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Myotismon mirror image.

I love Blood with a dash of fear in it.

I would like to thank for Myotismon and Venom Myotismon's Profile.

Ultimate Digimon
Attacks: Grisly Wing, Nightmare Claw, Crimson Lightning.

Myotismon is the 3rd major bad guy and is ver ruthless. He punishes
his own servents for faliure. Demidevimon was one of the main digimon
on the receiving end. He failed Myotismon many times and was punished
by him by being made to sit in a tree all night, being chewed on by
bats, Hung upside down over a flaming pit and finally death.
He also tortured Gatomon when she was a Salamon for looking at him with
rebellious eyes. He is a powerful threat to the Digi and Human world.
He can conger a fog barrier, make spheres balls and make people float
in the air with him. He feeds on blood to sustain himself.
He is a vampire by way vampire by nature and proves this in Episode 32
Gatomon Comes Calling. He seems Aristocratic and of high class.
Very little is known about his past. (Which leads to good fan-fics)
He finds out about an 8th child and comes to the Human world. When
he finds out that Gatomon is the 8th digimon he attemps to destroy her
friend Wizardmon and takes her prisoner. He rounds up all the
inhabitants of Odiaba and makes her look at all the children to get his
hands on the 8th child. Kari (the 8th child) gives herself up and when
about to destory her Wizardmon who returned with Tk and Joe pays the
ultimte price death. After this Gatomon digivolves to Angewomon and
defeats Myotismon or so they thought.

Mega Digimon
Attack: Venom Infusion

This is the mega version of Myotismon. He is the first Mega digimon
seen in Digimon Adventure. He is a very powerful digimon and beats
Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon easy. He came back with the power of
his other fallen digimon which his bats absorbed. He comes back and
the first thing he does is eat Demidevimon. Angemon and Angewomon try
to defeat him but fail. All the digi's awaken the "beast within"
Venommyotismon. He manages to knock all the Digimon away in one blast.
When about to destroy the digidestined their Crests glow and hold him.
Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon play ball and defeat Venommyotismon
But we all know better!!!!

I do not own Digimon. It is published by Bandai, Fox Kids, Saban, Beckett and Toei. This site is not an affiliate of these companys. This is just a fan site. My goal is simply to educate those who do not appreciate Myotismon and for his huge group of fans out there that do.

Updated August 21st, 2001