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(The Return of the Emperor) The Digi-Coins Pt 1

A year after their last adventure Ken goes missing. At the same time Control Spires are appearing in the Digital World. The Digimon Emperor is back bigger and badder than ever. To make matters worse, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi and Joe are on a Camping trip. With only Cat staying behind cause of her dad is ill she has to help Kari, Tk, Davis, Yolei and Cody not only defeat the emperor but find a new way of digivolving. The seal of the Black Digivice is also stronger meaning that Armour digivolution cannot be done. The digidestined need a new way of digivolution. To use this digivolution 3 things are needed a D3, Digieggs and…….? “There they are!”

Chapter 1
“Atchoooo,” sneezed Jules. “Rotten cold.”
Jules Dresden had a cold a big cold. It was bad enough for his daughter Cat to stay behind from a camping trip with Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi and Joe.
“Oh dad I’ll get you another warm drink,” replied Cat.
“It’s ok,” sniffed Jules. “I’ll get my own drink, atchoooo,”
“You’ll stay in bed like Joe’s dad said need your rest he is a doctor after all,” answered Cat.
“Ok you win,” replied Jules.
The telephone rang.
“I’ll get it,” said Cat.
Cat picked up the phone.
“Hello Cat speaking,” she said.
“Cat it’s Kari we need your help with the others gone we have a big problem,” answered Kari.
“You’d better come over and we’ll talk then,” replied Cat. “See you in a bit.”
Kari hung up.
“Dad Kari and her friends are coming over there is something wrong,” called Cat.
“Ok, atchoooo,” replied Jules.
Cat took a drink to her dad.
“Here have this it’ll make you feel better,” said Cat.
Jules had a sip of the drink.
“Yuck what is this?” asked Jules.
“It’s a herbal cold remedy drink it it’ll help,” answered Cat.
Cat put the small colour television on in the bedroom for her dad to watch.
“Here’s the television guide, the remote control and some chocolate biscuits and don’t eat them all like em too,” Cat told her dad.
The door bell rang.
“That’ll be Kari and the others you can go Cat I’ll be, atchoooo, ok,” replied Jules.
Cat went back downstairs to open the door.
“Hey Cat,” said Kari.
“Hi guys come on in,” replied Cat.
Davis and the others went into the front room.
“Where’s Ken and Wormmon and what’s so urgent?” asked Cat.
“That’s the problem Ken and Wormmon are missing and we got an e-mail from Gennai saying that an old enemy has returned but he didn’t say who,” replied Davis. “I found his Crest of Kindness,” carried on Kari. “I’m really worried that he’s in the Digital World fighting the old enemy alone.”
“We better go to the Digital World and find out,” replied Tk.
“Will you come with us just in cases it’s something we can’t handle?” asked Davis.
“Hmm I really should stay and keep an eye on my dad he’s ill,” answered Cat.
Jules came down the stairs.
“Go on Cat you go with them I’ll be ok your friends need your help,” replied Jules.
“Well ok then,” answered Cat.
Davis put his D3 to the computer and opened the Digiport.
The others put their digivices to the computer and were sucked to the Digital World.
In the Digital World a shadow saw them appear it sniggered evilly.
It spoke in a very low voice to another shadow. “They are here now the story is set our bait is hardly useful to me it’s a shame I’ll have to dispose of them.”
Gennai appeared in a transmission through the D-terminal.
“So what’s wrong Gennai have you seen Ken and Wormmon?” asked Davis anxiously.
“Well I think I’ve seen Ken,” replied Gennai.
“What do you mean think?” asked Davis.
“I have seen the return of an evil, you beat this evil before,” replied Gennai.
“Gennai!” exclaimed Cat. “Please get to the point.”
“Ok the Digimon Emperor has returned,” answered Gennai.
“What!” exclaimed the group.
“That means Ken is back as the Digimon Emperor,” gasped Cody.

Chapter 2
“Wait a minute we can’t jump to conclusions Gennai could be mistaken,” protested Davis.
“I’m afraid I’m not Control Spires are appearing all over the Digital World,” answered Gennai.
“I don’t believe Ken would go back to his old ways something must have either Kidnapped him or something has made him turn back into the Emperor,” replied Davis.
“Either way we have to save Ken if he’s Kidnapped or as the Emperor and save the Digital World,” answered Cody.
“Yeah Cody’s right Ken is one of us at heart, if it is him as the emperor then it’s our duty to save our friend,” said Yolei.
“One problem,” said Cat.
“What’s that?” asked the others.
“Our digimon,” she replied. “You guys told me before that when Control Spires are near the digimon cannot digivolve.”
“We use our digieggs,” answered Tk. “But speaking of our digimon where are they?”
“I’m here Tk,” replied Patamon. “We have a special sense which tells us when you are here.”
“I guess you heard that the emperor is back,” stated Gatomon.
“Yeah but I don’t think its Ken, one minute he was ok and with us the next he disappeared along with Wormmon,” replied Davis. “Someone or something has kidnapped him.”
Cat looked sad and walked away from the group.
“Hey Cat what’s wrong?” asked Kari.
“Your digimon will be able to Armour digivolve Lightmon here won’t I don’t have a digiegg like you guys my digimon won’t be able to digivolve she’ll be hurt,” replied Cat.
“Cat’s right she doesn’t have a digiegg we’ll have our digimon protect you as well,” replied Kari.
“It’s that ok with you Lightmon?” asked Cat.
“If it keeps you safe I don’t mind I’ll fight anyway even if it’s an Ultimate digimon I have to go up against I’ll be there with you until the end,” replied Lightmon.
“Ok then we need to find the Emperor now and either save Ken one way or the other,” said Davis.
“Let’s go,” chanted the gang.
The digidestined and their digimon embarked to find the emperor.
Through the trees 6 pairs of eyes are watching them.
“Digidestined this is the digimon emperor surrender now and I shall go easy on you,” said the emperor.
“Where are you?” asked Cat. “Show yourself.”
“You can’t order me around Cat but I can you, just to be fair I’ll show myself,” replied the emperor.
The digimon emperor came out from behind the trees. The emperor was dressed in his normal outfit.
“Hello digidestined you didn’t expect to see me again did you?” he asked.
“Ken is that you?” replied Davis.
“Don’t ever call me Ken I’m the Digimon emperor,” he snapped.
“Come to your senses Ken,” called Cat. “You are not the emperor. You are a human kid just like the rest of us. You are a good digidestined.”
“I’m not just a kid I’ve grown a lot I have this world at my mercy I own the Digital World,” laughed Ken. “Now to destroy you so I have nothing to fear, go and get them Tyrannomon.”
“Ok Lightmon digivolve,” said Cat.
“I can’t there’s a Control Spiral,” replied Lightmon.
“I keep forgetting about them Control Spires,” growled Cat
“Then it’s up to us to get our digimon to Armour digivolve and defeat the Tyrannomon,” answered Tk.
“Digi armour energise!” called the group.
But nothing happened.
“What’s wrong our digimon can’t Armour digivolve?” asked Davis.
“I modified the Control Towers Armour digivolution is as useless as normal digivolution the only digimon that can digivolve is Wormmon,” replied Ken.
“Wormmon digivolve to,” called Wormmon.
“Stingmon,” replied Stingmon.
“Well this is just great!” exclaimed Cody.
“What are we going to do now I don’t want to hurt Ken or the digimon but he’s used the rings again,” asked Davis
“We have to fight although I want peace we have to try and save the Digital World and Ken’s soul,” replied Cat.
“Hey my D3 is picking up an object close by but I’m not sure what it is,” said Kari.
“We’ll fight the Tyrannomon and if we have to Stingmon while you guys go and see what it is,” suggested Veemon.
“I suggest that 3 of us go and 3 stay because if the worst happens then there are 3 of us left to fight,” suggested Tk.
“Well me, Tk and Kari will go and see what it is and you 3 stay here,” Cat told the others.
“I agree,” replied Kari.
Tk, Kari, Cat and their digimon went to locate the item.

Chapter 3
“It’s over in this direction,” pointed Kari.
They headed over to a cave.
“Whatever it is it’s in here,” said Tk looking at his D3.
They went into the cave. Veemon, Hawkmon and Armadillomon are trying to beat the Tyrannomon and keep Stingmon at bay.
“All attack a Tyrannomon together,” shouted Davis.
“Vee Head Butt,” called Veemon.
“Hawk Beam,” called Hawkmon
“Diamond Shell,” called Armadillomon.
With teamwork they freed the Tyrannomon which just left Stingmon.
“We don’t want to hurt you Stingmon but if you attack us we will,” said Veemon.
“Spiking Finish,” called Stingmon.
It split the digimon up instead of being in a group.
“Where are you Kari, Tk and Cat?” thought Davis.
In the cave they were getting closer to the object.
“Well it’s a dead end but my D3 is going crazy,” said Kari.
“Cat look,” pointed Lightmon. “The wall it has the Symbols of Spirit, Justice, Peace, Truth and Enchantment
“She’s right, look there is room for 5 Crests to be inserted,” pointed Tk. “There could be Digieggs near bye.”
Cat took out her Crests. She passed the Crest of Justice to Tk, the Crest of Enchantment to Kari, and the Crest of Truth to Lightmon and she held the rest.
“When I say so put the tags in the appropriate slot,” said Cat. “Now!”
They put the 5 Crests in the slots and the wall disappeared. 3 Crests went back to Cat.
“Where are the other 2 Crests, Justice and Enchantment?” asked Cat.
The other 2 Crests appeared but instead of going to Cat the Crest of Enchantment went back to Kari and the Crest of Justice to Tk.
“But these belong to..” said Tk,
“You two must have been given them for a reason instead of me,” butted in Cat.
“There they are,” pointed Patamon.
“Who do they belong to?” asked Cat.
“They have different symbols on them,” replied Kari. “I’ll try to pick up the Digiegg of Enchantment.”
Kari picked it up easily.
“You have the Digiegg of Enchantment,” stated Gatomon.
Tk then picked up the Digiegg of Justice.
“I got the Digiegg of Justice,” gasped Tk. “Now you try Cat.”
“Me why would these belong to me?” asked Cat.
“Go on try we’ve nothing to lose,” replied Lightmon.
“Well ok,” she answered.
Cat stood over the 3 remaining eggs. Cat picked up the first one, the Digiegg of Peace. A pink beam came from it, Cat’s old digivice floated into the air and changed, it then floated back to Cat’s hands.
“It’s a D3,” stated Kari.
It was a D3 it had golden edges with a white background.
“Now try the other Digieggs,” said Tk.
Cat picked up another one the Digiegg of Spirit, she then went to pick up the third one. She picked it up with ease.  The Digiegg of Truth.
“I was upset when I didn’t have a digiegg and now I have 3,” stated Cat.
“And now we also have two digieggs,” replied Kari.
“Lets get back to the others we need to help them,” suggested Gatomon.
The little group ran back to help their friends. When they arrived Stingmon had hurt them.
“Come on you can do it,” encouraged Davis,
“Lightning Kick,” called Lightmon.
“Lightning Claw,” called Gatomon.
“Boom Bubble pha,” called Patamon.
“Vee Head Butt,” called Veemon
“Hawk Beam,” called Hawkmon
“Diamond Shell,” called Armadillomon
It hit Stingmon making him dedigivolve to Wormmon.
“Come on Wormmon run I’ll be back digidestined,” shouted Ken.
“Yeah we did it,” celebrated the group.
“We found some digieggs,” said Kari. “I got the Digiegg of Enchantment.”
“I got the Digiegg of Justice,” Tk told the others.
“I got 3 digieggs, Peace, Truth and Spirit,” carried on Cat.
“But how are we going to get Ken back good again and how did he change bad?” asked Davis. He looked at the Crest of Kindness which he was keeping safe.
Gennai came to the kids.
“Gennai we found more digieggs but we can’t Armour digivolve or normal digivolve,” Patamon told Gennai.
“Hmm a while ago I read a prophecy it spoke of something called Digi-coins, they work with the D3 and Digiegg at the same time which makes Armour digimon stronger and also it lets the digimon Armour digivolve,” replied Gennai. “You have to find these coins and put them in a slot at the side of the D3 but first I have to modify the D3’s so if you pass me your D3’s I can modify them.”
They all passed him their D3’s. They went to Gennai’s home where he modified them.
“There you are you now must go and find the Digi-coins if you stand any change of getting Ken back again,” said Gennai.
The kids and their digimon companions left Gennai’s home in search of the Digi-coins.  But in the Digimon Emperor’s secret hide out Ken is planning with a digimon but the digimon is not Wormmon it’s a digimon that Cat is familiar with she has battled this digimon before.