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(The Emperor Returns, The Digi-coins pt 4)  The Last Stand of the Digidestined

After defeating Mastermon, Cat, the digidestined and their digimon returned to the real world. But on returning they found a note from someone saying that if Cat ever wanted to see Jules her dad again she had to go to Server and give herself up. What will she do? Who has Jules?
Now the story continues.

Chapter 1
“But you can’t go!” exclaimed Lightmon.
“I have to so I can save my dad,” replied Cat.
“We’ll go with you,” said Davis.
“No I don’t want you hurt this is my fight someone kidnapped my father I’m going to get him back alone,” answered Cat.
“What if it’s a force that you can’t contend with what then?” challenged Davis. “You’re our friend we work things out together as a team,” said Tk.
“We’re going with you if you like it or not,” replied Kari.
“You guys never know the word no do you?” asked Cat.
“Yes!” exclaimed the whole group.
They all burst out laughing.
“If you’re going to come lets go but if it gets too dangerous you must leave immediately,” replied Cat.
“Yeah yeah,” answered Tk.
“We know,” said Cody.
Cat turned to the computer.
“Digi Port open,” called Cat.
She opened the Port. She went thorough first. The others then followed.
They came through on Server.
“Ok whoever you are I’m here what do you want of me!” called Cat.
There was silence.
“Well I’m waiting!” she continued.
There was then an echoing evil laugh.
“So you came and you’ve brought some friends,” came the voice.
“Who are you?” asked Cat.
“All questions will be answered if you go to the mountains you will find us,” replied the voice.
“What do you mean us?” called Cat. “I want answers and you can’t give them to me.”
There was silence.
“Whoever it is is gone,” answered Kari. “I think we should go to the mountains and find out what whoever wants.”
“Oh ok I’m so beat up about this I want my dad back,” cried Cat.
“Well we are all here for you,” said Lightmon smiling.
“Thanks Lightmon,” smiled Cat.
She hugged her.
“Kari is right lets go to the mountains and reclaim my dad from whoever it is,” replied Cat.
They all set off to go to the Mountains in the distance.
“They’re on their way,” said the voice to a shadow.
“Good soon we’ll have our revenge we survived in the Dark Limbo of the Digital World now we will all have our revenge,” laughed the shadow. “Cat will do anything to get her dad back even give herself up to us.”
“You think?” asked the voice.
“Yes she will you seem to forget I was the one who has fought her on more than one occasion,” replied the shadow. “They’ll soon be here we’ll separate Cat from the others and then she’ll be ours.”
An alarm went off.
“What is that?” asked the shadow.
“There is an intruder in the base,” answered the voice.
“Which sector?” asked the shadow.
“Sector 4 I’m scanning to see who it is now,” replied the voice. “Erm I don’t know how to say this but we have a human and a digimon in the base and it’s not the normal digidestined kids.
“Who in the Digital World is it?” asked the shadow.
“I don’t know but shall I use the base security to find the child?” asked the voice.
“Yes send whoever it is to the underground cells and then we’ll deal with the digidestined,” replied the shadow.
It didn’t take long to find the child. She was taken to the underground cells with the digimon that was with her.
“You’ll be delt with later but first we have some digidestined to take care of,” said the voice.
“Digidestined?” questioned the girl.
“Yes one of them is of real interest to us but that is all you need to know,” replied the voice.
The door was shut and locked.
The girl looked around to find her digimon.
“You ok Freemon?” asked the girl.
“I’m ok partner,” replied Freemon. “How are we going to escape?”
“Maybe the digidestined he talked about will find out about us,” answered the girl. “At least I hope so.”
Outside the digidestined have arrived at the mountains.
“They are here,” stated the voice.
“Continue with the plan,” said the shadow.
The digimon nodded.
Outside Cat and the others are looking for a way in.
“I can’t see a way in,” stated Lightmon.
“Ok what next!” called Cat.
Lightmon came and stood next to Cat.
“Everything is going to be……” said Lightmon.
She was interrupted by the floor opening and they both fell through.
“Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” called Cat as she fell.
A hole opened in the roof of the girls cell Cat came crashing through and Lightmon followed. Cat landed on the floor.
“Here let me help you up,” said the girl.
“Oh thanks,” replied Cat. “Hey you have a digimon.”
“Yes I have a digimon,” answered the girl. “I am a digidestined from England.”

Chapter 2
“My names Catarina but my friends call me Cat,” said Cat. “I was born in England but my mum was killed by a terrorist bombing me and my dad wanted to make a fresh start so we moved to Japan.”
“My names Lightmon,” carried on Lightmon.
“I am Bubbles and this is my digimon Freemon pleased to me you Catarina,” replied Bubbles.
“Freemon is a pixie digimon she has a heart of gold watch out for her Leaf Slice it’ll dice her enemies.”
“Please call me Cat all digidestined are friends,” answered Cat.
“Ok Cat,” replied Bubbles.
“Why are you here?” asked Cat.
“I heard of an evil force planning to take over the Digital and Real World, I also heard a human had been captured so I came to help the human escape,” answered Bubbles. “But I was captured by Demidevimon and his cronies.”
“Demidevimon was one of Myotismon’s flunkies!” exclaimed Cat.
“Yep he was I was in Japan on holiday a few years ago, while I was on holiday with my parents and we were caught by some digimon and I was separated from them, I was taken to another digimon called Myotismon,” replied Bubbles. “He was searching for a digidestined child.”
“He was searching for Kari a friend of mine,” answered Cat. “But deep inside Myotismon was a human and he was born when the human was transferred to the Digital World. When Venommyotismon was defeated some of his spirit went to another Human called Oikawa but some spirit was left most of that of Jules this found it’s way back to the Digital World he was reborn but all the time the spirit inside of Oikawa was growing in power. Back in the Digiworld Myotismon changed good and saved me from another evil digimon he changed back to his human form. He was then banished from the Digital World. The spirit inside Oikawa grew until he got free and he changed to Malomyotismon he was defeated completely by Imperialdramon and the newer digidestined that are here too.”
“Why are you here though?” asked Bubbles.
“My father Jules is the captured human and me and the others came to rescue him,” replied Cat.
“Myotismon is your dad!” exclaimed Bubbles.
“Until the spirit eventually was naturalised yes Myotismon was my dad,” answered Cat.
“Well we gotta get out of here,” stated Freemon.
“Yeah that’s right,” replied Lightmon “We can’t stay in here we need to get the others.”
“We can use our attacks at the door to blast it open,” stated Freemon. “Leaf Slice.”
“Lightning Bolt,” called Lightmon.
The door was blown from its hinges and they got out.
“We need to get to the others,” said Cat.
“Follow me I’ll show you the way I got in so you can get to your friends and rescue your dad,” smiled Bubbles.
“Cool you’re like me in a lot of ways always helping others before yourself,” answered Cat.
“Well i…” she blushed.
“You’re blushing Bubbles,” laughed Freemon.
“Come on lets get outta here and get the other digidestined,” said Bubbles.
“Ok then,” answered Cat.
Going through the air ventilation system Cat, Bubbles and their digimon crawled.
“So what is your Crest?” asked Bubbles.
“My Crests are Peace and Spirit,” replied Cat. “What is yours?”
“My Crest is the Crest of Life,” answered Bubbles. “It has the power to heal but if it got into the wrong hands.” She shuddered at the mere thought.
“Way past cool,” stated Cat.
“There’s light at the end of the tunnel,” said Freemon.
“That is such a big cliché,” laughed Cat.
They got out of the air vent system.
“Hey Cat you got out,” said Davis.
“Sure did,” answered Cat. “Everyone I want you to meet Bubbles she is my friend and a digidestined.”
“Hello everyone,” replied Bubbles.
“I’m Davis and this is Veemon,” answered Davis.
“I’m Yolei and this is Hawkmon we are very pleased to meet you,” continued Yolei.
“My names Cody and this is my digimon Armadillomon,” said Cody.
“Hi Bubbles I’m Tk and this is Patamon,” answered Tk.
“My name is Ken and this is Wormmon,” continued Ken
“And I’m Kari and this is Gatomon,” replied Kari.
“Ah so you are the 8th child Myotismon was looking for,” said Bubbles.
“Yeah I was,” answered Kari.
“You look kind of familiar,” stated Davis.
“So I should Davis we met when we were taken to Myotismon remember when he was searching for Kari,” replied Bubbles.
“Oh now I remember now why did we start talking?” asked Davis.
“You were bawling your eyes out Davis,” laughed Bubbles.
“Was I? I don’t remember that!” exclaimed Davis.
“Never mind Davis you’ll cope,” smiled Kari.
“Well that’s the formalities over with now it’s time to go back in and get my dad back,” stated Cat.
“Too right,” replied Bubbles.
“I want you to stay here Bubbles,” answered Cat.
“And miss all the action no way!” exclaimed Bubbles.
“Yeah it’s one for all and all for mon,” stated Freemon.
“You just won’t take no for an answer will you?” asked Cat.
“No,” replied Bubbles.
“Ok you win Bubbles,” sighed Cat. “You can come.”
“We need to find another entrance the one we used before is too obvious,” said Bubbles.
“Hmm I have an idea,” Cat told the others.
She got out her Mimi computer and pointed it at the building.
A map of the building came up on it.
“Cool,” said Kari.
“There is another way in round the back,” pointed Cat. “Let’s go to the entrance.”
They all went around the back.
“Here it is,” said Cat.
They opened the door and went in.

Chapter 3
“This is too easy to get in I’m worried,” whispered Yolei
“Yeah you’d have thought they’d have been a guard on duty,” replied Davis.
“It’s as if we’re walking into a trap,” answered Cat. “I don’t like it.”
A net dropped down from the ceiling incarcerating all but Bubbles and Freemon.
“I’ll go and get help,” called Bubbles.
“Just get out of here,” replied Cat.
Bubbles and Freemon ran.
“This was too easy to capture you,” laughed the shadow.
“I recognise that laugh,” stated Gatomon. “It’s Myotismon.”
“You’re correct little fur ball,” replied Myotismon.
“But how?” asked Tk confused. “You were beaten.”
“No I wasn’t,” answered Myotismon. “When I was attacked in my shadow form I managed to teleport myself back to the Digital World. Now it’s time for business.”
“What do you mean business?” asked Cat
“Ah yes Miss Dresden,” said Myotismon bowing. “You escaped I see.”
“Darn right she did and so did the other girl too,” replied Davis.
“Other girl?” questioned Myotismon.
“Yes the other girl who was in there,” answered Davis.
“Davis you and your big mouth,” snapped Cat.
“So it was her that ran eh? This is going to be interesting,” laughed Myotismon.
“I hate that laugh,” stated Kari.
“Now down to business,” said Myotismon. “I’ll let your daddy dearest go and let your friends go if you Cat give yourself up to me and if your friends come back you die instantly.”
Cat stayed silent. She looked at all her friends. She read the expressions like a book.
“I know what you all think but I have to do this for you all and for my dad,” replied Cat. “Let them all go now and let my dad go now and I’ll come with you.”
“I’d knew you would, but if they try anything then you will die instantly I have a venom now that can kill within minutes,” Myotismon told them.
He cut the net. All the gang stood up.
“Now my dad,” said Cat.
With snap of his fingers Jules was brought.
“Right guys go and find Bubbles and tell her thank you for everything, but first get my dad home he is not supposed to be in the Digital World,” Cat told them.
“But what about you Cat?” asked Jules.
“Dad I’m staying to save everyone’s lives,” replied Cat. “You go with them live your life forget about me there is very little chance I will see you again.”
“There is no chance that you will see them again,” answered Myotismon.
“Lightmon I want you to go with my dad to keep him safe as you would me,” Cat told her.
“No way I’m your digimon and I’ll stay with you till the end,” replied Lightmon.
“You will go with my dad that’s an order I know you’ll think of something you guys tell Tai and the others that it’s been great working with them, now go,” ordered Cat.
They all turned to go. They walked down the corridor and out of the door. They turned back to say one last goodbye but Myotismon and she were already gone.
“Cat!” called Lightmon. “I love you, you’re my best friend I won’t forget you!”
The words reached Cat’s ears she tried to reply but couldn’t. A tear came to her eye.
“Ah what’s the matter kitty cat missing your friend already?” asked Myotismon evilly.
She didn’t reply she just continued walking.
They came to a room in the centre of it was a small cell. Myotismon clicked his fingers and two Bakemon and Demidevimon came. Demidevimon opened the cell and the Bakemon threw her in. The door was locked behind her.
“Welcome to your final resting spot Cat I can assure you of that,” said Myotismon.
Cat closed her eyes and collapsed, exhausted from the days’ events.

Chapter 4
Outside of Myotismon's base of operations the Davis and the others have found Bubbles.
“Where’s Cat?” asked Bubbles.
“She has given herself for us and her dad we have to get him home and get in touch with some other digidestined,” replied Kari.
“Hmm she needs help!” exclaimed Bubbles. “I know you go and get the other digidestined you were talking about and I’ll go back home meet me here in an hour.”
“Ok but we gonna have to becareful if Myotismon finds out we’re attempting to help her out of there he’ll kill her with a venom he has,” replied Tk.
“We’ll see you in a bit Bubbles take care getting home,” answered Davis.
Bubbles gave them a thumbs up. There were 2 tv screens one from Cats computer and one from Bubbles’ computer. Davis and the others went to Cats house and Bubbles went back to England.
“Now what do we do?” asked Yolei.
“Get in touch with Tai they should be on their way back from their camping trip,” replied Davis.
Davis Emailed Tai.
“I’ve got mail from Davis,” Tai stated to the others. “Myotismon’s back and he has Cat come to Cat’s house as soon as possible, we’ll tell you the rest when you get here Davis.”
“Wow we’re near Cat’s place quick press the buzzer,” said Matt.
They got off the bus and went to Cats.
In England Bubbles is talking to some other kids.
“So they need all of us she sacrificed herself to save the others and us being digidestined it’s our duty to help her and the others,” Bubbles told the others.
“We’ll help em as you said sis we are digidestined and it’s our job to help,” replied a boy with reddish colour hair with a quiff.
“Yeah I agree Bubbles,” answered another girl. She had short blond hair.
“Let’s go,” said another girl. She had short blue hair.
“They need us,” continued another boy with spiky black hair.
“And we’re coming too,” said a group of digimon.
“Cause we’re digidestined!” exclaimed the group.
They transferred to the Digital World to wait for the other digidestined.
“So that’s it Tai,” said Kari.
“So Cat is now prisoner of Myotismon and is gonna be killed if we try and help her arghhh he makes me so mad!” exclaimed Tai.
“Well we agreed to meet Bubbles back in the Digital World in an hour which is almost up so we better return to meet her she went back home but she didn’t tell us why,” replied Kai.
“Let’s go then to get Cat,” said Tk.
They opened the digiport.
“Wait a minute becareful,” Jules told them. “If you get into any difficulty just call banished or not I’ll come to help.”
“Sorry Jules but you can’t do that you are banished and to return means death,” answered Gennai.
“You think I don’t know that Gennai but it’s my daughter Myotismon has got or are you forgetting that?” snapped Jules.
“Don’t worry Jules we have everything covered,” winked Kari. “Cat’s a strong girl and she has us to help her and a new friend of Bubbles too.”
“You’re right Kari I’m sorry Gennai it’s just I’m worried,” answered Jules.
“It’s ok Jules she’ll be fine,” replied Gennai. “I hope.”
They went to the Digital World to meet up with Bubbles.
“We made it Bubbles oh hello,” said Kari.
“These are some friends of mine,” smiled Bubbles. “They are digidestined like me.”
“My names Jedite,” said the boy with reddish hair. “My sister is Bubbles but you can call me Jed and this is Blazemon my digimon.”
“Blazemon is a hot digimon he attacks with Fire Bomb which will blow his enemies into space.”
My name is Ann but my nickname is Trixy I don’t mind people calling me that,” continued the girl with short blond hair. “This is Bubblemon my digimon.”
“Bubblemon will have a blast with his Bubble Blast and his Illusion powers will fool his enemies.”
“My name is Manic but my hair I got me my nickname Spike,” said the boy with spiky black hair. “I have a Patamon as my digimon. As I can see you also have a Patamon.”
“I’m Tk,” smiled Tk. “Yep we both have Patamon’s.”
“My names Molly but for my love of the WWF and I act a lot like one of the stars I have the nickname Lita,” continued the girl with short Blue hair. “My digimon is Salamon.”
“That’s my digimons rookie form,” laughed Kari. “I’m Kari.”
“I’m Tai,” said Tai. “These are my friends and fellow digidestined and digimon. Matt and Gabumon, Sora and Biyomon, Izzy and Tentomon, Mimi and Palmon, Joe and Gomamon, Davis and Veemon, Yolei and Hawkmon, Cody and Armadillomon and Ken and Wormmon.” He pointed to each one in turn.
“Hi,” chanted the group.
“Now we’re all her with one goal in mind to rescue Cat,” stated Bubbles.
“How are we going to do that?” asked Tai.
“We’ll we’re going to do it like this,” replied Bubbles. “Sit down while I explain.”
Inside the base of operation Myotismon is very pleased with his days work.
“This is a wonderful day my most hated enemy is mine at last,” he laughed.
Cat rolled her eyes as if to say I’ve heard all of this before so what.
The alarm then went off.
“The digidestined and their digimon are back in the Digital World but they are not coming near the base they came through the same tv’s but are going in the opposite direction and there are more of them there are new digidestined,” said Demidevimon.
“How interesting they have more friends but they won’t beat me it’s time to set free the digimon from the Dark Limbo both my Mega forms Venommyotismon and Malomyotismon and Puppetmon, Machinedramon and Metalseadramon that should destroy them once and for all,” ordered Myotismon.
“No you can’t you said you’ll let them go,” protested Cat.
“Yes I did but I didn’t say I wouldn’t destroy them after I’d let them go,” laughed Myotismon. “Set them free!”
Demidevimon opened the Dark Limbo gate and let out the digimon.
“Now you can get you’re revenge on the digidestined!” exclaimed Myotismon.
The digimon went after the digidestined and their digimon.
It wasn’t long before they caught up.
“Now we can get our revenge on those cursed digidestined once and for all,” laughed Malomyotismon. “Crimson Mist.”
“River of Power,” called Metalseadramon.
“Puppet Pummel,” called Puppetmon.
“Giga Cannon,” said Machinedramon.
“Now it’s my turn Venom Infusion,” stated Venommyotismon.
The attacks hit the digidestined and digimon deleting them.

Chapter 5
“No it can’t end like this,” cried Cat. “Not my friends.”
Tears streamed from her eyes.
“At last they are out of my hair forever!” exclaimed Myotismon. “Now as for you Cat you will serve us until the day you die.”
“Then you can kill me now I won’t serve you!” exclaimed Cat.
Tears still poured from her eyes.
“If that’s the way you want it I will grant your request,” stated Myotismon. “Demidevimon pass me a Demi Dart.”
Demidevimon gave him a dart. Myotismon put a purple substance inside of it.
“This Venom will kill you within minutes,” Myotismon told her.
He unlocked the door of her cell and pulled her out. He rolled up her sleeve and got the needle ready. The end glistened as it caught the light. He turned the end towards Cat’s arm.
“Good bye Cat it’s been a pleasure,” he whispered. He put the tip to her flesh and injected the venom into her arm.
A short gasp came from Cat as the needle pierced her skin. He pulled the needle out of her arm and let go of Cat. She fell to the floor. Her breathing became short and shallow as the venom began taking its effect.
Then there was an explosion but Cat didn’t have time to see what caused it. Her eyes closed as she slipped into a coma. Her heart then stopped she drew her last breath.
Into the room came Davis and the others.
“But I saw you die!” exclaimed Myotismon.
“Yeah we did die in an illusion,” answered Tai.
“Cat!” called Lightmon.
The digimon ran to her partner and shook her.
“Cat come on wake up,” cried Lightmon. “Please wake up don’t go.”
Myotismon came to Lightmon. He knelt by Cat and felt for a pulse. He then stood up and smiled wickedly.
“She’s dead,” he declared.
“No I won’t believe it,” cried Lightmon. “She gonna get better.”
Tears ran from all the digidestineds and digimons faces.
“I’m sorry Lightmon she isn’t going to get better,” sniffed Gatomon. “Grrr and it’s all his fault.”
Gatomon attacked Myotismon with her Lightning Claw.
“Gatomon becareful!” called Kari.
“Ha have you forgot so quickly I am an ultimate digimon and you’re only a champion,” Myotismon sniggered. “Crimson Lightning.”
It hit Gatomon but she kept strong.
“You hurt me before but you won’t do it again!” she exclaimed.
“You ready gang?” asked Tai.
All the digidestined and digimon except Lightmon nodded.
“Digivolve!” called the gang.
“Agumon warp digivolve to,”
“Gabumon warp digivolve to,”
“Biyomon digivolve to,”
“Bidramon digivolve to,”
“Tentomon digivolve to,”
“Kabuterimon digivolve to,”
“Palmon digivolve to,”
“Togemon digivolve to,”
“Gomamon digivolve to,”
“Ikkakumon digivolve to,”
“Veemon digivolve to Exveemon,”
“Wormmon digivolve to Stingmon,”
“Exveemon, Stingmon DNA digivolve to,”
“Paildramon digivolve to,”
“Imperialdramon digivolve to,”
“Imperialdramon Fighter Mode,”
“Hawkmon digivolve to,”
“Gatomon, Aquillamon DNA digivolve to,”
“Patamon digivolve to,”
“Armadillomon digivolve to,”
“Patamon, Ankylomon DNA digivolve to,”
“Freemon digivolve to,”
“Blazemon digivolve to,”
“Bubblemon digivolve to,”
“Patamon digivolve to,”
“Salamon digivolve to,”
“Wow look at that!” exclaimed Ken. “A Blue Puttiemon.”
“Puttiemon is a Champion digimon and her attacks are Star Storm and Star Tiara,”
“I remember Meramon he was a black gear digimon a long time ago his attack was Fire Ball,” said Tai.
“Turtlemon is a strong swimmer and a strong fighter because of his hard shell his attacks are Turtle Shell and Shell Shock,”
“5 champion digimon this is going to be easy,” laughed Myotismon.
Through the building came the 3 dark masters and both Myotismon’s Mega stages.
“Attack!” ordered Myotismon.
“Quick get Cat’s body and lets get out of here!” exclaimed Tai.
They went and got Cat and ran outside.
“Crimson Lightning,” called Myotismon attacking Turtlemon and Meramon.
The attack changes them back to rookies.
“Oh no this isn’t good!” exclaimed Jed. “Quick Blazemon get out of there.”
“You too Bubblemon,” continued Trixy.
“Lightning Paw,” called Lita’s Gatomon.
“Hand of Fate,” called Angemon.
Myotismon dodged both attacks.
“Ha do you expect to defeat me Crimson Lightning,” laughed Myotismon.
This hit the two digimon making them dedigivolve.
“If Cat was alive she could make me digivolve to Catmon and I could cream him… Wait a minute Bubbles what does your Crest of Life actually do?” asked Lightmon
“It heals,” replied Bubbles.
“Do you think it can help Cat?” asked Lightmon.
“I don’t know I’ve never tried it on a human before only to heal Puttiemon speaking of who where is she?” replied Bubbles.
“She’s taking Myotismon on single handily,” replied Kari. “And doing pretty well but she’s gonna need help. But the others are busy with the other 5 digimon. How’s Wargreymon and the others doing?”
“We’ve beaten Metalseadramon and Machinedramon thanks to the Dramon Destroyers of Wargreymon,” replied Tai.
“Puppetmon has just gone way to go Imperialdramon,” said Ken.
“Sylphimon go help Puttiemon,” ordered Kari and Yolei. “You ready to try to see if the Crest will work?”
“Yeah I’ll try just keep that lot busy,” she answered pointing to the remaining digimon.
“Crimson Mist,” called Malomyotismon.
This hit Shakkomon making him dedigivolve.
“That’s Patamon and Armadillomon out of the game,” said Tk.
Bubbles took off her Crest of Life and put it to Cat.
“By the Power of Life I ask you to heal her to how she used to be,” whispered Bubbles.
A powerful white light came from the Crest.
It dazzled everyone including Bubbles herself.
Cat’s eyes flickered and her heart began beating. She opened her eyes. She was alive.

Chapter 6
“Bubbles,” said Cat.
“Yeah it’s me,” answered Bubbles.
“But your dead,” replied Cat confused.
“I’ll explain later,” answered Bubbles. “But the others need your help we need Lightmon to digivolve.”
Cat stood up.
“Lightmon you ready for some action?” asked Cat.
“I was wondering when I could have some fun it’s great to have you back,” replied Lightmon.
Cat smiled “Then boot up and get ready to DIGIVOLVE,”
“Lightmon warp digivolve to,” called Lightmon.
“What where did she come from?” asked Myotismon.
“Does the word digivolution sound familiar?” replied Cat.
“What you I killed you,” answered Myotismon.
“I know you did but a little team work brought me back right Bubbles,” replied Cat.
“Darn right,” answered Bubbles.
“Now Catmon aim with the others at Malomyotismon once he’s gone then Venom will be small fry cause Malo is stronger,” ordered Cat.
All the digimon aimed at Malomyotismon and fired their attacks.
The all hit and made him fall to his knees.
“Destiny Fist,” called Cat.
It planted right into Malomyotismon making him disintegrate. A digiegg appeared where Malomyotismon had stood.
“That’s Malomyotismon’s digiegg,” stated Cat.
“It has to be destroyed,” said Tai.
“Oh no you don’t,” replied Myotismon. “Grisly Wing.”
The attack his Puttiemon and Sylphimon making them dedigivolve back to their normal forms of Freemon, Hawkmon and Gatomon.
Myotismon made a run for the egg but before he could Cat intercepted him.
“You’re not getting your mitts on this egg,” she stated. “You know why because of this, Catmon.”
She threw the egg into the air and Catmon smashed it.
“Venom Infusion,” called Venommyotismon.
This made Imperialdramon and Metalgarurumon dedigivolve.
“Go on Wargreymon and Catmon you can do it,” called the group.
“I’m going to deal with you myself Cat this time you will die for sure,” he growled.
Cat narrowed her eyes sizing her opponents strengths and weaknesses.
Wargreymon and Catmon defeated Venommyotismon and destroyed the digiegg.
But Wargreymon dedigivolved leaving Catmon.
Myotismon used his Grisly wing on Cat making her go flying backwards into the wall.
He walked towards her but Catmon stopped him from getting to her. Cat came to her digimons side.
“You think you can defeat me I have the black porthole still at my disposal,” said Myotismon.  “Crimson Lightning.”
This caught Catmon and Cat off guard and swept them off their feet.
“Now I can finish you both off Nightmare…” laughed Myotismon.
“I don’t think so Destiny Fist,” replied Catmon.
The attack hit Myotismon making him scream in pain.
“It’s time to end this once and for all throw him back to where he came from,” ordered Cat.
“No don’t,” said Myotismon fearfully.
Catmon used her Destiny Fist knocking Myotismon into the Dark Porthole.
“We need to seal this porthole but how?” asked Cat.
Gennai reappeared in the Digital World.
“There is only one way to do it and I’m afraid to say that the power of the normal digivices, D3’s and digieggs are needed which will make the Digi-coins unusable for you,” said Gennai.
“What are we going to do?” asked Tai.
“We have to seal the gate but it means losing our digidestined powers,” replied Davis.
“If it’s so save the Digital World I’ll lose that power,” answered Cat.
“We all have to do it,” said Ken.
“But what about the new kids?” asked Matt.
“They don’t need to do this they don’t have an old model digivice or D3 or digiegg for that matter,” replied Gennai.
All the kids except Bubbles, Jed, Trixy, Spike and Lita put their digivices and digieggs to the gateway. A light emitted from each digivice and egg. This made the porthole close forever.
The digieggs disappeared leaving only the digivices.
“The digivices will only let your digimon digivolve in a real emergency like a digimon appears in your world but your digicoins cannot be used anymore,” said Gennai
“Hmm I think I know who can replace us though,” smiled Cat.
She turned to Bubbles and the others.
“Here Bubbles I want you to have my digicoins you saved me and no one can deny that so here are my coins of Peace and Spirit,” said Cat.
“Jed I want you to take my digicoins of Courage and Friendship and Trixy here is the digicoin of Miracles,” Davis told Jedite.
“Trixy take these as a gift from me these are my coins of Love and Sincerity,” smiled Yolei.
“Spike will you take my digicoin of Reliability and Lita will you have my digicoin of Knowledge?” asked Cody.
“Of course thank you,” said the two.
“Here you go Spike take my digicoin of Hope since you have Patamon like I have and Lita I want you to have my digicoin of Justice,” said Tk.
“Lita since you have a Salamon like I have I want you to have my digicoin of Light and to you Spike I want you to have my digicoin of Enchantment,” smiled Kari.
“Bubbles I want you to have my digicoin of Kindness you showed Kindness when you saved Cat and to you Jed I want you to have my digicoin of Truth,” said Ken.
“Thank you,” replied the two.
“Good luck in your new roles guys,” chanted the group.
“You put a lot of faith in us,” replied Bubbles.
“Cause we know you’re capable of doing the job,” winked Cat.
“You did a pretty good job yourself Cat and we wish you success in what you do,” replied Bubbles. “If we need your guidance will you help?”
“You can count on it friend,” smiled Cat.
The two girls shook hands.
“By the way what did you do to survive the attack of the digimon?” asked Cat.
“Well Bubblemon has an illusion attack so we used his attack to trick Myotismon so we could deactivate the senses and then come and get you but when we came and blasted the door you were laid on the floor,” replied Bubbles. “But everything is ok now,”
Cat nodded and smiled “Yeah everything is alright,”
Cat and the others then walked off into the sunset with their digimon at their sides.
“You know I think they’re gonna be ok,” said Tai.
Cat nodded “Yep,”
They went throught back to the real world to continue with their lives.
Still in the Digital World Bubbles, Jed, Trixy, Spike, Lita and their digimon stood as a group watching the sunset. A new adventure was about to begin a new set of digidestined. And a whole new continent was to come before them the Continent of Folder. (To those of you who read the Digimon Magna @ you should know about the Continent.)