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Arrival of Agents J and C

Jed: Well I guess itís my turn to fill you guys in. There was one girl called Sakura that really got up tight when Bubbles won her all rounder title. We later went to the Digital World and met someone called the Commander and an assistant Agent S. I can tell there both girls cause of their voices girls voices so horrible.
Bubbles: Jed! People are reading this thing so donít upset them.
Jed: Sorry sis and sorry to all you girls.
Bubbles: You will be.
Jed: The Commander sent a Meramon after us. Lucky for us Blazemon digivolved to Meramon and then the most of the others digivolved helping him to defeat the other Meramon. I bet we havenít seen the last of the Commander.

Jed: So she is called the Commander. She seemed half human and half digimon
Izzy: How interesting did you get a picture of her.
Spike: We didnít have a camera with us all we had was one of these our digivice.
Spike showed Izzy the device.
Izzy: Thatís the new digivice?
Lita: Yeah pretty cool huh they have a digimon analyser on it I donít know what else there is on it.
Bubbles: Iíll have a look to see what else is on it hold on.
Bubbles looked through the list of stuff.
Bubbles: Hey the word camera is on this thing Iíll check it out.
She looked at the digivice and found some pictures.
Bubbles: Iíve got a picture of the Commander. It must take a picture on what ever it is pointed at.
Izzy: Can you send me the picture.
Spike: Weíll try.
Spike linked the digivice to his computer.
Spike: Transferring now.
Izzy: Got it woah this reminds me of Myotismon big time. Itís the mask and the suit.
Trixy: Then she must be really dangerous.
Izzy: Did you analyse her?
Lita: No cause we didnít have time.
Izzy: Iíll do it now then.
He looked up the Commanders profile.
Izzy: No wonder she looks like Myotismon sheís called Myotiswomon and an Ultimate digimon and she is a human.
Bubbles: But who is she?
Izzy: Sorry I donít know it is like Jules when he was a digimon but yet human inside.
Jed: But unlike Jules he couldnít change between his forms but she can.
Spike: Then we have to find out who she is but how?
Izzy: Iíll leave that to you but keep in touch.
Trixy: We will bye Izzy.
At Sakuraís house she is talking to her brother Julian.
Julian: He makes me so mad heís such a goody too shoes always in Mr Holmes good books but when I do anything in Information Technology itís never good enough.
Sakura: Hmm well if I told you that you could get even with him what would you do?
Julian: Iíd like to get even with him.
Sakura: Well if you drink this serum you can.
Julian: Will it give me something to get back at Spike?
Sakura: Sure will.
Julian: Ok then pass me the serum.
Julian drank the serum.
Commander: Can you here me Sakura?
Sakura: Yes Commander.
Commander: Have you any news to report.
Sakura: Yes Commander my brother Julian has drunk the serum. He wants revenge on Spike.
Commander: A new servant for me.
Sakura: Yes Commander.
Commander: Julian come here.
The young boy obeyed.
Commander: So you want revenge on Spike?
Julian: Yes Commander.
Commander: Very well come to the Digital World and Iíll help you gain revenge.
Julian: Yes Commander.
The Digital World gate opened.
They both transported to the Digital World.
Sakura clothes changed to her Agent S suit.
Commander: Welcome to my world Julian change into these.
Julian went and changed and returned to the presence of the Commander. He wore a white suit with green braiding and wore green gloves.
Commander: From now on here in the Digital World you will be called Agent J.
Agent J: Yes Commander.
Back in the real world Bubbles and the rest of the gang are in the park with their digimon.
Seedmon: This is fun what is this called?
Bubbles: That is a seesaw.
Flamemon: Whatís this?
Jed: Thatís a swing you know itís a good job nobody else is here except us.
Lita: Too right otherwise weíd be in a sticky situation.
The digivices go off.
Spike: Trust the Digital World to be in trouble on our day off. Come on weíll use my computer my house is the closest.
They all ran to Spikes home.
Spike: My mumís out she must be shopping.
Group: Phew.
Spike: Digiport open. Come on guys lets go.
The group transport to the Digital World.
Trixy: I wonder whatís wrong I canít see anything.
Bubbles: Iím not sure but the digivices wouldnít go off by themselves if something wasnít wrong.
Commander: So true.
Group: Huh
Commander: Greetings Digidestined.
Bubbles: Oh itís her again.
Commander: My name isÖ.
Lita: Myotiswomon.
Commander: Grr how do you know my digimon name?
Spike: Friends are great they tell you lots of things especially when it comes to analysing digimon.
Commander: I donít need friends only followers and Iíd like you to meet another of my agents. Meet Agent J.
Agent J comes into view with Agent S.
Spike: 3 people who think theyíre all that and them some but there not.
Commander: Iíll ignore that remark because sticks and stones can break my bones but you can never hurt me.
Bubbles: We may not be able to but our digimon can.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to
Puttiemon: Puttiemon
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon.
Spike: Go and get them.
Agent J: Ha ha ha you think weíre daft enough to come without back up, attack Monochromon
Angemon: Thatís Monochromon heís a champion digimon whose attack is Volcanic Strike.
Bubbles: Heís only a champion digimon we can beat him.
Digimon: Yeah.
Commander: You can deal with me as well ha.
The Commander jumped from her standing point.
Spike: We need go find out who she is try and distract her while I can try to get her mask.
Bubbles: Right. Hey Myotiswomon try me for size.
Commander: Itís the Commander to you brat, Crimson Chain.
A chain came from Commanders hands. It wrapped Bubbles up tight.
Bubbles: Itís too tight hurry up Spike I can hardly breathe.
Commander: What I donít think so Spike. Command Sword.
The Commander pulled a sword from a sheath.
Lita: Spike look out.
The Commander missed him.
Spike: Thanks Lita. Do something you guys before Bubbles becomes digidust.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
This cut the chain from the Commander. It made the rest of the chain disperse too.
Commander: Now youíre in trouble.
Angemon: Help the others you guys Iíll deal with Monochromon.
The digimon nodded and they went to help their partners.
Monochromon: Volcanic Strike.
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
This blasted all of Monochromonís volcanic fireballs.
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
Monochromon: Arghhh.
He then was deleted.
Angemon went with the others.
Bubbles: Now itís 5 against you Myotiswomon.
Agent S and J: No it isnít teleport.
Commander: They who fight and run away live to fight another day.
Trixy: Darn her we almost had her.
Lita: Never mind thereís always the next time.
Jed: Hey we have a match in the park in 20 minutes I forgot all about it.
Spike: Yeah I forgot come on you guys.
The digimon returned to their rookie forms and they all went back to the real world.
In the Commanders office the Agents are making their excuses.
Agent J: Iím sorry we failed Commander.
Commander: Go home find some more Agents.
Agents: Yes Commander.
Agent J: Come on weíve got a football match to get to Iím playing in the game.
They both transported back to the real world and into their normal clothes.
Sakura went to the sidelines as Julian went to play football.
Already on the sidelines were Bubbles, Trixy and Lita.
Lita: Go on Jed.
Sakura: Come on Julian.
Sakura shot a look at Lita.
Sakura: (Thinking) Soon you wonít be cheering after my master is through with you.
Bubbles: I hate cup finals if theyíre not careful itíll go to penalties and I hate penalties.
Bubbles was right it went to penalties.
Julian missed his penalty. Spike scored his penalty, next another member of Julianís team missed, then another member of Jedís team scored. Chris a member of Julianís team stepped up to take a penalty. Jed was in the net if Chris missed and Jed scored then Julianís team would lose. Chris stepped up and shot. Jed saved it. Chris went into the net. Jed shot the ball it hit the top right hand corner of the net he had won the game.
Spike: Jed you did it.
Julian and Sakura went to the changing door.
Julian: I donít believe it we better get in touch with the Commander to let her know of the recent event.
Sakura: This is Agent S Commander do you read me?
Commander: Yes what is it?
Julian: Jedite has just won the football title for his team.
Commander: Really hmm then heís got skill more than I give him credit for.
Chris walks to the changing room and hears Sakura and Julian.
Chris: Hey what you doing?
Sakura: Darn it Commander we have a problem the kid that lost the match has just come across us.
Commander: let me speak to him.
Julian: Come here Chris we have someone that wants to see you.
Chris goes to the two.
Commander: So little boy you lost the match?
Chris: Yes donít rub it in. That was my chance to gain the football title and Jedite stopped me.
Commander: Ok let me make you an offer. You come here to me and Iíll help you get the title from Jedite.
Chris: How?
Julian: Drink this and youíll find out everything.
Julian passed the little bottle to Chris.
Commander: There is nothing to fear it will tell you all you want to know.
Chris drank the serum.
Commander: How do you feel?
Chris: I feel strange Iím getting a feeling of power.
Commander: Good Agent S and Agent J bring him to the Digital World weíll do everything we need here.
Sakura and Julian: Yes Commander.
The travel to the Digital World and use the transformation to change into the Agents.
Commander: Chris from now on youíll be called Agent C when here in the Digital World. Is that understood?
Agent C: Yes Commander.
The Commander gave him a uniform.
Commander: Go put this on it will be your uniform when you are Agent C.
She gave him a white suit with Yellow braiding and yellow gloves. He went and changed into his suit and came back to the Commander.
Agent C: I am ready to begin Commander what are your orders.
Commander: Go back to the playing field in your suits and lure the digidestined back to the Digital World there theyíll meet a set of Tyrannomon.
Agents: Yes Commander.
They travelled to the playing field.
Agent S: Theyíve got to still be here somewhere.
Agent J: Shhhhh I hear something hide.
The 3 agents hid behind the building.
Bubbles: Well we have to work out how we are going to deal with the Commander.
Lita: And those Agents.
Agents: You mean us.
Spike: What oh great how did they find us.
Agent C: Youíd be surprised.
Jed: Another Agent.
Agent C: I am Agent C and your worst nightmare.
Bubbles: Canít you use something more original itís so clichť
Agents: I bet you canít take us on in the Digital World.
Spike: Want to bet?
Lita: Letís go and teach them a lesson.
Jed: Yeah.
The Agents went back through the Digiport that they set up.
Bubbles: Weíre not going through their Digiport weíll go to one of our houses and set one up.
In the Digital World.
Agent J: They havenít followed us through out Digiport.
Commander: I know they wonít do that theyíll suspect itís a trap theyíll use their own.
Agent S: How come we can open a digiport anywhere and they have to use a computer.
Commander: Because you have a device called a Digital Transform it lets you open a port anywhere and lets you change directly into your Agent suits. I made them from one of the old D3 digivices.
Agent J: Cool.
The digidestined reach Trixyís house.
Trixy: Mum my friends and me are going to study.
Mrs Boyd: Ok honey I wont interrupt you. Me and your dad are going out tonight so your friends can stay as long as they want.
Gang: Thank you Mrs Boyd
Trixy: Digiport open.
The digiport opened and they went to the Digital World.
Jed: So where are the Agents?
Agents: You mean us?
Lita: What there they are!
Agent S: We have a surprise for you Digidestined attack Tyrannomon.
3 Tyrannomon come and surround the Digidestined and their digimon.
Bubbles: You ready to digivolve?
Digimon: Yeah.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon.
Tyrannomon: Blaze Blast pha.
Turtlemon: Turtle Shell.
Turtlemon went through the flame in his shell.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock.
Tyrannomon is hit by Turtlemon.
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
This hits the Tyrannomon deleting him.
Puttiemon: Star Storm.
Meramon: Fireball
Both attacks hit Tyrannomon deleting him.
Gatomon: Lightning Paw.
Gatomon hits the remaining Tyrannomon.
Gatomon: Come on guy lets finish him.
She throws her right glove into the air.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock
Meramon: Fireball
Puttiemon: Star Tiara
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
All the attacks go to Gatomonís glove making it shine white.
Gatomon gets her glove. And slots it back on.
Gatomon: Lightning Paw.
She plants her attack in to Tyrannomon. He gets deleted.
Bubbles: You can send a message to your Commander we digidestined cannot be defeated that easily.
Agent S: The Commander is not going to be happy.
In the Commanders office.
Commander: You failed me.
Agent J: Iím sorry Commander we need more Agents to work out a better plan.
Commander: I think there is one more Agent you need and I have the perfect person in mind. Come here look at this profile. Sheís called Ruki and she is Trixys best friend. If we can get her to argue with Trixy then sheíd be the last one, as I will deal with Bubbles.
Agents: Yes Commander we will make sure she becomes one of us.
They go back to the real world as do the digidestined.
Trixy: Iím starving.
Bubbles: My stomach needs some action.
Trixy: Oh a note. It reads weíve gone out to the Chinese Restaurant on Main Street we left you £20 to get some food for you and your friends.
Bubbles: Way to go Mrs Boyd.
Trixy: Do I hear the words Chip Shop.
Bubbles: Too right you got an order list?
Trixy: Always by the phone. Weíll call out and have it delivered.
They all ordered their food. Before it came the phone rang.
Trixy: Hello this is Trixy.
Ruki: Hey itís Ruki you promised to call and you didnít.
Trixy: Iím sorry Iíve been busy doing homework with Bubbles, Jed, Spike and Lita.
Ruki: Well Iíve been waiting for your help we were supposed to be doing our project.
Trixy: I havenít got time to do it.
Ruki: You never have time for me anymore.
With that she puts the phone down.
Trixy: Ruki oh.
Bubbles: Whatís wrong Trixy?
Trixy: Itís Ruki sheís mad at me. I forgot I was supposed to help her with her project but Iíve been busy with DD stuff.
Bubbles: Sheíll come around.
There is a knock at the door.
Trixy answers it.
Man: Thatís 2 Chips, Rissole and Curry specials, 3 lots of chips, sausage and gravy, 5 lots of rice and 5 pieces of chicken with curry, 2 bottles of Coca-Cola and 2 Garlic Bread and 3 Normal baguettes. Thatíll be £15 please.
Trixy: Here you go. Hey guys foods here.
All: Yeah
They got what they ordered for themselves and their digimon.
The 3 agents are in Sakuraís room planning how to get Ruki.

Will the agents get Ruki to join their cause? What is the Commander planning to do next? Find out this and more in the next Digimon Digital Monsters.