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Change Into Power

Chibimon: After being saved from Ashuramon Cali and me joined the other digidestined. Cali finally met her brother Izzy. But things didn't go smoothly. Ashuramon, Ladydevimon and Skullmeramon turned up and attacked the base. While Bubbles, Puttiemon, Angewomon, Magnaangemon, Meramon and Lightningmon were trying to defend the base but we took the decision to move. During the fight Meramon and Lightningmon went to Ultimate for the first time. They became Skullmeramon and Werelightningmon and sent the other Skullmeramon to be reconfigured. Ashuramon and Ladydevimon escaped but they're planning something I can feel it.

Cali: Come on or are ya chicken?
Jed: I ain't a chicken come on.
They both got in a carriage of a roller coaster. Bubbles and Jay went in the next carriage. Spike, Lita and Trixy in the last one.
The man operating the ride pressed the button starting it. It went up the slope along the top and then down the ramp.
Cali: Feel the wind going though your hair?
Jed: No I can only feel my stomach churning.
When the ride stopped they got off and went to get a drink.
Bubbles: Wasn't that great?
Jed: No I prefer the log flume.
Cali: Ah queasy tummy Jed?
Jed: No
Cali: Good you and me can share a chilidog then.
Jed rushes to the nearest bin and throws up.
Cali: (Giggles)
Trixy: Not ill huh?
Jed: I bet it was the candyfloss I had before I went on.
Bubbles: Ok Jed whatever. Now who's up for a ride of the Trax?
Jed: I'll watch.
Cali: You'd let me go alone? (Gives him puppy dog eyes)
Jed: Well I guess I can go on.
Cali: Thanks.
They go to the Trax ride.
Bubbles: Cool hardly a queue. Should be on in five minutes.
Jed: (Thinking) should give my stomach time to settle down.
In the Digital World Ladydevimon is in her quarters trying to think of a way to stop the Digidestined.
Ladydevimon: (thinking) Lord Ashuramon is getting impatient with me if I don't do something soon he'll be so mad at me and that's putting it mildly. There must be something I can do to get out of battling the digidestined alone.
There is a knock at the door.
Ladydevimon: (Sighs) Come in
Ashuramon walks in.
Ladydevimon: Lord Ashuramon
Ashuramon: So have you got yourself a plan to go to get me those digidestined?
Ladydevimon: Not yet sir I am having trouble thinking at the moment.
Ashuramon: Oh really well if you have no plan improvise now get down the mountain and get me some digidestined am I understood?
Ladydevimon: But sir I.
Ashuramon: Go NOW
Ladydevimon: Sir yes sir
Ladydevimon left Ashuramon's presence without a plan of action.
Ladydevimon: (thinking) Now what I am going to do?
Ashuramon: You are going to fight them I told you to go.
Ladydevimon: What (thinking) great I don't want to fight them.
Ashuramon: But you are going to fight them.
Ladydevimon: But how did you?
Ashuramon: Mind reading is a powerful art don't forget it.
Ladydevimon went to the outside balcony and stood on it.
Ladydevimon: (thinking) Well here goes.
She jumped into the air and began flying into the Island of Connection to try and find the digidestined.
Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon have seen her and decided to tell the Digidestined.
In the real world the kids are lining up to go on the log flume.
Bubbles: I've been waiting all day for this.
Cali: Yeah I love the log flume.
Jed: I feel better than I did so I can go on too.
Cali's digivice beeps. Cali looks at it and then looks at the others.
Cali: Fun's over guys Ladydevimon has been seen circling Connection.
Trixy: Then we have to go.
Lita: So much for our day of fun.
Bubbles: Yeah but if Ladydevimon is there Ashuramon is also going to be around too. I want to call all the other digidestined and tell them to go. I think we could need back up for the base and the others can keep it safe while we deal with LD.
Cali: Yeah that would be a good idea. How many Digidestined are there?
Bubbles: Well I have met 14 other digidestined besides us. They are Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, Tk, Kari, Davis, Ken, Yolei, Cody, Cat and Willis but he is a law unto himself he keeps fighting his own way. You have met most of them.
Cali: Ok
Bubbles sent e-mail using her digivice.
Bubbles: I'm getting a reply they're going now.
Lita: Well they can get there but there is a little problem.
Spike: Like what?
Lita: How are we going to get there?
Jay: Good point.
Bubbles: We'll have to get back home.
Jed: All our digimon are at my house anyway.
Trixy: I'll email the others telling them to go to the base without us.
They leave and go for a bus.
Jay: There is one due.
Trixy: Good I just hope the others will be ok without us being there especially if Ladydevimon and Ashuramon attack them.
Bubbles: I know they'll be ok but in the mean time here is the bus.
They all board the bus and get going to Bubbles and Jed's place.
In the Digital World Tai and the others are going to the base.
Tai: So they are fighting Ashuramon to get their island back.
Sora: Hey Biyomon think we could help?
Biyomon: Yeah we could help protect the base.
Lightmon: Hey I can too.
Gomamon: Me as well.
Palmon: Mimi can I?
Mimi: Sure
Veemon: Not fair you get all the fun.
Wormmon: We're helping.
Hawkmon and Armadillomon: Us too.
Tai: Ok guys we can all help.
Digimon: yeah.
Matt: Hey Tai how long do you think it will be till the others get here?
Tai: Dunno but they said to go to the base and wait for them there?
Mimi: Izzy
Izzy: What is it Mimi?
Mimi: How did your first meeting with your sister go?
Izzy: It was cool got involved in a battle too.
Sora: That's our Izzy
Mimi: Really cool. Does she like shopping?
Palmon: Oh Mimi.
They go to the base.
Gotsumon: Who is it?
Izzy: It's me Izzy I've brought some friends with me.
Gotsumon: Oh ok.
He lets them inside.
Pumpkinmon: Where's Cali?
Tai: She is trying to get to Bubbles' house so she can come. All of them went to a theme park.
Gotsumon: What's a theme park.
Pumpkinmon: Can we eat it?
Matt: Oh brother!
Sora: Never mind.
There was a knock at the door of the base. They all went quiet.
Kari: (whispering) I'll go.
She got up and went to the door. She looked through a slot.
Kari: It's ok guys it's the others.
She opened the door and let in the other digidestined.
Kari: We were being careful.
Cali: Good I like careful.
Tai came up the tunnel.
Bubbles: We made it.
Tai: So I see. All our digimon are now here. We should be stronger.
Jed: Yep but your digimon can't go to ultimate.
Kari: It seems ages ago since we had to give up everything.
Jay: Why did you have to do that?
Cali: Yeah why?
Bubbles: Ah neither of you were with us back then well Myotismon had returned and the older digidestined had to sacrifice their roles as major digidestined to stop him forever.
Jay: I see that is a big sacrifice to make. How did you make the decision?
Matt: We knew there was no other choice. It was either that or he would sometime get loose and wham he'd be too strong.
Cat: But then we handed everything down to you guys and I ended up becoming.
Bubbles: Hey it's ok Cat we told you already forgive and forget!
Cat: I know but I don't deserve to be here now...
Ken walked up to Cat and slapped her across the face.
Ken: Now stop talking like that I was the Digimon Emperor remember and if I can be forgiven and be almost forgotten then darn it you can.
Yolei: Yeah too right.
Yolei went and stood besides Ken and smiled at him.
Sora: We all forgive.
Tai: Yeah even me.
He looked at Sora who had stood beside Matt.
Bubbles knew what he meant but didn't say anything.
Bubbles: Cali would you do me a favour check to find where Ladydevimon is now?
Cali: Sure the new equipment that Izzy helped me to put in should find her.
Bubbles: Cool!
She went to the control panel and typed some instructions into it.
On the screen came a map came up and on it blue dots circulated in one place and a green dot in another.
Cali: The blue dots are us and the green dot is Ladydevimon.
Bubbles: So we can see where she is and how far we are away. But from this she is close by we can get out and attack while she isn't looking.
Davis: Sneak attack I like that. (thinking) but not as much as I like Trixy but she is too young for me.
Trixy: So how are we going to go about it.
Cali: That's what we're working out now.
A beep came from the computer.
Cali: Wha? Woah um guys we got bigger fish now to fry. Ashuramon has just left the HQ and is also on his way around the island but he has hoards of digimon with him!
Bubbles: Oh great so much for a sneak attack we have to becareful now.
Cali: I disagree Bubbles if we don't stop them now and he finds us that'll be it no more resistance left. We are the last.
Bubbles: Hmmm.
Freemon: She's right Bubbles if we don't do something then the island is doomed.
Pumpkinmon: We're getting reports he's firing on the island he's destroying it piece by piece.
Bubbles: He's what that does it. Everyone we're going overground and we're stopping this here and now. He's destroying everything in site to find us. So let's show ourselves and get him.
They went above ground and all the digimon digivolved into Champion.
Angemon: Can I?
Spike: Yeah!
Angemon: Angemon digivolve to.
Magnaangemon: Magnaangemon
Gatomon: Your not having all the fun. Gatomon digivolve to.
Angewomon: Angewomon.
Lightningmon: Lightningmon digivolve to.
Werelightningmon: Werelightningmon
Meramon: Meramon digivolve to
Skullmeramon: Skullmeramon
Bubbles: And I ain't missing out. Transform into Ultimate.
She transformed.
Bubbles: Angel Master Protector of Life.
No sooner had she digivolved than she dedigivolved.
Bubbles: What?
Jed: What's happened?
Bubbles: I don't know.
Jay: Maybe you haven't fully recovered from the last time yet?
Bubbles: It hasn't affected me before.
Spike: That's true it maybe the power is running out?
Bubbles: I bet that's it you can't digivolve anymore because you gave me your power. That power probably is almost gone. Just at the worst possible time.
Cali: We'll have to leave it up to our digimon.
Bubbles: I feel so helpless though.
Lita: Now you know how we felt when we lost our power.
Bubbles: Yeah I guess I do.
Spike: According to my digivice they are not far away.
Greymon: I wish they'd hurry up I want to get this over with.
T Angemon: I'll see where they exactly are.
He flew up above the tree line.
T Angemon: They're here.
He swooped back down.
Angewomon: Is Ladydevimon with him?
T Angemon: I didn't see her.
Angewomon: Must have fallen from grace big time.
Lita: But we better keep an eye for her anyhow.
Spike: She went past just before we came up unless she sees Ashuramon she won't be back this way for a while.
Bubbles: That's something we don't really need to worry about. Well digimon this is it we need to put everything into this other wise the island is doomed.
Puttiemon: Tell us something we don't know.
Lita: We have 4 Ultimates in our pack. Nearly everyone else are Champions.
Ashuramon: There they are.
Cali: Guess he found us.
Trixy: Woah look at all those digimon.
Izzy: I hate to say this but most of them are Ultimates. The ones with scythes are Phantomon they're ultimates, the skull dinosaur is Skullgreymon and an ultimate, Bakemons are champions and the female digimon beside Ashuramon is Lady Ashuramon she is an ultimate digimon too. I can see Ladydevimon being really pleased not!
Ashuramon: Attack them this is going to be the end of the resistance.
Bubbles: This is it you guys show them that we mean business.
Ladydevimon is at the beach part of the island she see's the attack force. She also see's Lady Ashuramon at Ashuramon's side.
Ladydevimon: (thinking) so he's getting rid of me for her! He never cared for me at all like he claimed he always wanted her. Maybe if I go and help I'll get back in his bad books.
She flew back towards the battle.
Ashuramon: What's wrong Bubbles not playing? You too scared to face me?
Bubbles: If I could I'd cream you!
Ashuramon: Then why don't you? It seems to me that you're all talk and no action. Fight me!
Bubbles: I've just about had enough of him Transform into Ultimate.
She was able to transform.
Bubbles: Angel Master Protector of Life.
Ashuramon: About time too.
She called for her staff. But it didn't come.
Ashuramon: Problem?
Bubbles: None of your business Peace Sphere!
Her attack didn't come.
Ashuramon smirked
Ashuramon: So you're out of fire power all ready I'm disappointed I expected more from a Digi Warrior but I guess I was wrong about you! Fire Chain and fire.
The balls of fire hit her. The one attack was enough for her to change back.
Bubbles: Ughhh I feel drained so much.
The digimon are beginning to struggle with the onslaught of the enemy digimon.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
She cut through a couple of Bakemon but they kept on coming.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock
She went through a few Bakemon and hit a Phantomon which made him less than pleased.
Phantomon: Shadow Scythe.
This hit her making her injured.
Trixy: Turtlemon. Don't give up we have to help these digimon. They need us.
Phantomon: Shadow Scythe
This hit her again.
Turtlemon: Aghhhhhh.
Trixy: Turtlemon no I need you!
Trixy's digivice begun to shine red. The Digicoin of Love left her pocket and went into her digivice.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon digivolve to.
Silvermon: Silvermon.
Trixy: My digimon is an Ultimate.
Silvermon: You made me mad Water Blast.
This hit the Phantomon making him move backwards at a fair rate of knots.
Puttiemon was being attacked by Lady Ashuramon now.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
Lady Ashuramon: Pathetic, Black Ball.
She fired at Puttiemon and hit dead centre. This made her go backwards into a tree.
Lady Ashuramon: I will finish this now Black Ball.
The ball was sent at Puttiemon.
Bubbles: No not again.
A digimon swooped in front of the ball and moved Puttiemon.
Lady Ashuramon: Who was that?
Ladydevimon: Just me!
Lady Ashuramon: You saved a traitor Lord Ashuramon is not going to be happy.
Ladydevimon: As if I care now he never cared for me he was seeing you that's why he wanted me out of the way.
Lady Ashuramon: So you finally caught on. But I will now destroy you Black Ball.
She attacked Ladydevimon.
Ladydevimon: Aghhh.
Ashuramon: So you decided to help the resistance you are going to regret that.
He left Bubbles and flew to the two fighting digimon.
Lady Ashuramon: Let me deal with her.
Ashuramon: I want her too no one betrays me and gets away with it.
Bubbles got up and ran to Puttiemon.
Puttiemon; She saved my life.
Bubbles: Then I think we need to return the favour I think she has changed. You ready to try to digivolve to Ultimate?
Puttiemon: Yeah!
Bubbles' digivice began to shine her Digicoin of Peace left her pocket and went to the digivice and clipped into place.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon digivolve to.
Fairymon: Fairymon
Bubbles: Woah sweet that's my digimon. Repay the favour Fairymon.
Fairymon: Will do Bubbles. Daisy Chain. A circle of leaves came around her. Aiming and fire.
She shot the leaves at Lady Ashuramon.
Fairymon: Are you alright Ladydevimon?
Ladydevimon: You helped me why?
Fairymon: Well I could ask the same question.
Ladydevimon: Well I don't know I'm confused.
Fairymon: We'll discuss this later but I think we make a cool team.
Ladydevimon: But I'm a fallen angel.
Fairymon: Then get up again we can do this Ladydevimon we are now a team.
Ladydevimon: Really?
Fairymon: You saved my life.
Ladydevimon: I guess I did.
Lady Ashuramon: Ah how sickening Black Ball.
This was aimed at both the digimon.
Ladydevimon: Darkness Wave.
A wave of bats went onto the ball but the ball kept on coming.
Ladydevimon: She's strong.
Fairymon: Daisy Chain. Aim fire
This finished the ball.
Ladydevimon: Go and get Ashuramon with your friends I think I can finish everything here.
Fairymon: Ok.
Fairymon turned around and saw all the champions wiped out and the Ultimates almost in the same way.
Fairymon: Hey Ashuramon.
Ashuramon: Ah another victim, prepare to go as others have done before you.
Demimon: Fairymon I will help you.
She flew up to her.
Fairymon: Ok watch yourself you are a champion.
Demimon: I know that I'm exhausted now but we have to do something.
Ashuramon: Oh shut up. You're boring me.
Fairymon: Daisy Chain.
Demimon: Demi Rose
Their attacks headed for Ashuramon
Ashuramon: Fire Chain.
His attack intercepted both of their attacks.
Ashuramon: You'll have to do better than that. Fire Fist.
This hit both of the digimon. Demimon plummeted to the ground.
Ashuramon: There's your digimon Cali enjoy her for her last moments.
Cali: No way Ashuramon no matter how futile things seem I will never let you take power over this island.
Cali's digivice began to glow her Digicoin of Power left her pocket and slotted into the digivice.
Demimon: Demimon digivolve to.
Magnachibimon: Magnachibimon
The light from her digivice engulfed the digimon and digidestined.
Bubbles: What's happening I feel re-energised. Transform into Ultimate
She changed to her digimon form.
Bubbles: Angel Master Protector of Life.
Jed: Transform into Champion.
He also changed into his digimon form.
Jed: Horse Master protector of the houses of Courage, Friendship and Truth.
Lita: Transform into Champion. Dolphin Master protector of the houses of Light, Justice and Reliability.
Spike: Transform into Champion. Dragon Master protector of the houses of Hope, Knowledge and Enchantment.
Trixy: Transform into Champion. Bird Master protector of the houses of Love, Sincerity and Miracles.
Jay: Transform into Champion. Wolf Master protector of the houses of Patience and Fate.
Cali's medallion begun to shine.
Cali: Transform into Champion.
She began to change. First her hair went light green A tiara went around her head. It had the Crest of Power on it. She wore a light green pair of trousers and a light green sleeveless top. She wore light green long gloves and brown boots these also had the crest of power on them. A belt came around her waist. Oh the belt were a row of Ninja Darts.
Cali: Ninja Master protector of the Balance of Power.
The power also extended to the other Digidestineds digimon.
Greymon: Greymon digivolve to.
Metalgreymon: Metalgreymon.
Garurumon: Garurumon digivolve to.
Weregarurumon: Weregarurumon.
Birdramon: Birdramon digivolve to.
Garudamon: Garudamon.
Kabuterimon: Kabuterimon digivolve to.
Megakabuterimon: Megakabuterimon.
Togemon: Togemon digivolve to.
Lillymon: Lillymon.
Exveemon: Exveemon
Stingmon: Stingmon
Both: DNA digivolve to.
Paildramon: Paildramon
Aquillamon: Aquillamon
Gatomon: Gatomon
Both: DNA digivolve to
Shilphymon: Shilphymon
T Angemon: Angemon
Ankylomon: Ankylomon
Both: DNA digivolve to.
Shakkoumon: Shakkoumon.
Peacemon: Peacemon digivolve to.
Spiritpeacemon: Spiritpeacemon
Ladydevimon Darkness Wave.
The entire attack hit Lady Ashuramon and was the last blow in their battle. She was deleted.
Ladydevimon joined the digidestined.
Bubbles nodded and she nodded back.
Bubbles: You wanted a fight Ashuramon and you've got one. You are not going to bother the island anymore.
Ashuramon: I will stop you. He turned to go.
Bubbles went in front of him.
Bubbles: You're going nowhere. You have caused pain and suffering to many digimon and you must be punished.
Ladydevimon: And I am as guilty as he is I was one of his right hand persons.
Cali: Was is the word you used you saved Puttiemon, you deleted Lady Ashuramon. That's what I call a complete 360 in change of personality.
Jed: I suggest we finish this. Flame Club.
Lita: Justice Staff.
Spike: Magical Arrow.
Trixy: Love Boomerang
Jay: Ice Ball.
Cali: Ninja Dart
The attacks hit Ashuramon.
Bubbles: Power Removal.
Her sphere appeared in her hand and his power drifted to it.
Bubbles: Energy Seal
Ashuramon was now helpless.
Jed: We need to finish him off.
Bubbles nodded.
Ladydevimon: I'll do it. Darkness wave.
Ashuramon lifted his arms to defend himself. Trixy looked away. He then disappeared.
Cali: That's it his reign is over.
Trixy was crying.
Jed: What's wrong Trixy?
Trixy: What happened he had no power he was defenceless.
Bubbles: Trixy if was almost the other way around he wouldn't have thought twice about doing that to us.
Trixy: But it's still wrong. If this is being a digidestined I don't want to be one.
Bubbles: What are you saying Trixy?
Trixy: I don't want to be a digidestined anymore.
Bubbles: But your part of the team we need you.
Trixy: No if it means we have to kill all our enemies then I don't want to be a part of it.
Yolei: Trixy I was like you. I hated having to do it but I knew it was part of the job otherwise he would have regained his power and who knows what he'd have done. It was like when we gave up everything to seal Myotismon away forever.
Trixy: I know your right but I can't except it.
Bubbles: Well if you're not focused if you want a time out that's ok. We'll have to do it all without you.
Trixy: I want to help but I also want to express how much I dislike this killing.
Ken: Digimon don't die Trixy they just get reconfigured. But if their evil power is taken there is little chance of them returning as evil digimon.
Trixy: Maybe come on I want to go home.
The digimon all dedigivolved and Bubbles and the others changed back.
Jed: It felt good to have our forms back.
Lita: But how did it happen?
Spike: I think it was the Digicoin of Power. It produced energy for us all and so we could change and the older digidestined's digimon could digivolve to ultimate again.
Tai: Will it last?
Spike: It's hard to say. My guess is that is could only be temporary but there could be a way to make it permanent again who knows. But our medallions are all fully energised again so that is probably permanent again.
Bubbles: I hope so. But all our digimon can now digivolve to ultimate.
Trixy: I do have one question.
Bubbles: Oh
Trixy: Where is Ladydevimon going to go?
Cali: Well I say let her keep an eye on the island.
Ladydevimon: What me?
Cali: Yeah.
Ladydevimon: But after all I have done.
Cat: Here we go again.
The island begins to shake and move quickly.
Ladydevimon: What's happening.
They see other islands coming into view.
Izzy: That's Server, Folder and File Island but they're all together.
Spike: But how?
Bubbles: Could it be that we defeated all the evil?
Kari: That is a thought. But something tells me not.
Ken: I agree I can sense something but I don't know what.
Bubbles: Hmm so there is another enemy out there.
Voice: Yes you are correct.
Digidestined: What?
Voice: Don't be alarmed I am your new guide.
Bubbles: Where are you.
Voice: I'm here on the island. Look in the sky.
They look and see a girl and a digimon. She comes to earth and joins them.
Bubbles: Tell us who are you?

Why have the islands come together? Who is the new enemy and who is the girl and her digimon? Find out on Digimon Digital Monsters.