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(The Return of the Emperor) The Digi-Coins Pt 2

So Ken has returned as the Digimon Emperor. Davis doesn’t know how but is determined to win Ken back again. With the Control Spires putting hold of Normal and Armour digivolution due to modifications of the Spire, Davis and the others can’t make their digimon digivolve.  After Cat found her digieggs, got a D3 and Kari and Tk got a second digiegg they helped fend the others from Stingmon. Gennai has told the digidestined that there is something that they can do to make their digimon Armour digivolve once again. Find the Digi-coins, and slot them into their D3’s and Digi-armour energise. What will happen? How will Ken react to the news of a new way to digivolve and who is the mysterious digimon working with Ken and Wormmon. “Is that them?”

Chapter 1
“Lets find those Digi-coins!” exclaimed the group.
“But which way do we go?” asked Davis.
“We just wander around until we find the coins I guess,” replied Cat.
“Hey wait a minute,” called Gennai.
Gennai ran up to the digidestined.
“I forgot to give you this,” he said.
It was a map of File Island.
“Some where on File Island are the Digi-coins,” he told them.
“Thanks Gennai we better start because I don’t want to stay here at night,” answered Davis.
“We’ll it’s afternoon now, I suggest we go back to my place a bit to work out what to do and so you guys can phone your parents to tell em that you are staying at my place for the night so we can stay in the Digital World even at night time because if Ken stays here now then we will have to be ready,” answered Cat.
“Oh I don’t want to be in here all night,” replied Davis.
“Stop whinging Davis we have to stay,” said Kari. “If something happened to our digimon at night you’d never forgive yourself.”
“Well I guess you’re right come on lets go to Cat’s place and phone our parents,” answered Davis.
They went back to Cat’s place.
When Kari and the others phoned their parents Cat went upstairs to see how her dad was.
“Dad are you ok?” asked Cat.
There was no answer. She opened the door but he wasn’t there.
“Dad where are you?” called Cat.
There was still no answer. Cat came down stairs.
“My dad isn’t here,” Cat told the others.
“He’s probably gone to the shop for something for his cold,” replied Tk. “He’ll be ok.”
“Yeah he can look after himself,” answered Cat. “Come to the kitchen and we’ll eat I’ll cook something.”
Cat went and cooked for the Tk and the gang and the digimon too.
“Right we better stragisize how we are going to organise the search for the Digi-coins,” said Kari.
“I suggest we go in pairs,” continued Cat. “If we split up we can search more quicker.” “We’ll pair off now, so choose who you want to go with.”
“Well I’m going with you Cat,” said Kari.
“I’m going with Cody,” replied Yolei.
“I guess I’m stuck with Davis,” answered Tk.
“Well now that’s settled I’ll scan the map into the computer and print 2 copies off,” suggested Cat. “Now we’ll all take an area of the island.”
Cat put sections on the Maps and gave a map to Tk and the other to Yolei.
“Your groups do the area that I have sectioned off if you find a Digi-coin no matter who’s pick it up and when we have all the coins we’ll meet at the bottom of Infinity Mountain and if we need to swap some Digi-coins,” said Cat. “Let’s hope we find our own coins and also during our search if we see any Control Spires which the chances of finding them is high we’ll destroy em.”
“Let’s do it!” exclaimed the group.
“I’ll leave a message for my dad telling him where we are and if any of your parents phone then he tells them we have gone to bed,” answered Cat.
Cat left a message and went with the others again back to the Digital World to find the Digi-coins.

Chapter 2
The digidestined went their separate ways.
“So we’ve got this area,” said Kari.
“Quite a lot of is climbing up rock faces I’m afraid. You up for it?” asked Cat
“Yeah I can do it,” answered Kari. “I just hope our digimon can hack it.”
“We’ll try,” replied the digimon.
“Well let’s start climbing then,” suggested Cat.
They began climbing the rock face.
Meanwhile Davis and Tk are fighting yet again.
“We should go to the end and work our way back,” argued Tk.
“Why bother?” asked Davis.
“Cause we will end up at Infinity Mountain,” replied Tk.
“Davis, Tk is right,” answered Veemon.
“Hmm maybe,” replied Davis.
“If we’re gonna do it we better go now we need to save Ken,” said Patamon.
“Ok let’s do it for Ken,” answered Davis.
The two boys and their digimon made their way to go to the end of their territory.
Cody and Yolei were not having that problem. Their trip was being a smooth one.
“This is a nice leisurely walk,” stated Yolei.
“Yeah isn’t it,” answered Cody.
“I wonder how the others are getting on?” asked Armadillomon.
“I hope their ok,” replied Hawkmon.
In the distance a Control Spire was stood.
“Hey look Yolei can you see the Spire?” asked Hawkmon.
“Yeah dirty big ugly thing,” replied Yolei.
“They’re ugly,” answered Cody.
“Can you use your attacks to try and knock it down?” asked Yolei.
“I’m sure we will,” replied Armadillomon. “Come on Hawkmon.”
“Hawk Beam,” called Hawkmon.
“Diamond Shell,” called Armadillomon.
The digimon continued attacking the Control Spire.
Ken was watching them on his control panel.
“Send some digimon to attack them,” said the mysterious digimon.
“I obey you,” replied Ken.
He sent a Frigimon after them.
“Timber,” called Cody as the Control Spire fell.
“We did it,” celebrated Hawkmon.
“You sure did,” replied Yolei.
“I see trouble coming,” said Armadillomon
“It’s Frigimon!” exclaimed Cody. “I remember this digimon from last time his Sub Zero Ice Punch freezes his opponents solid.”
“Come on Hawkmon we can digivolve without a Control Spiral,” said Armadillomon.
“Ok Hawkmon digivolve to,” called Hawkmon.
“Aquillamon,” replied Aquillamon.
“Armadillomon digivolve to,” called Armadillomon
“Ankylomon,” replied Ankylomon.
“Blast Laser,” called Aquillamon.
“Megaton Press,” called Ankylomon.
The attacks hit Frigimon’s Dark Ring freeing him.
“Thank you both you freed me from the Emperors control,” thanked Frigimon.
“No problem glad we could help,” answered Yolei. “But can you tell us of the location of some coins?”
“You mean Digi-coins, I saw 4 different stone slabs with carved symbols on them,” replied Frigimon.
“Where abouts?” asked Aquillamon.
“Over in there,” he said pointing to a cliff. “It is down at the bottom near the beach.”
“Thank you Frigimon,” replied Cody.
They went to the cliff edge.
“How do we get down there?” asked Yolei.
“I’ll get you down,” replied Aquillamon.
Ankylomon dedigivolved and with Yolei and Cody they went to the bottom of the cliff.
Yolei and Cody looked at the cliff face and found the 4 blocks.
“Now what?” asked Yolei.
“Blast Laser,” called Aquillamon.
It made a hole in the cliff.
Yolei, Cody and Armadillomon went inside as Aquillamon stayed outside just in case trouble reared it’s ugly head.
“Look is that them?” asked Cody.
“It would seem so,” answered Yolei.
“Look at this one it’s Davis’s Courage coin, and this is Cat’s Truth coin,” stated Cody.
“And here are some of our coins, my coin of Love and your coin of Knowledge,” said Yolei.
She gave Cody her coin and put the other coins safely away.
The went back outside. Aquillamon was waiting but next to Aquillamon was Ken.
“Hello Yolei glad to see you again,” he laughed. “As you can see I have a new digimon Aquillamon.”
Aquillamon had a Dark ring on him.
“Oh no Aquillamon,” cried Yolei.
“I’ll save him I’ll digivolve,” stated Armadillomon.
“No you won’t because I have installed a new Control Spire,” said Ken. “Your digimon cannot digivolve now.”
“Cody are you ready to try your coin?” asked Yolei.
“Yeah ok,” replied Cody.
Cody put her Coin of Knowledge into her D3 slot.
“Ready Armadillomon?” asked Cody.
“As I’ll ever be,” answered Armadillomon.
“Ok Coin Digi-armour energise,” shouted Cody.
“Armadillomon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Armadillomon.
“Digmon the Drill of Power,” answered Digmon.
“What!” exclaimed Ken. “How did you digivolve?”
“That’s for us to know and you to find out,” answered Digmon. “Gold Rush.”
Digmon’s attack hit the Dark Ring dissolving it.
“Grrr i’ll return,” swore Ken.
He ran off to a small ship and jumped into it. The mysterious digimon was driving it.
“Those kids are really getting on my nerves!” exclaimed Ken.
“We’ll go after the others then,” said the digimon.
“Are you ok?” asked Yolei.
“I’m ok now thanks to Digmon,” replied Aquillamon. “The coin digivolving worked.”
“Yeah it did,” answered Cody.
Digmon dedigivolved back to Armadillomon. They got back onto Aquillamon’s back and headed back to the foot of Infinity Mountain.

Chapter 3
Davis and Tk however were also having an easy time. They were being so laid back about the time they were having a snowball fight.
“Heads up Davis,” called Tk as he threw a snowball.
It hit Davis.
“Gotcha,” triumphed Tk.
Splat one then hit Tk.
“I got you back,” answered Davis.
“I hate to break up the party but we have to get going to find those Digi-coins,” reminded Veemon.
“Yeah you’re right, we need to save Ken,” said Davis. “We reached then end and still we haven’t found a single Digi-coin.”
“Maybe we should climb to the top of this hill and see if we can see anything,” suggested Tk.
The boys climbed up and saw a Control Spiral.
“We got a Control Spiral to take down!” exclaimed Veemon. “Come on Patamon.”
In the shuttle craft Ken and the Digimon were watching Davis, Tk, Veemon and Patamon.
“Ugh watching them do that is so annoying,” complained Ken “If I’m not careful another Control Spiral will be destroyed. I’ll send Elecmon to deal with them.”
Elecmon went to the area.
“Super Thunder Strike,” called Elecmon.
Patamon went and pushed Tk out of the way.
“You ok?” asked Patamon.
“Yeah but Elecmon isn’t why did he attack us?” replied Tk
“He’s got a dark ring on him oh boy,” answered Veemon. “Vee Head Butt.”
Elecmon moved out of Veemon’s way.
“Boom Bubble Pha,” called Patamon.
“Super Thunder Strike,” called Elecmon.
Elecmon’s shot hit Patamon’s making an explosion that knocked Patamon into the Control Spiral.
“Now I’ll finish you off Super Thunder Strike,” said Elecmon.
Patamon moved and it hit the Control Spire. It then fell down.
“Thanks Elecmon Boom Bubble Pha,” called Patamon.
The boom bubble hit the Dark Ring making it disintegrate.
“Hello again Patamon thanks for getting rid of the Dark Ring,” thanked Elecmon.
“No problem you helped us too,” answered Tk. “You knocked down the Control Spiral.”
“What are you doing here near Primary Village?” asked Elecmon.
“We need to find some Digi-coins,” replied Davis. “So our digimon can Armour Digivolve again.”
“Well good luck I need to get back to Primary Village to protect the Digieggs,” said Elecmon.
“Bye,” called Tk and Patamon.
“Hey Tk look the blocks with the symbols on!” exclaimed Davis.
“They must be inside the block,” answered Tk.
The boys looked for ways to get into the blocks.
“There’s no access point,” sighed Davis.
“They could be under the blocks,” suggested Tk.
“I’ll dig,” said Veemon.
Veemon started digging. He hit a box. He passed it to Davis.
Davis opened it. Inside were 5 Digi-coins.
“They’re the Digi-coins of Friendship, Hope, Sincerity, Reliability and Miracles,” stated Davis.
Davis passed Tk the Digi-coin of Hope.
“Well our digimon can digivolve again,” said Tk.
“Shall we test the coins to see if they work?” asked Veemon.
“No we need to save your energy just in cases,” replied Davis.
“Ok let’s head back to the bottom of Infinity Mountain,” answered Veemon.

Chapter 4
“I wish we had chosen an easier route instead of climbing the mountains,” panted Gatomon.
“I thought Cat type digimon were good climbers,” answered Cat.
“Yeah but not mountains,” she replied.
“Hey my D3 is reacting to something!” exclaimed Kari.
“Mine too,” answered Cat.
“It could be the Digi-coins,” stated Lightmon.
They continued climbing not knowing that they had just past the blocks with the symbols on it.
“The D3 has stopped reacting,” said Kari.
“Could it be that we’ve missed the blocks?” asked Cat.
“We could have the only thing I can suggest is that climb down a bit and keep looking around,” suggested Kari.
They climbed down a bit and the D3’s reacted again.
“We’re climbing on the bricks but how are we going to get to the coins?” asked Kari.
“Leave that to me,” replied Lightmon.
Lightmon began digging into the mountain face. Cat, Kari and Gatomon followed her.
Lightmon kept on digging into the face until they came to a metal door.
“I can’t dig through that,” stated Lightmon.
“How are we going to get through that?” asked Gatomon.
Cat started looking at the dirty metal door. She started to wipe the dirt off the door.
There were symbols on the door.
“What are these symbols?” asked Cat.
“They’re old digimon writings,” answered Gatomon. “I don’t know what they say but I do know who’d maybe know, Gennai.”
“I’ve got my mini computer on me still with my Digimon analyser on it, I remember when I used it before I could get in touch with Gennai,” replied Cat. “I’ll try it.”
Cat used her mini computer and got in touch with Gennai.
“Gennai we need your help,” said Cat.
“Oh how?” he asked.
“We’ve reached a metal door with old digimon writings on it and we can’t read it so could you if we scan it and send it to you?” asked Cat.
“Well to make things simpler I’ll send a translator programme to your computer it should be able to read the writings if it doesn’t get back in contact with me,” replied Gennai.
He sent the translator programme to the computer and then cut off.
“Well I’ll scan the lettering and see if the programme works,” said Cat.
She scanned the lettering and the programme translated it.
“It says you have to answer 3 questions correctly to gain entry,” stated Cat. “We have to say out loud the answer and a device picks up the answer.”
There was then a voice come out of no where it asked, “The first question is who is known as the Knowledge of the Digital World?”
“I know the answer to that,” said Lightmon. “It’s Gennai.”
A voice then beeped “That is correct.” “The second question is, True or False, Was there a digimon that used to be on the side of a bad guy then turned good to protect a digidestined?”
“It’s true,” replied Gatomon.
“That is correct,” beeped the computer. “Was the self proclaimed digimon king really a human?”
“Yes both self proclaimed digimon kings are human,” replied Cat.
“That is incorrect,” beeped the computer.
“No you’re wrong and I should know, Myotismon is my father and is really a human, as for the digimon emperor he is a human called Ken,” challenged Cat.
There was a silence.
“You may enter,” beeped the voice.
The door opened revealing a white room. In the middle was a glass case with 5 coins in it.
“That’s them!” exclaimed Cat.
They went over to the coins.
“The coins of Light, Enchantment, Peace, Spirit and Justice,” said Kari.
Cat picked them up and passed the coin of Light and Enchantment to Kari.
“Lets go back to the foot of Infinity Mountain to meet with the others,” suggested Lightmon.
They started going down the cave that Lightmon had dug. When they got to the end they saw a shuttlecraft fly past.
“Who’s in that ship?” asked Gatomon.
“I don’t know but it can’t be good, my guess is its Ken,” replied Cat.
They began climbing down the mountain. The craft went past again.
“Fire at them,” said the digimon.
Ken locked on the lasers. He then fired at the kids and the digimon.
“We’re being fired at,” stated Gatomon.
“You don’t say,” replied Kari.
“I can’t see a Control Spiral,” said Cat. “Try and digivolve.”
“Gatomon digivolve to,” called Gatomon.
She didn’t digivolve.
“There has to be a Control Spiral somewhere,” stated Kari.
Ken’s voice rang from the ship “She can’t digivolve because of my digivice,”
“We’re about 30 feet from the bottom of the mountain,” stated Cat. “Once there we can meet with the others.”
Ken continued firing at them. One blast hit Cat in the back making her lose her gripping. She fell and hit the ground.
“Cat No!” cried Lightmon.
She climbed down to 15 feet and then jumped. She landed next to Cat. She was still, her breathing short and shallow.

Chapter 5
Kari and Gatomon reached the foot of the mountain. Lightmon was crying her tears fell onto the face of Cat. Her eyes flickered. She opened them.
“Cat are you ok?” asked Kari.
Cat tried to talk but was finding it difficult to breathe let alone talk.
“Kari,” came a voice.
Running were Davis, Tk, Veemon and Patamon.
“We saw the shuttlecraft firing at you both,” said Davis.
“A shot hit Cat, she fell about 30 feet,” cried Lightmon.
“Hey you guys,” came a girls voice.
Yolei, Cody and their digimon came into view.
“Oh my gosh is Cat ok we saw her fall after a shot hit her from the Shuttlecraft,” asked Cody.
Cat managed to speak, “Get me to a cave it’ll be safer,”
“But what about if you have any broken bones?” asked Cody.
“We’ll see to them later but first you’re targets so lets find safety, help me up,” she told them.
The helped her to her feet. She leant on Tk and Davis for support. Ken was still firing at the group.
“Let us digivolve and then we can stop them,” said Patamon.
“Not yet,” replied Cat. “Wait a while if you digivolve now then your energy level could be low when we need it the most.”
Gatomon ran up ahead to look for shelter. She found a cave and then ran back to the group.
“There’s a cave up ahead,” Gatomon told them.
“Thanks Gatomon we’ll go to it,” replied Davis.
The digidestined made the cave without gaining anymore casualties.
Inside the Shuttlecraft the digimon is speaking to Ken and Wormmon.
“What is the next move?” asked Ken.
The digimon smiled wickedly. He spoke to Ken in a soft but menacing voice.
“Soon I’ll have my ultimate revenge and have you to thank for it,” the digimon said. “They’ve gone into the cave why don’t you and Wormmon go down to the cave and see how Cat is doing? I need to know so I can make my next move.”
The shuttlecraft landed next to the cave. Ken and Wormmon got out and went inside the cave. Suddenly without warning the shuttlecraft took off leaving Ken and Wormmon there.
“Hey come back,” called Ken.
The reply from the digimon came in laser fire. It hit the rocks above the cave sealing them inside the cave.
Davis came to the sealed entrance and saw Ken.
“Ken!” he exclaimed.
“What do you want?” snapped Ken.
“Don’t you remember what you are?” asked Davis.
“Yes I’m the Digimon Emperor and you are trespassing in my Digital World,” replied Ken.
“You are not the Digimon Emperor you are Ken Ichijouji a good digidestined,” answered Davis.
“I’m, I’m the Digimon Emperor,” said Ken.
Davis stared at Ken and saw on his arm was a bracelet.
“Ok then so you’re the Emperor but I ask you to follow me to see a subject of yours,” replied Davis.
“I’ve no intentions of following you, you can follow me give me directions,” ordered Ken.
“Straight ahead,” answered Davis.
Ken walked in front of Davis until they reached the end of the cave.
Cat was sat up but still in pain.
“Look what you have done,” said Davis. “You fired at Cat and she’s hurt. It’s lucky that she isn’t dead.”
Ken was quiet as he looked at the face of Cat. She stood up and walked slowly to Ken.
“Why did you fire at me?” asked Cat.
“I was told to do it,” replied Ken.
“If you were told to jump off a cliff would you do it?” asked Yolei.
Davis grabbed Ken’s arm and pulled off the bracelet.
Ken fell to his knees and cried. “I’m so sorry,”
Cat knelt next to Ken.
“It’s ok Ken don’t worry about it you were under somebody’s control,” she soothed.
Ken looked at Cat.
“Are you sure?” asked Ken.
Cat nodded her head. Wormmon came to Ken. Ken picked up Wormmon and took the Dark Ring off him.
“Now all this is sorted out don’t we need to swap some coins?” asked Cat.
“Yeah I forgot,” replied Tk.
They all swapped the coins so that each coin went to its rightful owner.
Courage, Friendship and Miracles went to Davis. Love and Sincerity went to Yolei. Knowledge and Reliability went to Cody. Hope and Justice went to Tk. Light and Enchantment went to Kari. Peace, Spirit and Truth went to Cat.
“I believe this belongs to you,” said Davis passing the Crest of Kindness to Ken.
“Yeah but with the Control Spires around it’s useless,” replied Ken. “I haven’t been very kind have I?”
“That maybe but you are kind but you were under somebody else’s control, by the way who was the other person on the ship?” asked Cat.
“I can’t remember,” replied Ken. “Anyhow I’m really sorry, I’ll get you something for your back to try and heal it.”
“It’s nothing Ken it just hurts, but thank you anyhow,” answered Cat.
Ken’s Crest then shone.
The back of the cave then disappeared. In the opening were an egg and a coin.
“Look it’s the digiegg of Kindness!” exclaimed Kari.
The group went to the egg.
“Try picking it up Ken,” answered Davis.
“Me but i...” said Ken.
“Go on try you never know until you try!” exclaimed Cat.
Ken reached for the digiegg. He picked it up.  His D3 changed to a white D3 with a slot for a coin. Ken this went and picked up the coin.
“Now I have a digiegg and a Digi-coin!” exclaimed Ken.
Cat went to Ken and held out another digiegg and coin
“What’s this?” asked Ken.
“The Digiegg of Truth and Coin of Truth,” replied Cat. “I want you to have them, you were honest enough to admit you were in the wrong.”
Ken took the Digiegg and Coin.
“Thank you for believing in me,” answered Ken. “Come on lets find that Shuttle Craft and get revenge.”
They went to the blocked entrance. Lightmon dug through it with ease.
Outside the Shuttlecraft was still hovering in the air.
“It’s still there,” stated Cat.
“Are we all ready to try our Digi-coins if some of you already haven’t?” asked Davis.
“Yeah,” replied the group.
Davis took his Coin of Courage out and slot it into his D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” called Davis.
“Veemon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Veemon.
“Flamedramon the Fire of Courage,” said Flamedramon.
Yolei took her Coin of Love and put it into her D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” called Yolei.
“Hawkmon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Hawkmon.
“Halsemon the Wings of Love,” said Halsemon.
Cody took his Coin of Knowledge and put it into the D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” called Cody.
“Armadillomon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Armadillomon.
“Digmon the Drill of Power,” said Digmon.
Kari took her new Digi-coin of Enchantment and placed it into her D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” she called.
“Gatomon Coin Armour Energise to,” called Gatomon.
Gatomon started to change into a black cat. She was stood on four paws.
“Pumamon Guardian of Enchantment,” she said.
“Wow,” gasped Tk.
Tk then took his Digi-coin of Justice and put it into his D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” called Tk.
“Patamon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Patamon.
Patamon changed into a digimon like Angemon but smaller. He held a staff like Angemon and was dressed like Angemon.
“Demiangemon the Balance of Justice,” said the new digimon.
“Another angel,” groaned Davis.
Ken then put the Digi-coin of Kindness in his new D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” he called.
“Wormmon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Wormmon.
Wormmon changed into a reddish pixie type figure.
“Puttiemon the Radiance of Kindness,” said Puttiemon.
Cat then put the Digi-coin of Peace in her D3.
“Coin Digiarmour Energise,” called Cat.
“Lightmon Coin Armour digivolve to,” called Lightmon.
She then turned into a Cat like digimon but with boots, fingerless gloves, warrior outfit and long hair.
“Blademon Warrior of Peace,” called Blademon.
The digimon and the Digidestined stood looking at the Shuttlecraft.
The shuttlecraft’s door opened. Out of it came a digimon. Cat looked on in horror as she saw the digimon. The digimon was…………….?

To find out who the digimon is and if the Digidestined can defeat it read The Digi-coins Pt 3