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(The Return of the Emperor) The Digi-Coins Pt 3

Whilst searching for the Digi-coins, Ken fired at Cat knocking her 30 feet to the ground. Luckily she was not seriously hurt. When told to see if all the group were in a cave Ken was sealed inside the cave with the others by the mysterious digimon. After being released from an evil control bracelet Ken found his Digiegg and Digi-coin of Kindness. His D3 changed into a white one. Cat then gave him her Digiegg and Digi-coin of Truth. When Lightmon dug a tunnel out of the cave, the craft was still outside.
The digimon then Coin Armour digivolved. All the digimon and their partners stood together as the door of the shuttlecraft opened.

Chapter 1
“I am Pumamon my Yarn Ball will leave you wrapped up and my Fire Ball will turn even the coldest days warm again,” said Pumamon.
“I am Demiangemon, My angedart will soothe enemies to sleep,” said Demiangemon.
“I am Puttiemon my attacks are Heartner Beam/Love and Fire,” said Puttiemon.
“I am Blademon I dice with my Sword Slice and protect my friends with my Peace Shield,” said Blademon.
“Wow look at our digimon!” exclaimed Kari.
“Hey look the Shuttlecraft is landing,” pointed Ken.
The door opened and a digimon came to the door.
“No it can’t be!” exclaimed Cat.
“Oh it is,” replied the digimon.
“Who is that guy?” asked Davis
“That is Mastermon I’ve been up against him he’s strong so be careful,” replied Cat.
“You thought you’d defeated me but you didn’t,” laughed Mastermon. “When Myotismon used his Grisly Wing and it hit me I was able to transport myself before I was destroyed. I went into hiding and built my energy levels back up.”
“And you used me to get the others here so you could destroy us,” said Ken.
“Correct again,” replied Mastermon.
“But you forget one thing,” answered Ken.
“And what’s that?” asked Mastermon.
“We’re the digidestined!” shouted the group.
“Ok digi’s go and get him!” called Cat.
All the digimon went to fight Mastermon.
“Gold Rush,” called Digmon
“Tempest Wing,” called Halsemon.
“Fire Rocket,” called Flamedramon.
“Judgement Day,” called Demiangemon.
“Fire Ball,” called Pumamon.
“Heartner Beam,” called Puttiemon.
“Sword Slice,” called Blademon.
The attacks all went for Mastermon. He jumped into the air missing them all.
“Blade Disc,” called Mastermon.
“Peace Shield,” called Blademon.
Blademon emitted a blue shield. It shone around the other digimon protecting them.
“Wrap him up Pumamon,” said Kari.
“Yarn Ball,” called Pumamon.
The wool wrapped around Mastermon tightly.
“Angedart,” called Demiangemon.
A dart came from Demiangemon and inserted itself into Mastermon.
Mastermon tried to free himself from the wool but it was too tight.
He began to fall asleep.
“Well done Demiangemon,” congratulated Tk. “You put him to sleep.”
“But now he’s asleep what do we do with him?” asked Yolei.
“We have to destroy him,” replied Davis.
“But I don’t want him to be destroyed,” protested Yolei
“We need him for something anyhow,” answered Ken.
“What do you mean Ken?” asked Cat.
“He made the modifications to the Control Spires so he’s the one who can destroy them all at once supposing he doesn’t destroy us first,” replied Ken.
“Are we all willing to take the risk?” asked Cat.
“I am,” said Kari.
“If Kari is so am I,” answered Davis.
“Me too,” replied Tk.
“We never know unless we try!” exclaimed Cody.
“I’ll run the risk,” said Ken.
“What about you Yolei?” asked Cat.
Yolei was quiet but then nodded her head “Yes.”
With that Demiangemon used his antidote to awaken Mastermon.

Chapter 2
Mastermon awoke groggily.
“You Digidestined brats,” he said. “Let me go now.”
“No until you’ve destroyed the Control Spires then we’ll let you go,” answered Cat.
“If I destroy the Spires then I can go free?” asked Mastermon.
“Yes,” replied Ken.
“Very well I’ll destroy them but first free me from this stuff so I can destroy them,” answered Mastermon.
“Sword Slice,” called Blademon.
Blademon’s sword cut through the wool.
“Ha you’re all fools now I’ll destroy you all with the Darkness attack,” laughed Mastermon. “It will turn the entire of the Digital World into Darkness too and I will be it’s Master. Darkness Attack.”
The attack headed for the children and their digimon.
“Peace Shield,” called Blademon.
The blue shield encased itself around the children and their digimons protecting them all.
The attack actually destroyed the Control Spires at the same time.
“Oh no it didn’t destroy them!” cried Mastermon.
“No it didn’t thanks to Blademon and also you’ve destroyed your Control Spires,” replied Cat.
All the digimon dedigivolved from their Armour forms.
“Now you can digivolve again,” stated Davis.
“Veemon digivolve to,” called Veemon.
“Exveemon,” said Exveemon.
“Wormmon digivolve to,” called Wormmon.
“Stingmon,” said Stingmon.
“Exveemon and Stingmon DNA digivolve to,” called the two digimon.
“Paildramon,” said Paildramon.
“Hawkmon digivolve to,” called Hawkmon.
“Aquillamon,” said Aquillamon.
“Aquillamon and Gatomon DNA digivolve to,” called the two digimon.
“Sylphimon,” said Sylphimon.
“Patamon digivolve to,” called Patamon.
“Angemon,” said Angemon.
“Armadillomon digivolve to,” called Armadillomon
“Ankylomon,” said Ankylomon.
“Angemon and Ankylomon DNA digivolve to,” called the two digimon.
“Shakkomon,” said Shakkomon.
“Lightmon Warp-digivolve to,” called Lightmon.
“Catmon,” said Catmon.
Paildramon then digivolved into Imperialdramon.
The digimon stood in his way.
“Darkness…” said Mastermon.
He was interrupted by the digimon.
“Ruling Spirit,” called Shakkomon.
“Top Gun,” called Sylphimon
“Position Laser,” called Imperialdramon.
The attacks hit Mastermon.
“And now to finish you off Destiny Fist,” called Catmon.
Her attack hit Mastermon. This time he was deleted.
“We’ve won,” cheered Davis.
The digimon dedigivolved to their Rookie forms.
“You were great you guys,” congratulated Cat.
“Yes they were,” said a voice.
“Gennai!” exclaimed the group.
“Yep that’s me,” replied Gennai. “You did but I have news some good some bad.”
“Oh what is it?” asked Cat.
“I tried to contact your father Cat,” replied Gennai. “But he didn’t answer me. The good news is you defeated Mastermon.”
“I need to get back to see if my dad is ok he wasn’t in when we went back so I must find him,” said Cat.
“We’re going with you,” answered the digimon.
“You will!” exclaimed Cat.
“Of course we will,” replied the digimon.
All of the group went through the computer again and reached Cat’s home.
“Dad where are you?” called Cat.
There was no answer.
Gennai came through the computer.
Cat ran upstairs and searched the house.
“He’s not here,” she said sadly.
“Hey what’s that?” asked Gennai pointing to the fire place.
“A note,” replied Cat.
She went and picked it up and read it.
“If you ever want to see your father alive again go to the Continent of Server and give yourself up to me.”
Who has captured Jules and will they find him before it is too late? Find out in the Digi-coins part 4.