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Ok i've put this set together all parts of it are in this mail.

Into The Dark (Enter the Darks)
I don't own digimon ect ect.  But I do own Cat and her digimon unless Saban etc decide to nick em.

Since Davis and the others defeated Malomyotismon and saved the Digital World all has been quiet until a new evil comes.  Now Davis, Yolei, Cody, Kari, Tk, Ken, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe and Cat have to fight. A fight that they will never forget.

Chapter 1

"Pass me the ball Davis," called Tai.
"Ok Tai I see you," he answered.
Davis smoothly passed the ball to Tai.
"Ken here," shouted Tai.
Tai booted the ball to Ken.
"Come on Rocket!" shouted Yolei.
Ken shoots at goal and scores.
"Yeah come on five minutes left and you guys have the championship," shouted Kari.
"Come on Digiteam," called Izzy. "You can beat the Game Team."
The Game team kicked back off again.  Sora got the ball.  She ran the length of the pitch to the Game goal.  Richard the Game's goalie brought her down.
The referee pointed to the spot.
Tk stepped up to take the penalty.
"Go Tk, go Tk, go Tk," called Kari.
"How come she never calls for me!" thought Davis.
Tk had his shot at goal.  He scored. The referee blew his whistle for full time.
"We are the Champions," said Sora.
"Yeah thanks to Tk and Ken," answered Kari.
The gang celebrated but then they heard the D-terminals ringing.
"Uh trouble," replied Cody.
"It's from Gennai a new evil force is taking over the Digital World he wants us to go to the Desert of Server," said Izzy.
"Do you remember what happened last time we went to the Desert of Server?" asked Tai.
"Yeah I do we defeated Etemon," replied Matt.
"Come on then lets go," answered Davis.
"We are near Cat's house lets see if she's in and if we can use her computer to get to the Digital World," said Kari.
"Cat?" asked Davis "Who is Cat?"
"Cat was a digidestined before Me, Matt and the others we joined up on a couple of occasions to defeat Myotismon who happened to be her dad who was turned evil," replied Tai.
"Oh right then lets go!" called Yolei.
The group went and changed their gear and went to Cat's place.
Tai knocked at the door.
"Hold on a minute I'll be with you soon," came a voice.
The door opened a while later.
"Tai!" she said. "It's been a while hasn't it?"
"Sure has but can we save it until later we have a favour to ask," he replied.
"Come in then all of you," she answered.
They all went inside.
"Dad," Cat called "You'll never guess who's here."
"Who is it Cat?" he answered.
"It's Tai and the others," she replied.
"Great hi kids," he shouted.
"Hello Mr Dresden," replied the group.
"How many times do I have to tell you it's Jules," he answered.
"So what's up guys?" Cat asked.
"We need to get to the Digital World as soon a possible and your house was close by since you moved so can we borrow the computer to get there?" asked Kari.
"Sure but two things," she replied. "One can I go with you for old times sake and two introduce me to your new friends."
"It's a deal," said Tai.
"Hi I'm Davis I am a digidestined," Davis told Cat.
"My names Yolei and I'm pleased to meet you," she said.
"I am Cody the 3rd digidestined," introduced Cody.
"My name is Ken I am a digidestined I was the Digimon Emperor but I was brought back to my senses by the other digidestined that's when I realized my true call," he told Cat.
"Well I'm pleased to meet you all my name is Catarina but I prefer being called Cat," she answered.
"Dad will you keep an eye on the computer whilst we are in the Digital World?" asked Cat.
"Yeah sure," he answered.
"Ok then lets go," said Davis.
He put his D-3 to the screen. He was pulled in the others put their digivices to the screen and followed him.
The kids landed in the Digital World and a surprise awaited them.

Chapter 2

"What has happened?" asked Davis.
"It looks like everything is Metal but how I don't know," replied Izzy.
"Who could have done this?" asked Kari.
"It was Datamon," said a voice.
"Veemon is that you?" asked Davis.
"Yeah it's us well most of us," replied Veemon.
Out of an ally way came Veemon, Hawkmon, Agumon, Gabumon, Patamon and Wormmon.
"Where are the other digimon?" asked Cat.
"Datamon got them," replied Hawkmon.
"He's got Armadillomon," cried Cody.
"Tentomon," said Izzy.
"Palmon," sighed Mimi.
"Biyomon," cried Sora.
"Gomamon," said Joe.
"Gatomon," cried Kari.
"And Lightmon," sighed Cat. "Where is Datamon?"
"He is in the metal castle in the middle of the Desert," answered Hawkmon.
"Where is the Desert?" asked Yolei.
"We're standing on it," replied Agumon. "He made everything Metal."
"What is he like?" asked Davis.
"We've come up against him before he tried cloning Sora but I saved her he was sucked into Digital nothingness like Etemon but neither of them came back until now," said Tai.
"Well you're wrong there Tai when we split for a while when we needed to find ourselves Etemon told us how he came back as Metaletemon but Zudomon defeated him," answered Joe.
"Well thanks for telling us before," replied Tai.
"Come on I can't wait to get Lightmon back," said Cat.
The group went into the main sector of the city to go and get the digimon back.
"We've got to be careful," warned Gabumon "Mekanorimon roam the city for intruders."
"Ok Gabumon thanks for telling us we have to be even more careful," answered Matt.
"Tai do you remember before when we need to get medicine for Kari I had to log on to find a way through the bots I can do it again," suggested Izzy.
"Ok do it," he answered
Izzy logged on to the Internet and found a map.  He scanned the area for the Mekanorimon and found a few were in their area.
"Unless we fight them we are stuck here," stated Davis.
"I agree we need to fight them," replied Tk.
"And who made you leader Tj," answered Davis.
"It's Tk Davis and don't forget it," growled Tk.
"Ok you two cool it we're supposed to be fighting Datamon not each other," replied Sora.
"Uh oh they are nearly on top of us," said Izzy.
"Ok guys digivolve," called Davis.
"Veemon digivolve to," said Veemon
"Exveemon," called Exveemon.
"Hawkmon digivolve to," called Hawkmon.
"Aquillamon," said Aquillamon.
"Wormmon digivolve to," called Wormmon
"Stingmon," said Stingmon.
"Patamon digivolve to," shouted Patamon.
"Angemon," called the angel.
"Agumon digivolve to," said Agumon.
"Greymon," answered the dinosaur.
"Gabumon digivolve to," called Gabumon.
"Garurumon," he replied.
"Go and get them," shouted Davis and Tai simultaneously.
"Nova Blast," called Greymon
"X laser," called Exveemon.
"Blast Laser," shouted Aquillamon.
"Howling Blaster," said Garurumon.
"Hand of Fate," called Angemon.
The attacks hit the Mekanorimon and defeated most of them.
"One Last time," shouted Davis.
The digimon used their attacks at the remaining Mekanorimon one didn't seem to get even scratched.
"Why isn't that Mekanorimon being touched?" asked Cat.
"Hmm I'm not sure if that is a Mekanorimon he may look like one but I have my doubts," replied Izzy.
Suddenly a voice came from the Mekanorimon.
"You are right little smarty pants," it said.
"Who is it?" asked Yolei.
The lid of the Mekanorimon lifted up and out came a shiny Metallic looking Datamon.
"That is Datamon," pointed Sora. "But he looks different."
"That is correct Sora I am Metaldatamon," he replied. "I was sucked into my own attack so I managed to survive on my back up energy I managed to get myself built back up but I somehow digivolved to my mega form of Metaldatamon and now I will get my revenge on you all."

Chapter 3

"Metal spray," he called.
"I don't see anything," exclaimed Cat.
"I can't either," replied Tk.
"I feel sleepy," said Cody.
"Cody this is no time to be taking a nap," exclaimed Davis.
"I feel tired too Davis," said Veemon.
"Now you mention it I do as well," carried on Davis.
One by one the group fell to sleep.
"Ha they were east to deal with now to carry on with my master plan," thought Metaldatamon. "Mekanorimon take them to my metal castle."
The Mekanorimon picked up the sleeping children and digimon and took them to his castle.
"Put them into the tubes," he ordered.
They were put into tubes.  The other missing digimon were in tubes asleep.
Metaldatamon went and pressed a green button on a control panel.  In 13 other tubes little circles appeared.  Then Metaldatamon pressed a blue button and the digidestined and the digimon were released from the tubes.
"Did anyone get the number of that truck?" groaned Tai.
"Hey what have you done to us?" challenged Cat.
"You will soon know look in those tubes and you will see," answered Metaldatamon.
The children looked into the tubes and a surprise met their eyes.
"They look like us but are completely dressed in black," exclaimed Sora.
"Black never did suit me," said Mimi
"What kind of weirdo makes copies of us," growled Ken.
"They are ready to be released," said Metaldatamon.
"Stop him Agumon," called Tai.
"Pepper Breath," shouted Agumon.
It hit Metaldatamon but did not even phase him.
"Ha you can't hurt me," he replied.
Metaldatamon presses a red button on the panel. The tubes open and out step the doubles of the digidestined and digimon.
"Digidestined meet the dark digidestined and their digimon they are loyal to me and will do anything I say."
"Guys," said Cat "I suggest we run for it."
"Good idea," replied Yolei.
The group ran from Metaldatamon's metal castle.
"After them," ordered Metaldatamon.
The dark digidestined ran after the digidestined.
"Split up into to groups and run like mad," suggested Tk.
"Got it," answered Cat.
Cat and Kari paired off. Matt and Tai paired off. Yolei, Sora and Mimi paired off.  Cody and Joe paired off.  Davis and Tk paired off.  Ken and Izzy paired off.  They ran into the different city areas which their dark children and digimon following them.

Will the digidestined escape the dark children or will this be the start of the end.  Find out in the next story (The Darks) Close Encounters of the digikind.

(Into the Dark) The Close Encounters of the Digi Kind

Davis, Yolei, Cody, Tk, Kari, Ken, Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe and Cat have returned to the Digital World on the request of Gennai.  When in the Digital World they found that Datamon had returned but as Metaldatamon.  He captured the digidestined and their digimon and cloned them.  There are now Dark digidestined and digimon following the real digidestined.  The digidestined split up into pairs.

Chapter 1

"Keep on running Kari," called Cat.
" No fear about that," she replied.
"Cat," gasped Lightmon. " I'm not sure how long I can go on for."
"Keep on going Lightmon," encouraged Cat.  "Unless you want to be history."
"Gee thanks for that Cat that really helps," answered Lightmon.
"How are you fairing Gatomon?" asked Kari.
"I'm ok Kari," she replied.
"Kari look over there," Cat pointed. "It's a cave of some sort."
"Lets head over to it," suggested Kari. "We maybe able to lose our evil doubles."
Cat, Kari and their digimon ran into the cave and hid in a small hole.
"Be quiet or they'll find us," whispered Cat.
"They went in here," said dark Kari.
"Find them for Master Metaldatamon," answered dark Cat.
The two evil digidestined searched for the Cat and Kari.
"I want to get my claws to that Gatomon," purred the Darkgatomon.
"When we find them you can," answered the dark Kari.
The digidestined hardly dared breath.
"They have to be here somewhere," snapped dark Cat.
"Lets look further into the cave," replied dark Kari.
The two dark digidestined and their digimon went further into the cave.
"Come on whilst we have time to get away from them for a while and see if we can find any of the others," said Kari.
They slid out of their hiding place and left the cave through the entrance. Little did they know that the dark digidestined had seen them and were once again hot on their trail.
Tk and Davis however have lost their evil counterparts after a long chase and are arguing.
"Well Tj I'm stuck with you," complained Davis.
"It's Tk and you'll just have to like it," answered Tk.
"I'd rather be with Kari," replied Davis.
"Hey she's mine David," argued Tk.
"That's Davis Tk," shouted Davis.
"Keep your voice down or do you want them darks to find us," hissed Tk.
"Davis he's right," answered Veemon.
"Oh that's right Veemon take his side," sulked Davis.
"I'm not taking sides Davis but think about it if those dark digidestined find us we could face a hard battle," replied Veemon.
"Well I suppose you are right Tk I'm sorry," apologized Davis.
"Hey it's ok Davis," answered Tk.
"Tk," said Davis.
"What is it?" asked Tk.
"Well I need to tell you something," he replied.
"Go on," answered Tk.
"I like Kari I don't mean as friends I mean as well," he stutted.
"You love her don't you?" asked Tk.
"Well yes," he answered
"I do as well Davis," admitted Tk.
"I think it would be best if Kari chose," said Davis.
"Hmm but at the moment we have to stick together to keep the Dark Digidestined off our backs," answered Tk.
"That's the spirit," replied Veemon.
"Come on we better split from here unless we want a fight," suggested Patamon.
"Hey over there Davis," pointed Tk
"Uh oh trouble quick before they see us," answered Davis.
The two children and their digimon started to run from the area.
"Tk they're over there!" exclaimed the dark Davis.
"They've seen us," hissed Tk.
"Destroy them for Master Metaldatamon," ordered the dark Tk.
"Quick run," shouted Davis.
Both kids ran together and came to a dead end.
"We've got you now," sniggered the dark Tk.

Chapter 2

"I wonder how Tk and Davis are?" said Kari.
"You're really worried about them aren't you?" asked Cat.
"Yeah I am you see it's like this," replied Kari. "I know Davis and Tk like me that's why they fight all the time, I flirt with Tk a lot but I'm not sure which one I like the most."
"Well listen to your heart," answered Cat. "Cause your hearts not going to lie to you."
"Thanks Cat you are the best friend a girl could ever have," replied Kari.
"Well i.," said Cat.
She was interrupted by a voice. The voice of dark Cat.
"There they are," shouted the dark Cat. "Get them."
"Here we go again," called Kari.
Kari, Lightmon and Gatomon started running but Cat stood her ground.
"We can't run away forever, I'm not running this time I've had enough of these bozos," said Cat.
"But Cat," replied Lightmon. "They look stronger than us."
"Looks can be deceiving," answered Cat.
"Do you want to fight as well Kari?" asked Gatomon.
"Yes Gatomon Cat is right we can't run away forever," replied Kari.
"Ok then I'm willing to fight," smiled Gatomon.
"Since that's settled lets do it," called Cat. "Lightmon digivolve."
"Lightmon digivolve to," called Lightmon.
"Peacemon," said Peacemon.
"Well looky there she digivolved," growled the dark Cat. "Darklightmon digivolve."
"Darklightmon digivolve to," said the digimon.
A dark beam hit Darklightmon from dark Cat's dark digivice.
"Darklightmon digivolve to," said Darklightmon.
"Darkpeacemon," called the digimon.
"Oh great they can digivolve to," growled Cat sarcastically. "Becareful Peacemon."
"Dark Peace Charm," called Darkpeacemon.
Peacemon dodged the attack.
"Peace Ball," called Peacemon.
Darkpeacemon then dodged Peacemon's attack.
"Lightning Claw," called Gatomon.
It hit the Darkgatomon.
"You'll pay for that Gatomon," growled Darkgatomon. "Dark Cat's Eyes Hypnotism."
Gatomon fell to the ground. Darkgatomon walked over to the fallen Gatomon.
"Now to finish you off, Dark Lighting Claw," said Darkgatomon.
Gatomon rolled away.
"Cat's Eyes Hypnotism," called Gatomon.
The Darkgatomon started wavering a bit.  Gatomon intensified the attack with another bout of Cat's Eye Hypnotism.
"Lightning Claw," called Gatomon.
It hit the sleeping Darkgatomon.
Gatomon continued her attack.
"Peace Ball," called Peacemon.
The Darkpeacemon was injured.
"Dark Peace Charm," panted Darkpeacemon.
It missed Peacemon by a long shot.
"Get up Darkpeacemon," ordered Dark Cat.
"Peace Charm," called Peacemon.
It hit Darkpeacemon and she was deleted.
"Now Dark Cat are you ready to be defeated?" asked Cat.
"I shall not be defeated," replied Dark Cat.
"We will see," answered Cat.
The two girls started fighting.
Gatomon deleted the Darkgatomon.
"Kari you are mine," shouted the Dark Kari.
"Never happen," called Gatomon. "If you want Kari you'll have to get through me first. Cat's Eyes Hypnotism.
This put the dark Kari to sleep.
"Lightning Claw," called Gatomon.
"Wait Gatomon," said Kari. "I think there maybe another way to tame the Dark me."
She whispered something into Gatomon's ear.
"Ok Kari," she replied.
Both Cats were still fighting.
"Cat duck," shouted Gatomon.
The real Cat ducked and Gatomon used her Cat's Eyes Hypnotism and put the dark Cat to sleep.
"We can whisper into their ears and make them good instead of evil," replied Kari.
Both children whispered into the ears of the dark Cat and Kari. Soon they awakened.
"Oh what hit me," groaned the Dark Cat.
"That was me do you remember anything?" asked Cat.
"Yes I was copied from you but was an evil version but I now have no wish to fight you," replied the Dark Cat.
"I have no wish to fight you either Kari," answered the Dark Kari.
"The main thing is that we find the other copies and get them to stop fighting us," replied Cat.
"We know where the dark Davis and Tk were heading," said Dark Kari.
"Will you take us to them?" asked Kari.
"Yes follow us," replied Dark Cat.
The two dark digidestined followed by Kari, Cat and their digimon went off to get Davis and Tk.

Chapter 3

"We're cornered Davis," stated Tk.
"You don't say," replied Davis sarcastically.
"This is no time to argue you two," said Veemon.
"Yep Veemon's right we need to work together to defeat these Digi clowns," answered Patamon.
"Ready to digivolve Veemon?" asked Davis.
"Lets do it to it," he replied.
Davis held out his D-3.
"Veemon digivolve to," called Veemon.
"Exveemon," said Exveemon.
"Your up Patamon," stated Tk.
Tk held up his D-3.
"Patamon digivolve to," said Patamon.
"Angemon," replied Angemon.
"Your digimon are not the only ones that can digivolve," sniggered Dark Davis. "Darkveemon digivolve."
"Darkveemon digivolve to," called the dark digimon.
"Darkexveemon," replied the new digimon.
"Darkpatamon digivolve to," called Darkpatamon.
"Darkangemon," said Darkangemon.
"This doesn't look promising," stated Davis.
"I'm not giving up yet just because they can digivolve," replied Tk.
"Dark Hand of Fate," called Darkangemon.
Angemon dodged the attack and hit the Darkexveemon.
"Hey watch where you are firing!" exclaimed Darkexveemon.
"I didn't do anything!" said the Darkangemon.
"You did you hit me with your Dark Hand of Fate!" replied Darkexveemon.
"I didn't," protested Darkangemon.
The two dark digimon continued arguing.
"Ok Exveemon are you ready?" asked Angemon.
"Let's go," answered Exveemon. "Ex laser."
"Hand of Fate," called Angemon.
"Uh oh," gasped the two Dark digimon as the attacks came at them.
The two dark digimon were caught in the blast from the attacks.
"One more time," said Exveemon. "Ex laser."
"Hand of Fate," called Angemon.
The attacks again hit the two dark digimon making them disappear.
"Now what about you two," asked Davis.
"Wait," came a voice.
Into view came Kari, Gatomon, Cat, Lightmon, Dark Kari and Dark Cat.
"Gatomon you know what to do," stated Kari.
"Cat's Eye Hypnotism," she called.
Both Dark Davis and Dark Tk fell asleep. Gatomon whispered in their ears.
Soon they awoke.
"Wakey Wakey," shouted Davis.
"Just 10 more minutes," replied the Dark Davis sleepily.
Both the dark digidestined sat up.
"Where is Darkveemon?" asked Dark Davis.
"Sorry erm Davis we had to delete him," answered Davis.
"Why I can't remember anything," replied Dark Davis.
Tk explained that they were copies made by Metaldatamon and what Metaldatamon wanted to achieve.
"Then we'll help you stop him like Dark Kari and Dark Cat have," said Dark Tk.
"That's great come on lets go to get Metaldatamon," replied Tk.
"Yeah Digidestined rule," shouted Davis.
The four digimon, digidestined and the Dark Digidestined walked together to go to Metaldatamon's Metal castle.

To find out what happens to Izzy, Ken, Mimi, Yolei and Sora read (Into the Dark) My Fair Digimon.

(Into the Dark) My Fair Digimon

So Cat, Kari, Tk, Davis and their digimon have helped the Dark Digidestined become good. Gatomon's Cat's Eye Hypnotism made them see that they are copies of the true digidestined. They decided to help the digidestined defeat Metaldatamon. Now it's time for the Dark Mimi, Sora, Yolei, Izzy, Ken and their digimon to find their true call. Will they help the digidestined fight against Metaldatamon? Carry on reading to find out.

Chapter 1
"Oh I hate these guys," gasped Mimi.
"Stop whining and keep running," answered Sora.
"My feet hurt," whined Yolei stopping for a moment.
"You'll live," replied Biyomon flying past.
"She won't if she doesn't keep running," said Sora still running.
"You're right," answered Yolei.
She started running again.
"I don't know how much longer I can keep on going Mimi, my roots hurt," she stated.
"Come on I'll carry you," replied Mimi.
Mimi picked up Palmon.
"You're getting heavy Palmon what have you been eating?" asked Mimi.
"Just fruit and stuff," she replied.
"Are you alright Biyo?" asked Sora.
"I'm fine," she answered. "It's ok for me and Hawkmon, we can fly."
"Talk about stating the obvious," said Sora.
"Quick down here," called Hawkmon.
They ran down a passage but came to a dead end.
"Hawkmon!" exclaimed Yolei.
"What?" he replied.
"You led us down a dead end street," she stated.
"There they are," pointed Dark Sora.
"We are so in trouble," stated Yolei.
The darks advanced towards them.
"Stay back I'm warning you," warned Mimi.
"Or you'll what," said Dark Mimi.
"I'll I'll do something you'll regret," she replied.
"You'll do something to us ha," answered the Dark Yolei. "Dark Hawkmon digivolve."
"Dark Hawkmon digivolve to," called Dark Hawkmon.
"Dark Aquillamon," said Dark Aquillamon.
"Your turn Dark Palmon," hissed Dark Mimi.
"Dark Palmon digivolve to," called the Digimon.
"Dark Togemon," she said.
"Now you Dark Biyomon," ordered Dark Sora.
"Dark Biyomon digivolve to," shouted the digimon
"Dark Birdramon," replied Dark Birdramon.
"If they digivolve so can our digimon you ready?" asked Sora.
"I'm ready Sora," replied Biyomon.
"Ok then digivolve," answered Sora.
"Biyomon digivolve to," called Biyomon.
The digivice reacted but Biyomon stayed the same.
"What's wrong Biyo?" asked Sora.
"I guess I'm a little exhausted and hungry," replied Biyomon.
"Well, well, well can't digivolve can you?" taunted Dark Birdramon.
"Don't listen to her," answered Sora. "She's just trying to get at you."
"Can you digivolve Palmon?" asked Mimi.
"I don't know?" answered Palmon. "I'll try."
The digivice reacted but she couldn't digivolve.
"Never mind Palmon," replied Mimi.
"I'll try now," said Hawkmon.
Yolei's D3 reacted but he didn't digivolve.
"I think we're in big time trouble," stated Yolei.
"We've got you now," laughed Dark Sora. "Go get them."
The dark digimon went to destroy the group when behind the girls and their digimon a brick door opened.
"Quick in here," came a voice.
They dived through the door to where the voice came from. The door shut behind them.

Chapter 2
"How did they escape?" asked Dark Yolei.
"A door appeared and then disappeared again," replied Dark Mimi.
"Destroy that wall they have to be at the other side of it," ordered Dark Sora.
The digimon used their attacks on the wall but no matter how much they tried they couldn't destroy it.
"We'll find them no matter what," growled Dark Sora.
Mimi and the others were behind the wall.
"You're safe now," came the voice.
"Is that you Ken?" asked Yolei.
"Yes it's me," he replied.
"Thank goodness," answered Sora.
"Izzy's here too we found the other entrance when we were being chased by the Dark copies of ourselves and then while walking down here we found this entrance where we saw you," said Ken.
"But can't they see us?" asked Mimi looking through the glass like wall.
"No it's a one way looking system we can see then and the door but we can see them," replied Izzy. "It's prodigious."
"Hey look there going," pointed Yolei.
"Good," answered Mimi. "I don't like those guys."
"Mimi that's not nice," stated Yolei.
"I know but what they're doing is so not nice," replied Mimi.
"Ken, Izzy do you know where we can get food for the digimon they couldn't digivolve to battle the darks digimon?" asked Sora.
"There was a third tunnel leading off a while ago when we were walking down here maybe we can get some food there for out digimon," replied Ken.
"Lets go then," answered Yolei.
"I'm tired though," said Palmon.
"All our digimon are I think," replied Sora. "I suggest we wait a bit to let them rest."
"Ok and I can put my bag down a bit," sighed Yolei.
"What have you got in that bag?" asked Mimi.
"I don't know I just picked it up when I left my house," answered Yolei. "I'll look."
She opened her bag and tipped out the contents. There were chocolates and all sorts of food in the bag.
"Great we can still stay here instead of looking for food and eat what we've got for now," said Sora.
The digimon ate some of the food and had a drink.
"Do you feel better?" asked Yolei.
"Yeah I think I can now digivolve," replied Hawkmon.
"I think we should get out of here now and get ready to fight those Dark digidestined and reunite with the others," said Izzy.
"Let's go," called the gang.
The gang started walking towards the tunnel. The dark Mimi, Sora and Yolei had met up with the dark Ken and Izzy.
"Where are they?" asked Dark Sora.
"My theory is they are using a one way system because we couldn't find an entrance when Ken and Izzy disappeared through a wall," answered Dark Izzy.
"Well let's try and find a way into this system so we can get them in the name of our Master Metaldatamon," said Dark Ken. "Use your computer Dark Izzy and see if you can locate them."
The dark Izzy uses his computer and find the 3 tunnels.
"Now I know where the entrances and exits are I can try and locate the Digidestined in there," replied Izzy.
He taped into the system and some coloured dots came onto the screen.
"Got em that's were they are there heading down the 3rd tunnel we'll surprise them keep to the side of the tunnel until they appear and then we'll take them," said Izzy.
"It's not far either we can just sit and wait," answered Dark Sora.
The dark digidestined went to the end of the tunnel and waited.
The other digidestined were still walking down the tunnel.
"I'll be glad to get out of here it's so horrible," wined Mimi.
"Look up ahead I can see daylight," called Yolei.
"Cool I'll go first," stated Mimi.
They came to the end of the tunnel not knowing what awaited them at the other end.

Chapter 3
Mimi walked outside into the fresh air.
"Got ya," said Dark Mimi.
"Palmon help me," called Mimi.
"Palmon digivolve to," called Palmon.
"Togemon," replied the digimon
"Fancy a bit of Needle Spray?" asked Togemon spraying the area with needles.
Dark Mimi dropped Mimi to protect herself from Togemon's Needle Spray.
The Dark Togemon stepped in front of the Dark Mimi saving her.
"Light Speed Jabbing," called Dark Togemon.
A fight broke out between the Togemon's.
"Dark Meteor Wing," called Dark Birdramon.
"I coming Sora," shouted Biyomon. "Biyomon digivolve to."
"Birdramon," said the digimon.
She counteracted the Dark Meteor Wing with her own Meteor Wing.
Both Wormmon's started fighting each other.
It was Ken's Wormmon that got the Dark Ken's Wormmon trapped inside the sticky web first. Then with the help of Tentomon he deleted the Dark Wormmon.
"My Wormmon," called Dark Ken.
"Now Dark Tentomon digivolve and trash that scrap metal," ordered Dark Izzy.
"Dark Tentomon digivolve to," called the digimon.
"Dark Kabuterimon," came the reply from the newly digivolved digimon.
"Wormmon use your thread to trap Dark Kabuterimon," said Ken.
Wormmon used his thread which gave Tentomon time to digivolve.
"Electro Shocker," called Kabuterimon.
It hit the Dark Kabuterimon.
"Get free Dark Kabuterimon," said Dark Izzy.
Kabuterimon used his Electro Shocker again and defeated the Dark Kabuterimon.
"Wormmon use your thread on the other Dark Digimon and Dark Digidestined," Ken told Wormmon.
Wormmon used his thread to trap the Dark Digidestined and their digimon companions that were left. The digimon then deleted the dark digimon.
"What shall we do with the Dark Digidestined?" asked Mimi.
"I don't know," replied Izzy.
"Hey you guys," came a voice from the horizon.
"Kari," called Yolei.
"Yep it's me along with Cat, Tk, Davis and our digidestined counterparts," said Kari.
"The Dark Digidestined you mean?" replied Sora.
"Yep we know how to make em good again Gatomon you're on," answered Kari.
Gatomon used her Cat's Eye Hypnotism and made them go to sleep.
When they awoke they were changed people they still knew what they were supposed to do but didn't want to do it anymore.
With most of the group back together they went in search of Tai, Matt, Cody and Joe.

(Into the Dark) Memories

All the digidestined except for Tai, Matt, Joe and Cody have come back together. They have the trust of their evil counterparts thanks to Gatomon's Cats Eye Hypnotism. Now it is the turn of Tai, Matt, Joe and Cody to fight their evil counterparts. How do they fair? Will they be found in time by the others or will.... "So you think you have won?"

Chapter 1
"Keep quiet now," whispered Tai.
Matt, Agumon and Gabumon nodded.
"So they think they've escaped us we'll find em," called out Dark Tai.
"Well it's you fault," answered Dark Matt.
"It isn't my fault it was yours you let them out of your sight," replied Dark Tai.
"I'm getting pretty sick of you," growled Dark Matt.
"Well I'm sick of you too self proclaimed cool one," answered Dark Tai.
Dark Matt lunged for the Dark Tai and they started fighting.
"Hey you two stop it now," said Dark Gabumon.
"Yeah we have to find the digidestined children," replied Dark Agumon
Dark Agumon and Dark Gabumon separated the two.
"Let's find Tai and Matt, then we will continue our fight," answered Dark Tai.
"Hmmm I'll take you out," whispered Dark Matt
The two boys and their digimon left the area to search for Tai, Matt and their digimon.
"They gone?" whispered Matt.
"Yep we can come out now," answered Gabumon.
"Well we got rid of them but the scary thing was that they are like us," replied Tai.
"What do you mean?" asked Matt.
"We used to fight like that all the time don't you remember?" asked Tai.
"Oh yeah I remember the first time we argued in the Digital World," replied Matt. "We were arguing about whether or not to climb Infinity Mountain."
"Then Joe decided to climb it," continued Tai.
"He was always reliable though just like when he saved Tk from Vegiemon at the diner," said Matt. "That's when my crest first glew."
"I remember it seems a long time ago," remember Tai. "I remember when my Crest glew."
"We had Etemon to contend with and we were in trouble so you realized Tai the Courage within you which made me digivolve to Metalgreymon for the first time," said Agumon.
"Do you remember when we first digivolved to Megas though?" asked Gabumon.
"That was cool and scary at the same time," replied Matt.
"You were scared at Angemon and Angewomon shooting at us?" asked Tai.
"Well I gotta admit I was but I knew you were as well," answered Matt.
"True but when our digi's warp-digivolved and beat Venommyotismon was so cool," replied Tai. "It made it all worth while. There was one thing that I remember the most about our past here in the Digiworld is when you wern't yourself Matt."
"When was that?" asked Matt.
"It was when you went off for a bit then returned but you wanted to fight me and Agumon," replied Tai.
"Yeah I remember but it turned out ok didn't it?" asked Tai.
"It did but if it hadn't been for that I don't think we'd be such good friends," answered Tai.
"I agree Tai so what do you say we go and kick some Dark Digi-butt?" asked Matt
"Lets go and chase them instead of them chasing us!" exclaimed Tai.
They went after the Dark counterparts to as Matt said kick some Dark Digi-butt.
Joe, Cody, Gomamon and Armadillomon were hiding from the Dark Digidestined counterparts and also talking about battles of the past.

Chapter 2
"So what did you do as a digidestined?" asked Cody
"Me I was the worrier of the group I used to be the one who had to try and split up fights between Matt and Tai," answered Joe.
"Tai and Matt fought!" exclaimed Cody.
"Yeah most of the time, there was one time when they were fighting over whether to climb Infinity Mountain, I ended up climbing it for them and got attacked by Unimon, who had a black gear in him, I fell from the cliff on the mountain and that's when Gomamon first digivolved into Ikkakumon," replied Joe.
"Wow you must have been pretty brave to do it," answered Cody.
"If I didn't do it then my friends will have been hurt," said Joe.
"That's Joe for you Reliable," answered Gomamon. "But I remember another time when your Crest first glew."
"Yeah it was when Myotismon had taken over Odibah with his for barrier, Me and Tk were trying to get back into the city, we were attacked by Megaseadramon and blown off Ikkakumon," replied Joe. " I managed to get Tk to a bit of wood but I couldn't swim either so I began to sink, that's when my Crest glew and Ikkakumon digivolved to Zudomon."
"What about you Cody what do you remember about your past?" asked Gomamon.
"Well as a digidestined I remember when I first got my D3 digivice and my two digieggs," answered Cody. "And most importantly I remember when I first met Armadillomon."
"We all have some memories what about you Gomamon?" asked Armadillomon.
"I remember when I defeated a Mega digimon," replied Gomamon.
"Wow you defeated a Mega how?" asked Armadillomon.
"The digimon I was fighting was Metaletemon," replied Gomamon. "I digivolved to Zudomon, He had Chromedigizoid armour and my Vulcan's Hammer is Chromedigizoid, when the Metals clashed his armour dented big time and he lost."
"What sticks in my mind is that when I first digivolved armour digivolved and when I first digivolved into my proper Champion form Ankylomon," said Armadillomon.
"It is something special when you can digivolved for the first time," replied Gomamon.
"But we have to think about now what are we going to do about the dark digidestined and their digimon?" asked Joe.
"We fight em," said Armadillomon. "Look what we've faced in the past, we can do it."
"Armadillomon is right we can do it, we've faced a lot together before we can do it again," replied Gomamon.
"You think so?" asked Cody and Joe.
"We know so," answered the two digimon.
"Ok then lets go and find them any maybe the others as well," answered Joe.
"You don't need to find us we're here already," said a sinister voice.
"It's the Dark doubles," stated Joe.
"Now the fun begins," laughed Dark Joe.

Chapter 3
"We're close I can smell that Dark Agumon anywhere," Agumon told Tai
"Then let us go and get them instead of them getting us," replied Tai.
"Can you still digivolve?" asked Matt.
"I guess so," answered Gabumon.
"You ready to try?" asked Matt.
"Yeah we will try to warp-digivolve to our Mega forms," replied Agumon.
"Agumon warp-digivolve to," called Agumon.
"Wargreymon," said Wargreymon.
"Gabumon warp-digivolve to," called Gabumon.
"Metalgarurumon," said Metalgarurumon.
"What was that?" asked Dark Tai.
"Terra Force," called Wargreymon.
It hit the Dark Agumon dead on deleting him.
"Quick Dark Gabumon digivolve now!" ordered Dark Matt.
Dark Gabumon couldn't digivolve.
"Metal Wolf Claw," called Metalgarurumon.
This hit the Dark Gabumon making him be deleted.
"What happened?" asked Dark Matt.
"You don't know the concept of friendship," replied Matt. "You and Dark Tai fought earlier on and you still have the felling of hatred in you of him. I know how you felt I used to be like that but me and Tai became good friends that's why our digimon were able to warp-digivolve. I'm sorry we had to delete your digimon."
"Well I never knew you guys were like caring, why do you care?" asked Dark Tai.
"Cause you are us but copies, we know you as you know us," answered Tai.
"Then why did you delete our digimon?" asked Dark Matt.
"Because they were evil copies of our digimon," replied Matt. "You have to understand that we are the good digidestined and you guys are supposed to be the bad digidestined. But you don't have to be."
"We don't?" questioned Dark Tai.
"Of course you don't it's what you were told by Metaldatamon, you don't have to do what he says," replied Tai.
"Then can we be friends with you?" asked Dark Matt.
"Sure you can," answered Matt.
The Dark Tai and Dark Matt shook hand with Tai and Matt. A bright light emitted from the four it swept across the Metal City.
But just before this happened Ikkakumon and Ankylomon were locked in combat with their Dark counterparts.
"Hold still so I can hit you with my Dark Harpoon Torpedo," growled Dark Ikkakumon.
"Yeah right like he's gonna do that," answered Joe. "Get him Ikkakumon."
"Go Ankylomon you can do it," called Cody.
"Tail Hammer," called Ankylomon.
It just bounced off the Dark Ankylomon.
"Man o Man," thought Cody. Ikkakumon can't break the Dark Ikkakumon's attack and neither can Ankylomon attack the Dark Ankylomon. Hmm if Ikkakumon attacked Dark Ankylomon and Ankylomon attack Dark Ikkakumon they could break the attacks. Joe tell Ikkakumon to attack Dark Ankylomon and I'll tell Ankylomon to attack Dark Ikkakumon.
"Ok then Ikkakumon attack Dark Ankylomon," called Joe
"Ankylomon attack Dark Ikkakumon," shouted Cody.
The two digimon switched their attentions to the other dark digimon.
"Dark Harpoon Torpedo," called Dark Ikkakumon.
Ankylomon knocked it back at him with his Tail Hammer.
"Tail Hammer," said Ankylomon again.
The Hammer hit Dark Ikkakumon deleting him.
"Dark Tail Hammer," called Dark Ankylomon.
It was about to his Ikkakumon when another Tail Hammer blocked it.
"I don't think so," answered Ankylomon. "Now Ikkakumon."
Ikkakumon used his Harpoon Torpedo deleting Dark Ankylomon.
"Yeah you did it," said Joe.
"That was great," continued Cody.
"Now you deal with us," challenged Dark Joe and Cody.
A bright light came and engulfed the group.

Chapter 4
The group was transported to both Tai's and Matt's.
Not only were Joe and Cody transported but from other locations in the city, the Kari's, the Cat's the Ken's and all the others too.
"Ok Dark Digidestined attack the others," ordered Dark Joe.
"No we won't we don't want to fight," replied Dark Matt.
"Matt is right," answered Dark Kari. "Fighting ourselves is stupid it causes pain and suffering we lost our digimon through it."
"Gatomon you know what to do," said Kari.
Gatomon used her Cat's Eye Hypnotism to put the Dark Joe and Dark Cody to sleep.
When they awoke they were like the others not wanting to fight.
"Well we're back as a group again we can go fight Metaldatamon," said Cat.
"We can't," answered the Dark digidestined. "We don't have our digimon."
"I'm sorry," said Matt.
"Don't be it wasn't your fault Matt it was Metaldatamon in the first place that created us and our digimon and made us evil," replied Dark Matt.
"It still doesn't help I fell guilty," answered Kari.
"We said it's ok you had to do it for your survival," replied Dark Kari.
The others said words of encouragement to the good digidestined.
When the last word was spoken beams of light came from the good digidestined.
The Dark Digidestined's digimon began to materialize beside their human partner.
"How did they return?" asked Dark Ken.
"I guess it was the special something we all have that made them come back again," suggested Izzy.
"I'm not bothered how they came back I'm just glad they're here," laughed Dark Cat.
"Well we are so ready for Metaldatamon we have won before we go and meet him especially since we have our new friends and their digimon," stated Matt.
Suddenly a sinister laugh filled Metal City.
"So you think you have won already before you meet me, well you are wrong I am strong and even though my digidestined have turned against me I will defeat you all," laughed Metaldatamon.
"Digimon digivolve," called all the digidestined
The Agumon's digivolved to their Mega forms, The Gabumon's digivolved to their Mega forms, The Biyomon's digivolved to their Ultimate forms, The Tentomon's digivolved to their Ultimate forms as did the Palmon's and Gomamon's.
The others DNA digivolved to their Ultimate levels. Both Paildramon then digivolved to Mega forms and then to Imperialdramon fighter form. The Lightmon's digivolved to their Mega forms.
Metaldatamon appeared infront of them.
"Mekanorimon attack," ordered Metaldatamon.
The Mekanorimon attacked the digimon.
The mega digimon went to attack Metaldatamon.
The Ultimate digimon attacked the Mekanorimon and easily got through them.
All the digimon stood infront of Metaldatamon.
"If you destroy me then the copies of yourselves are also destroyed they have the power of me inside of them," said Metaldatamon.
"Then we can't destroy him!" exclaimed Matt.
"You can destroy him," replied Dark Matt.
"But then you'll be.," protested Kari.
"We know we'll be destroyed too but there is really only one Kari, one Davis and one of us all and that is you guys," replied Dark Matt.
"Are you sure?" asked Cat.
"Yes we are so do it!" exclaimed Dark Tai.
"You heard him digimon attack Metaldatamon," cried Cat.
The digimon attacked Metaldatamon.
As Metaldatamon started to be deleted he said "I didn't think you'd do it, you think you are wise look at your friends."
The digidestined turned to the copies as Metaldatamon disappeared into nothingness.
"Our copies are disappearing," stated Matt.
"Good luck in the future I'm sure you'll be whatever you want to and you'll be successful," said the Dark Digidestined.
With that they also disappeared with their digimon companions.
"They've gone," sighed Tk.
"I'm gonna miss em," replied Yolei.
"I know but it's what they wanted, they sacrificed themselves to save the Digital World," answered Matt.
"Hey look the Metal City is dissolving," pointed Sora.
The city dissolved around them revealing the desert. The digimon dedigivolved into their Rookie, In training and baby forms.
"Well I guess we should leave to go home," suggested Tai.
"Yeah lets find the port to go," said Matt.
The digidestined found the port.
"Well it's goodbye again for a while," cried Yolei.
"Don't cry we'll see each other again soon I'm sure of it," replied Hawkmon.
"Well I guess you are right," replied Yolei.
"Bye you guys and Lightmon," said Cat.
"Yeah Cat," she replied.
"The second any real trouble let us know," answered Cat.
"We will bye," called the Digimon.
Cat and the others went back home.

Will anything happen in the Digital World, probably.

The End?????? (I doubt it)