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I would like to thank for Yukio Oikawa's Profile.

Oikawa Yukio

Oikawa is the human Myotismon's spirit went into after he was defeated
as Venommyotismon.  He created Arukenimon and Mummymon and they answer
to him. He made Arukenimon from mixing spiders DNA and humon DNA.
Bit like DNA digivolving really.

He was the one that sent Ken the e-mail when he was younger. He used
Ken to build the control spires so he could enter. Before he couldn't
because he had impurities (Myotismon). The Control Spires are used to
weaken the Digital Worlds defenses so it would be easier to conquer.
Oikawa knew Cody's dad Hiroki Hida. They were best friends until
Hiroki's death.

When Myotismon decided it was time he made a copy of Oikawa's body
and then collected the Dark Flowers from the Dark Spore children the
power enables the copy to turn into Malomyotismon. The real Oikawa
is fately wounded by Myotismon leaving his body. After Malomyotismon
is defeated Oikawa finally gets to go to the Digital World and meets
Daterimon his own baby digimon who says it's good to see him again!!!
(Hmm i wonder if he was one of the Original DD's)
With a final breath he restores the Digital World with his body and
spirit. He then dies.

Lady Myotismon - I find that scene so emotional. 

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Updated August 21st, 2001