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J Elecmon = Jays Elecmon. P Elecmon = Primary Village Elecmon.

Angel Master makes the scene!

Freemon: We found a strange power source in Commander Myotiswomon's old base. It turned out to be a medallion. Bubbles was able to pick it up. We then went to find the Commander but she came to us. All the digimon and Digiwarriors fought but she was too much for us. That's when Bubbles transformed into Vixen Master. She was also hurt. Things are looking bleak for her. I couldn't bear it if she was taken from me.

Commander: Now it is time to say good bye blue nuisance.
Freemon: Bubbles move now!
Bubbles: Huh.
The Commander threw her sword to the spot where Bubbles was.
She rolled out of the way but it scraped her arm.
Bubbles: Ah
Commander: Darn you! Hold still.
Bubbles: No chance Myotiswomon.
Commander: It's Commander Myotiswomon to you!
Bubbles: Oh shut up.
She did a leg sweep and floored the Commander.
Bubbles was still too weak to get up and make something of the assault.
The Commander gets back up.
Commander: Did you really think you can still beat me? Give up now and I will go easy on you. In fact you can be my personal slave.
Bubbles: Fat chance Cat. The day I surrender will be the day I die.
She got up with pain in her eyes.
Commander: This is your last chance to surrender.
Bubbles: Didn't you here me the first time? I said NO!
Commander: Have it your way I will finish you. You don't have the strength nor the power. I will use your own attack. Spirit Needle.
The needle went for her heart.
Freemon: I got to save her.
She ran and intercepted the attack.
Bubbles: Freemon!
The digimon fell to the ground.
Elecmon: Freemon!
Bubbles: Why did you do it Freemon?
Freemon: Cause I'm your friend. I have to go. But I'm sure we will see each other again.
Bubbles: Don't leave me.
Freemon: I'm sorry but I have to.
With that she was deleted.
Bubbles: No Freemon!
Commander: That's one down.
Bubbles: Look what you've done. I don't want to fight you. But you have given me no choice.
Lita: Go on Bubbles get her.
Spike: She deserves it now.
Jed: Go sis.
Jay: Do it to it.
Trixy: Do it for Freemon.
Each symbol on Bubbles' Medallion shone.
Bubbles started to change from Vixen Master.
A bright light was omitted from the Medallion.
Commander: That light is so bright.
Bubbles: Transform into Ultimate.
Bubbles' costume changed. Her suit turned from Blue to white. It covered all of her body. Her hair turned to a silvery white. Her tiara stayed blue. Her boots turned white as did her gloves.
Bubbles: Angel Master Protector of Life.
Commander: Now what?
Digidestined and Digimon: Woah.
Gatomon: Angel Master so cool!
Bubbles: Myotiswomon you took life away and because of that I was born to stop you.
Commander: You stop me that's a laugh.
Bubbles: I will stop you.
Commander: Take your best shot.
Bubbles: As you wish. Peace Sphere.
This hit the Commander.
Commander: arghhh.
The Commander lay in pain.
Bubbles: Now to take your power so you can't hurt anyone else ever again. Power Removal.
Commander: No please!
The energy was taken from the Commander.
Commander: My power.
She looked at Bubbles fearfully.
Commander: Now end it. I now have nothing to live for.
Bubbles: You do. Your dad was worried when we told him. We are worried. We were your friends before you changed.
Ken: You can have a fresh start. I had another chance. You can have one too.
Commander: Really?
Bubbles: Yes.
Commander: I don't know I don't deserve one.
Kari: You do deserve another chance.
Commander: Hmmm.. Hurry up and finish it. I want to be free.
Bubbles shaped a sphere.
Bubbles: Power within take her power. Send it to the Sphere of Life.
The darkness energy left the Commander and went into the Sphere.
Bubbles: Energy seal.
The energy was sealed in the Sphere.
The Commander turned back into Cat.
Kari: Cat are you ok?
Cat: Huh I feel weak.
Tai: That'll be from the energy that has been taken.
Bubbles: You are correct. You'll be fine in a couple of days.
Bubbles started to flash. She then changed back.
Her medallion started flashing. A white feather with the symbol of peace on it was in the old pictures place.
Jay: Cool.
Bubbles: Yeah I guess.
Jed: Are you ok Sis?
Bubbles: I think so.
Tk: You're missing Freemon aren't you?
Bubbles: Yeah.
Tk: It's ok that's natural. I've been through the same thing. Your digimon will be reborn in Primary Village on another Island called File Island.
Bubbles: What do you mean?
Tk: Well you see a long time ago Patamon was Angemon and he was up against another digimon called Devimon. He used all his energy to stop Devimon and defeat him. He then disappeared himself but he came back again as a digiegg.
Ken: The same thing happened with Wormmon and me. He sacrificed himself to save me. He came back at Primary Village.
Mimi: Chuumon another digimon sacrificed himself to save me from Piedmon a Dark Master who was about to kill me.
Gatomon: My friend Wizardmon sacrificed himself to save Kari and me.
Sora: And don't forget Piximon who saved us from the Dark Masters.
Mimi: And Leomon who stopped Metaletemon from hurting me.
Tai: There were many digimon that sacrificed themselves for us.
Bubbles: How do we get to Primary Village?
Izzy: We need to go back to the real world and then come back with the co-ordinates I give you.
Spike: Ok.
They all went back to the real world. Cat went with Bubbles and the new school digidestined.
Spike: I have received the co-ordinates from Izzy. Shall we go and find her digiegg?
Bubbles: Yeah
They went back to the Digiworld. Already there was Ken, Kari and Tk with their digimon.
Ken: We decided to come with you is that ok?
Bubbles: Yeah of course it is.
Cat: This is all my fault.
Bubbles: Hey I'm warning you keep talking like that and I'm going to hurt you.
Cat: I deserve it.
Bubbles: Ok you asked for this.
She hits her across the face.
Cat holds her cheek.
Cat: Thanks I needed that.
Bubbles: Your welcome.
Kari: Hey theres someone here.
Tk: Huh what do you mean Kari?
Kari: Someone else is here besides us that we know.
Tk: Who is it?
Voice: Hey Kari, Tk is that you?
A boy came up to the group.
Tk and Kari: Willis!
Others: Willis?
Kari: It's been a long time.
Willis: Your telling me.
Tk: What are you doing here?
Willis: I've been fighting evil in my own way. I found this a few days ago.
He produced a coin.
Bubbles: A digicoin.
Ken: Of Destiny.
Willis: I cannot use it though. Does anyone know how to use these things?
Kari: We had to give ours to the new digidestined.
Willis: Why what happened?
Tk: Well Myotismon came back and we had to seal him in the Dark Porthole. The only way to do this was give up our digimons power to Armour and digivolve to Ultimate.
Willis: I see. But what can I do with this thing.
Ken: Nothing. The coins don't work with that type of digivice. They can now only work with the new digivices that Bubbles and her friends have.
Willis: Then I guess one of you guys can have it.  He was about to give it to Jed when Jed whispered something in his ear.
Jed: Give it to Jay he's the kid with the Blond hair.
Willis: On second thoughts I think you can have this.
Jay: Me, well thanks.
Willis passed him the coin.
Willis: Your welcome.
Tk: Hey where's Terriermon and Lopmon?
Willis: I told Lopmon to stay at home. Terriermon was deleted in a battle with someone called the Commander. She didn't bother with me. I got Lopmon out of the way just in time.
Cat groaned and looked at the ground.
Willis: What's the matter.
Cat: I was the Commander. But I was taken over by dark energy.
Willis: Oh I see.
Cat: I've done many bad things but I want to atone for them.
Bubbles: It's ok Cat we've told you. It wasn't you it was evil.
Willis: She is right I forgive you.
Cat: Thanks. Let's go and find the digieggs of Terriermon and Freemon
They went up onto a hill and look down upon Primary Village.
Patamon: I wonder if we'll see our old friend Elecmon?
J Elecmon: Another Elecmon?
Patamon: Yes he keeps an eye on all the baby digimon.
They all went down into Primary Village.
P Elecmon: Tk, Patamon.
Patamon: Elecmon.
P Elecmon: What are you doing here?
J Elecmon: We're looking for 2 digieggs. One of Freemon and one with a Terriermon.
P Elecmon: I see. Well it could be anyone of the thousands of eggs here.
Bubbles: I'll find her. She held up her Crest of Life. IF you can here me Freemon make your egg glow.
A digiegg in the corner of Primary Village glew.
Bubbles: There she is.
She went and picked up the Digiegg. It hatched.
Bubbles: Huh you're not Freemon?
Digimon: I am Freemon's baby form Yuramon.
Bubbles: Oh I see.
Yuramon: Are you alright Bubbles?
Bubbles: Yes now I am. Now to help find Willis' digimon.
She again lifted her Crest. IF you can here me Terriermon make your digiegg glow for Willis to find you.
A digiegg glew near to them.
Willis picked it up and it hatched.
Willis: Gummymon I missed you.
Gummymon: I missed you too.
P Elecmon: How sweet.
They all bid farewell to Elecmon and went out of Primary Village.
Willis: Well it's time for me to leave.
Kari: Will we see you again?
Willis: I don't know. I'm seriously thinking my time is over as a digidestined. I'm giving my digimon a happy life now.
Tk: Ok Willis we'll see you around.
They watched him leave.
Kari: Well I guess it's our turn to go back home.
Cat: I'm coming with you guys to go back to my dad. I'll cancel the rest of my world tour.
Tk: Ok.
Bubbles: Don't forget to keep in touch.
Ken: As if we would.
The left the digiworld leaving Bubbles and the other digidestined left.
Bubbles: I'm glad to have you back Yuramon.
Yuramon: Me too.
They both smiled.
Jay: Did I tell you, you were cute as Angel Master?
Bubbles: Are you saying I'm not cute not being Angel Master?
Jay: Oh no you are cute. *Blushes*
Lita: Well we can go and live our lives now. We have nothing left to be here for.
Bubbles gets an email.
Bubbles: It's from Mr Brown and Miss Booth. They're congratulating us for defeating the Commander. What no!
Jed: What's wrong.
Bubbles: There is another evil digimon threatening the Digital World. He lives on the tall mountain here on another island called Connection Island.
Spike: Where is that?
Bubbles: It's between File Island and the Continent of Server.
Trixy: How do we get there?
Bubbles: I don't know yet but I suggest we go home and get some rest before returning to the Digital World.
Yuramon: I'm all for that.
They all went back to the real world.
After seeing everyone else home and Jed has gone in leaving Bubbles and Jay alone outside on the balcony.
Jay: I think you're a cool girl Bubbles and I don't know really how to say this.
Bubbles: You love me right?
Jay: Well yeah I do.
Bubbles: That's good cause I love you too.
Jay: You do?
Bubbles: Yeah of course I do.
Jay: Cool
Jed is looking out of the window and has it open.
Jed: (thinking) I hate to admit it but he's ok and I think they'll be perfect for each other. But I'm not going to tell him that.
As the sun went down Jay put his arm around Bubbles as they watched the sunset.
In the Digital World on Connection Island a digimon is stood on his home mountain.
He has 2 faces covered with fire and has gold bands around his arms and legs. A red mask covers one face and a blue one on his other face. He is speaking to a row of prisoners. Amongst them are a girl and a digimon
Digimon: I Ashuramon king of this island sentence you to death for attacking my Dark Warriors. As for you Human Girl and your digimon you shall be put in a prison cell until I decide your fate. Take them away.
The girl and her digimon were taken to a cell at the bottom of the mountain.
Digimon: What now Cali what do we do?
Cali: I don't know Chibimon. I really don't know.

What will the Digidestined now do? And what purpose does Cali and her digimon have? Find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters.

Cali is my character but I allowed Best Actor to use her. This Cali however has a different Digimon. Go and read his fan-fics.