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I would like to thank for Mummymon's Profile.

Ultimate digimon
Attack: Snake Bandage

He follows Arukenimon around like a lost sheep cause he is in love with
her. He first appears in the Giga house and saves her. He is deleted by
Malomyotismon for attempting to delete him which he was trying to do
to get revenge for Malo deleting Arukenimon.
Apart from a cool costume which makes him look a little like Myotismon
(incedently done by the same voice actor as Myotismon) he is absolutely
a dunce. But his attitude gives people a good laugh.

Snake Bandage

I do not own Digimon. It is published by Bandai, Fox Kids, Saban, Beckett and Toei. This site is not an affiliate of these companys. This is just a fan site. My goal is simply to educate those who do not appreciate Myotismon and for his huge group of fans out there that do.

Updated August 21st, 2001