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Lord Myotismon's Bio

Myotismon is one of the Villains in Digimon to last the longest. He is classified as a Virus and is referred to as a Ghost Digimon. That part is hard to swallow but that is what it says on his card. His attacks include, Grisly Wing, Nightmare Claw and Crimson Lightning. I think this is the order of Myotismons forms: Ultimate - Myotismon and Mega - Venom Myotismon.

Myotismon is a minor Character in the early episodes. He makes his first Major appearance in Sora's Crest of Love, after that he has been shown in every episode until his demise in The Battle For Earth.

The episode that shows the true nature of Myotismon happens in Gatomon Comes Calling. You see him prey upon an innocent woman reveiling that he is a Vampire. That was no real surprise considering you see other signs in the earlier episodes, Carriage, Coffin, Bats and the fact that he prefers Darkness over Light.

Myotismon is one of the cruelest Digimon I have come across in the series. You see him punish his own servants for failure. Demi Devimon was punished in many unique ways, being chewed on by bats, forced to stay in a tree all night, being hung upside down over a flaming pit and the ultimate punishment Death. Gatomon was punished everytime she looked at Myotismon with a certain kind of eyes. Crimson Lightning was her punishment.

I am just guessing here that Myotismon was a threat to the Dark Masters for being so powerful. Each of the Dark Masters did not last as long as Myotismon.

Many will wonder why I pick Myotismon over the other Evil Digimon. I have always liked Vampires and Myotismon is that. He is arrogant, bold., fearless and just plain nasty, the perfect Villain.