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The Fearful Five

Trixy: Well we met two of Commander Myotiswomonís new lackeys Agent J and Agent C. They sent some Tyrannomon after us. After a well-timed digivolution and teamwork we blasted them to oblivion. We were about to get our hands on the Commander when the Agents made her and themselves teleport.† When we returned Ruki a friend of my phoned and we fell out I hope I can make friends with her again.

Lita: Come on donít be so down hearted youíll make friends with her just explain things.
Trixy: What that Iím a Digidestined and itís my job to save the world.
Bubble: Sheís got a point there. Just go and say sorry and that you still want to be friends.
Trixy: Iíll see her at school. I hope she accepts my apology.
Spike: I donít see why she wonít.
Trixy: You donít know Ruki.
Jed: I know what this Ruki seems to be the one missing out.
Trixy: You know how to cheer someone up Jed.
They all got on their bikes and rode to school. The fastened their bikes in the shed.
Trixy: Iíll catch you guys in a bit Iím gonna go find Ruki before she goes to her classes.
Trixy ran off to find Ruki.
Bubbles: Poor girl, sheís been friends with Ruki for ages.
Lita: These things happen.
Trixy finds Ruki.
Trixy: Ruki I need to talk to you!
Ruki: But I donít want to talk to you.
Trixy: Donít be like that.
Ruki: Like what Iím not the one who broke a promise.
Trixy: Iím sorry itís just that me, Bubbles, Lita, Spike and Jed have a History test today we needed to study.
Ruki: You should have phoned.
Trixy: Iím sorry I know but IÖ.
Sakura: Hey Ruki is this kid bothering you.
Ruki: Yes.
Sakura: Get lost kid before I lose my temper.
Trixy: Is this what you really want Ruki.
Ruki: You heard Sakura go away.
Trixy: Iíll phone you later.
Ruki: Donít bother I donít need you anymore I have new friends.
Trixy: You donít mean that.
Julian: She does now leave her alone.
Chris: NOW!
Trixy left the group alone.
Sakura: Come and hang around with us.
Ruki: Maybe I should go and apologise.
Chris: Na you donít need her you've got new friends us.
Ruki: Thanks.
They all went to their classroom.
Trixy went back to the others.
Trixy: And then Sakura and her friends came and Ruki said she didnít need my friendship any more.
Lita: Sakura seems to be putting her nose a little too much in our business.
Jed: Come on lets go to registration Miss Booth will know what to do.
They all go to the classroom.
Miss Booth: Youíre early are you feeling alright Bubbles.
Bubbles: Yeah Iím fine miss. Miss we want to talk to you.
Miss Booth: Oh.
Jed: You see itís Trixyís friend Ruki sheís had an argument over something or other and now Ruki is with Sakura and her trouble making friends.
Miss Booth: Sakura hmm I was talking to Sakura on Friday but I canít remember what it was we were talking about. I remember a fog and then I canít remember anything else.
Bubbles: On Friday was that miss?
Miss Booth: Yes.
Bubbles: (thinking) Thatís the same time we met the Commander and Agent S. Can Sakura have anything to do with it? (out loud) Hmm must have been a sea fog.
Miss Booth: Probably you know what the weather is like here on the coast.
Bubbles: Yeah unpredictable. So do you know of anything that can help get Ruki away from trouble?
The bell rings.
Miss Booth: Iíll have a talk with Mr Brown but I donít know what we really can do.
Digidestined: Thanks miss.
They go and sit down.
Miss Booth takes the register and then the bell rings for History.
Bubbles: Hey guys there is something I need to tell you.
Out of Mr Browns classroom comes Sakura, Chris, Julian and Ruki.
Sakura gives the group a dirty look. Bubbles wriggles her nose as if to say I donít care. Lita glares at her as if to say Iíll take you anytime any place.
They then go into Mr Brownís classroom.
Mr Brown: Right class I want Sonja, Ann, Manic, Jedite and Molly to get ready for a test and the rest of you get out your work books start at page 15 and work your way to page 20.
At the back of the class Bubbles and the others are waiting for their test.
Mr Brown: Right you five here is the test paper you have 20 minutes to answer as many questions as you can.
He handed them all a paper.
Mr Brown: You may start.
They all opened their papers and started doing the answers. Well into the quiz all five digidestined came to a question. Are you digidestined?
Bubbles looked at Mr Brown and put her hand up as did the other 4.
Mr Brown came to the five.
Bubbles: What is meant by this question.
Mr Brown: Well are you?
Bubbles: Why do you ask?
Mr Brown: I canít explain yet. At lunch come back here and Iíll explain everything then.
Mr Brown talked to the other digidestined and told them the same.
When the test was over Mr Brown marked the papers and then gave them back.
Mr Brown: Once again you have proved that you could do GCSE History. Next year you need to choose your GCSEís I suggest you take History you all do so well in it.
Bubbles: Besides P.E and I.T this is my favourite subject. I very much intend to take this subject.
Soon the lesson was over. Mr Brown went to the Bubbles and the others.
Mr Brown: I bet youíre wondering why I put that question in arenít you?
Bubbles: Well yeah.
Mr Brown: Tell me something are you digidestined?
Bubbles looked at the others they nodded.
Bubbles: We are yes.
Mr Brown: Thatís great then I have finally found you.
Spike: And what is that supposed to mean.
Mr Brown: Many years ago I was on my computer when I found a program. It turned out to be the Digital World. I ended up talking to Gennai. He told me that I was one of two destined watchers. This means that somewhere in the future I would have to guide some digidestined. And you are the ones. When I first came to this school two years ago I had a feeling that my destiny was coming. When I met you all for the first time something told me that you were the ones but I couldnít be sure.
Jed: Who is the other Watcher then?
Mr Brown: Miss Booth.
Digidestined: Wha.
Bubbles: Miss Booth is the other watcher cool.
Lita: Um sir I suppose you heard of Commander Myotiswomon and her agents.
Mr Brown: Yes I have Gennai told me everything. But I also have news the Commander is needing a fifth agent to make her team complete. When all five of them are together they are almost unstoppable. They will become half digimon too.
Bubbles: Weíve got to stop her before itís too late. I think we need to forget lunch and talk to Miss Booth.
Mr Brown: I agree.
Spike: But Iím hungry.
Lita: Sorry Spike but youíre gonna have to wait.
The 6 went to Miss Boothís class.
Miss Booth: Hello what have you five done now?
Mr Brown: Nothing bad I assure you of that. They are the digidestined.
Miss Booth: Oh but where are your digimon.
Jed: At home pretending to be stuffed animals.
Miss Booth: Do you have your digivices with you?
Bubbles: Always.
Bubbles pulled hers out of her pocket.
Miss Booth: Theyíre the Digidestined alright.
Bubbles: Miss Iíve been thinking about what you said about Sakura and the fog. Could it be that she is one of the Agents?
Miss Booth: It is possible but I canít really remember much from that day.
Mr Brown: Itíll be ok we just need to keep an eye of Sakura and her little group.
Miss Booth: Speaking of which Mr Brown do you think itís strange that Ruki is with them?
Mr Brown: Not really she has been sitting with them in class for a while now I thought she had just made some new friends.
Trixy: She fell out with me over the Digital World. I was supposing to help her last weekend with her studying but we had to go to the Digital World. Of course I couldnít tell her that so I said I had been studying for the History test. She got all stuffy and put the phone down on me. I then tired talking to her this morning and like Sakura and her friends told me to clear off and Ruki said the same.
Mr Brown: Now that isnít like Ruki do you want me to talk to her?
Trixy: No I think sheíll come around soon.
In the dining room Sakura, Julian, Chris and Ruki are having lunch.
Julian: That was so cool this morning you showed Trixy.
Ruki: But I canít help feeling guilty about it.
Julian looked at Sakura and wriggled his nose signalling to distract her while he put the serum in her drink.
Sakura: Donít worry if you want to make up with her thatís fine just make sure you eat you lunch first.
Julian slipped the serum into Trixyís drink.
Ruki: Ok if you guys are sure.
Chris: Yeah.
Ruki had a drink of her cola.
Soon Ruki was rubbing her eyes.
Sakura: Come on weíll take you outside to get some air.
The four went outside behind the changing rooms.
Sakura: Commander this is Sakura, Ruki is yours.
Commander: Excellent you have done well. Can you bring her to the Digital World?
Julian: We have half an hour of lunch left can it be done in that time?
Commander: Yes.
Chris opened the Digiport and they went to the Digital World.
They transformed to their Agent forms and took Ruki to the Commander.
The Commander was sitting on a chair on top of a stage.
Agent S: Commander I present to you Ruki.
The Commander rose. Her white cape flowed around her.
Commander: Hold her so she canít escape she is the most important one of you all.
Agent J: What do you mean by that?
His answer was given by a stunning blow to his face.
Commander: Donít ever question me!
Agent J: Iím sorry Commander.
Agent J went and sized the left arm of Ruki who was trying to escape.
Commander: She is a will full one the serum isnít taking a real effect on her Iíll have to resort to a different method.
The Commander looked into Rukiís eyes. Ruki started to feel cold and she soon fell into a sleep.
Commander: Take her to the crystal encasement we will have to gain control of her that way.
The three Agents carried her to a crystal box. The Commander pressed a button and purple rings keep going over Ruki.
Commander: You are Agent R.
Ruki: I am Ruki.
Commander: She is harder to change than I thought.
Agent S: Commander it is almost time for us to be back in the real world.
Commander: You do not leave until I say so.
Agent C: Yes Commander.
Commander: You are Agent R.
Ruki: I amÖ
Commander: Agent R.
Ruki: I amÖ Agent R.
Commander: Success get her out.
The Agents took Ruki out.
Commander: Who are you?
Ruki: I am Agent R.
Commander: Take these clothes and put them on.
Ruki left for a moment and changed into a white suit with pink braiding.
She then returned to the others.
Commander: Agent R you are the final piece in my jigsaw you enable the others to become digimon. Take this stick it will allow you to change to Agent R when you come her and it also allows the others to become their digimon forms.
Agent R: Yes Commander.
Commander: Return to the real world and donít arouse suspicion there are two teachers at your school that I want you to keep an eye on, Miss Booth and Mr Brown. My sources tell me that they are the watchers to the digidestined.
Agents: Yes Commander.
They changed back to their human forms and returned to the real world. The bell rang.
Sakura: Just in time.
They ran to the classroom.
Mr Brown: You were almost late sit down.
The afternoon soon went.
After school Bubbles and the others went and got their digimon and then went back to school.
Bubbles: These are our digimon.
Mr Brown: How sweet. What have you told your parents?
Jed: That weíre going to the shopping centre.
Miss Booth: You need to tell them the truth soon. If something happens then theyíre gonna want answers.
Lita: Well weíre going to the Digital World to see what Commander Myotiswomon has been up to.
Miss Booth: Iíll stay here to keep an eye on the computer and if anything happens I can be back up.
Bubbles: Ok Digiport open.
Spike: How are you going to get to the Digital World Mr Brown?
Mr Brown pulled a gadget out of his pocket. It was a white digivice.
Mr Brown: We watchers have special digivices to get to the Digital World.
Jed: Cool lets go.
They transferred to the Digiworld.
Commander: They have come and a watcher is with them grrrr. Call my Agents itís time to show these upstarts whose boss around here.
Digimon: Yes master.
The digimon went and called the Agents.
Sakura: The Commander needs us.
Ruki: Letís go then. Digiport open.
They didnít transform there and then. But instead went straight to the Commander.
Sakura: Commander you called for us.
Commander: Yes transform and Iíll explain.
Sakura, Chris, Ruki, Julian: Transform
They changed into their Agent forms.
Commander: Now my Agents what I suspected is true the digidestined do have a watcher Mr Brown. He is with them now in the Digital World. As for Miss Booth I cannot say she is not with them.
Agent S: Sheís too gentle to be a watcher.
Commander: You seem sure.
Agent S: I know her too well she is never in a million digi years a watcher.
Commander: Very well just focus on the Digidestined and Mr Brown.
Agent J: Mr Brown will be easy he is our form tutor.
Commander: You need to be cautious looks can be deceiving.
Agent R: But we can handle him.
Commander: You think you can?
Agents: Yes Commander.
Commander: That remains to be seen.† Lets move out.
Freemon: Itís a great peaceful day do you think the Commander has left?
Blazemon: I think that could be a little too much to hope for.
Salamon: You think so?
Commander: Yes it is.
All: Wha.
Bubbles: Oh itís her.
Commander: Grrr you will soon learn to respect me girl. Meet my final agent, Agent R.
Mr Brown: The fifth agent thatís all we need. You heard what I told you earlier.
Commander: Agent R letís show them what we can do, you need to channel some of the power from your transformer to the others. This will let them be able to change into a digimon like me.
Agent C: (whispering to Agent S) Who wants to be like her.
Agent S: (laughs)
Commander: Whatís so funny.
Agent S: Nothing Commander.
Commander: It better be for your sake. Now Agent R use your power to transform then you can channel the power.
Agent R: Yes Commander. Transform into Champion.
Agent R began to change. First her suit changed to a grey all in one. She wore black boots. A pink mask covered her eyes. She wore a pink waistband and black gloves.
Digimon: Humon R.
Agents: Wow look at that.
Commander: She evolved from a Human to a Humon R. All of you will be Humon but with your unique waistbands and masks. Agent R is now Humon R. Itís easy to transform back again. Now Humon R use the power you have.
Humon R: Yes Commander. Power Outflow.
A pink beam came from Humon R the other Agents lifted their transformers. The pink beam split off into 3 other beams. One turned yellow and went to Agent C, One turned red and went to Agent S and the other then turned green and went to Agent J.
Commander: You can now all transform into Champions.
Agent S: Transform into Champion.
Agent S began to change she wore a grey all in one with black boots and gloves. She wore a Red mask and red waistband.
Digimon: Humon S.
Agent J: Transform into Champion.
Agent J began to change. He wore a grey all in one with black boots and gloves. He wore a green mask and green waistband.
Digimon: Humon J.
Agent C: Transform into Champion
Agent C began to change. He wore a grey all in one with black boots and gloves. He wore a yellow mask and yellow waistband.
Digimon: Humon C
Humon S: I am Humon S I will fight my enemy till the end. My Claw Strike and Crimson Ball will leave my enemies begging for mercy.
Humon J: I am Humon J my enemies donít stand a chance with my Plasma Blast.
Humon C: I am Humon C. I neutralise my Enemies with my Solar Beam and my Lightning Strike.
Humon R: I am Humon R. I will use my Power Cannon and Flower Bombs to get anyone who stands in my way.
Bubbles: How did theyÖ?
Mr Brown: The fifth agentís power. When the five come together humans will transform into digimon. In other words weíre in trouble.
Commander: Big trouble weíll all attack together. Since I can use any digimon attack Iíll use Leaf Slice. This headed to Bubbles.
Humon S: Crimson Ball. This headed to Lita.
Humon J: Plasma Blast. This headed to Spike.
Humon R: Flower Bombs. These headed to Trixy.
Humon C: Solar Beam. This headed to Jed.
Mr Brown: Watch out.
Digidestined: Ahhhhhh.

What will the outcome be? Will the Digidestined be defeated? What will the digimon do?
Find out in the next Digimon Digital Monsters.