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Purrmon the Purring Wonder

I have two descriptions for Purrmon the first description dates back to July 2000. I have managed to keep Purrmon all those months. She started off as a Digimon and eventually became a Cabbit.Purrmon today is a Cabbit Warrior. I hope to have pictures of what she looks like eventually.

Purrmon 2000

Purrmon is a Vampiress who has a Grisly Wing named Screech who is perched on her shoulder.Nice until provoked, then watch out this Furre has fangs. Does not tolerate TWINKS or YIFFS.[IC] [19][Vampire][Friends Include: Drogan Orangetail, RainbowBliss, Fluttercup]

Purrmon as she was July 2000!

Purrmon 2002

Purrmon [Purrmon-Ohki]


1000 Years Old




Desired Job: Physician/Knight

Fur: Stormy Grey Fur

Hair: Bliss Red Hair

Eyes: Stormy

Markings: Jewel on Forehead is Red.

Homeland: Northern

Birth date: June 13.

Abilities: Capable of Morphing into a Giant Space Ship, Dragoness, Phoenix, Feral Cabbit and Morphed Cabbit.

History: Purrmon came from a Little Hamlet that had been attacked by Slavers. She managed to escape the Slavers only to be captured by Lord Brolly a ruthless Saiya-Jin. She never knew what happened to Kioney her closest and dearest friend who had been in the raid.

Lord Brolly found Purrmon intriguing with the Jewel in her forehead and the fact she could morph from Feral Cabbit into a full-blown Space Ship. That is what kept Lord Brolly from selling her to the Slavers that were seeking Purrmon at the time. Lord Brolly kept Purrmon for his own Personal Pleasure.

Purrmon endured a harsh training. She wound up serving as Lord Brolly’s Pet for a few years of her life. That was to pay the debt of him saving her. During those years she underwent Gladiatorial Training. The Cabbit proved to be a great Warrior.

Brolly granted Purrmon her freedom. By then, Purrmon was fully loyal and refused to leave Brolly. She loved her Master and vowed never to leave him. Brolly allowed Purrmon to remain in his Kingdom. Brolly gave Purrmon Two Golden daggers with carrot shaped handles for her Birthday. Purrmon had a Custom flogger made with a carrot shaped handle. She uses these items in self-defense.

Purrmon went on a Crusade with Brolly. They found Kioney many years later and freed her from slavery. Kioney was a huddling mass of emotional fright at the time. The couple helped Kioney to recover and to even train her in the healing arts.

Today Kioney still remains with Purrmon and Lord Brolly out of Gratitude.

You see a Cabbit wearing an elegant silk dress going to midthigh that enhanses her beautiful figure. Her hair is done in a long braid going to her hips tied with a Pink ribbon that sways in rythm with her hips has Gold bells on her braid that jingle as she walks. Her weapons are strapped on her thighs.Carries a pouch that have various herbs and medicines.[33][Mocha Flavoured][QQQ FTPSNXY][Physician]

These are the various forms Purrmon can be seen with. The Neko is by Winter Porcelain and the Cabbit Image was done by Demon Cabbit. :)


Updated July 27, 2002

Purrmon is my Character. Furcadia belongs to Dragons Eyes Productions.