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The 3rd part of the fan-fic 4 u.

I don't own digimon etc etc but I do own Cat and her digimon. Ask before using her or Lightmon and her digivolutions.

Beginning Of A New Life (Change of Heart)

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the skies of the Digital World. In his crypt in his castle sat Myotismon. He had been thinking about the digidestined and their digimon but most of all he'd been thinking about Cat his growing daughter. She had already stalled him twice but he was determined to stop her. a few days earlier he had read a prophecy.
"When the clock strikes 6pm on the 6th day of the 6th month the self proclaimed digimon king will transform back but he will suffer before he does"
He had had this in his mind 24/7.  What would the suffering be and how could he stop it happening. It was 2pm the 6th of June.
"I will stop you Cat I swear it!" shouted Myotismon from his castle window.
This echoed throughout the Digital World and was heard by the digimon and Gennai.  It was time to call the digidestined once again.
In the real world the digidestined are at Cat's house chilling out and Cat is practicing with her staff that Piximon had given her.
"Well it's nice and quiet the sun is shining the birds are singing and nothing can go wrong," said Cat stopping for a drink.
The digivices beep.
"I knew I was tempting fate by saying that, oh well lets see what Gennai wants," sighed Cat.
She plugged her digivice into the computer and Gennai appeared on the screen.
"What's up Gennai?" asked Tai.
"Myotismon is back and he's madder than ever he's been shouting from his window and I quote " I will stop you Cat I swear it" unquote" answered Gennai.
"We'll come to you now and we'll meet up with our digimon," replied Cat.
The picture faded from the screen.  Cat put her digivice to the screen and was dragged through the screen staff and all. The others did the same and they all landed with a bump in the Digital World.
"Lightmon where are ya?" called Cat.
"Agumon?" shouted Tai.
"Gabumon?" yelled Matt.
"Biyo where are you?" exclaimed Sora.
"Tentomon?" called Izzy.
"Palmon?" shouted Mimi.
"Patamon?" exclaimed Tk.
"Gatomon?" yelled Kari.
"Where are they?" asked Cat.
"Hidden," came a voice.
"Gennai is that you?" asked Izzy.
"Who else?" answered Gennai.
"Take us to them," said Matt.
"Follow me but we have to hurry it will be dark soon and he'll be out looking for the digimon," replied Gennai.
The children followed Gennai and they went into a cave.
"I can't return home because Myotismon knows where it is," he told the children.
They walked through the cave until they got to the end.
"It's a dead end," said Tai. "You said you'd take us to them."
"Relax my friend watch," replied Gennai.
He took a gadget from his pocket and pushed the button on it.  The dead end opened revealing a cozy home like place.
"Come in," said Gennai.
The children walked through the entrance and the door shut behind them.
"Cat," cried Lightmon.
"Hi Lightmon," answered Cat hugging her digimon tightly.
"See they are safe," Gennai told them.
"I'm sorry I doubted you," apologized Tai.
"Don't worry about it come on sit down," he said.
They sat down and began to talk.
"So Myotismon is back again what's bugging him this time?" asked Cat.
"My sources tell me that he has found a prophecy," replied Gennai.
"Oh and this prophecy is.." said Cat.
"I was getting to that," answered Gennai. "When the clock strikes 6pm on the 6th day of the 6th month the self proclaimed digimon king will transform back but he will suffer before he does."
"Transform back what does that mean?" asked Izzy.
"I don't know," replied Gennai. "But what I do know is it is the 6th of June today and the time is past 3pm."
"So in under 3 hours what is going to happen will happen," said Matt.
"Yes," answered Gennai.
"Gennai, i've noticed that since it's 3pm why is it going dark now?" asked Cat.
"Frankly I don't know it's been like this for a couple of days, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the prophecy," replied Gennai.
"So what can we do?" asked Tai.
"You need to be at Myotismon's Castle by 6pm to stop him going rampage if he transforms to something really powerful," answered Gennai.
"Right then we better get going if we are to make it," replied Izzy.
"Lets do it to it," shouted Cat.
The children and their digimon started out to Myotismon's castle.
In Myotismon's castle Myotismon is sat in his crypt thinking about the prophecy.
"3.45pm in 2 hours 15 minutes that prophecy could come true," he thought. "If only I knew what would happen I could stop it from coming true."
Back with the children Cat is deep in thought and keeps having black thoughts and suddenly collapses.
"Cat can you hear us?" asked Joe.
Cat could hear but didn't respond.
The same thing was happening in Myotismon's castle Myotismon also collapsed and went to a strange void where Cat was.
*Into Cat's and Myotismon's dream*
Cat was in a place of darkness she looked around and saw a dark figure coming towards her. The familiar dark figure of Myotismon She was frozen in place as he came to her.
"Cat what are you doing here?" he asked.
"Myotismon why have you brought me here?" she asked.
"It wasn't me I want to know why I'm here as well," he answered her.
"How do I know you are telling the truth?" she questioned.
"You know in your heart we still share the same feelings as father and daughter," he answered.
"Very well we better find how go get out of here," Cat replied.
They both walked to a door and it automatically opened.  They went through it together and saw an old man sat in the middle of the floor.
"Who are you?" asked Cat.
"That is Mastermon," replied Myotismon. "I now know why I'm here, to answer for my failure."
"That is correct," said Mastermon harshly.
"Why am I here though? How did I get here?" asked Cat.
"You are here because I have the power to bring you here and you will be punished for disturbing my plans for the Digital World," he answered. "As for you Myotismon you will die for your constant failure."
"He only failed because of me and the other digidestined," replied Cat
"I am powerful and I shall prove it by deleting Myotismon byte by painful byte," answered Mastermon and you shall watch as he is your father.
Mastermon shot a sphere from his hand at Myotismon.  Cat jumped and pushed Myotismon out of the way.  The sphere was heading directly at Cat.  The sphere hit her.
"Huh that should have killed me!" exclaimed Cat dazed
"It would have but my power is only really effective on Digimon and not the likes of you," replied Mastermon.
"So your powers are like illusions on humans then?" asked Cat.
"Yes," answered Mastermon.
"Only illusions on humans eh hmm, then this entire place is an illusion that you made to block me from the others, so together we wouldn't be a threat to you," replied Cat.
"You are right but it won't help you since you are about to be destroyed, Myotismon kill her," ordered Mastermon.
Myotismon looked at her and she looked back.
"No," he answered.
"What do it now," growled Mastermon.
"No I won't," answered Myotismon.
"Block your mind from him this is all an illusion he is really only existing in our minds he is made up from the fears of both of us, block those fears and we will get back to our true selves," said Cat.
"Fool I will destroy you," shouted Mastermon.
He sent another sphere.
"Block it," cried Cat.
They both blocked their fears and were transported back to their bodies.
*Exit Dream*
"Cat come on wake up," cried Lightmon.
"Huh Lightmon," groaned Cat.
"Yes she's awake," shouted Lightmon.
"What happened to you?" asked Tai.
"I'm not sure exactly but I was with Myotismon and a strange digimon, tired to kill us but we worked together to get through it, It was like it used to be before he became Myotismon," said Cat. "What time is it?"
"5.30pm woah time has flown," answered Sora.
"Come on it'll soon be time," cried Cat.
The children ran to Myotismon's Castle.
Inside Myotismon was trying to get to grips with what had happened.  He too looked at the time. 5.35pm. He left his crypt and went to the castle entrance.  He looked out onto the area and saw the children and their digimon.
"Now what are they up to," he thought.
The children and the digimon kept coming to the castle and time passed. The clock reached 5.55pm as they got to the castle.
"Erm there's something I need to tell you," said Cat.
"Yeah what is it?" asked Tai.
"When I was in the sort of void Myotismon refused to kill me after I saved him," replied Cat.
"Come again," answered Matt.
"You heard what I said," said Cat.
"Ok never mind Cat it's almost 6 and we need to find Myotismon," Tai told the group.
"He's in his crypt," replied Cat. "Waiting for us to come."
"How do you know?" questioned Tai.
"I'm not sure but I know that's where he is," she replied.
They went into the castle and to his crypt.  Cat opened his door. Myotismon was sat at his desk and rose when the entered.
The digimon prepared to fight Myotismon.
"Why have you come?" he asked.
"We know about the prophecy," answered Cat. "When the clock strikes 6pm on the 6th day of the 6th month the self proclaimed digimon king will transform back but he will suffer before he does. That's why we're here."
"Cat you know when we were transported and you saved me?" he asked.
"Yes I remember," she answered. "And then you refused to kill me."
"Well I now mean it I won't kill you or the others," he said.
The clock ticked to 5.59pm.
"Why the change?" asked Tai.
"When we were both transported from our bodies to the void when Cat saved me and could have been killed herself she made me think what I had become and that she was willing to still protect me if it meant dying after all I had done," answered Myotismon
A black shadow started creeping in the room.
"What's happening?" asked Cat.
"I don't know but I know it's nothing to do with me!" exclaimed Myotismon.
The shadow went to Myotismon and surrounded him in darkness.  The clock struck 6pm.
Where Myotismon stood was now Venommyotismon, his mega form.
"Oh no not again Agumon digivolve," called Tai.
"Ok Tai," said Agumon. "Agumon warp-digivolve to."
"Wargreymon," said the digimon.
"Now it's my turn," called Gabumon. "Gabumon warp-digivolve to."
"Metalgarurumon," exclaimed the digimon.
The two digimon attack Venommyotismon but are easily beaten.
"This is bad," cried Cat. "But that shadow is familiar."
"And so it should be," said a voice.
Stood next to Venommyotismon was Mastermon.
"But you are just an illusion," cried Cat.
"Wrong I used some of yours and Myotismon's DNA so I could escape the illusion that's why I took you both and now I have Venommyotismon working for me as the result," laughed Mastermon.
"That does it Lightmon digivolve," shouted Cat.
"Lightmon warp-digivolve to," called Lightmon.
"Catmon," said Catmon.
"Stop Venom with Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon," ordered Cat.
Catmon nodded and started attacking Venommyotismon.
"You're mine Mastermon!" exclaimed Cat.
She swung her staff at Mastermon.
Catmon, Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon were beating Venommyotismon.
"Hard luck Cat you missed and it's time for me to help Venommyotismon," said Mastermon.
He transformed into energy and zapped himself into Venommyotismon.
Venom got a lot of strength and he creamed the 3 digimon he then turned on Cat.
He picked her up in one hand and squeezed.
"Cat!" cried Sora.
"Help me!" she gasped.
"But our digimon can't digivolve to Mega's they'd get beaten," said Kari.
"Believe in yourself and extraordinary things can happen if you believe in yourself," Cat gasped then she fell unconscious due to lack of air.
"Cat noooooooooo!" screamed the group.
All the digimon began to glow in a familiar light.
"Biyomon warp-digivolve to," called Biyomon.
"Phenixmon," said Phenixmon.
"Tentomon warp-digivolve to," shouted Tentomon.
"Herculeskabuterimon," he said
"Palmon warp-digivolve to," called Palmon.
"Rosemon," she said.
"Gomamon warp-digivolve to," shouted Gomamon.
"Marineangemon," said the digimon.
"Patamon warp-digivolve to," said Patamon.
"Seraphinmon," called the digimon.
"Gatomon warp-digivolve to," she called.
"Magnadramon," she said.
"Wow look at that they're our Mega digimon," gasped Izzy.
"Quick save Cat Magnadramon," ordered Kari.
"You got it Kari," she answered.
Magnadramon went and got Cat out of Venommyotismon's hand.
She put her on the floor.
"I'll take care of Cat go and help the others," said Kari.
Magnadramon went to help the others.
"Terror Force," called Wargreymon.
Cat opened her eyes.
"Metal Wolf Claw," called Metalgarurumon.
"Destiny Fist," called Catmon.
"Crimson Flame," called Phenixmon.
Cat sat up.
"Mega Electro Shocker," called Herculeskabuterimon.
"Rose Petal Blizzard," called Rosemon.
Cat now got to her feet.
"Come on guys you can do it," she said.
"Ocean Love," called Marineangemon.
"Seven Heavens," called Seraphinmon
"Fire Storm," called Magnadramon.
All the attacks hit Venommyotismon and it knocks Mastermon and his shadow out of him. Making Venom dedigivolve back to Myotismon. All the digimon dedigivolved.
Cat picked her staff.
"Now you will all pay," he growled.
"Oh no you don't," exclaimed Cat.
She swiped him with her staff and he fell.
"I'll finish him," said Myotismon. "Nightmare Claw."
Mastermon froze.
"Grisly Wing," he called.
The bats surrounded Mastermon and he disintegrated to nothing.
"Kill me," Myotismon said.
"Why?" asked Cat.
"Because I'm a danger to you all," answered Myotismon.
"No we won't!" replied Tai. "You've changed."
"That's right you helped us to defeat Mastermon," continued Mimi.
"But after all I've done." he was interrupted by Matt.
"It doesn't matter there is something called forgiveness," Matt said.
All the children's emotions came together from them and conversed on Myotismon.
He was bathed in a white light.  The light faded and now stood a human.
"Dad you're back to normal," cried Cat.
"Hmm that's right!" he exclaimed.
She ran and hugged him.
"Digidestined I want to apologize for what I've done in the past," said Myotismon.
"It's ok Myotis.Oh we can't call you Myotismon any more Mr," answered Tai.
"Call me Jules," he replied. "Come on I need to speak to Gennai."
They went to the cave that Gennai had been living in.
"Gennai," called Izzy.
"Yes," came the reply.
"We have someone who needs to talk to you," he answered.
"Oh who is it?" asked Gennai coming out of the cave.
"I was Myotismon," said Jules. "But with the digidestineds power they changed me back to my true self." "I want to say sorry to you Gennai because of what I've done,"
"Ok then I accept your apology but it isn't me who you need to apologize to the Digi-council you will be put on trial for what you have done and what they do is then up to them," replied Gennai.

Will Jules be found guilty at his trial and is this change for real? Find out in the next story.  Beginning of A New Life (The Trial)