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The New Team

Bubbles: Well me and another group of digidestined from Japan met in the Digital World about a year ago. It was there that I met another girl from England called Cat. But things were not so cool. An evil digimon called Myotismon came and he tried to destroy us. He killed Cat and then turned on us but he didnít manage it. I used my Crest of Life to revive Cat. They then shut him in the Dark Porthole forever and gave up their main digidestined status to stop him. So me Jed, Trixy, Spike and Lita have been chosen by the old school digidestined to take over they gave us their Digi-coins.
So we are now the Chosen Digidestined but we were soon to be in for a big surprise.

Jed: Come on sis weíre gonna be late for maths.
Bubbles: I hate maths I just wish we could skip it.
Trixy: Youíre telling me but we need to go if we like it or not.
Bubbles: (Sighs) Yeah I know.
Spike: It isnít all that bad.
Bubbles: You kidding itís the worst subject next to science.
Lita: Yeah Bubbles is right.
Trixy: Come on weíre late Mr Rhodes is gonna kill us.
They went into the classroom.
Mr Rhodes: Youíre late again.
Jed: Sorry sir we were running an errand for Miss Blackburn.
Mr Rhodes: What all of you?
Bubbles: Yes sir there were a lot of books to be carried.
Mr Rhodes: Ok sit down and lets get started. Open you maths books at page 16.
Lita: (thinking) Oh great fractions I hate em.
Spike: (thinking) I bet Lita is thinking about fractions and how much she hates them. She thinks I donít like her I bet it.
Mr Rhodes: So Spike what is ĺ of £100
Spike: £75
Mr Rhodes: Correct.
Bubbles is staring outside thinking about being a digidestined.
Mr Rhodes: So Bubbles can you give an explanation to how Spike got his answer.
Bubbles: Huh! Iím sorry sir I just canít concentrate.
Mr Rhodes: I noticed do you want to go to the office?
Bubbles: No sir Iím just a little tired.
Mr Rhodes: Well try to concentrate you normally arenít like this.
Bubbles: Yes sir.
Bubbles looked at her digivice.
Bubbles: (thinking) something is wrong I can feel it I wonder if the other can.
After the class is over its lunchtime.
Bubbles: Hey guys during maths did you feel as if something was wrong?
Lita: Yeah I did it was weird.
Jed: Do you think itís the Digital World?
Trixy: It could be but we canít get there until school is over.
Spike: Unless we.. skip lessons.
Bubbles: No way my mum would go berserk if she found out besides we have P.E after lunch and itís the final of the girls rounder tournament and weíre playing MR Browns girls and theyíre good. Weíd be missed for sure.
Lita: Yeah considering Bubbles and me are the best all rounders in rounders.
Trixy: Iím definitely with Bubbles on this one I love rounders anyhow.
Jed: We have the football final and weíre against his boys it always comes down to the same 2 teams in the final.
Spike: Miss Booth and Mr Brown classes. In other words us and them.
Bubbles: First thing after school go home get you digimon and tell your parents that youíre coming to study at my house for a Maths test or something. Iíll send an e-mail to my mum telling her that weíre gonna be studying.
All (except bubbles): Ok.
Lita: And weíll go to the Digital World to see what is wrong if anything.
Spike: But it is weird that we all got the same vibe that something was wrong.
Jed: Yeah come on lets go and prepare for our games weíre gonna have some fun weíre gonna nail em.
Group: Yeah.
They went to go to the changing rooms.
Girl 1: Hi Bubbles you ready to cream Mr Browns Team.
Bubbles: Too right Iím ready we can do it weíve worked hard to get here and we aint gonna be stopped by them.
Sakura: You think you can stop us kid?
Girl 1: Yeah we do even if we donít itís only a game.
Sakura: We have won 3 years in a row and we aint gonna get beat by a bunch of pipsqueak.
Lita: How much you want to bet on that one.
Sakura: Oh listen to the big shot weíre gonna teach you a lesson.
Bubbles: Hey back off if you canít take defeat why did you enter in the first place cause there is always a chance you can lose even if you think youíre the best team in the world you can be in for a big shock.
Girl 3: Ok kid you think you can win weíll see come on we going to the classroom to change.
They left.
Lita: I wanna hit her so much.
Bubbles: Chill you can when she bowls to you sheís their best bowler and batter.
Some of the others mumble in the background: Maybe we canít win.
Bubbles: Hey donít talk like that you guys if we had bothered about all the other teams we beat we wouldnít have made it this far so come on weíve got a game to win.
Miss Booth: Thatís the best team talk Iíve ever heard Bubbles. Right remember its not if we win or lose itís how you play the game.
Trixy: But considering what they said weíre going to play the game and win.
Miss Booth: Thatís the spirit. Come on then letís go to the field.
The all went to the rounders field. The football match had already started. Miss Booth team were winning 1-0.
The game started with Mr Browns team batting. After bowling the first 5 out Bubbles gave the ball to Lita.
Bubbles: Here you go this is the one you want and Iím gonna let you have her remember spin.
Lita nodded and smiled. Sakura stepped up with her bat. Lita bowled the ball. The girl hit it. Lita dived to the left and caught it.
Bubbles: Well done Lita you got her out.
Sakura: Darn it.
She took her bat and put it into the basket and went to sit on the bench. Soon the team were all out for 3 rounders.
Lita went and got a bat. And went to the batters area. Sakura was bowling. She bowled the ball. Lita swung her bat it hit the ball knocking it into the outfield. She ran around the four bases scoring the first rounder.
Sakura: Grrr
Bubbles: Thatís one down we need two more to draw and three to win.
Another girl stepped up to bat. She was caught out.
Soon only Bubbles, Trixy and Lita were in. The score was 2-3.
Bubbles stepped up to bat. The ball was bowled and she hit the ball into the outfield and scored a rounder bringing the game to 3-3.
Lita: Go Bubbles.
Trixy was next to bat. She hit the ball and made it to first base. Lita then came to bat again. She hit the ball. Trixy ran to second base. Lita made it to first base. Bubbles was next to bat the base would be empty if Trixy didnít make it then everyone would be out and it would go to sudden death.
Sakura: Iím getting you out!
She bowled the ball. Bubbles hit it to outside third base. Trixy ran and made it home. Lita ran and made it home. Bubbles ran to first, to second and then to third. She made a run to fourth the ball was thrown to the girl on fourth base. Bubbles made a dive for fourth. The girl on fourth reached for the ball but Bubbles tug fourth base getting the last rounder.
Lita: We won! Way to go Bubbles.
Her team mates ran to her congratulating her. Sakura then went to Bubbles.
Sakura: Youíre pretty good but do you think you can beat me in a sudden death game?
Bubbles: Whatís the scope?
Sakura: If I win then we win the tournament, if you win then you become the champion all rounder.
Bubbles turned to her group and to Miss Booth.
Bubbles: Well what shall I do?
Miss Booth: Well weíll really know who won but itís a great honour to become champion all rounder. Itís your choice Bubbles.
Lita: Go on Bubbles do it. Take her down.
Group: Bubbles, Bubbles.
Bubbles: Ok Iíll take you on.
Sakura: Ok the best of 3 balls whoever gets the most rounders in 3 wins.
Bubbles: Iíll let you go first.
Bubbles took the ball and went to the bowling square. She bowled the ball. Sakura hit it but it didnít go far. Bubbles got the ball and tug fourth base with it. The next ball had the same effect. The last ball Bubbles caught it.
Sakura looked horrified that she hadnít got a rounder.
It then came her time to bowl. Bubbles stared at Sakura. She bowled and Bubbles hit it. She hit it to third base and Sakura went and tug it stopping Bubbles getting a rounder. The 2nd ball was hit to the floor. The last ball Bubbles showed her cool. It was bowled. Bubbles swung it hit it out into the outfield. Bubbles ran all the way getting a rounder she was now champion.
Girl 3: I donít believe it she beat you.
Sakura: Out of my way.
With that she went to get changed
Bubbles was carried by her team mates to the changing rooms.
Group: We are the champions.
Later after changing Bubbles, Lita and Trixy went to the football field. The game was just finishing.
Spike and Jed: We won 3-1.
Lita: We did too, Bubbles beat the best in Mr Browns class to become champion all rounder.
Jed: Alright sis.
Bubbles: Go and get changed we need to go to History. Woah weíve got Mr Brown
Spike: oh youíre right.
They boys went and changed and they all went to History Class.
Mr Brown: Right weíre doing a test on what we learnt last lesson on the Victorian Era.
He went and gave test papers to each class member.
Mr Brown: Right begin.
Half an hour later Mr Brown signalled the end of the test.
He took the papers and marked them.
After marking them he gave them back.
Bubbles: Yes A*.
Spike: B+
Trixy: B
Lita: B+
Jed: A
The bell rang.
Mr Brown: I want Sonja, Jedite, Ann, Manic and Molly to stay behind.
The rest of the kids go.
Mr Brown: You have done the best in the test again. I want you to take another test tomorrow, you lot have the potential to go far I think you could all get really high grades in you GCSEís I want to prove my theory and talk to Miss Booth about it.
Bubbles: And what if we donít want to do the test?
Mr Brown: Then itís detention for all of you.
Lita: Hey thatís blackmail.
Mr Brown: No itís called Iím the teacher you do as you are told.
Bubbles: Ok weíll do the test but if itís anything screwyÖ.
Mr Brown: Iím not like that you have potential I want to bring that potential out. You may go.
They walked out of the classroom.
Mr Brown: Oh and Bubbles congratulation on winning the tournament.
Bubbles: Thanks.
They all left the school.
Mr Brown went to Miss Boothís classroom.
Mr Brown: so Iím getting them to take the test tomorrow.
Miss Booth: Ok let me know how they do.
Mr Booth left the class room and went to the bus stop.
At the stop was the girl that Bubbles had beaten in rounders.
Miss Brown: Hello Sakura.
Sakura: Hello Miss Booth.
Miss Booth: Missed your bus?
Sakura: Yeah I was thinking about Bubbles and her friend Lita. If it hadnít been for them Iíd still have my title.
Miss Booth: Winning isnít everything you know
Sakura: You donít understand miss I held the title since Summer School of Year 6 it means a lot to me.
Miss Booth: Why donít you ask her for a shot to get it back
Sakura: Yeah right as if sheíd give me a shot at it.
While they were talking a fog surrounded the area. From the fog a Blue car with blacked out windows pulled up to the stop.
Voice: Come in Sakura I know your feeling about Lita and Bubbles I can help you get your title back again if you do something for me.
The voice was really powerful but reassuring
Miss Booth was in a trance of sorts.
Sakura: But what about Miss Booth?
Voice: Sheíll be fine come I will help you gain what you want and even more.
Sakura got into the car. It drove off. In the back of the car there sat someone dressed in white in a General type suit. It had blue stripes in different places and buttons lining the inner edges. A red mask covered the personís eyes disguising who it was. The person wore a long white cape with blue edges.
Sakura: So how can you get me the title back?
Voice: Would you like a drink while we talk?
Sakura: Yes please.
The person prepared a drink.
Voice: Is Black Current alright?
Sakura: Oh yum I love Black Current.
Voice: (thinking) Good then soon youíll be under my control. (out loud) Here you go then.
Sakura: Thank You erm Iím sorry I didnít get your name.
Voice: Just call me Commander.
Sakura drank her Black Current.
The Commander watched her and smiled.
Commander: Want some more?
Sakura: No thank you I feel sleepy.
Commander: Go to sleep my young friend soon youíll be in my world, The Digital World.
Sakura fell asleep.
The Commander knocked on the window to the driver of the car.
Commander: Sheís asleep play the tape.
The tape was played.
Commander: You will become one of my loyal soldiers keeping tabs on Bubbles and her friends and when they come to the Digital World you will help destroy them. You will also round up some other friends of your and put a serum in to their drinks they can then have power like yourself.
Driver: Weíre near the area what are your orders.
Commander: Open the gate.
The driver pressed a button opening the gate. The car drove through the Digital Worlds barrier and to the water edge.
Commander: Change to the sub and lets take her for when she awakens sheíll be my devoted servant.
Driver: As you wish Commander.
They went down into an undersea base.
Back in the real world the gang have fetched their digimon and are at Bubblesí house
Bubbles: Are we all ready.
Seedmon: Come on I wanna go home.
Flamemon: I getting fired up and ready.
Splashmon: Cool it hot head we need all our energy for later if something is wrong.
Salamon: I wanna see some action.
Tokomon: Yeah me too.
Bubbles locked the door of her room.
Bubbles: Donít come in we seriously need to study.
Bubbles Mum: Ok if you need anything just yell.
Bubbles: We will.
Jed switched the computer on.
Jed: Digivices ready?
Spike held up a round digivice. It had green circle around the edge and a circle screen in the middle. It had three green buttons.
Next was Trixy hers had a pink circle with pink buttons.
Then Lita was next. Hers had a red circle with red buttons.
Then Jed held his up. It had a yellow circle and yellow buttons.
Finally Bubbles held hers up. It had a blue circle and blue buttons.
Bubbles: All ready.
Voice: Hey Bubbles.
Bubbles: Huh Izzy hi whatís wrong.
Izzy: Everything the warp between the Digital World and our world is wacko again.
Bubbles: I knew something was wrong at school but we couldnít get away without getting into trouble. Howís everyone anyhow.
Izzy: Davis and Ken are both playing soccer still. Tai coaches them. Matt has quit the band and is into astrology, Sora is working at her mums flower shop. Iím still keeping tabs on the Digiworld. Mimi is back here in Japan and sheís dyed her hair pink again. Joe is still training to be a doctor. Tk is now beginning to write books. Kari is beginning training to become a teacher. Yolei has pink hair too she and Mimi shop all the time. As for Cody heís still working hard to become a lawyer. Oh and Cat is on an around the world trip Jules is still here in Japan.
Bubbles: Cool she may pop here for a visit.
Izzy: Could do but I think you better to go to the Digital World.
Jed: We were about to when you called.
Izzy: Sorry about that if you need help weíre only a call away.
Spike: Thanks Izzy.
Izzy rang off.
Jed: Digiport open.
The all lifted their digivices to the computer and travelled to the Digital World.
The digimon changed to their Rookie levels.
Digimon: We have visitors in the Digital World Commander.
Commander: Itís the digidestined isnít it? Well in a while a very little while theyíre going to have a surprise. It Agent S ready?
Digimon: Yes Commander.
Commander: Good bring her to me and weíll go and deal with the Digidestined brats.
The digimon went and brought Agent S to the Commander. She wore white as well but only had one button on her outfit, she had red stripes on her outfit and wore red gloves.
Commander: Are you ready to start work Agent S
Agent S: Yes Commander.
Digimon: We have 3 digimon ready for your inspections.
Commander: Excellent you stay here while me and Agent S go and deal with those pesky children.
The digimon bowed and left the Commanders presence.
The Commander and Agent S went with to see the troops.
Lita: Iím getting really bad vibes from here something is coming.
A fireball came hurtling at the digidestined.
Salamon: Look out Lita.
Lita: Huh woah hit the deck.
The digidestined lay flat the fireball just missed Lita.
Jed: What was that?
Commander: Hello digidestined pleased to see you!
Bubbles: Who are you?
Agent S: My my what a nosy girl you are.
Commander: I am the Commander and this is Agent S and you are about to be history attack Meramon.
Meramon: Fire Ball.
It headed for Jedite.
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon.
Agent S: Meramon versus Meramon this is gonna be interesting.
Salamon: Weíve got to help him.
Lita: Yeah besides that thing almost barbecued me.
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon. Lightning Paw.
Trixy: Your turn Bubblemon water beats fire.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon. Shell Shock.
Meramon: Argh.
He disappears.
Commander: Grr donít savour your victory yet this was just a small sample of my power.
The Commander and Agent S left.
Digidestined: We won.
Jed: Yeah
Bubbles: Our first test as Digidestined is to get rid of The Commander and Agent S.
The Commanders voice rings out over the Digital World.
Commander: Iíd like to see you try you are no match compared to my power I have digimon in my ranks already and more will join.
Lita: Well here this Commander and Agent S weíre gonna try Bubbles is strong enough to cream you she is the school champion.
Agent S: Grr.
Spike: Come on guys thereís nothing much we can do at the moment but go back home. Tomorrow weíll return and beat the Commander.
Lita: Too right.
The Digidestined and digimon return to Bubblesí house.
Commander: Agent S go home tomorrow is Friday try to get along with Bubbles find out what their plans are and get me some more Agents. Here is the serum.
Agent S: Yes Commander I obey.
Agent S returns back to the real world.
Commander: She has a lot of potential. Weíd better go home too before we are missed I will transform back to my human form I have the advantage of keeping tabs on real world issues and the Digital World at the same time. You stay here and train more troops. I know they are strong but they will not defeat me.
Digimon: Yes Commander.

Who is the Commander? Will the Digidestined find out that Agent S is Sakura? Will Sakura get any new agents for the Commander? And what has the Commander got planed? Find out in the next part of Digimon Digital Monsters.