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Friend or Foe?

Patamon: We were all ready to meet Cat but were called by her to the Digital World. When we got there she was no where to be found. We picked up a Medallion reading.
But before we could find it Humon J came. Lita held him off long enough for the others to get the Medallion. It belonged to Spike. He then changed into Dragon Master and sent Humon J packing. We then found Cat but she was hurt. I wonder who will get a medallion next?

Cat: Thank you for your hospitality Mr and Mrs Sanyo.
Mrs Sanyo: You're welcome are you sure you can't stay longer.
Cat: Yes I'm sorry I have to go on to my next destination.
Mr Sanyo: You must come and visit again sometime.
Cat: Thank you I just might do that.
All the Digidestined came to see Cat leave. As they walked to the bus stop they see Sakura, Julian, Chris and Ruki.
Sakura: Oh look who it is!
Julian: Yeah the brats.
Spike: Who are you calling a brat?
Sakura: You, you little brat.
Lita: I'll show you who's the brat!
Cat: Stop it both of you.
Sakura: Huh? Why should we?
Cat: Because I said so.
She looked into Sakura's eyes.
Cat: Now I suggest you apologise.
Sakura: Sorry!
Cat: That's better now getting moving before I show you what I can do!
The 4 ran off.
Bubbles: You showed them.
Cat: Of course I did. Oh here is my bus it's time for me to go.
Bubbles: Ok take care if you need us we're only a phone call away.
Cat got on the bus and paid her fare. She put her case in the holder and sat down.
The bus drove off.
Two stops later Cat rang the bell.
The bus stopped and she got off.
At the stop were Sakura and the others.
Cat looked at them all and then looked around she summoned a mist to cover the area.
Sakura: Ah so that is what you look like out of uniform.
Cat shot a glance at her.
Sakura: Sorry!
Cat: We must go now.
Sakura, Ruki: Digiport open.
A porthole opened.
Cat walked through first followed by the others.
Cat: Transform into Ultimate.
Cat then changed into a digimon form. The form of Commander Myotiswomon.
Sakura, Chris, Ruki, Julian were in their Agent forms.
Sakura, Julian, Ruki, Chris: Transform into Champion.
They changed into their Humon forms.
Commander: Now it's time for plan Crest of Life. Humon C and R you two can go as a team. I'll send a message to the Digidestined for a final battle. And while they look for me they won't be expecting you so you can get that Crest.
Humon R: Yes Commander.
In the real world all the digidestined have gone to Bubbles' house.
Bubbles: Hey look there's a van next door someone must be moving in.
The van door opened and out stepped a boy. He was about 5.3". He had blond hair and green eyes. He held a white hat in his hand. He wore a chain with a pendant on the end. The pendant had a wolf on it howling to a crescent moon. He looked at the group and smiled and then went into the house.
Bubbles: He reminds me so much of Tk.
He soon came back out again.
Kid: Hi I'm new here my name is Jay Scarlet.
He sees Bubbles.
Jay: And I'm pleased to meet you.
Jed: Hi Jay I'm Jed and this is Bubbles my sister. Here what I'm saying?
Bubbles: Hey Jed that's not very nice. Please excuse my brother he's over protective. You moved next door to us.
Jay: (Smiles) ok.
Trixy: Hi Jay my names Trixy I live a few doors up.
Lita: I'm Lita, I also live around here.
Spike: And I'm Spike.
Jay: Hi all of you.
Suddenly the Digivices beeb.
Bubbles: Oh guys its time to watch Sailor Moon. We have to go Jay we'll talk to you again later ok?
Jay: Ok Bubbles later.
They all went into Bubbles' house.
Jed: We got to go to the Digital World we're using my computer.
Dad: Ok take care.
The digimon are all on Bubbles' bed.
Spike: Keeping them together while we all saw Cat off was a good idea other wise Toko would have trashed my room again.
Jed: Hey we got e-mail Bubbles. (gasps) It's from the Commander she wants to challenge us to a final showdown!
Lita: Well I'm up for it!
Others: Yeah!
Bubbles: Digiport open.
They all transfer to the Digiworld.
They come to a lake with little greenery everything seems to have been burnt to cinders.
Bubbles: What happened here? It's a mess
Freemon: This is so sad. Many digimon used to live here.
Jed: This is awful where are those digimon now?
Lita: I just hope the Commander hasn't done anything to them.
Trixy: Yeah but where is she?
Others: Huh?
Trixy: She challenged us and she hasn't turned up
Bubbles: I noticed.
Trixy and Jed get a digivice reading.
Jed: I think our Medallions are around here somewhere.
Humon R: Well you are not going to get them!
Humon C: I highly suggest you hand over the Crest of Life now
Bubbles: Great they don't know good timing.
Lita & Spike: If you want that Crest you'll have to go through us. Go and get those Medallions.
They change into Dolphin Master and Dragon Master.
Bubbles: Digivolve Freemon and help them!
Freemon: You go it. Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon.
Salamon: Now it's my turn to help Lita. Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon.
Patamon: I'm not letting you two have all the fun. Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon.
The 3 digimon and the 2 Digiwarriors blocked the way of the Humons.
Bubbles: Come on lets find those medallions.
Bubbles, Trixy, Jed and their Digimon tracked the signal to the lake.
Jed: And how are we expected to get to them?
Bubblemon: Leave that to me. Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon.
Turtlemon jumped into the water and swam around.
In the Commanders office.
Commander: Release Seadramon.
Humon S: Releasing Seadramon now.
Turtlemon comes to the surface of the lake.
Turtlemon: I can't see them yet I'll go and have another look.
They here a growl.
Bubbles: That can't be good!
Seadramon surfaces.
Jed: I hate it when you're right. Ok Blazemon you know the score.
Blazemon: Too right, Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon. Let's take this guy out. Fire Ball.
Seadramon: Ice Blast.
The fire cut through the Ice Blast.
Meramon: Fire always beats Ice now Turtlemon zap him with your Shell Shock.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock.
Meramon: Fire Ball.
Both attacks hit Seadramon but it doesn’t delete him.
Bubbles: Puttiemon we need you!
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
The attack floated through the air and hit Seadramon.
Puttiemon: Now all together Star Storm.
Meramon: Fire Ball.
Turtlemon: Shell Shock.
All the attacks hit Meramon and her is deleted.
Jed: Meramon go and help the others to control the Humons.
Humon C: Solar Beam.
Humon R: Power Cannon.
This hit the digimon and both Digiwarriors.
Lita: I don't know how much more I can take.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
Humon C: Lightning Strike.
This neutralises Puttiemon's attack.
Turtlemon is swimming around when she see's a chest.
She pulls the chest up to the surface.
Turtlemon: This is all I could find.
Jed opens the Chest. There were 2 medallions inside along with a club and a boomerang.
Trixy: Which one is mine?
Jed: I'll try first to see which one I mine the one left is yours.
The battle has almost ended. The digimon are back at their Rookie levels and both Digiwarriors are exhausted.
Bubbles: Hurry it up we're running out of time.
Both Humons advance towards Bubbles.
Humon C: Hand over the Crest and we'll go easy on you.
Bubbles: You want it but I'm not giving it to you.
Jed puts his hand on the Medallion with a Unicorn on it. It glows Yellow and goes to him.
Trixy then puts her hand on the Medallion with an owl on it. It glows Pink and goes to her.
Humon C: Solar Beam.
This heads for Bubbles.
Bubbles: I'm in trouble.
Voice: Shield of Patience.
A figure appears in front of Bubbles, his hair was orange and he wore a white shirt with an orange jacket and trousers. He wore Brown boots and gloves and carried a shield. He uses the shield to block the attack.
He then turns to her.
Figure: Are you alright?
Bubbles: Thanks to you I am. Who are you?
Figure: I am the Digiwarrior Wolf Master protector of the House of Patience. Hurry you two use your Medallions to change into your Digiwarrior forms.
Jed and Trixy nod and look at each other.
Jed and Trixy: Transform into Champion.
Jed started changing. He wore a white shirt with a yellow jacket and yellow trousers. His hair turned yellow. He wore brown boots and brown gloves. The club that was in the Chest came to him.
Jed: I am the Digiwarrior Horse master and protector of the Houses of Courage, Friendship and Truth.
Trixy also began to change. She wore an all in one pink suit. Her hair was pink and she wore a pink tiara. She had Pink gloves and brown boots. The boomerang in the Chest went to her.
Trixy: I am the Digiwarrior Bird master. I protect the Houses of Love, Sincerity and Miracles.
Bubbles: Wow isn’t that cool Wolf master?
She looked around and didn't see him.
Bubbles: Where did he go?
Trixy: Are you ready Horse master?
Jed: Lets go. Hey Humon C you ready to boogie?
Humon C: You are mine. Lightning Strike.
Jed: Courage Club. The club turned into a fireball. Fire.
He threw it a Humon C not only did it neutralise the attack but it hit him.
Humon C: Ugh.
This made him change back to his Agent form.
Humon R: Flower Bomb
Trixy: Love Boomerang. The crescent shaped boomerang was energised. Smash!
This cut through the Flower Bombs and hit Humon R making her change to her Agent form.
Commander: Come on you two we need to go and get that Crest.
The remaining Humons went with the Commander.
Bubbles: Way to go. Did you see where Wolf Master went?
Trixy: He just disappeared as quickly as he came.
Bubbles: Well we've made a real dent to the Commanders Army.
Commander: Yeah right go on you two get them.
Humon S: Crimson Ball.
Lita: Leave her to me I want Humon S.
Trixy: Be my guest.
Spike: And I want him.
Jed: Ok.
Spike: Let's party!
Humon J: Plasma Blast.
Lita: Water Blast.
Spike takes off his bracelet.
Spike: Magical Arrow, aim and fire.
Lita's attack extinguishes Humon S' attack.
Spike's attack splits Humon J's attack in two.
Spike: Thunder Zap
Lita: Justice Staff.
Spike's attack freezes Humon J
Lita's staff goes to an energy ball. She then hurls it at Humon S. This makes her change back to her Agent form.
Spike: Thunder Zap.
When this hits Humon S he changes back to his Agent form.
Commander: All my Agents defeated. Well I don't care anymore you can do what you want to them.
The Agents all got up.
Agent S: What do you mean you don't care you promised to get our revenge.
Bubbles: Revenge what are you talking about.
Agent S: You still don't know who we are do you? Well prepare for a shock Bubbles.
She re-changed to her normal form.
Lita: Sakura!
Spike: But does that mean that Agent J is…..
Agent J: Yes it's me Julian.
Jed: And Agent C is…
Agent C: Chris
Trixy: And that's you Ruki isn't it.
Agent R: Yes it's me.
Bubbles: But why you lot?
Agent S: Isn't it so obvious. We all hate you. You stole my title Bubbles.
Agent J: You keep getting all the glory with the computers, Spike, from all the teachers but me when I do anything good it's looked down upon.
Agent C: You beat me in football for the 3rd time this season Jed.
Agent R: And you Trixy you didn't call anymore you were always too busy.
Trixy: And now you know why I was here trying to stop the Commander and your new friends.
Lita: You see its jealousy. I'm sure Bubbles would have given you a re-match.
Spike: If you wanted help Julian you should have asked I can show you some stuff that will get your work noticed.
Jed: If you want me to help you with your football skills to improve your game I'd be glad to help you.
Trixy: Ruki if you told me how you felt then I could have done something.
Bubbles: Come on guys I'm willing to give you another chance is we can have one.
Agents: Really? Will you help us?
Digidestined: yes.
Commander: Ha that is so emotional.
Bubbles: Something you haven't got. You are cold as ice. You don't know us. You can't fell any emotions.
Commander: You claim to not know me but you do. I do feel emotions and have felt them before. I know what you are like.
Bubbles: Then who are you Myotiswomon? How do you know us?
Commander: You known me through time. You were shocked at the discovery of the Agents now you will be extremely surprised at me.
The Commander then dedigivolved back to her normal form.
Digidestined: Oh what!
Bubbles: It can't be it's impossible, But why? and how?
Cat: It is me Catarina Dresden. You see I can no longer be a proper digidestined and love the Digital World as my own. This is my home. I guess for how I became Myotiswomon was the fact to all the energy I have been exposed to. First when I came to the Digital World through the interdimentional tear. Then when leaving the exposure to the Crests. Mastermon taking my DNA. Myotismon taking my blood and injecting me with the venom and the Crest of Life then gave me the final push. You are the special digidestined Bubbles but you are the most vulnerable you can't change into a digimon like your comrades. You have the Crest of Life it can heal and bring light to where there was darkness. There is no other Crest like it. If it got into evil hands then it can be a force of destruction.
Bubbles: Since you've told us that then no way are you getting your hands on it.
Cat: As if you are going to stop me. Your friends are tired they wouldn't stand long.
Wolf master: But with an extra hand they will.
Cat: Who are you?
Wolf master: Your worst nightmare. Wolf Master
Bubbles: Tell us your identity.
Wolf master: I can't I'm sorry.
Cat: You will be sorry. Transform into Ultimate.
She changed to Myotiswomon.
Commander: I will now show you what I can do Wolf Master, Grisly Wing.
It hits Wolf Master.
Wolf master: Caught off guard this time but you won't do it again.
Commander: You never give up, Giga Cannon.
This hit Wolf Master changing him to a human.
Suddenly a communicator beebs.
Digimon: Commander the base is about to blow. We need you.
Commander: What argghh just as I was about to destroy the Digidestined. You escaped this time but I will return then I will destroy you.
Bubbles: We'll do everything we can to stop you Cat.
Commander: Till then.
She disappears.
Bubbles: Hey are you ok?
The boy looks at her.
Bubbles: Jay?
Jay: Yes it's me I am a digidestined too.
Lita: Where is your digimon?
Jay: He is at home. I told him to stay there.
Jed: Who is your digimon?
Jay: My digimon is Elecmon. In his In-training form he is Demielecmon.
Trixy: How did you become a digidestined?
Jay: I used to live in America. I went out and I saw a digimon. No one else could see it. It was a gorilla. I think its called Gorillamon. I got home and there was this Digivice, Coin and Digiegg on my bed. It hatched into Yenamon and then digivolved to Demielecmon.
Bubbles: Which Digicoin to you hold?
Jay: I don’t know what it is called I've never used it. Here have a look.
He passed the coin.
Spike: It looks like the Coin of Patience.
Trixy: Hey we better go home. Will you guys be ok?
Sakura: Yeah we will be fine. We can use our transformers to get home. Digiport open. Huh?
Jed: It didn't work.
Ruki: We have lost our powers.
Julian: Maybe it's for the best.
Jed: We'll all go back through keep a hold on us other wise you may not get back.
All of them transported back safely.
Later on when everyone was going home they were talking.
Sakura: We got it really wrong didn't we.
Lita: It's ok everyone makes mistakes.
Bubbles: Yeah even me. After we go back to school you can have a shot at the title.
Sakura: Thanks. I'm home see you guys keep us informed.
Digidestined: Ok.
All of them went to their separate homes all except Jed, Jay and Bubbles.
Jay: Hey you guys are cool especially you Bubbles.
Bubbles (blushes): Well I…
Jed: Hey I said…
Jay: Laters you guys my mom and sister will be waiting for me see you tomorrow.
Bubbles: Yep bye Jay.
The then went in to get something to eat.
In the digiworld Cat is talking to a digimon.
Cat: So Lightmon they are going to be past tense. Tomorrow we'll launch the last assault they will feel my power.

Will the Commander succeed? Find out next time on Digimon Digital Monsters.