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A Dream Within Your Heart
By Diamond Rose

I am dedicating this story to my very good friends
Preacher, Lucy, and Katherine.

* Chapter 1 *

Date: March 31, 2000

Dear Log: Hello my name is Diamond Rose and I would
like to tell you about the adventures my friends and I
had this summer.
It all started last year in September of 1999. I used
to like this show called Digimon. After a few month I
started loving it. Then on February 12, 2000 a tragedy
happened my favorite character was killed by an angel
and all I wished was to stop that, but I am getting
ahead of myself.  Well let me tell you my story now.

It was a rainy day of August 1, 2000. My friends and I
decided to play on the computer in my house. Katherine
wanted to go on the Internet and I agreed. A few
minutes later the rain turned into a storm and my mom
told us to get off the computer because she didn't
want any electric stuff to be on in the house, but I
begged her and she said OK. Lucy and Katherine were
arguing to which site are we going to go to, Digimon
or Xena.  I decided to flip a coin. If heads its Xena,
Tails Digimon. We flipped " its tails," I yelled
happily. So we went. Sooner the storm got worse, the
window blew open and lightning struck my computer. I
thought it was going to explode, but something strange
happened and the computer sucked us up.

                            * Chapter 2 *

After some time we realised that we are in Digiworld
and the gate to our world is about to close.

Me:     Hurry up guys, we have to get through!!!!!!
Lucy:     We shouldn't.

    Katherine and I grabbed Lucy's hand and ran into
the gate.

All:      Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!
Lucy:     What happened ?
Kath:                  Where are we?
Me(to Lucy):      Don't you remember, this is like the
episode 28 " Its All in Cards". We               are
in Tokyo, Japan and we have to get to Highton View

                  * Chapter 3 *

A few days have passed, my friends and I found a lot
of money in our pockets and rented a room in a hotel.
It was 10:30pm - pretty late for three 13 year olds to
be walking down a street in a park., but we  couldn't
sleep because in America it is only 10:30am. We were
walking when we heard a woman's scream. When we got
to the place  we saw a young woman on the street lying
unconscious and a carriage moving slowly away from
her. That is when I realized my dream to change the
past has come true. This was my chance.

                                             * Chapter
4 *

I did not know whether I should scream, jump, shout or
what !!!

Me:                       Guys Oh my GOD, Oh my God,
oh My GOD. We are so going over to      that carriage.
Lucy:                     I don't think that is such a
great idea. I understand we know him, but he doesn't
know us. To him we are just humans, food.
Me&Kath:            We are cats we are poisonous to
Me:                       Plus I don't think he will
be too hungry today.
Kath:                     So who exactly is this guy ?
Me:                       The vampire guy !!!!!!!!
Hellooooooooooo !!!!!!!!
Kath:                     No way !!!!
Lucy:                     Way !!!!!

                              All of us came up to the
carriage and knocked. The  door opened.

Me:                        Oh my GOD! ( said I
fainting )
Lucy&Kath:          DR are you OK?!
Me:                        No not really, I don't
know. What happened?
DemiDevimon:     You don't know?! Have you eaten the
mushrooms of forgetfulness lately? Don't you know?!
You knocked, said oh my God and fainted.
Myotismon:          Good point!
Lucy:                     We should go now.
Me&Kath:             No way!!!
Me(to M):             You're alive! Yey!!!
Myotismon:           Why shouldn't I be? I am too
powerful to be destroyed.
Demi:                    That's true.
Kath:                     Wait and see, on second
thought don't you dare die again. She (pointing to me)
has been bugging me for 2 month about that, calling my
favorite digimon a stupid, selfish brat.
Me:                         She is.
Kath:                        Maybe, but she is
Me:                          Why, thank you.
Myotismon:             Who?
All:                           Angewomon!
Myotismon:             Who is that?
Me:                           You don't want to know.
Kath:                         And stop saying bad
stuff about Kari.
Me&Lucy:                 Katherine be quiet!!!!!!
Myotismon:              Who's that? Who's Kari?
Me&Lucy:                No one !
Kath:                        The eighth digidestined!
Me&Lucy:                Katherine shut up !!!!!!!
Kath:                        Why? Oh! OOPS!
Myotismon:              You know the eighth
All:                           Yea, and the eighth
digimon, but she doesn't know who she is yet.
Myotismon:              Where is she?
Me:                           Closer than you think.
Demi:                       What is that supposed to
Me:                           Boy, will you be happy
to know!
Demi:                       Huh?
Me:                           Nevermind.
Myotismon:             You people want to go to my
castle and discuss the battle plan?
Lucy:                        I don't think.
Me&Kath:               You worry too much.

* Chapter 5 *

Some time has passed and after a long ride we got to
Myotismon's Castle. When we got out of the carriage,
Gatomon opened the door and kneeled. When Myotismon
got out Gatomon said:

Gatomon:                 I got the warriors you asked
for, my lord.
Myotismon:             Good, you never disappoint me,
my loyal servant.
Me:                     Yea right, we'll see about
Myotismon:             What?
Me:         Nothing.
Demi:                       She is right, Gatomon's a
Gatomon:          Nobody asked you, you bowling ball
with feathers.
Me:                           Hey, leave him alone! He
is more loyal than you will ever be.
Gatomon:                 And if I don't leave him
alone what are you going to do about it?
Me:          This!

And Gatomon and I started fighting. We would have
probably killed each other if Phantomon wouldn't have
stopped us. When he did I had to leave because I am
afraid of him.

* Chapter 6*

A day has passed. Gatomon and her best friend
Wizardmon were talking on a roof of a building. From
that building you could see Kari's window. Gatomon
already knew that Kari is the eight digidestined, the
only thing she did not know was that she is the eighth
digimon. When she was going to find that out, it would
change her life and the beings' around her forever.

Gatomon:              Wizardmon, what are you doing
Wizardmon:           I have something important to
tell you, I have finally figured it out.
       Kari is the eighth digidestined and you are
the eighth digimon.
Gatomon:        That is crazy, I must obey my orders
and destroy her or.
Wizy(interrupting): Or what? He will hurt you again
like he used to.
Gatomon:               What are you talking about?
Wizardmon:            When I first met you, you told
me a different story.
Gatomon:                Huh?
Wizardmon:             When you were a Nyaromon you
used to search and search for some  girl, but never
found her. After a few years when you became Salamon
you were kidnapped by Myotismon. He used to treat you
like dirt and hit you with his Crimson Lightning just
because of your eyes. He always said that when you
looked at him with those eyes, he knew you were going
to betray him. That is why you wear these gloves, to
hide the scars on your hand.
Gatomon:                You are right, I remember now.
Thank you my friend.
Wizardmon:             I have her digivice, we have to
give it to her before Myotismon finds out.

Gatomon and Wizardmon came down to Kari's balcony. At
first Kari's brother Tai - the leader of the
digidestined didn't believe Gatomon and Wizardmon, but
when Kari and Gatomon touched the digivice it glowed
with a shining yellow light. That was enough proof for
Tai. All Kari needed was her crest of Light which
Myotismon kept safety somewhere in his chamber, so
Gatomon and Wizardmon went to get it.

* Chapter 7*

While me, Amy, Katherine, Demidevimon, Phantomon, and
Lord Bakamon were playing cards Gatomon and Wizardmon
sneaked into Myotismon's castle's chamber to steal the
crest. Wizardmon thought that Myotismon flew away for
the night to get a bite to eat, but he was wrong and
both of them got caught by Myotismon.

Myotismon:             What are you two idiots doing
Wizardmon:         We have come to get Kari's crest.
Myotismon:           Kari? My friends have mentioned
something about Kari - she is the   eighth child. Why
would you be looking for her crest, unless when
Diamond Rose said that the eighth digimon is closer
than I think - she meant it. You Gatomon are the
eighth digimon, but I am not surprised from the first
time you looked at me with those eyes, I knew you were
going to betray me.
Gatomon:              You ungrateful brat, you were my
second in command, you will be pleased to know that I
won't be having fun destroying you. Not the same I
could say about your wizard friend here.
Wizardmon: You will never destroy me!
Myotismon: Ha! Grisly Wing!!!!!!
Gatomon: No, not you my friend!!!

Myotismon's bats took Wizardmon and threw him in the
river. Myotismon took Gatomon so she will tell him the
location of the eighth digidestined. A few days later
Wizardmon was rescued by Joe and TK. Kari gave herself
up to Myotismon, so he would stop hurting innocent
people. This seemed like the end of the story. But was
it really?

                             * Chapter 8 *

After Demidevimon told Myotismon about the eighth
child he with Gatomon flew to the TV station roof
(that's where it all took place).

Izzy: Genni send me a message a while ago saying that
the TV station is the center of Myotismon's fog
barrier. And look up there, its Myotismon!
Wizardmon: And he's got Gatomon, but not for long!

When everybody was on the roof and Myotismon wanted
to kill Kari, Wizardmon came up and shot him from

Myotismon: What? So you're still alive?!!!!
Wizardmon: It will take more than the likes of you to
destroy me.
Myotismon: We'll see! Grisly Wing! (Myotismon turned
around and shot at Kari)

Then there was nothing, but silence, Wizardmon
blocked the attack with himself to save his best
friend Gatomon.
Myotismon: Next time don't get in my way!
Gatomon (to Wizy): You saved me, I'm sorry.
Wizardmon: For what?
Gatomon: For getting you involved in this.
Wizardmon: Don't be, without you my life would have
had no meaning. Thank you for everything.

Then a miracle happened, Gatomon digivolved into
Angewomon. And I knew that was my cue to come in.
Right when Angewomon was about to shoot Myotismon with
her Celestial Arrow, came Demidevimon and I with a
blaster just like Team Rocket's only loaded with cuffs
and we said:

Me: Prepare for trouble.
Demi: And make it double.
Me: To protect the world from devastation.
Demi: To unite all people within our nation.
Me: To denounce the evils of truth and love.
Demi: To extend our reach to the stars above.
Me: DR.
Demi: Demi.
Together: Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light,
surrender now or prepare to fight.
Lucy+Kath: That's right.

Them I shot my blaster and Angewomon's hand and feet
got tied, along with her wings and she started
falling. Angemon flew to save her and in all that
commotion Myotismon somehow got hold of Kari. Then out
of nowhere Monica appeared and took me, Lucy, and
Katherine home. For Kari's life Myotismon told all of
the digidestined to drop their weapons and when they
did, they were seized by Myotismon's henchmen.

* Chapter 9 *

Later that day Angewomon came to Myotismon's castle.
In return for her friends, he wanted one thing a bit
of her blood which would make him invincible to all of
the digidestined powers including hers. After some
time she agreed. For that he had to let her friends go
first. It was a deal. Angewomon's blood really did
make him stronger (he didn't know that the effects
would wear off), but he still didn't want to let her
go until he was sure that she is no threat to him.
Plus he could use her to get back at the digidestined
especially Angemon - since he really loved her.
Myotismon kept Angewomon chained up in one of the
castle's dungeons and fed on her every day. Once she
stole the keys to the locks from him and when she got
out she had to run around the castle looking for an
exit because it was like a maze. Trying to find the
exit Angewomon bumped into Myotismon's army. She could
not fight them she was still too weak and there were
too many of them so she ran in the opposite direction.
She was running for some time now and got tired, so
she decided to run into the first room she saw.
Angewomon knew the castle pretty well, but she was too
tired and frightened to see where she was going. The
first room she ran into had shelves with ancient books
on both sides and was a pretty small room. It had a
big soft chair in the middle next to a table and a big
dark window in front of the table. The table had two
big green candles on both sides of the table.
Angewomon slammed the door and was now catching her
breath. I have to say that for an angel she had a lot
of bad luck - out of all the rooms in the castle she
had to run into the one where Myotismon was sitting.
He turned his chair laughing since he knew what was
going on. Angewomon gasped in fear she opened the door
to run and right there were all of Myotismon's
henchmen and army. Not knowing why she decided to open
the door again, probably hoping that Myotismon would
disappear, but when she went in - she bumped right
into him. Myotismon told all of his henchmen to leave,
he said that he will deal with her himself. All of
them left.

Myotismon: Ha, haven't you learned by now that you
can't escape!
Angewomon: Watch me!
Myotismon: Why do you even try, you know that you
can't run away?
Angewomon: Maybe if you treated me nicer, maybe then I
wouldn't try to escape!
Myotismon: Not nice! Is that nice for you, Crimson

Myotismon's Crimson Lightning grabbed Angewomon's
hand pulling her next to him. Just when he was about
to kiss her the door blew open and guess who came in?
If you are saying Angemon you are correct.

Angemon: Let her go now! I won't let you hurt her
Myotismon: Hurt her? Never! And has anybody ever tell
you that you have horrible timing?
Angemon: My timing is just fine, In fact I am just in
time to save her.
Myotismon: What if she doesn't want to be saved?
Angemon: You are nuts, what are you talking about?
Myotismon: You know what.
Angemon: No, you are lying! Hand of Fate!
Myotismon: Crimson Lightning!

So Myotismon and Angemon started fighting over

* Chapter 10 *

Angewomon: Quiet! Enough! Stop fighting, this is my
choice to make not yours.
But they didn't hear her anymore. They grabbed the
first weapons they saw and somehow Angemon got hold of
the Celestial Bow and Arrow and shot. Since Angemon
did not know how to use it he missed and instead shot
Myotismon in the shoulder.

Angewomon: Nooooooooooooo!
Demidevimon: Whaaaaaaaa!
Angemon: Angewomon lets go!
Angewomon: No I want to stay!
Angemon: I said now!

Angemon grabbed Angewomon's hand and took her back to
the digidestined hideout. When they got there
Angewomon locked herself in the room and was crying,
she didn't want to tell anybody about this except Kari
and Sora. They certainly understood the situation and
decided to help. Sora met Demidevimon and he told her
that Myotismon is dying and all he needs to cure him
is an angel's blood. Sora didn't want to tell
Angewomon about this at first, but then she realized
that if she doesn't it will be worse.

* Chapter 11 *

Angewomon said that she is going and that is final no
matter how much Angemon tried to stop her. When
Angewomon got to the castle she did not know that Kari
also sneaked inside. Myotismon looked horrible and
when he heard why did Angewomon come, he became mad
and said:

Myotismon: No, I refuse to hurt you.
Angewomon: Oh please, like what is one more time, you
must be used to that! . Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean.
Myotismon: That's aright I deserved that.
Angewomon: Now listen, you will drink my blood whether
you want it or not, even if I have to pour it in your
food by cutting my throat and killing myself, or you
can drink it as usual so I live.
Myotismon: But why? After all that I have done to you?
Angewomon: Because. Because I love you.
Myotismon: What, but that is impossible, I know that I
love you, but how can you love me?
Angewomon: You don't love me, if you did you wouldn't
treat me like that. (said she taking off her glove)
Myotismon: If I didn't love you would be dead by now!

* Chapter 12 *

While Angewomon and Myotismon were talking to each
other Kari and Demidevimon were listening at the door,
so surprised by what is going on, they didn't even
realize that they are standing next one another.
Finally Angewomon made Myotismon drink her blood and
that is when Kari fainted and Demidevimon realized
that she is standing next to him.

Demi: What are you doing here? Anyway I have better
things to do. Hey did you hear that?
Kari: Hm? Oh yea I've heard it aright, why do you
think I fainted..
Demi: This is not good, I don't like this at all. What
about you?
Kari: I don't like this either, but you can't be
Demi: Selfish! My life is about to become a living
hell and you tell me about being selfish.
Kari: Why is it about to become a living hell?
Demi: Because your dear Angewomon hates my guts!
Kari: No she doesn't!
Demi: Yes she does!
Kari: Well then I'll tell her to be nicer to you!
Demi: Why, thank you.

* Chapter 13 *

While Demidevimon and Kari were talking so were
Myotismon and Angewomon.

Myotismon: Are you aright?
Angewomon: Yes I think so.
Myotismon: Thank you. And did you mean it when you
said that you loved me?
Angewomon: Yes.
Myotismon: Then will you marry me?
Angewomon: Whaaaat?!!
Myotismon: So will you?
Angewomon: Yes.

While all of this was going on, the following
happened behind the door and everybody in the room
heard it.

Demi: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Both Myotismon and Angewomon asked what happened.

Kari(closing Demi's mouth): He lost in a game of cards
to me.
Both: Huh?
Angewomon: Kari, what are you doing here, it is
dangerous for you, you could have gotten caught.
Myotismon: Don't worry she's safe here, now.
Kari: What are we going to tell Tai and the others?
Angewomon: The truth.
Myotismon: Oh please let me tell Angemon!
All: OK

* Chapter 14 *

Everybody is at the digidestined hideout:

Tai: Angewomon, watch out, Myotismon is behind you!
Demi: Well duh, they are.

(Kari closed his mouth)

Kari: What he meant to say is that they are not
fighting anymore.
Digidestined: Why?
Myotismon: We are engaged!
Angemon: That is impossible, how could you?!
Myotismon: We just did.
Sora: Call me crazy, but I think that's great.
Tai: You are crazy!
Mimi: I don't care who is getting married, I just love
weddings. Can I be the coordinator?
All: Sure!
Joe: What's a coordinator?
Mimi: A person who decorates the weddings.
Sora: We have to get this planned.
Myotismon: Just no churches with crosses!
All: OK

* Chapter 15 *
(The Wedding)

Everybody is in a big opened field. Angewomon is
wearing a white gorgeous, long dress and a beautiful
diamond tiara. She has a diamond bracelet and
necklace. For all of you wandering, how can she afford
all that - Mimi paid for it. Mimi also asked the
Gekomon to bring her princess clothes and she and Sora
looked smashing. So good that Tai fainted and Izzy
dropped his laptop which would have broken if Tentomon
wouldn't have caught it. This was a great wedding.
Everybody was happy, even Demidevimon because he had
his all you can eat buffet. Everybody lived happily
ever after ever since.