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Hi all the next part is here i have had to put a code up at the top so the digimon are not confused

S Patamon = Spikes Patamon, S Angemon = Spikes Angemon. T Patamon = Tk's Patamon, T Angemon = Tk's Angemon, L Gatomon = Lita Gatomon, K Gatomon = Kari's Gatomon. (The Spirit Needle used is a different Spirit Needle to that of Arukenimon) (Jay is a digidestined made by Sean Scarlet he won the Digicontest)

The 6th Master

Bubbles: I was upset to see Cat go away again, but I soon cheered up to see this cute boy called Jay move in next door. We got a message from Commander Myotiswomon saying she wanted a final showdown. We went to the Digiworld where we detected two new Medallions. I was in trouble but a new Digiwarrior appeared. He was called Wolf Master. Seadramon appeared but the digi's put him away. Jed and Trixy changed into Digiwarriors Horse master and Bird Master. We then found out all the Agents real names. Turns out it was Sakura and the others. We ironed out our differences and made up. But the worst was yet to come Commander Myotiswomon revealed herself to us. It was Cat and she wants my Crest of Life. What will happen next?

In the Commanders office.
Commander: Lightmon how did this happen?
Lightmon: I detected something in the system and then the base started to self-destruct.
Commander: But this base is in ruins. Is the end part of the base still intact?
Lightmon: Yes it got blocked off by the emergency back up generator.
Commander: Good we'll have to use that. Good job I've been working on modifications. Its generator will let it,  fly, drive, swim in water and float on water.
Lightmon: A multi-purpose connive?
Commander: Exactly!
Lightmon: So what are we doing next?
Commander: Moving from here and getting that Crest from Bubbles.
Lightmon: Why do we need that Crest though?
Commander: That Crest is powerful, It can heal, bring life again and get rid of Darkness. But if I get it I can merge both worlds and become Queen of the New World.
Lightmon: Oh but what about Jules?
Commander: My father tried to do it before unsuccessfully but I will succeed. I will show no mercy to those who oppose me. Let us go. The time is now.
In the real world Bubbles, Jed, Spike, Lita, Trixy and Jay, are talking to Izzy and the others.
Bubbles: So that's the story.
Jules: I never dreamt she would become like I was.
Izzy: It's something we all didn't suspect.
Jay: I really don't know Cat but from what you guys said about her she was a very good friend of yours.
Tai: Yep Jay she was. We will go to the Digiworld with you to get her back.
Bubbles: Ok but we need to make a phone call and do something else before we go.
Davis: Let us know when you are ready.
Lita: We will.
Bubbles: I'm going to phone Mr Brown and Miss Booth and tell them what has happened.
Lita: Then we'll find Sakura and ask her where the base is we can go and start our attack.
Bubbles uses the phone.
Mr Brown: Hello this is Mr Brown speaking.
Bubbles: Mr Brown it's Bubbles. There has been a development.
She went on and told him about what has happened.
Mr Brown: I see. Miss Booth and me have been doing some research on that Crest of yours. Whoever wears it is the Digi Queen.
Bubbles: So you're saying I am the Digi Queen?
Mr Brown: Yep
Bubbles: Oh boy. Well I must go we're going to the Digiworld with Tai and the others. Safety in numbers sort of thing.
Mr Brown: Let me know what happens. I have to meet Miss Booth. She did something last night with a computer system in the Digiworld and she's gonna tell me what she did.
Bubbles: Cool I hope it was the Commanders.
Mr Brown: It was hers but what she did I don't know.
Bubbles: Ok I'll talk to you later bye. I guess you all heard that.
Jay: Yes you're the Digi Queen.
Lita: I've e-mailed Sakura she's given us the directions.
Jed: Cool. I'll e-mail Tai to tell them we're going to the Digiworld.
He did that.
Trixy: Lets go Digiport open.
They all transported to the Digiworld.
Bubbles: Now we wait for Tai and the others.
Spike: I got mail on my Digivice. It's from Matt. Something is wrong their digiport won't open. I wonder what's wrong?
Jed: My digivice is picking up an extraordinary digivice reading. It's a big energy output.
Lita: What is it?
Jed: I don't know. It maybe the reason the others can't get here.
Spike: That's an interesting theory. I'll send the info to Izzy.
Bubbles: Then we're on our own for now.
Jay: Hey it could be worse.
Jed: Tell me how it could possibly be worse.
Bubbles: Cat could get her hands on the Crest.
Jay: She's got a point there.
Trixy: Hmm
Jed: What's wrong Trixy?
Trixy: I think I know where that energy is coming from.
Spike: Enlighten us.
Trixy: Follow me.
Trixy led them to a burned out building.
Trixy: According to the map Sakura gave us this is where the Commanders base was. Look down there it’s a medallion and it’s shining pretty bright.
Spike: The readings from that thing are very high.
Bubbles: Well I better go down there. IF that thing is what is causing the negative energy then I have to make it stop.
Jay: Well you aint going alone I'm going with you.
Jed: No your not I'm going with you not him
Jay: Why what's wrong?
Jed: I'm her sister so I'm going with her.
Jay: Well I'm her friend so I'm going with her.
Jed: Are not!
Jay: I am
Bubbles: Hey Lita, Spike come on you two come with me. Jay, Trixy and Jed you keep watch up here.
Trixy: Ok.
Jed & Jay: But…awww
Bubbles, Spike and Lita went into the charred remains of the base.
Bubbles: That's a medallion alright.
Spike: That is definitely the energy source.
Lita: What is it reacting to?
Spike: I don't know but at a guess it's Bubbles' medallion.
Bubbles: Why do you say that?
Spike: Well you don't have a medallion.
Freemon: That's true. Try to go nearer to it.
Bubbles, Spike, Lita and their digimon tried to go nearer to it but Spike, Lita and their digimon couldn't get close. Bubbles was able to walk up to it.
Freemon: Try to pick it up.
Bubbles went to pick the Medallion up. As she touched it, it shone blue. She then picked it up and hung it around her neck. The energy from it then stopped.
Spike: The readings have disappeared.
They climbed back to the others.
Jed: I'll tell Tai that they should be able to come through.
He sent an email to Tai.
Tai: We should be able to go through.
Davis: Alright lets go Digiport open.
A digiport opened and they went through.
Bubbles: Hi you guys great to see you again.
Kari: You too Bubbles. Hey what's that around your neck?
Bubbles: Oh this is my medallion.
She showed the medallion to everyone. On it was a fire symbol, water symbol, electric symbol, love symbol and ice symbol surrounding a grass symbol.
Jed: That should make you a Digiwarrior.
Bubbles: I wonder what Digiwarrior I'll be.
Jay: I don't know but you'll be looking good.
Jed: Grrr…
Bubbles: But now down to business we have to go and find Cat.
Tai: That's for sure we need to find her and get her back to normal.
Jed: How do we do that?
Spike: If we got through to the Agents then I'm sure we can do it to Cat.
Bubbles: I want to get her back. I mean she was my friend.
Kari: She was everyone's friends.
Tk: In a way it makes sense that she became Myotiswomon. I mean Jules changed into Myotismon.
Sora: I guess that works.
Mimi: I just hope we can get this over with I still don't like fighting.
Tai: We all don't like fighting but unfortunately it's a fact of life.
Bubbles: And besides we're fighting to get a friend back! If that's not worth fighting for what is?
Yolei: I have to agree with that.
Cody: Me too.
Bubbles: Spike can you pick up any traces of well anything?
Spike: I need help my digivice isn't capable of that at the moment.  Izzy have you got your laptop?
Izzy: Yep.
Spike: May I borrow it.
Izzy: Sure.
He passed the laptop over to Spike. After a couple of minutes he came up with something.
Spike: There is a faint fuel trail. I suggest we follow it to find Cat
Bubbles: I'm all for that. But something is bothering me.
Cody: Oh
Bubbles: Why would Cat leave the medallion behind?
Joe: Bubbles is right it seems iffy.
Lita: Well I'm not sensing anything from it so it seems ok.
Bubbles: Ok Spike which way do we go?
Spike: Follow me.
The walked along past the beach, the mountains and lake. They came to a forest.
Spike: The readings have picked up. She is in there somewhere.
Bubbles: Hmm
She looks at her digivice.
Bubbles: I have and idea. Get everyone to digivolve. She'll know we're here and hopefully come to us.
Tai: Ok. You heard her digivolve.
Agumon: Agumon digivolve to.
Greymon: Greymon
Gabumon: Gabumon digivolve to.
Garurumon: Garurumon.
Biyomon: Biyomon digivolve to
Birdramon: Birdramon
Tentomon: Tentomon digivolve to
Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon
Palmon: Palmon digivolve to
Togemon: Togemon.
Gomamon: Gomamon digivolve to
Ikkakumon: Ikkakumon.
T Patamon: Patamon digivolve to
T Angemon: Angemon
Veemon: Veemon digivolve to.
Exveemon: Exveemon.
Hawkmon: Hawkmon
Aquillamon: Aquillamon
Armadillomon: Armadillomon digivolve to
Ankylomon: Ankylomon
Wormmon: Wormmon digivolve to
Stingmon: Stingmon
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to
Puttiemon: Puttiemon.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to
Turtlemon: Turtlemon
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to
Meramon: Meramon
S Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
S Angemon: Angemon.
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to
L Gatomon: Gatomon
Demielecmon: Demielecmon digivolve to.
Elecmon: Elecmon.
Spike, Lita, Jed, Jay, Trixy: Transform into Champion.
The all changed into their Digiwarrior forms.
Spike: Dragon Master Guardian of the Houses of Hope, Knowledge and Enchantment
Lita: Dolphin Master Guardian of the Houses of Justice, Reliability and Light.
Jed: Horse Master Guardian of the Houses of Courage, Friendship and Truth.
Jay: Wolf Master Guardian of the House of Patience.
Trixy: Bird Master Guardian of the Houses of Love, Sincerity and Miracles.
Bubbles: Now it's my turn. Transform into Champion.
Jay: It's not working!
Bubbles: Huh my Medallion won't work why?
Spike: I don't know but look at the Medallion symbols it represents each of us. I mean me I use Electricity.
Lita: I use Water.
Jed: I use Fire.
Trixy: I use Love.
Jay: And I use Ice.
Bubbles: I guess I'm going to be Leaf but how do I get it to work?
Izzy: I'm sorry but I don't know.
Bubbles: I'll figure it out eventually. Now we wait.
Inside the forest the Commanders base is motionless.
Commander: I knew I shouldn't have trusted you to keep that Medallion where is it?
Lightmon: I don't know. Could it be that it's at the old base.
Commander: If it is and those kids have it you are going to be so in trouble.
Lightmon (thinking): That's what I'm hoping that the kids have got it then there team will be complete and we can get Cat back again.
The system beeps.
Lightmon: The children are outside of the forest. The older Digidestined are there too. The digimon have all digivolved to Champion and the Digiwarriors are there too.
Commander: Does Bubbles have the Medallion.
Lightmon: (thinking) yes (out loud) I don't know.
Commander: Very well. It's as if they are now waiting for us. Well let's not keep them waiting. We'll leave the base here and go and attack so digivolve.
Lightmon: Lightmon digivolve to.
Peacemon: Peacemon.
Commander: This is the final battle so don't let me down!
Peacemon: Oh don't worry about that!
Commander: Call some digimon let's heat things up.
Peacemon: Tyrannomon come now that is an order from the Commander.
The Tyrannomon came and they left the base. Soon the came to the edge of the forest.
Commander: So you've been waiting for me?
Bubbles: Yes to end this masquerade once and for all.
Commander: You and who's army? I have an army, my Tyrannomon.
Bubbles: So you have an army do you need all those to over come us?
Commander: You also have followers.
Bubbles: No follower's only friends.
Commander: Well they are going to wish that they never became your friends Attack!
Bubbles: This is it you guys the fight for Cat has now begun.
All the Digimon and Digiwarriors began to fight the Commander and the Tyrannomon.
Well into the battle the Tyrannomon have been defeated and Myotiswomon is creaming the Digiwarriors.
Bubbles: Digimon attack Myotiswomon. I know you don't want to but it's for the best!
Peacemon stood in front of the digimon.
Peacemon: If you are going to do this let me help you. She is my partner I want her back to her old self.
Puttiemon: Ok let's go.
Commander: What's this? Peacemon you fool. I will destroy as well as the others. Darkness Wave!
Wave after wave of bats come at the digimon.
All the digimon use their attack but some still get through.
Kari: Tai!
All DD: Agggghhh
Bubbles: My friends are in trouble and all I can is stand and watch. Cat is dishing it out and they can't get a shot in. I'm coming you guys I'm not going to let you down!
Her leaf symbol shines.
Bubbles: Wha! Ah Transform into Champion.
She begins to Transform. First she gets a blue all in one suit. She has blue gloves and brown boots. She also had a blue tiara. A blue belt with a blue sheath appeared around her waist. In the sheath a sword came. Her hair also turned Blue.
Bubbles: I am Digiwarrior Vixen Master. I protect the Houses of Peace, Spirit and Kindness.
Commander: She DID get the Medallion rats. Well she's only a Champion easy picking.
The other Digiwarriors went to Bubbles.
Trixy: Cool now we can work as a team.
Bubbles: Yeah!
Commander: So you lot think you're going to beat me let's see.
Tai: Good luck you guys the Digi's are exhausted they've dedigivolved.
Jed: Thanks Tai!
Bubbles: Let's do it.
Lita: Water Blast
Spike: Magical Arrow
Jay: Ice Ball
Trixy: Love Boomerang
Jed: Flame Club
Bubbles: Spirit Needle.
All six attacks went at the Commander
Commander: Darkness Shield.
The attacks just bounced off the shield.
Matt: What no way!
Ken: They're Champions they cannot defeat her!
Commander: Ha now you will pay. Giga Cannon.
They hit Jed, Jay, Spike, Lita and Trixy.
Bubbles: Oh no!
All 5 of them change back to normal.
Bubbles: Oh great I'm on my own.
Commander: So it's you and me now. She drew a sword. I will make you pay for opposing me!
Bubbles drew her sword.
Bubbles: If you defeat me others will rise against you.
Commander: As if.
She swiped her sword at Bubbles. Bubbles intercepted it with her sword.
Commander: Give up you know you can't win.
Bubbles: As the Digi Queen I will never give up.
Commander: So the prophecy was true. The holder of The Crest of Life is the Digi King or Queen.
Bubbles: That's right that's why I won't quit.
Commander: Then I'll make you. Crimson Lightning.
Bubbles: Huh arghhhhh.
She fell to the ground hurt.
Trixy: Get up Bubbles she's coming.
The Commander flies down and blasts her with a Plasma Blast.
She then gets her sword again.
Commander: Now it is time to say good bye blue nuisance.

Will the Commander defeat Bubbles? Find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters.