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Fear Me!

I would like to thank for MaloMyotismon's Profile.

Mega Digimon
Attacks: Phantom Illusion, Crimson Mist, Screaming Darkness.

Malomyotismon is another Mega version of Myotismon. After Venomyotismon
was defeated 3 years ago he took over a humans body and managed to
plot to weaken the Digital World. He made 2 digimon Arukenimon and
Mummymon. He also got Ken's Dark Spore and copied it and put it into
other children. These children's spores sprouted and flowers came.
These flowers gave Myotismon the power to return as Malomyotismon.
He sent the DD's except Davis who "doesn't have any worries" (what
about Kari Davis!!) to their own personal dreams. With help from the
Digimon they come back. All the DD's around the world use their
digivices to create light. This makes Malomyotismon weaker. The Dark
Spore children then have doubts and Darkness starts returning. But
with encouragement from the DD's they see the light and get digimon
and digivices and they help make Malomyotismon lose his body. His
shadow form is then blasted by Imperialdramon and he is deleted.
Make it stop! That light is blinding me!

I do not own Digimon. It is published by Bandai, Fox Kids, Saban, Beckett and Toei. This site is not an affiliate of these companys. This is just a fan site. My goal is simply to educate those who do not appreciate Myotismon and for his huge group of fans out there that do.

Updated May 3, 2002