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Myotismon - Quotes of a Vampire

The following quotations are from all the episodes Myotismon  was in before becoming

Venom Myotismon.  Venom Myotismon's quotes can be found with his profile.

Ja ne!

Forget About It

Demi Devimon - I was so close, so close. Huh!  Uhoh! Now I'm in for it!

Forgive me of terrible one, the crest of Hope has regained its light.  I

failed but will make it up to you.  I will work overtime and Sundays.

WereGarurumon's Diner

Myotismon - Prehaps your brain is too small for this job. (Demi Devimon

being punished for failure.)

No Questions Please

Myotismon - Demi Devimon!

Demi Devimon - Nice day huh Boss?

Myotismon - I'm still waiting for you to steal the crests from those kids!

Demi Devimon - I have a sure fire way to get them.

Myotismon - I've heard that one before! (Sarcasm)

Demi Devimon - Would this cute little face tell a fib Boss?  After all

you're Myotismon and I would be out of my mind to make you mad.

Myotismon - I'll give you one more chance.  I will not be so benevolent the

next time, do you understand?!


Demi Devimon - A funny thing happened to me on the way to Vademon's.

Myotismon - Prepare to face the consequences!

Demi Devimon - I hate this part.

Myotismon  - Quiet! You had your chance!

Demi Devimon - Don't make me sit in the tree alnight.  Ahhh, I'm afraid of

heights.  Can I at least have some milk and cookies?

Princess Karoake

Demi Devimon - Do not worry Almighty Wickedness this time we cannot fail!

Myotismon - WE! You better not fail!

Demi Devimon - It's in the bag, piece of cake.

Myotismon - Is the plan at the Palace working?

Demi Devimon - Couldn't be better the Gekomon are spoiling her rotten and

she is eating it up.  If she keeps this up much longer her crest of

Sincerity is going to be useless Master.

Myotismon - Do you know what will happen if you disappoint me again, Demi


Demi Devimon - I have a vague idea.

Myotismon - Good! Then see that you don't!


Myotismon - Didn't you say you knew what would happen if you failed?

Demi Devimon - Well, when I said I knew I didn't really mean that I knew. Do

you know what I mean?  Now that I do know, if it's not much trouble Sir can

I have a glass of water?

Sora's Crest of Love

- Because of your stupidity all of my Evil plans have failed.  Courage,

Hope, Friendship, the childrens crests are beginning to glow one by one.

- You think you can? If you fail me again, my bats will have a new chew toy,


- Hahaha!  Digi Destined your journey ends here!

- Hahahaha!  These Digi Destined are making me feel a little batty! Grisly


- You can't defeat me that easily, Crimson Lightning!

- What!  Where is that glow coming from?

- Why is it now that the Crest of Love glows, just as I was about to claim


- Hahahahaha!  You foolish Digi Destined the seven of you are no match for

my power.  Prepare for your ultimate destruction! Hahahaha!

Gateway To Home

- Are they worthy of me?

- You Digi Destined think you are so smart, but in reality I am always a few

steps of you.

- Open the gateway to my Destiny!

- What is your name, do you work for me? Can't you see I am busy at the


- Demi Devimon, would you take care of these annoying bunch of hoodlums?  I

have better things to do!

It's All In The Cards

There are no quotes for Myotismon.  All he did was laugh on the bridge when

he arrived in the human world.

Return to Highton View Terrace

- Unfortunately until the Sun goes down I must remain hidden in the shadows.

Begin the search without me for the eighth child.  I need to be alone.

Almost Home Free

- Meanwhile we are not the only ones looking for him are we?  You dolt! Make

sure the children do not find him first!

The Eighth Digivice

- Unthinkable, is there no Digimon strong enough to defeat these children?

I will have to deal with them myself!

Gatomon Comes Calling

- Ah, Darkness the perfect cloak for my Evil.  Ideal conditions for

producing fear.  Human blood always tastes better with a dash of fear in it.

(This episode shows Myotismon as the Vampire he is.  I love that opening


- Calm down, I went out to have a bite to eat and get familiar with the

City.  It is always so difficult to get a good meal when one is away from


Out On The Town

- Losers, failures!  Instead of causing pain and suffering I find you

eating ice-cream!

- I don't care about ice-cream! Have you found the eighth Digi Destined

child yet?

- Redeem yourselves to me by stealing the crests from these children or


- Where are the Digi Destineds?

- Yes I can imagine!  You had your chance now I am condemning you to my

dungeon in the DigiWorld! Grisly Wing!

- Well that wasn't very difficult! Now it is your turn!

- Hmm, Angemon!  They must be desperate if they sent you!

- This time I take my leave, we will fight again!

The Eighth Child Reveiled

- Everytime you look at me with those eyes, I will have to hurt you.

- What are you doing in here?  If you are looking for something, maybe I can

assist you.

- Do you really think I would just leave the original lying about for

thieves like you?

- Those eyes, from the first time you looked at me with those eyes I knew

you would turn against me and that is why I had to teach you by punishing

you.  I would have hurt you more but you became a good servant.  I promise

you that I will not be so easy on you this time.

- You little fool, Grisly Wing!

- Those who play together, lose together!

- You soon will be, you pathetic little traitor!

- I hope you realise that there is no safe place to hide in this lightning


- There are those eyes again and this time not only are they filled with

rebellion but I can see a glimmer of hope.  The hope that one day your

dreams will come true.

- And just what have you really achieved?  You really believe in your

worthless friends and you believe that your dreams can come true.  Dreams do

not exist for the stupid!

-What do you mean true identity? Gasp! Could it be?  Are you the eighth

Digimon?  This changes everything.

- Before I crush you, I will give you the pleasure of watching me destroy

your Wizard friend first, Grisly Wing!

- You impudent fool, did you really think you could defeat me with those

pathetic little toys of yours?!

- If the Digi Destined are coming to defend Gatomon.  They must really think

she is the eighth Digimon.

- I hope you like fishing Gatomon because you are going to be the perfect

bait to lure out the eighth Digi Destined child.  Now I do not need the

crest to find the cowardly little human.

Flower Power

- It's almost done! Soon now not in fire or ice but in fog.  This world will

soon be mine!

- You meddlesome little flower child. It's time I plucked out your petals,

Crimson Lightning!

City Under Siege

- Do you expect to beat me with Geraniums!  Nightmare Claw!

Wizardmon's Gift

- I got you my pretty and your little cat too.

-Oh, that has got to hurt!

-I don't have to explain myself to the likes of you.  It is my destiny to

plunge this world into darkness and become King of the Digital World and no

Angel or Digimon has the power to stop me.


Look under Venom Myotismon's Profile.

Battle For Earth

Look under Venom Myotismon's Profile.

Myotismon Shrine

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