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Spirit Needle

I would like to thank for Arukenimon's Profile.


Ultimate Digimon

Attacks: Spider Thread, Spirit Needle

Arukenimon is the digimon Oikawa made by mixing human and spider DNA.

She is the evil that creates Blackwargreymon from 200 control spires.

She is eventually deleted by Malomyotismon. The reason for this I am

not sure. Her Spirit Needle in her human form makes control spires

turn into digimon. She uses 1 spire for a champion, 10 for a

Ultimate and 200 for a Mega. She used a flute to hypnotise the insect

digimon. But Yolei changed the harmonics and played another tune to

bring the digimon back to their senses. She is always followed by

Mummymon. In her spider form she looks like a Venommyotismon rip off.

I do not own Digimon. It is published by Bandai, Fox Kids, Saban, Beckett and Toei. This site is not an affiliate of these companys. This is just a fan site. My goal is simply to educate those who do not appreciate Myotismon and for his huge group of fans out there that do.

Updated August 21st, 2001