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Calling Dragon Master

Salamon: It looked as if the digidestined were to become digidust when we all digivolved to stop the Humons and Commander Myotiswomon's attack. We ran to a near by cave where we discovered a Medallion. Turns out it belongs to Lita. We were attacked by Devimon and Humon S. That's when the amazing happened Lita changed into the Digiwarrior Dolphin Master. We sent Devimon into oblivion but Humon S escaped. Things are never quiet in the Digiworld.

Freemon: Take that Commander.
Commander: No don't!!!! Aieeeeeeeeee!
An alarm clock goes off.
Mum: Huh it's 7.30 am in the Holidays and your up are you feeling ok?
Bubbles: Yes I'm fine just happy to be seeing an old friend today.
Dad: Where's Seedmon?
Bubbles: I don't know
Mum: I do she's in the fruit bowl.
Bubbles: Seedmon get out of there.
Seedmon: But I'm hungry.
Flamemon: Don't eat everything leave some for me.
Bubbles: Morning Jed.
Jed: Hmmm.
Bubbles: Tired?
Jed: Yeah.
Bubbles: Well I'm tabbing the bathroom, come on Seedmon.
Seedmon: Where are we going.
Bubbles: We are going for a shower.
Seedmon: What's a shower. I hope I can eat it.
Bubbles: You'll see.
Bubbles carried Seedmon upstairs.
Jed: (yawns) what's for breakfast mum?
Mum: Cereal or Toast.
Jed: Fried breakfast would be nice.
Mum: We're out of eggs and bacon.
Jed: Oh.
Upstairs Seedmon is laughing.
Dad: What is wrong with her.
Seedmon: That smells funny.
Bubbles: It'll make you clean.
Seedmon: I'm not dirty.
Bubbles: No but you're smelling badder than Jed's room.
Seedmon is washed and then Bubbles has her shower.
She then gets changed and goes back down stairs.
Bubbles: Now it's time for you to bath Flamemon.
Jed: No way I don't put him through anything like that.
Flamemon jumps up onto the table.
Flamemon: It's not fair you never let me do anything.
Dad: Just because you don't like to shower Jed doesn't mean your digimon doesn't. Now go and bath him and while your at it go in yourself.
Jed: Yes dad.
Bubbles and Seedmon giggle.
Jed and Flamemon have a bath and get ready.
Bubbles finishes her breakfast and her Dad goes out to work.
Mum: It's great not having to go to work that's why I love the six week holiday.
Bubbles: But it's a drag having a teacher at home.
Mum: (laughing) well you can cope.
Bubbles: I suppose I'll have to.
She finishes her breakfast.
The phone rings.
Bubbles: I'll get it. Hello this is Bubbles speaking.
Cat: Bubbles it's Cat I'm in the Digital World something is wrong IÖ
The phone cuts off.
Bubbles: Cat are you there. Jed hurry we have to go now Cat's in trouble.
Jed: I'm coming, get in touch with the others.
Bubbles goes to the phone again and phoned the others soon they were all there.
Spike: So what's wrong?
Bubbles: It's Cat I think she's in trouble. We'll use my computer to get to the Digiworld, Digiport open.
They travel to the Digiworld.
Digidestined: Cat where are you?
Digimon: Cat
Bubbles: Where is she?
Spike: I don't know but something isn't right it's too quiet.
His digivices bleeps.
Trixy: What was that?
Spike: My digivice something is around here.
Lita: Like what?
Spike: I don't know.
Patamon: It could be a medallion.
Spike: You think so?
Lita: It is an option.
Bubbles: Well we can search for that and Cat at the same time.
Freemon: I'll settle for that.
The digidestined and their digimon go out to search for the item and Cat.
In the Commanders office room the Agents are in her presence.
Commander: They are here. Agent J you will go and deal with them.
Agent J: Me but I can't.
Commander: You will go unless you want to be punished.
Agent J looked at Agent S she was hurt from her punishment.
Commander: Am I understood?
Agent J: Yes Commander.
Commander: Good now get out.
The agents leave the Commanders presence.
Agent J: You ok sis?
Agent S: I've felt better. Go on do your job I'll be fine.
Agent J: Keep her safe Agents. Transform into Champion.
Agent J changed into Humon J.
Agent R: Sheíll be fine with us.
Humon J nodded and left in a poof of smoke.
Spike: It's over here.
Lita: Woah but we can't go to it.
Bubbles: They're some steep cliffs.
Spike: There has to be another way down.
Patamon: Walk along the edge there are some steps a bit further on.
Spike: K thanks Patamon.
The digidestined and their digimon walked to the steps.
Spike: It's down hill from here.
Humon J: How right you are. Snimon attack.
Patamon: Now we're in for it that's Snimon his Twin Sickles attack will beat you to a pummel.
Spike: Digivolve Patamon.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon.
Snimon: Twin Sickles.
Angemon: Angel Rod.
Angemon spun his Rod but it didn't stop the attack hitting him.
Spike: Angemon.
Angemon: I'll be fine go and find that medallion.
Spike: Ok.
He began to go.
Humon J: You think your going somewhere? I don't think so, Plasma Blast.
Lita: Spike look out. Transform into Champion.
Lita began her transform sequence.
Lita: Dolphin Master, I am guardian to the houses of Reliability, Justice and Light. Come on Humon J take me on.
Humon J: As you wish Plasma Blast.
Lita: Ugh. Spike, go and find that medallion now.
Spike: K.
Trixy: Me and Bubblemon will stay here.
Bubblemon: Is it time?
Trixy: Do it!
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon. Shell Shock.
The attack was aimed at Humon J.
He jumps into the air and hovers as the attack sails past.
Humon J: Ha.
Lita: Turtlemon go and help Angemon he's in trouble. I'll hold this joker off as long as I can.
Turtlemon: Becareful.
As a battle raged up on the cliffs the other digidestined are on a beach.
Spike: My Digivice is going crazy. We're standing right on top of it.
Jed: We got some digging to do.
They started moving the sand with their hands.
It wasn't long before they came to a box.
Bubbles: Pull it out.
They all pulled on the box until it came out of the sand.
Spike: Well here goes nothing.
He opened the box. Sat in it was a medallion with a Dragon symbol on it. Spike reached out to it. When he touched it, it shone green.
Jed: That is definitely yours.
Bubbles: We need to hurry back to help Lita.
The digidestined ran back up the steps.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock.
Snimon: Twin Sickles.
This hits Turtlemon making him dedigivolve.
Angemon: Are you alright Bubblemon?
Bubblemon: After I have this nap.
Spike: Angemon watch out he's behind you.
Bubbles: Go on digivolve gang.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon.
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon.
Humon J: It's over Dolphin Master. Prepare to say goodbye.
Lita changes back from Dolphin Master.
Spike: (thinking) Lita needs my help but I don't have the knowledge to open my medallion's power. (Out loud) I'll help you Lita, I'll do what I can for you I won't let you down.
Spikes Medallion shines.
Spike: Wha! Transform into Champion.
Spike starts to transform. First his hair turns green. His clothes then change into a white shirt. He wore a green jacket. He wore green trousers. He wore white gloves and brown boots. A green bracelet appears on his arm.
Spike: I am the Digiwarrior Dragon Master. I protect the houses of Knowledge, Hope and Enchantment.
Humon J: Another one just great. You may be like me but you are too late to save your friend. Plasma Blast.
Lita: I'm for it now.
Spike: Lita!
He takes off his bracelet and keeps the connection open.
Spike: Magical Arrow.
The bracelet grew in size. A string then appeared connecting both ends. An electrical arrow then comes.† He draws the arrow backwards.
Spike: And fire.
This hits Humon J's attack knocking it skywards.
Humon J: So you saved her but you are mine. Plasma Blast.
Spike: Back at ya Humon J, Magical arrow and fire.
This rips through the Plasma Blast of Humon J.
Humon J: Woah!
He jumps and narrowly avoids the attack.
Humon J: You may have won this round so until next time Dragon Master.
He disappears in a poof of smoke.
Spike: I almost had him.
He turns and looks at Lita.
Spike: Lita!
Lita: I'm just a little tired he was stronger than me.
Bubbles: You tried.
Snimon: Twin Sickles.
Gatomon: All at once.
She threw her glove in the air.
Meramon: Fireball.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
All the attacks went to Gatomon's glove. She then jumped and grabbed her glove.
Gatomon: You spoilt the party but you can't leave without some punch, Lightning Paw.
She hits Snimon and he is deleted.
The digimon dedigivolve.
Salamon: Lita.
Patamon: Spike.
Lita: Salamon you were wonderful.
Patamon: Spike you look so cool as Dragon Master.
Spike: Thanks Patamon.
Spike changes back to his normal self.
Spike: I'm tired but we still need to find Cat.
Bubbles: Do you think that the Commander has her?
Jed: It's a strong possibility.
Bubbles: Commander if you can here me if you have Cat let her go now.
Commander: (voice from base) I don't have your friend maybe a digimon attacked her?
Bubbles: I know you've got something to do with this Commander and what ever you are planning you're not getting away with it.
Commander: We shall see soon for the time is coming closer for my master plan to be complete.
Bubbles: What is that supposed to mean?
Commander: You will see, Muwahahahah.
Jed: Come on ignore her lets find Cat.
In the Commanders office the Agents are been addressed.
Commander: So Dragon Master appeared eh Agent J?
Agent J: Yes Commander.
Commander: I think we need to talk Alone!
Agent J: (sighs) yes Commander.
Commander: Leave us.
Agents: Yes Commander.
Agent S: Later bro (whispering) good luck.
Agent J watched them leave and closed his eyes.
Commander: So Agent J what have you to say about your failure?
Agent J: I'm sorry Commander I will have to try harder next time.
Commander: Yes you will. But I do not forgive failure.
The Commander snapped her fingers. A digimon entered the room.
Commander: Punish him as appropriate I must leave.
The digimon nodded.
The Commander then left in a poof of smoke
Digimon: I'm sorry I have to do this.
Agent J: Just get it over with.
The digimon attacked Agent J.
In another part of the Digital World the Digidestined are still searching for Cat.
Bubbles: Cat where are you?
The come across a girl slumped on the floor.
Bubbles: Cat.
Cat: Huh Bubbles is that you?
Bubbles: Yeah what happened.
Cat: I was attacked my some digimon. They took Lightmon away and then turned on me.
Jed: We'll have to get her back.
Cat: I need to rest first.
Spike: Cat is right she's not the only one who is tired and itís only 10.30. Changing takes a lot out of you.
Cat: Huh what do you mean?
Lita: Me and Spike can change into digimon and battle the Humons of the Commander. Did Izzy fill you in?
Cat: He told me about the Commander and her Agents.
Spike: Did he tell you about how they can change into digimon?
Cat: No.
Bubbles: Well they can transform into digimon called Humons. Spike and Lita have a medallion each which allows them to change into Digiwarriors.
Cat: I see, Well I need to get back on my flight plan.
Bubbles: Come and rest a while before going onto your next destination.
Cat: Well, ok I need to phone my dad to tell him I'm staying in England a while and to phone the airport to cancel my schedule of flight and book a new flight plan.
Jed: Cool then you'll stay a couple of days.
Cat: I guess so.
Jed: Come on let me give you a hand. Our parents know about us been digidestined so should be able to stay a day or so.
Cat: Thanks.
They returned to the real world.
Still in the Digiworld were the Agents they were seeing to Agent J.
Agent S: At least you didnít have the Commander at you like I did.
Agent J: I feel sorry for the little digimon she didn't want to attack me but she had to follow orders. I think the Commander would have punished me even more.
Agent S: If mum or dad say anything you were playing football and someone tackled you mega time.
Agent J: Ok come on I wanna go home. I've had enough for today.
At Bubbles and Jed's place Cat has phoned everywhere she need to and is talking to Jed and Bubbles' parents.
Cat: Thank you for letting me stay a couple of nights I must continue on Wednesday as that is the last chance I will get to go on to America.
Mum: No problem Cat we're glad to have you staying here.
Dad: You can stay as long as you need.
Cat: Thank you.
Bubbles: Come on Cat lets go and do some shopping.
Cat: I like that idea. See you later Mr and Mrs Sanyo.
Bubbles: Later mum and dad.
Jed: I'm going to play football with Spike and some of my friends.
Mum & Dad: Ok see you later.
Bubbles gets her coat and Cat follows her. She gives a small wrily smile and they both go to get the bus to go to the shopping centre.
Jed isn't far behind them. He gets his football kit and runs to get Spike.
Lita goes to sleep and Trixy goes out with her Mum and Dad.

Will the digidestined find another Medallion? What has happened to Lightmon?
And what is the Commanders plan? Find out on the next Digimon Digital Monsters.