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The Final Showdown

Piedmon: I had returned to the Digital World from the Gate of Destiny.
(Spike: Unfortunately)
Piedmon: Ahem, I regained my body and went after the Digidestined.
(Bubbles: Yeah there's always someone after us)
Piedmon: Hmm. They began to find their Digiwarrior Houses. When 3 digidestined went on their own further on I used my device to trap them in sub space but the Digi Queen.
(Cali: Bubbles)
Piedmon: Found them.
(Bubbles: And then we kicked Piedmon's.)
Piedmon: Hey am I the one who's telling the story here go on shoo!
Digidestined: Oooh (muttering under breath as they leave)
Piedmon: We then fought and an old servant of mine Purrmon digivolved to Lady Myotismon. I took the decision to leave for now and come up with a new plan.
(Digidestined: *shouting* Which will no doubt fail.)
Piedmon: *sweat drop*

Bubbles: So Jed we've found our houses. We're coming to find you now.
Jed: Well we are freezing here! We're in the Frozen Lands at Jay's house. I'm about to leave with my group in a bit to warmer pastures. Trixy and Lita will go on to the mountains with their groups.
Bubbles: Ok we'll come and find you. Kiorey is on her way to you.
Jed: Ok laters.
Bubbles: Bye. You here that guys. That's where we are heading.
Jay: So this is it my Digihouse.
Lita: Yeah and please try to hurry Jay it's freezing.
Jay: Well I'm quite warm.
Kari: I'm not!
Jay: I've scanned the info on the door. Only I can enter my house.
Trixy: Well hurry it up.
She pushes him.
Jay: Ok!
He opens the door and goes in. He sees 2 doors and a frozen table with some cloaks and a card on it. He goes to the doors and gets his cards of Patience and Fate. He then goes and picks up his medallion card and some cloaks. There were 6 cloaks in all.
Jay: Let the girls have these.
He passed one to Kari, Sora, Lita, Trixy and Mimi.
Jay: Cody have the last one.
Cody: Thanks Jay but you need one.
Jay: I'm fine honestly.
Cody: Ok.
The girls and Cody put on their cloaks.
Jed: Right Jay, Joe, Cody, Tai and Matt are with me. The rest of you stay together and good luck.
Lita: Yeah whatever.
They split into their two groups and went in opposite directions.
Lita: Well it works out that the girls are together.
Kari: Yeah Girl Power.
Lita: Hmm.
Trixy: What is it Lita?
Lita: I'm working out which area is the closest.
Mimi: Which one is it?
Lita: The mountains.
Trixy: My area.
Palmon: Then let's get going before I freeze.
They started walking towards the mountains. After a while the mountains came in range.
Sora: I'm beginning to feel warmer.
Lita: It's cause we're moving and not stood around.
Kari: Hmm smell that air.
Mimi: Fresh mountain air how lovely.
They got to the foot of a mountain.
Trixy: Woah look up there.
They looked up and saw a house at the summit.
Trixy: I guess that's my house and it looks not very high up as the other mountains.
Mimi: Still a long walk though.
Lita: Then I suggest we start going.
Kiorey: Hey wait up.
Lita: Oh Kiorey.
Kiorey: Hi. Have I missed anything.
Trixy: Jay got his stuff from his Digihouse and mine is up this.
Kiorey: Cool cloaks.
Kari: They were in Jay's Digihouse and he gave them to us and one to Cody.
Kiorey: He's a gentleman. Giving them to the girls. I guess you've heard that Bubbles' group are on their way.
Lita: Yeah we heard.
Kiorey: So the boys are on their own right?
Lita: Yeah they are on their way to Jed's Digihouse.
Kiorey: There going to the volcano area. Surprisingly it's pretty close to this cold.
Lita: We know that it wasn't very far.
Kiorey: Ok me a Purrmon will go on to them to see how they are doing.
Mimi: Bye.
She left the girls and went to find the boys.
In his base of operations Piedmon is sitting and watching the Digidestined through a globe.
Piedmon: Oh the girls are on their own as are the boys. Hmm.
He sees Kiorey join the boys.
Piedmon: HER and that pathetic digimon Purrmon. I think I will attack them.
Voice: No good will come from your evil Piedmon.
Piedmon: What? Oh voice leader of the so called Digispirit Protectors.
Voice: That's me and you Piedmon are a good for nothing digimon.
Piedmon: As if I care voice. How about appearing and fighting me.
Voice: I cannot do that Piedmon.
Piedmon: Why not Voice are you scared.
Voice: Because some of your virus left you and attacked me my body is else where than where it should be with me.
Piedmon: So it's sealed is it?
Voice: None of your business Piedmon.
Piedmon: The day some of the virus left me was the best day of my life when I finally won the war on your Digispirits.
Voice: You got rid of one but made another.
Piedmon: Ah yes Kiorey she still doesn't know what virus it was does she?
Voice: No she doesn't know that it was yours that made her a Digispirit. She already hates you but she is going to hate you even more once I tell her.
Piedmon: Not before I get to her and put an end to her.
Voice: *sighs* I will give you this warning if you carry on your evil ways Piedmon you will be defeated.
Piedmon: As if you can stop me voice muw ah ah ah.
The boys and Kiorey are all at the border of the volcano's land.
Jed: Phew my house should be around here somewhere.
Kiorey: Yep just gotta find it now.
Jed: I hope it's soon I wanna go and cool off.
The girls have now climbed to Trixy's Digihouse. She has been in and got her cards.
Trixy: Look at the view. We can see a lot of the Digiworld from here.
Lita: Look there's Bubbles and her group.
Kari: And the boys and Kiorey are just in the distance.
Bubbles: Hey look guys and gals I can see Lita and her group.
They all wave.
Lita: Now we need to get down to the water and find my Digihouse.
Kari: Finding it is no problem look at the bottom of the mountain there is a lake and in the middle is your house.
Lita: How am I supposed to get to it?
Bubblemon: I'll carry you across on my back.
Lita: Ok lets get down this mountain.
They climbed down and met Bubbles at the bottom.
Lita: My house is over on that lake.
Bubbles: Ok lets go over to it then.
Bubblemon: I can only carry one person over at a time.
Bubbles: Ok go on Lita.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon.
Turtlemon carried Lita across and she got her cards and came back again.
Bubbles: Now it's just Jed to get his isn't it?
Lita: Yep.
Trixy emailed the boys and told them that they were coming.
Jay: Bubbles and the others are all on their way.
Kiorey: Hey Jed get over here you need to see this.
Jed went to Kiorey and looked over in the direction of a volcano.
Jed: My Digihouse at the foot of that thing. Ah well here I go.
He went to his house and got his cards.
Kiorey: That's them all.
Bubbles: Hey!
Jed: We've got em all!
Voice: Digidestined.
Bubbles: Voice!
Voice: Digidestined and Kiorey there is something I need to tell you. I need your help and fast. I need my body back again.
Kiorey: I knew this was going to come soon.
Bubbles: Um where is your body Voice?
Voice: My body is sealed in a Dark Porthole I was attacked by a virus a long time ago but my spirit has left my body because of the evil that is in it.
Kari: A dark porthole? Only a very few digimon were ever sealed in Dark Portholes.
Voice: I know and what I am about to say may be difficult for all of you to accept. Kiorey know what my bodily form is. Digidestined and Digimon I am someone who you hated.
K Gatomon: Huh I don't understand.
Voice: Gatomon you especially hate me. For I was in my virus bodily form the evil Myotismon.
All: Myotismon!
Myotismon: Yes I am Myotismon.
Bubbles: But I don't understand how did you become the evil Myotismon?
Myotismon: It was a virus.
Piedmon: Yes it was a virus alright.
Kiorey: Piedmon.
Piedmon: Tell them Myotismon, tell them who's virus it was.
Myotismon: It was Piedmon's.
Purrmon: Grrrr.
Piedmon: Yes it was my virus that attacked him and killed you Kiorey.
Gatomon: And that virus made him do everything evil. From him hurting me to killing Wizardmon.
Myotismon: I am truly sorry for everything I did.
Kari: We forgive you Myotismon but it's a shame you don't have a body any more.
Kiorey: He does have a body but it is filled with evil.
Piedmon: But you forget one thing you cannot reach his body it's sealed.
Bubbles: Hmm I have an idea. Tai I want you and the older digidestined with me. Kiorey please come with us too. Jed I want you to stay here with Spike, Lita, Jay, Trixy, Cali and fight Piedmon with your digimon. Transform if you need to ok?
Jed: k but what are you planning?
Bubbles: No time to tell you.
She took the lead and ran with the other digidestined and Kiorey. She took them to the place where they sealed Myotismon a while ago.
Tai: Why have you brought us here Bubbles?
Bubbles: Change into Power.
She transformed into Angel Master.
Bubbles: Hold up your digivices to the wall where we sealed Myotismon's body.
They all looked puzzled but did as they were asked. Beams of light went from the Digivices and opened the Dark Porthole. Out of it came the body of Myotismon.
Bubbles: Energy Removal.
The Dark energy from Myotismon's body left and went into the sphere.
Bubbles: Energy Seal.
The energy sealed in her sphere. The sphere then turned blue.
Bubbles: You can return to your body now Myotismon. My sphere is also full of energy.
A spirit floated from out of no where and came into the body of Myotismon. On contact it flashed in a colour of gold. He then began examining his body apart from a few bruises was in full tact. He fell to his knees in front of the Digidestined and their digimon and broke down in tears.
Myotismon: I am so sorry for what I have done I don't deserve to be living.
Kari was the first to approach him she knelt by his side and touched his shoulder. He looked at her innocent face in a confused way.
Kari: It wasn't your true self Myotismon it was the virus. It made you do all the terrible things.
Gatomon came and joined her. He turned his face from her.
Gatomon: I forgive you Myotismon.
He turned his face back and looked at the white cat. She had tears in her eyes now.
Myotismon: You forgive me?
Gatomon: I served you for many years through the good times and the bad times but Kari was my true calling. I knew that you were not evil and that something must have happened to you and now I know what that something was I am now proud to call the leader of the Digispirits my old Master.
Myotismon: Thank you Gatomon. If I could turn back time I would. I scared your left paw.
He removed her left glove and looked at the scar. He put his other hand over it and it disappeared. He then put her glove back on her paw.
Gatomon looked at him eye gleaming. She then hugged him. He looked at her and smiled. He then looked back at the Digidestined gathered.
Myotismon: Hold out your digivices.
They did so and to them was sent power.
Myotismon: You don't need the Digieggs or Crests older digidestined your digimon can go to ultimate at anytime but I can't fix it so they can go to mega.
Tk: That'll be ok but I think we need to get back to the others they're fighting Piedmon on their own.
Myotismon: I have a score to settle with him.
Kiorey: You are not the only one. He killed me and harmed many innocent digimon.
Bubbles' digivice beeps.
Bubbles: They are in real trouble they are all wiped out.
Jed: (shouting) Bubbles we need you!
Piedmon: She won't make it in time now I shall kill you and then the others one by one.
He raises one of his Trump Swords.
Trixy: Feather Fly
Her attack barley touches Piedmon due to her being exhausted.
Piedmon: Pathetic say good bye Jed aka Digiwarrior Horse Master.
He sent his sword down towards Jed.
Trixy: Jed no.
Bubbles: Staff fire.
Her attack hits the sword knocking out of Piedmon's hand. All the ultimate digimon come into view with the digidestined behind them.
Lita: Bubbles you made it and you got Myotismon his body back.
Piedmon: Ah so your back Myotismon.
Myotismon: Right Piedmon and we have a little surprise for you.
Bubbles: Get your cards out gang and your Digivices.
They all get their digivices and cards out.
Bubbles: Choose your Crest Card first.
They chose their card.
Digidestined: Crest card slash.
Fairymon: I feel strange. She broke down into Data.
Next was Skullmeramon, then Silvermon and Werelightingmon. They were followed by Magnachibimon, Lita's Angewomon and Spikes Magnaangemon.
Piedmon: What in the Digiworld?
The Data then joined together a digimon began to be formed. It had qualities of all the digimon.
Digimon: Neomon.
Digidestined: Neomon!
Myotismon: Neomon is a mega DNA digimon.
Bubbles: Now let's see what our Medallion Cards do.
Digidestined: Medallion Card Slash Change into Power.
They all began to transform.
Lita: Neo Dolphin Master
Jed: Neo Horse Master
Spike: Neo Dragon Master
Trixy: Neo Bird Master
Jay: Neo Wolf Master
Cali: Neo Ninja Master
Bubbles: Neo Angle Master Queen of the Digimon.
Piedmon: There Mega Digiwarriors.
Purrmon: Yeah they are cool isn't it?
Piedmon: But you're not.
He throws a dagger at her.
Digidestined: Purrmon!
Purrmon: Huh wha aghhhhhh.
The dagger strikes her in the heart.
Kiorey: Purrmon!
Piedmon: Muw ah ah ah!
Kiorey: Purrmon I'm sorry.
Purrmon: For what Kiorey you've nothing to be sorry for. I am about to be deleted but instead of being reborn I will enter you take my spirit and fight on for me.
Kiorey: Purrmon.
She was deleted and her Data went into Kiorey.
Kiorey stood up with eye narrowed at Piedmon.
Kiorey: I shall make sure you won't hurt anybody else. Digiolve.
She began to change into a vampire digimon like Myotismon.
Kiorey: Lady Myotismon.
Bubbles: She changed into Purrmon's Ultimate form.
Kiorey: But I have the power of a mega.
Myotismon: As do I. Ready to try us now Piedmon?
Piedmon: Y, You can't touch me.
Bubbles: Want to bet.
She held up her staff.
Cali go to her side. They hold up their hands. Above them a white ball appears.
Bubbles: Digiwarriors and Digimon fire into this ball.
Lita: Water Blast
Spike: Thunder Zap
Trixy: Feather Fly
Jed: Fox Fire
Jay: Ice Ball
Myotismon: Grisly Wing
Lady Myotismon: Neo Wave
Metalgreymon: Giga Blaster
Weregarurumon: Wolf Claw
Garudamon: Wing Blade
Megakabuterimon: Horn Buster
Lillymon: Flower Cannon
Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer
Magnaangemon: Excalibar
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow.
Neomon: Neo Cannon
Bubbles and Cali: Now Piedmon we are going to finish you off for sure.
Bubbles: I add my Life
Cali: I add my Power
Both: Fire.
The ball of attacks headed for Piedmon and hit him. He began to disappear to a Digiegg.
Myotismon went to the egg.
Tai: Destroy it!
Lady Myotismon: Neo Wave. The egg cracked in 2 pieces making Piedmon be gone forever.
Bubbles and Cali changed back and fell to the floor.
Trixy: Bubbles, Cali.
All of the Digiwarrior dedigivolved as did the digimon.
She ran to her fallen friends.
Bubbles: We did it.
She smiled and her body disintegrated. But she still stayed.
Kiorey: She is a Digispirit.
Cali: Looked at her digimon and nodded.
Then she also disintegrated but also stayed as a Digispirit.
Jed: Bubbles what do I tell mum and dad?
Bubbles: Bring them to the computer I will talk to them.
Cali: Izzy I want you to get in touch with my adopted dad and tell him what happened I can't do it.
Izzy: Sis I found you and now am going to lose you again.
Cali: You can never lose me.
Jed had gone back to the real world and got his parents to the computer.
Bubbles: Hi mum hi dad.
Mr Sanyo: It is true that you are dead?
Bubbles: I guess so but I'm not really dead I am like Kiorey a Digispirit.
Mrs Sanyo: What do we tell the school and everyone else?
Bubbles: The truth!
Mr Sanyo: But.
Bubbles: The entire world now knows of the Digital World. They'll understand where I am.
Mrs Sanyo: Bubbles can't you come back here?
Bubbles: No I have to stay and protect the Digital World but I will contact you everyday I promise.
Mrs Sanyo: Ok
They left the computer and went back to contact everyone.
Izzy had contacted Cali's adoptive dad and told him.
Bubbles: So I guess this is our goodbye for a while.
Others: Yeah but we'll come and visit you.
Bubbles: Thanks and I have loads to now do. I am still the Digi Queen after all.
Myotismon: That's true.
Cat: Take care friend.
Bubbles: You too.
With that the Digidestined left with their digimon. Freemon and Chibimon stayed.
Bubbles: Come on everyone lets go to the Digi Queen house and we'll eat.
They all went into the distance.
In the real world Jay and Jed are sat looking into the night sky.  The looked at stars and both made out a picture of Bubbles.
Jay and Jed looked at each other and nodded their heads. They went back looking into the night sky.

Lita: Mr Brown and Miss Booth did get married and were saddened by losing Bubbles. Me and Spike did get married and we have a baby girl. Davis and Trixy actually got married as did Tk and Kari. Ken and Yolei married and have children. Matt and Sora got married and had children. Mimi got married to a kid in America called Michael and they have a child.
Everyone else never did get married but lived happy lives. Kiorey and Myotismon are happy together in the Royal Court. Bubbles and Cali keep the Digital World safe. Digiports are opening all over the galaxy so who know what can happen in the future.

The End