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	A Light in the Darkness - The Myotismon Freak


	A cold night filled with glittering stars hovered over earth, inhabited by 

an un-seasonal creeping fog, among other things. In one city over which it 

stood, two forces-good and evil-made their momentary homes there. The 

leaders of them were both lost in thought, which consisted of seemingly 

unanswerable questions and musings about the possible future. But one was of 

the night, of the dark, the other of day. Yet, at this time, they were alike 

in their thoughts.

	Tai paced restlessly in his room, his head filled with wondering over many 

things, including their enemy, Myotismon. Last time they had attacked, they 

would have been defeated if it weren't for Angelmon. Lucky for them, 

Myotismon had decided not to risk it against T.K.'s Digimon, and fled back 

to wherever it was he came from. They had faced powerful Digimon before, 

Devimon and Etemon among others, but Myotismon was the most powerful-and 

evil-by far.

	He sighed, and looked towards his bed, where Agumon was sleeping under a 

pile of dirty clothes. That way, nobody could tell he was there. He was 

softly snoring, and occasionally turned over in dream-filled slumber.

	Shaking his head, Tai muttered, "I wonder what Myotismon is doing right 


	As was his opponent, Myotismon was pacing up and down, when finally he 

stopped. It was night. Why wouldn't he go out? After all, the night was his 

place, his home . . .

	If it weren't for those Digidestined brats, he would have found the eighth 

child by now. Then he could return to the Digiworld. But no, his incompetent 

servants had not found him yet, although he was closer to finding him then 

the Digidestined. Even though that was true, as Gatomon said, "You can't 

turn over a rock in this place without finding a child." There were 

hundreds, maybe even thousands, living in that city alone.

	Momentarily forgetting his search, a cruel, fanged smile played across 

Myotismon's face. For now, he would look on his own, since it was dark 

outside. And, since he was a vampire, the dark was where he 

thrived-therefor, it was to him as day was to humans.

	The smile still there, Myotismon strode to face the outside world.

	Meanwhile, at Izzy's house . . .

	Izzy was busily working on his computer, carefully avoiding the messed-up 

screen savers that Gennai had installed. After all, Numemon doing the 

can-can isn't exactly a pretty sight.

	Nearby, Tentomon was eating some snacks which Izzy had brought in from the 

kitchen. I wonder what he's thinking, Tentomon thought. He himself, for 

unknown reasons, had digivolving on his mind.

	Izzy was working with his Digimon analyzer. As he flipped through various 

Digimon he had seen, he suddenly came to a stop on one, which he had never 

seen-or heard of-before. How did this get in here? He asked himself. I've 

never seen this one before!

	The Digimon he was referring to was called Trumhaemon. It looked like a 

huge, black-blue dragon, with four blood red eyes and a whip-like tail ended 

by a gleaming scythe blade. Growing between its shoulders were two sets of 

dark red wings, all tipped at the joint by curved talons.

	"That is the most evil-looking thing I have ever seen, except for 

Myotismon," Izzy said, to himself.

	"What is?" Tentomon asked, having heard some of the phrase. He flew to 

Izzy, and looked over his shoulder. He was not at all prepared for the sight 

of Trumhaemon.

	"Woah!" he exclaimed. "Izzy, what is that?"

	"I don't know," Izzy answered, staring blankly at the screen. "I do not 


	The next day, Sora and Mimi were searching for the eighth child, although, 

if you saw them, you couldn't tell they were looking for anything.

	Palmon and Biyomon were both in a very heavy baby carriage, occasionally 

fighting over space. It was cramped in there, to say the least.

	They stopped with Mimi when she gazed longingly through a candy store 

window. "Some candy would be nice right about now," she said, face almost 

pressed against the glass. "I agree," said Palmon, who was instantly shushed 

by Biyomon. "You're supposed to be a baby," she whispered. "Don't talk!"

	A piece of paper drifted by, blown by the unusually warm breeze that was 

becoming common. Along with the fog, the heat wave was odd weather. But it 

wasn't the breeze that caught Sora's attention, instead, it was something 

she saw written on the paper . . .

	She bent over to pick it up, and tapped the preoccupied Mimi on the 

shoulder as she read it. "Look at this," she said. Mimi turned around.

	It looked like a journal entry, written on a piece of notebook paper. How 

it had gotten away from its owner, they didn't know; all they knew was that 

the writing on it was not at all normal.

	Written in bright red ink, it said:

	"7 August, 12 midnight: He came again. He just left about five minutes ago. 

This time, though, I got his real name: Lord  Myotismon. At least, that's 

what he said it was. I myself prefer to call him Triinsahmur, which means 

'vampire' in my language. After all, he is one . . . I know this because I 

asked him. Why he answered, I do not know; if I were like him, I wouldn't 

tell anyone. 'How do you survive?' I asked him. He had noticed that I 

sometimes stared at his fangs, though not exactly in fright. 'By preying on 

the blood of others,' he had answered. Yet, I wasn't at all shocked by his 

reply . . .

	Now, he is gone. I have the feeling that he might come back, some time. But 

certainly not during the day. As a matter  of fact, he only comes when I 

have my door locked, window unlocked, and light turned off . . ."

	There, it ended. But for Sora it did not.

Flipping it over, so that the back was facing up, was the name of the 

author: "Ymparshthu" Ono.

	"We have got to show this to Tai," Sora said to Mimi, who nodded her head. 

"I agree."

	Emily, (called Ymparshthu,) the author, was sitting on her bed, 

contemplating too many things to name. Among others, she wondered where her 

diary page had gotten off to; she had ripped it out of her journal to hide 

it, but it had been blown out her open window by an unusually warm breeze. 

She would not forget Triinsahmur, though. He was too amazing.

	Sighing, she shut her window. She could just turn on her ceiling fan if she 

got hot. The warm breeze outside did nothing to her room but heat it up.

	As she sat back on her bed, she pulled put her journal and started to write 

something down in her alphabet; and she continued writing until sunset.

	"WHAT?" practically yelled Tai into the phone. "WHAT did you find?"

	He was talking to Sora, who had called him about ten minutes ago. And, 

during that time period, she explained what she and Mimi had found-not the 

eighth Digidestined, but a clue to Myotismon.

	"I said, a weird journal entry that mentions Myotismon, though he's called 

'Lord' Myotismon," Sora urgently said. "You need to come, quick! Meet me at 

Izzy's house; I've called everyone else up, and we're all going there! 


	With that, she hung up. Tai was left standing there, caught in 

mid-sentence. Then, gathering his wits, he went to ask his mom if he could 

go over to Izzy's house.

	Everyone arrived at Izzy's house at exactly sunset. Each had their Digimon 

with them, of course.

	 "This is what Mimi and I found," said Sora, holding up the piece of paper. 

"It's some journal entry, and it mentions Myotismon."

	Walking over, Tai said, "Let me get a good look at it." Sora handed it to 

him, and a puzzled expression spread over his face as he read it.

	"But . . . the only time we've heard him been called 'Lord' Myotismon was 

when Birdramon digivolved to Garudamon, and the only  . . . thing that 

called him that was Demidevimon!" he exclaimed. Almost instantly, thirteen 

other voices shushed him. Then, Agumon said, "I know. But, Tai, do you think 

you could be a little quieter? We don't know if there's anybody listening."

	"You're right." Tai sighed. "It's just . . . we finally have a little bit 

of a clue, and why not try to use it?"

	At this, everyone nodded their heads.

	Just then, there was a semi-loud knocking on Izzy's door.

"Izzy, is everything okay in there?" asked his mom.

	"Uh, yeah," stuttered Izzy. Then, he remembered something.

	His mother replied, "Okay. I was just checking in on you." She then walked 


	As soon as the sound of her footsteps had faded out of hearing, Izzy told 

them about his discovery the previous night.

	Starting up his computer, he began to explain what he had seen on his 

Digimon analyzer.

	"Tai, can I see your Digivice?" he asked, holding out his hand. "Sure," 

answered Tai, and handed it to him.

	"Okay, last night, as I was looking at my Digimon analyzer, I found this 

strange dragon called Trumhaemon. But, the thing is, we've never seen him 

before!" said Izzy. Tentomon nodded his head.

	When he had flipped to it, Izzy said, "This is it." His hand was 

outstretched towards the computer screen.

	There it was, with the same evil look as the night before. And, although 

they couldn't see it, there was something else added to it, at the bottom 

right corner-the words "Triinsahmur tunscharta"-Vampire servant.

	They kept looking at it, almost amazed by its evil expression-a snarl 

baring four large, dagger-like teeth was on its lips, and its scythe-like 

tail blade gleamed with its own light. The blood red eyes appeared to be 

staring right at you, giving you whatever it had for the Evil Eye. But, 

still, no one noticed the red words of the same hue as Trumhaemon's eyes. 

And, if they had, no one would have understood them, anyway-it was in Emily 

Ono's secret language.

	"Boy, and I thought I'd seen ugly things before," muttered Tai. "But this 

takes the cake!"

	Hearing him, Gaubumon looked up from the monitor. "Did you just say 

something about that thing being ugly?" he asked, in his airy, Oriental 

voice. He, too, thought it somewhat unpleasant-looking, as did everyone 

else, even though they didn't admit it.

	"Well, I've told you everything I needed to," sighed Sora. "If anybody else 

needs to say anything, now is the time." Silence. "Are you sure?" Silence. 

"Okay, everybody. 'Meeting adj-'"

	"I've got something I have to say," said T.K., stepping forward. Sora hit 

her palm against her forehead. "Okay, go for it," she said.

	"Well, last night, on the news, it said something about people getting 


	"Anemia," finished Matt. "It said that 'otherwise healthy young women were 

being struck down with sudden and severe anemia.' What do you think it 

means, Tai? I have a few ideas myself."

	"Myotismon," said Tai. Matt nodded his head.

	"I think it could be Myotismon. It would explain a lot of things," Matt 

said. "For instance, that could be why we've never seen him during the day."

	The others weighed this in their minds, and soon came to the conclusion 

that Matt

had been implying.

	"Oh, goodness, don't even make me think about it. It gives me the creeps!" 

Mimi said, shuddering. "But I'll have to admit-it's probably true."

	Looking out the window, at the stars, Joe said, "He's a vampire."

	In Ymparshthu's room, she was sitting on her bed, writing in her diary 

again, yet again in bright red ink. Her entry read:

	"7 August, 9:10: I am waiting for Triinsahmur. He might come, he might not. 

I don't know . . .

	I remember when I first met him. I was walking home from Jo's house, at 

about sunset, because she only lives a block away. The sun was rapidly 

setting, and it soon was dark. Very dark. Pitch black, almost, because of 

the fog. Then, I saw him.

	To me, he was but a shadowy figure, shrouded in mist. All I could see was a 

silhouette. I turned to run, but . . . Something held me there. Something I 

couldn't quite place, can't quite name. But, I stayed, and in doing so 

changed my life.

	When I got closer, I saw that he had deep blue eyes, somehow soothing to 

me. I'm usually in a far from soothed mood, but there was something in his 

eyes that comforted me. I don't know how, or what. But, they were like a 

light in the darkness to me, drawing me to him.

	I looked up at him, since he was about a foot taller than me, with amazed 

eyes. Who was he? I did not know.

	Now I do."

	She shut her diary, and looked out the window. The stars were shining 

brightly. A sliver of a moon was out. And so was the creeping fog . . .

	Just then, Ymparshthu heard a sound, coming from below her window. When she 

looked down, to see what it was, she found . . . Triinsahmur.

	That morning, as Tai sleepily stumbled out of bed, he heard his mother 

talking on the phone.

	"Is he up? I'll go see, Sora," she said. His mom then started walking 

towards his room. When she saw him, she said into the phone, "Yes, he's 

awake. Here he is now." So saying, she handed him the phone.

	"Hello?" Tai almost snored.

	"Tai, I have something really important to tell you," Sora, on the other 

end of the line, said. That woke Tai up.

	"What?" he asked. She had his attention now.

	"Come over to my house, and I'll tell you. I've got everybody else here, 

just like last night. Be quick! Bye!" Sora said, and hung up the phone. Tai 

just stood there, half awake, before running back to his room, pulling on 

some clothes, and going-all without breakfast.

	At Sora's house, everybody was waiting for him. When he finally got there, 


went straight to the meeting's point.

	"Last night, I was walking home from playing soccer against one of my old 

friends, when I came to a really dark stretch of the way home. Normally, 

it's lighter. But it was almost pitch black," Sora said.

	"Anyway, I was about half way through it when I heard a sound behind me. 

When I turned around, I saw . . ."

	She paused, as though thinking it over.

	"I saw Myotismon."

A Light in the Darkness


	Sora's words echoed in the silence that followed. Nobody could seem to take 

them in. But, after about five minutes, she continued.

	"Since I didn't have Biyomon with me," she looked down at her Digimon, "I 

didn't know what to do. I wanted to turn, and run, but I just couldn't seem 


	The only sound in between statements was breathing. Other than that, there 

was total and complete silence.

	"Looking up at him, a strange thought came into my mind: he wasn't going to 

hurt me. When I finally ran, he didn't even try to catch me, just stood 


	She stopped, having told her tale. The others looked at one another, when 

Tai finally stepped forward.

	"Okay, that was weird. Why didn't he attack?" Tai asked.

	Sora shook her head. "I don't know, Tai, I don't know." Tai accepted the 

answer, and continued speaking.

	He demanded, "Well, why didn't you run in the first place?"

	Looking at the scene around her, her friends, all gathered in her room, she 

answered him. "There was something in his eyes, Tai, that didn't make me 

want to leave. When I was frozen in place, it wasn't because of fear. Tai, 

it was because of the expression behind his blue eyes," she said.

	Joe looked up from where he had been gazing at the stars. "This is weird," 

he said. "I mean, he would have attacked any other time. Why not now?"

He pushed his glasses back into place, and then Matt stepped in.

"It is strange. Like Joe said, he would have attacked any other time. Maybe 

he didn't feel like it or something. I don't know." Matt shrugged his 


Sora, who appeared to be in deep thought, was staring off into space now. 

Finally, she said in a far-off sounding whisper, "A light in the darkness."

	"A light in the darkness?" questioned Tai. "What the hey does that mean?"

	Turning to look at him, Sora answered, "It's just something that I heard a 

long time ago: that, even in the most evil of creatures, there is some good, 

though overshadowed it may be-hence, a light in the darkness, good in all 


	She sighed, and shook her head. "Earlier, when I ran into Myotismon, I 

could just sense something in the air. It was like he was telling me-without 

words-that he would not harm me."

	Sora picked up her head, and looked out the window. The morning beyond was 

peaceful-almost too peaceful for the fact that there was an evil vampire 

Digimon living in the city. But, as Sora had implied-somewhere in 

Myotismon's mind, there was some good, though it was almost entirely 

overshadowed by evil.

	That day, as Tai was watching TV, an emergency newscast came on.

	"There has been another monster sighted, this time near the waterfront. It 

appears to be some sort of a giant dragon, and . . ."

	Suddenly, the image on the TV screen became static. That meant that 

communications were down, which probably meant it was by damage . . .

	Tai jumped up and ran to get Agumon. "There's some monster down at the 

waterfront. That's our signal!"

	Agumon leaped out of bed, pulled on his disguise, and ran out the door with 


Little did they know, the others were doing the same. Matt and Gaubumon, 

Sora and Biyomon, Izzy and Tentomon, Mimi and Palmon, Joe and Gomamon, and 

T.K. and Patamon were all coming, too.

	Upon arriving at the waterfront, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, and T.K. 

all ran into each other. Their reunion was cut short by the attacking evil 


	Pulling out his computer, Izzy got onto his Digimon analyzer. When he found 

this Digimon, he gasped. The attacking Digimon was Trumhaemon!

	It was about as tall as a three-story building, and it was definitely not 

in a good mood. It smashed buildings at the waterfront, and also dove into 

the water and wreaked general havoc on everything around it.

	Reading through the information on Trumhaemon, Izzy informed the others, 

"Trumhaemon is an evil virus-type that is never in a good mood. He has 

puppy-dog loyalty to its master. His attack is 'Scythe Storm,' in which he 

whips his tail round and round, slicing through things before creating a 

small tornado that quickly dissolves."

	It was then that Izzy noticed the writing in the bottom right corner of the 


	"Huh?" he said, scratching his head. "What does 'Triinsahmur tunscharta' 


	"It means vampire servant," sounded a voice behind him. He quickly turned, 

and saw a tall eleven-year-old girl, with blond hair and green eyes.

	"My name's Emily," she said. "And 'Triinsahmur tunscharta' means vampire 

servant in my language."

	"So you actually know what this thing is?"

	She nodded her head.

	"And it's a servant of Triinsahmur," she whispered. Her words were barely 

audible, but Izzy could just make them out.

	"Huh? Who's Triinsahmur?" asked Izzy.

	Lowering her head, so that she was looking at the ground, Emily answered, 

"You may know him better as Lord Myotismon."

	That made Izzy think.

	Turning round, he called, "Hey, guys! Come over here!"

	Those who were not busy came scrambling over, which were Mimi, Matt, Joe, 

and T.K.

	At the water's edge stood Tai and Sora. "Hey, Agumon, it is Digivolving 

time!" said Tai. Agumon nodded his lizard-like head.

	"Agumon digivolved to . . . GREYMON!"

	Soon, Greymon was charging at the rampaging Trumhaemon. His eyes glinted

with the lust for battle.

	Looking down at her Digimon, Sora said, "Do you think you should go help 

him?" she asked Biyomon.

	Her Digimon answered, "Uh-huh!"

	"Biyomon digivolved to . . . BIRDRAMON!"

	Birdramon flapped towards where a battle between Greymon and Trumhaemon now 


	Meanwhile, back with Izzy, Emily was explaining everything.

	"I like talking to him," she said, when everyone asked her why she had 

anything to do with Myotismon. "And it is more than just that. He 

understands me. He's the only one who does . . ."

	Sighing, she shook her head from side to side. "He's told me about you," 

she stated. "About both you and him are searching for the eighth child."

Emily paused, and gazed at the group of children standing around her. They 

looked like they didn't understand Triinsahmur like she did.

"Maybe, if you wanted me to, I could get him to come, and you could speak 

with him," offered Emily, brushing her bangs out of her face.

Mimi nodded her head, as did Joe, Matt, T.K., and Izzy.

She said, her head nodding also, "Okay, it's settled then. I'll see if he'll 

come tonight. And, do you want me to call off Trumhaemon? He'll listen to 

Triinsahmur, and also I."

"Sure," said Mimi, smiling. "it would be wonderful if you would."

So saying, Emily walked about fifteen feet closer to Trumhaemon, and shouted 

something at the top of her lungs in Styri, one of her languages. 

Trumhaemon, Birdramon, and Greymon all stopped battling. Trumhaemon listened 

intently before lumbering off.

	"I told him to return to Myotismon," she said. Then: "Meet me tonight, at 

the darkest place in the city. I'll be there, if I can get Triinsahmur to 


	With that, she walked off. Mimi thought she saw something written on the 

back of Emily's hand, but, she was probably just imagining things.

	Just then, Tai and Sora came running up, with Agumon and Biyomon at their 

sides. They both wanted to what had just happened, and who the strange girl 

had been. Izzy explained it all to them.

	"She said to meet her in the darkest place in the city," he said. "Most 

likely at midnight. Certainly not during the day."

	"But how are we going to do that? I mean, we all have parents," worried 

Tai, which was unusual for him.

	Izzy just sighed. "Tell them you're at each others house," he instructed. 

"And we will, for a little bit."

	So saying, everyone headed home, prepared for that night.

	At exactly eleven fifty-two, all the Digidestined were headed, in a group, 

towards the darkest place in town.

	As they walked along, their footsteps echoed terribly in the vast blackness 

of the night. Each small sound sent them looking in every direction, 

expecting to be attacked at any moment.

	When they finally reached their destination, at exactly eleven fifty-nine, 

Tai shuddered.

	"Oh, man, this place gives me the creeps," he said. "And to think of the 

fact that Myotismon is coming, too, just makes me want to faint."

	He shuddered again.

	And, exactly midnight, they heard a sound coming from the surrounding 


	"This place gives me the creeps, with all these noises," muttered Joe.

	Then, he appeared.

	There was an air of dignity surrounding him, their enemy, as he stepped, 

out of the shadows, into the small, moonlit area. Beside him was Emily, as 

she had promised.

	At this, their first time to ever see their enemy face-to-face (except for 

in battle), the children all noticed that Myotismon had blue eyes, with very 

large pupils- perfectly adapted for seeing in the dark.

	They also noticed-very accented in the pale moonlight-his fangs.

	"Oh, goodness," said Mimi, and fell over, unconscious.

	Peering over her, Emily said, "Yeah, that almost happened to me when I 

first saw Triinsahmur."

				A Light in the Darkness


	Staring Tai directly in the eye, Emily introduced him to Triinsahmur, even 

though they didn't need it.

	Tai looked Myotismon over. "Oh, man, he's someone you don't want to run 

into at midnight," he muttered under his breath. Then, realizing his 

situation, he slapped his palm against his forehead.

	Myotismon, meanwhile, was lost in thought. He had only come because this 

girl, called Ymparshthu, had convinced him to. She was the only one who 

understood him, even though there were things he had kept secret, almost 

forgetting himself, which he had never told anyone . . .

	He had always been treated cruelly as a young Digimon. If he ever had found 

something to do under another Digimon, they always took advantage of him. He 

had been small then, and weak, like Patamon. But, also like Patamon, he had 

Digivolved into a powerful creature, one that few dared to mess with. And, 

if they did, not all came out alive.

	Sighing inwardly, he also thought of his position now. He struck terror at 

the very souls of most Digimon, and he was lonesome, oh, so lonesome. Nobody 

ever stuck around him much, except for the idiotic, incompetent Demidevimon. 

And Demidevimon was the nothing more than a black, red-taloned Digimon who 

was constantly trying to take the credit for everything-and, in the process, 

  sucking up to him.

	Even more possessive of his thoughts was this human girl, one who had 

enough courage to face him-and one sweet and caring enough to understand 

him. She wasn't frightened by him, and would probably defend him among the 

humans, if she had to. Wishing to be called Ymparshthu-it meant "darkness" 

in her language-she took the time to listen to his stories, share in his 

troubles. She also had her own problems, and other things, but every night 

she faithfully waited, sometimes never getting any sleep. And yet, she still 

did not abandon him. She was, to say the least, a true friend to he, a 

lonely vampire Digimon-who wasn't on the side of good, either. Ymparshthu 

also knew that he lived on the blood of others-and didn't care.

	On the ground, Mimi was coming to. Everyone except he and Ymparshthu were 

bent over her, making sure she was all right.

	When she finally did wake up, she said, "Sorry everyone. I just couldn't 

help myself. I don't like the dark very much, and-no offense, Myotismon-but 

Myotismon kind of scared me there. I mean, I knew he had fangs before, it's 

just that this time, in a very dark place at midnight, it was a little too 

much for me."

	It was then that her suspicions were proved true-there was  something on 

the back of Emily's hand.

	"What's that?" she asked, pointing towards Ymparshthu's hand.

	"Huh? What? Oh, that," answered Emily, "is a birthmark, I do believe. Moon 

in the night sky, I always said."

	Holding up her hand, so that the Digidestined could look at the back-she 

had already shown it to Triinsahmur-she explained, "People always made fun 

of me because

of it. One particularly nasty person called me a freak. Now, though, they've 

stopped; why, I don't know."

	She shook her head, and looked over at Myotismon. He was the only one who 

truly understood her, as she did him. He was, to her, a true friend.

	With out thinking, Sora blurted out, "Myotismon, why do you always wear 

that mask?"

	She of course was referring to the red mask covering his nose and eyes. She 

had not meant it as an insult, but, Myotismon was hardly ever questioned 

over it, so . . .

	"She wasn't insulting you," whispered Emily. "She was just curious."

	After about five seconds of utter silence, Myotismon finally answered 

Sora's question.

	"When I was young, I was constantly taken advantage of," he said slowly, 

fangs shining in the pale moonlight. "I was weak, like the little 

Patamon-"he motioned towards Patamon-"but, also like him, I Digivolved into 

a powerful being."

	He stopped for a moment, and contemplated his situation. He was explaining 

some of his dreadful past to the Digidestined, who were his enemies. But, at 

this moment, they were almost as friends. Almost.

	Starting again, he said, "I was almost always punished for crimes that I 

didn't commit, if I worked under another Digimon. As a matter of fact, I 

once worked for the same slave driver of a Digimon which you did." At this, 

he gestured towards Matt and Joe. "But, when I Digivolved, Veggiemon was 

terrified of me. He fell over himself apologizing to me."

	He remembered that. Veggiemon had been cruel to him before, but was sorry 

when Myotismon had Digivolved into what he was now. "Lord Myotismon, Lord 

Myotismon," he had said. "I am so sorry. I did not mean to!"

Myotismon reached a gloved hand up to his pale cheek. He was trying to draw 

out his story as long as possible, not wanting to say why he hid his face 

behind a mask. The answer only reminded him of the beatings he once took, 

when he had done nothing. Nothing! If something broke at Veggiemon's diner, 

he was always blamed for it . . . even if it had been some other Digimon.

	"And why I wear this mask . . ." He sighed. "Is because of the scars from 

being taken advantage of, being punished when I did nothing."

	Pausing, he ran his fingers down his cheek. The scar left from his younger 

days, hidden under his mask, was a slash mark across his right eye-Veggiemon 

had given it to him in punishment for something that Digitamamon did. Yes, 

the idiotic creature hidden within an eggshell. He had almost destroyed-and 

I mean destroyed-the kitchen in Veggiemon's diner. The old slave driver had 

known that it was Digitamamon, but had blamed Myotismon for it instead.

	Just then, Joe broke Myotismon's train of thought with the question that 

everyone had been wondering about: "When Sora ran into you, why didn't you 

attack her?"

	Abruptly pulling his hand down, he answered, "She did not do anything to I. 

And, she had nothing to protect her. Why should have I? I needed not blood."

	Joe shuddered at the reply. The mention of blood was not at all pleasant to 

him, although he knew very well that Myotismon survived on the blood of 

other creatures.

	Mimi shut her eyes. She did not like the mention of blood, either. She felt 

herself beginning to sway . . .

	Coming up from behind, Tai caught her just as she was about to fall over 

again. "Thank you," she said. "I didn't really want to faint again, but the 

mention of blood always does that to me . . ."

	Myotismon  softly shook his head. He then turned around, and started to 

stalk away.

	"Hey! Where are you going?" called Joe, who wanted to know why Myotismon 

was leaving.

	"I need to be alone" was the  chill reply, which soon vanished into the 

surrounding blackness, as did the vampire Digimon. Not even Ymparshthu went 

after him, but understood that he needed to be by himself. There are just 

some things that must be thought of alone . . .

	With that, they all headed home, leaving Ymparshthu behind. She, too, 

needed to be alone-and the surrounding night, she felt, was her place.

	The next day, everybody met at Joe's house. All they could talk about was 

the night before, even though they were all very tired.

	But Sora said nothing, only wondered what Myotismon-once her enemy, but the 

previous night her friend-was doing.

	And somewhere, hidden in an utterly dark place, among shadows-the vampire 

Digimon smiled.