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Ken before he turned good.

I would like to thank for Ken's Profile.

Kenneth "Ken" Ichijouji
Age 11

Crest of Kindness
Digiegg of Kindness

Dark Digivice

Stingmon with Exveemon DNA evolve to Paildramon
Imperialdramon (fighter mode)
Dinobeemon (Other Ultimate
GrandKuwagamon (Other Mega)

These are Wormmons armour digivolutions
Puttiemon - Kindness


Ken is also known as the evil Digimon Emperor. He took over the Digital
World. He first went to the Digital World with a normal digivice. This
digivice came through the computer and he thought it was Sam's digivice
He met Ryo in the Digital World and took the Dark Spore for him.
When Sam died he received an e-mail telling him of a better world. He
then went to the Digital World. In the Dark Ocean he got a Dark D3.
This is supposed to stop digimon from digivolving.
In Episode 21 The Digimon Emperor is finally defeted and becomes a
"normal" child or so we think. He eventually joins the Digidestined
but Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa still tail him until he finally
gives up to save some children but it's all a trick. Oikawa copies
Ken's dark spore and puts one in each of the children. Ken then fights
with the others to save the Digital World from Oikawa/Malomyotismon.
He is even hotter as an Adult.  Why did he have to be a Goodie?

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Updated August 21st, 2001