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I have also done a poem so i thought i'd send it u

If you've read the book Heard it in the Playground this
was the mad professors daughter.


She came into the classroom.
In a set of blue and white.
And her eyes were the deepest blue.
and her face was ghostly white.
She was small and unsmiling.
But she was so polite.

But she was so polite.
As she stood with Mr Saughter.(My old teacher)
And you'd never guess.
She is Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

A new girl the teacher said.
Her name is Alison Bell
She started school this morning.
She isn't feeling well.
We stared into those deep blue eyes.
We sank beneath her spell.

Yes we sank beneath her spell.
Like fishes in the water.
And we found ourselves helpless to
Lord Myotismon's daughter.

The sky outside was overcast.
Rain was in the air.
It splatted on the window panes.
And we sat and watched it there.
And we didn't seem to care.

And we didn't have a care.
As the clocked ticked past the quarter.
We knew we're gonna lose our blood to
Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

We did our maths in a trance
We played at half past ten.
We sang the song of old.
Had lunch and played again.
All the time a constant fear where and when.

Yes we wondered where and when.
And what bad luck had brought her.
And if we could yet deny.
Lord Myotismon's daughter.

She made no move at half past two
She made no move at three.
There was hope within our hearts.
Then thought, home and tea.
Then she spoke the fatal words.
Just three: Come with me.

She spoke the words Come with me.
The way Myotismon taught her.
Her blue eyes fixed unblinkingly.
Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

And now a sense of evil dread.
Seeped into our souls.
The hamster died in its cage.
The fish floated in its bowl.
We put the chairs on the desk.
And heard some thunder roll.

Yes we heard thunder roll.
We turned from Mr Saughter.
And walked on through the town.
With Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

Her thin lips were red as blood.
She was running very fast.
And the people in the street.
Smiled and let us pass.
Though she played no tune
She'd got the entire class.

Yes she got the entire class.
Like lambs off for slaughter.
With mobile phones and stuff.
Behind Lord Myotismon's daughter.

The rain splatted on our heads
The wind cold and wild.
Trees blew around us.
As up the stairs we filed.
Then a white face at the window.
Stared out to us and smiled.

Yes a white face at the window.
That was changed by rainwater.
Then lightning lit the sky above.
Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

And soon the end will no doubt come.
We wait here in despair.
With chains on our arms and legs.
Bats fly in the air.
And then we hear her voice.
His footsteps on the stairs.

Yes his footsteps on the stairs.
Oh please Mr Saughter.
Save us now from.
Lord Myotismon's Daughter.

This is now a warning
Please heed the tale I tell.
If you should meet a girl.
Who's name is Alison Bell.
Don't look into her blue eyes
Or you'd be taken as well.

Yes you'd be taken as well.
However hard you fight her.
You can curse until the day you die.
Lord Myotismon's Daughter.