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The First Digiwarrior, Dolphin Master.

Spike: We were taking a history test when we came upon a question are you a digidestined? We all questioned Mr Brown and it turns out he and Miss Booth are our Digi Watchers. We went to the Digital World and saw the Commander and her Agents. Then the fifth person joined Agent R. She changed into a digimon called Humon. All the Agents did. They are all Humon but kept their letters.
They then used their attacks on us. Chances of us surviving not good.

Digidestined: Ahhhhh.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon. Star Tiara!
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon. Lightning Paw
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon. Fire Ball.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon. Shell Shock.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon. Angel Staff!
All the attacks except the Commanders were neutralised.
Puttiemon jumps and takes that impact.
Bubbles: Puttiemon!
Puttiemon: Iím ok Bubbles.
Bubbles: She used your attack at Rookie level but it was stronger than yours.
Puttiemon: Sheís an Ultimate digimon and very strong. And since her bozos can change into digimon too we canít really attack them after all they are human.
Lita: But not in their digimon forms their not.
Bubbles: They are inside we canít let our digimon hurt them.
Lita: We can attack them but they have power and we havenít.
Jed: Thatís true weíve got to go and regroup and plan.
Bubbles: I agree if they keep on attacking us then weíre gonna end up seriously hurt.
Commander: Are you ready to surrender?
Spike: No weíre not, come on guys run!
Miss Booth: Thereís a cave about 25 meters to the East from where we are. I suggest we try to get there.
Bubbles: Iím glad you stayed behind miss.
Miss Booth: Thanks I think.
Lita: Itís a compliment. Come on guys keep on running.
They all ran to the cave.
Spike: Keep on running.
Commander: Cease the attack. Theyíll have to come out sometime and when they do weíll take them then.
Trixy: Did you hear that theyíre gonna wait for us. What can we do?
Jed: I suggest we try to find another way out of here.
Bubbles: That is a good plan.
Mr Brown: I agree there has to be another way out of here.
Spike: Iíll see if I can get a hold of Izzy to see if he knows what we can do.
Spike fiddled about with his Digivice until he got a signal.
Spike: Success Iím through. Izzy we need your help.
Izzy: What can I do for you friend.
Spike: Itís Commander Myotiswomon she has us in a cave with all of her Agents who can turn into digimon outside waiting for us to come on out so they can pick us off like flies.
Izzy: Woah did you say the Agents turned into digimon?
Spike: Yep we also have two Digi Watchers. Like you had Gennai ours are two of our schoolteachers Mr Brown and Miss Booth. Mr Brown is here with us and Miss Booth is at the computer.
Izzy: Ok right do you have a map of where you are?
Jed: There is a map of the Continent on our Digivices.
Spike: Iíll send you the map.
Spike sent the map to Izzy.
Izzy: I have never seen this place before itís called the Continent of Folder. Itís the 3rd of four places of the Digital World. I only knew about 2 places in the Digital World until now.
Bubbles: So I guess we have to rescue this Continent from Commander Myotiswomon.
Izzy: Thatís a very good theory. Iíll tell Tai and the others maybe we can come and help you.
Jed: Thanks Izzy but I suggest you stay there for now and monitor things from your area. We donít want everyone here just to get into trouble. We need you guys as back up.
Izzy: Ok Iíll tell the others to be on stand by.
Bubbles: Thatíll be great. Youíre a star Izzy.
Izzy: Gee.
Spike: Catch ya later Izzy.
Izzy: Later guys.
Trixy: What do we do now? If we go outside then theyíre gonna get us for sure.
Mr Brown: I suggest we try to find another way out.
Bubbles: Anything is better than hanging about here. Letís go.
They all walked further into the cave. Outside the cave Commander Myotiswomon is starting to get impatient.
Commander: Where are they I have a schedule to keep.
Humon S: Lets us go in after them.
Commander: Very well weíll go to them Humon S the rest of you stay here.
They both went into the cave.
Commander: Where are they?
Humon S: I donít know Commander.
Commander: Well you better find them or itíll be you who dies today am I understood?
Humon S: (gulp) Yes of course Commander.
Commander: Iím glad we understand each other now go and find them. The Commander cracked a whip. Here this digidestined wherever you are I will find you. Humon S if you need backup Devimon is in the area. He'll be there. She then left Humon S to get the digidestined.
At the far end of the cave Bubbles and the rest hear it.
Bubbles: Her voice is faint she is still at the other end of the cave.
Lita: But we still better be cautious.
Spike: Hey guys come and look at this.
The all look at a wall covered with markings.
Trixy: Woah what is it?
Bubbles: It reminds me of our digicoin symbols.
Mr Brown: Your digicoins have connection with this Iím sure of it.
Jed: But how?
Mr Brown: I donít know everything Jed but I know that the digicoins you possess are in someways mixed.
Lita: What is that supposed to mean?
Mr Brown: You see Spike has Hope, Reliability and Enchantment. You have Justice, Knowledge and Light. Spike is the one who is always on the computer and you are always reliable.
Spike: So it makes sense if we swap the Digicoin of Reliability with Lita's Digicoin of Knowledge
Mr Brown: Exactly.
Lita took out her digicoin of Knowledge and Spike took out his coin of Reliability.
Mr Brown: Now you have the correct digicoins to match your personalities.
Miss Booth: Can you guys here me?
Spike: Yes Miss Booth we can what is wrong?
Miss Booth: Iím getting a reading through a wall to your left.
Jed: Huh but how can we get through this brick wall.
Spike: Hmm Miss can you send the readings to my digivice?
Miss Booth: Iíll try.
Miss Booth hacked into Spikeís digivice and sent the information.
Spike: Thanks Miss. Now let me see. There is a weak point in this part of the wall as if it used to be a passage. Patamon can you blast this wall?
Patamon: I can try. Boom Bubble pha.
Trixy: Itís cracked it. Try again Patamon.
Patamon: Boom Bubble pha.
Jed: Score.
There was a tunnel behind the wall.
Bubbles: Its pitch black how can we see down there?
Jed: Hmm.
He bent down and picked up a wooden pole.
Jed: Blazemon.
Blazemon: Fire Bomb.
He lit the pole at the end.
Blazemon: One-step ahead of you my friend.
Jed: Here you go sis.
He passed the torch to Bubbles.
Bubbles: Thanks.
Bubbles stepped through the hole and began walking. The others followed. They came to the end where there was a medallion on a white pedestal.
Lita: Wow isnít that great.
On the medallion was a symbol of a dolphin.
Bubbles went towards the medallion and tried to pick it up but was sent flying backwards.
Freemon: Bubbles.
Bubbles: Iím ok it doesnít belong to me that a fact.
Next Trixy went to pick it up but was rejected by the medallion.
Trixy: Itís not mine.
Jed: You try Lita.
Lita: Me why would it belong to me.
Spike: Go on youíve got to try.
Lita: I want someone to come with me.
Spike: Iíll go with you so if you get hurt I can help you.
Lita: Ok. She and Spike went to the Medallion.
Spike: Go on.
Lita went to pick it up she touched the medallion and it shone Red. It went into Litaís hand.
Lita: It is mine.
Spike: I told you so.
The light had also attracted attention from Humon S and Devimon
Humon S: So kind of you to give us a guiding light to find you. Devimon attack them and get that medallion for Commander Myotiswomon
Salamon: You want that medallion youíll have to go through me.
Lita: Do it Salamon.
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to Gatomon
Humon S: Devimon keep Gatomon busy Iíll go after Lita.
Humon S jumped into the air and sailed past all the Digidestined and their digimon. She landed in front of Lita.
Humon S: Hand over the medallion now.
Lita: I donít think so you are not having it.
Humon S: Have it your way. Crimson Ball.
The ball headed to Lita.
Gatomon: Lita look out. Argh
Gatomon was hit by Devimon.
Gatomon: (thinking) I canít help her what can I do now. (out loud) Lita noooooooo.
Litaís medallion shone.
Humon S: What is that light itís so bright.
Lita: I feel strange. Transform into Champion mode.
Lita started changing. First her hair went long and red. A tiara went around her head. It had the Crest of Light on it. She wore a red pair of trousers and red sleeveless top. She wore red long gloves and brown boots these had the Crest of Reliability. On a belt around her waist was a small red staff with the symbol of Justice.
Lita: I am a Digiwarrior Dolphin Master guardian of the houses of Reliability, Justice and Light.
Bubbles: Digiwarrior how cool.
Devimon: Touch of Evil.
Lita: Water Blast ha.
This hit Devimon knocking his attack to a wall.
Humon S: So you are also part digimon now. Iíll destroy you.
Lita: I donít think so Justice Staff. The staff grew in size. Now lets do it.
Humon S: Lets go. Crimson Ball.
Lita used her staff to knock the attack back at her.
Lita: Youíll have to do better than that.
Humon S: So true Devimon forget Gatomon attack Dolphin Master.
Devimon hits Gatomon again.
Gatomon: Arghhh.
Patamon: Iíve had enough of this.
Spike; Go for it.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon. Hand of Fate hi ya.
This hits Devimon.
Devimon: Youíll pay dearly for that Angel Boy.
Gatomon: Hey Devimon. Catís Eye Hypnotism.
Devimon: Huh I feel sleepy.
Humon S: Devimon donít let her beat you.
Lita: Gatomon and Angemon attack together.
Gatomon: Lightning Paw.
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
Devimon: What noooooooooo.
Devimon gets deleted.
Humon S: What they defeated Devimon.
Lita: And now itís your turn.
Humon S: I donít think so we will fight but not today, until next time Lita.
Humon S created a fog mist and she disappeared.
Lita: Darn her.
Bubbles: Come on letís get out of here.
Jed: And how do you expect us to do that? Myotiswomon is probably still out there.
Blazemon sniffed the air.
Blazemon: She isn't there but it's at least an hours walk back.
Lita: Nope it isn't, Bubble Blow Blast.
This caught everyone into a bubble. Then they all disappeared. Moments later they re-appeared outside.
Lita then collapsed.
Bubbles: Lita.
She ran to her friend.
Lita: Iím just a little tired.
Bubbles: You were great now we can take on the lackeys of the Commander.
Lita changed back to her normal self.
Jed: We better go weíve had enough excitement for one day and we need to tell our parents.
Spike: Itís a good job school finished for the holidays today.
Trixy: 6 weeks of bliss.
Bubblemon: I wouldnít say that weíve got a lot to do here.
Salamon: Yep thatís right.
Lita: Salamon are you ok?
Salamon: I'm fine.
Mr Brown: Lets go.
They all returned to the real world.
In the Commanders base the Commander is less than pleased with Agent S.
Commander: What do you have to say for yourself?
Agent S: Iím sorry Commander they were too much for me.
The Commander rose from her seat.
All the other Agents backed off.
Commander: Now you will pay for your failure.
She produces her whip.
Agent S: Oh boy Iím in for it now.
Back in the real world the Digidestined are going to each others houses with Mr Brown and Miss Booth to explain that they are the chosen children.
Bubbles: So mum Jed and me are digidestined.
Bubbles Mum: Well I can say Iím proud of you both you can save the world all of you can.
At Spikeís House.
Spikes Mum: So youíre a digidestined eh good luck.
Spike: Thanks mum.
At Litaís House.
Lita: So you see Iím a digidestined.
Litaís mum: But thatís dangerous isnít it?
Mr Brown: Yes but she has Salamon to protect her and from what Iíve seen she can take excellent care of herself. She is the first Digiwarrior.
Litaís Mum: Cool youíll make me proud.
At Trixyís House.
Trixy: Iím not lying Iím a digidestined.
Trixyís dad: Just because they have digidestined in Japan it doesnít make you a digidestined.
Trixy: But I am here look my digivice and I have a digimon.
Trixyís mum: My gum she does. Well we canít argue with that.
Trixyís dad: Thatís true.
Mr Brown: She has her friends as well.
Trixyís Parents: Ok but be careful.
All the Digidestined went back to their own homes.
On a train going to England is Cat.
Cat: So I want all of you there tomorrow is that clear?
Voice: Yes of course.
She then ended the call.
The train stopped at Dover. Cat got off and transferred to another train to get to her destination.
Cat: (on phone): Bubbles itís Cat.
Bubbles: Hey Cat how are you.
Cat: Iím fine girl Iím on my way up north now.
Bubbles: Youíre in England.
Cat: Yep on a train now Iíll be popping for a visit.
Bubbles: Great where are you staying tonight.
Cat: Iím gonna go to a hotel and stay there for the night and we can meet up tomorrow.
Bubbles: Ok then Iíll see you tomorrow bye.
Cat: Bye.
Cat switched off her mobile. The train stopped at its destination. She got off the train and went to a hotel.
Bubbles emailed all the other digidestined to tell them of Catís arrival in the country. After they all read their mail they settled down to go to sleep. Ending another tiring day.

Does Cat know who the Commander is and how to defeat her? Will the Commander launch another attack on the Digidestined and their digimon? And will more medallions be found? Find out on the next Digimon Digital Monsters.