape and find my Digiegg so I could be reborn properly.
Bubbles: And that is what I saw in my dream him being reborn. I sensed him coming.
Piedmon: You are the Digiqueen then! Only a Digiqueen or Digispirit can sense evil.
Bubbles: That remains to be seen. We all have a 6th sense that we don't really know we have.
Piedmon: Yeah right! Clown Trick.
Spike: Change Into Power.
Spike transformed.
Spike: Dragon Master protector of the houses of Hope, Knowledge and Enchantment.
He moves Bubbles out of the way.
Bubbles: Thanks now we can work better.
Piedmon: Trump Sword.
Bubbles: Peace Sphere.
Spike: Magical Arrow and Fire.
Cali: Ninja Darts
Daisymon: Pollen Blast
Magnaangemon: Excalibar Sword.
They didn't stop his attack getting through.
Piedmon: This is too easy.
Purrmon: I can't watch this anymore. I'm digivolving.
Kiorey: No.
Purrmon: Purrmon digivolve to.
Lady Myotismon: Lady Myotismon.
Kiorey: Oh no.
Bubbles: Wow Purrmon digivolved.
Lady Myotismon: I sure did.
Kiorey: Lady Myotismon come back here
Lady Myotismon: I'm sorry I have to help them.
Kiorey: Hmm ok go for it!
Lady Myotismon: Piedmon you deserve everything that is coming to you. Neo Wave.
A rainbow wave was sent at Piedmon and it hit him.
Piedmon: Agh. I will leave but I shall return.
Lady Myotismon: Don't come back!
He left and the digimon dedigivolved but the Digiwarriors kept on full alert.
Bubbles: Why didn't you digivolve before then Purrmon?
Purrmon: Are you going to tell them Kiorey?
Kiorey: Hmmmmm.
Bubbles: What was so wrong about Purrmon digivolving.
Kiorey: I'll tell you while walking.
They wen further on the plains.
Kiorey: A long time ago Purrmon was a servant of Piedmon. She one day digivolved to ultimate while still working for him. He used her to gain some control on the Digiworld. She was an out law. One day a vaccine entered her and she changed back to Purrmon. This made Piedmon furious when she couldn't change to ultimate again. She started making a rebellion but was caught. He was about to delete her when I rescued her. I found out that everytime she goes to ultimate the virus starts to re take a grip on her.
Bubbles: Hmm I see. But she's ok now?
Purrmon: Not really I can't really go to ultimate anymore. I used the last one I could really afford to.
Bubbles: I have an idea. My staff can help.
Purrmon: Of course you can use your staff to take away evil.
Kiorey: You want to try it Purrmon?
Purrmon: Yeah.
Bubbles: Power Removal.
The evil started to leave Purrmon but it was fighting.
This time Bubbles was too strong for it, it entered her staff sphere.
Bubbles: Energy Seal.
The energy sealed.
They continued walking and found that the storm that had passed was up ahead hovering.
Bubbles: Look at that.
Spike: There is an house over there where it is hovering.
Lightning strikes the house.
Spike: It's my Digihouse.
He reads the information on the door. Only he can enter. He opens the door with his Key Card. He enters and finds 3 doors. Each a symbol on it. He gets all 3 cards and finds his medallion card. His Digivice changes and he leaves the house.
Ken: That's us done.
Bubbles: Yeah. I wonder how the others are doing.
Kiorey: I will go ahead of you and find them I'll transmit their co-ordinates. Start walking back ok?
Bubbles: Ok later Kio.
Kiorey goes ahead to find the other digidestined with the others on their way behind.

Will all the Cards be found and what do they do?  What will Piedmon do next? Find out next time in Digimon Digital Monsters.