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Hello only lil ol me. I've just read the fics above mine and they are brilliant

T Patamon = Tk's Patamon
K Gatomon = Kari's Gatomon

Rebel Underground

Cali: I was prisoner to a digimon called Ashuramon Chibimon and me have been fighting him a long time. His evil lackey Magnadevimon informed me I was to be executed. Another digidestined was brought to the cells called Jed. I think he's cute. His friends came and saved him, Chibimon and me. Then something amazing happened. Spike's and Lita's digimon digivolved to Ultimate and wiped the floor with Ashuramon's lackeys. Magnadevimon was deleted and Ashuramon escaped but I'm sure he'll be back.

In the Digital World Ashuramon and his love Ladydevimon are talking about a plan of action.
Ladydevimon: We need a strong Ultimate digimon to stop the traitors once and for all.
Ashuramon: Have anyone in mind?
Ladydevimon: Yes and he has a fiery personality may I introduce Skullmeramon.
Ashuramon: Ah hot stuff do you think you can beat the digidestined and the resistance?
Skullmeramon: Yes I can beat them.
Ashuramon: Good then don't let us down.
Skullmeramon: Don't worry My Lord and Lady I shall not fail.
With that he left and descended the mountain.
In the Real World Cali and the other digidestined are about to go to the Digital World.
Bubbles: And so we are now 7 Miss Booth.
Miss Booth: Good I am sure you'll all be a good team but there is a problem.
Bubbles: I hate it when you say that what is it?
Miss Booth: Mr Brown and Me are no longer your watches.
Bubbles: What why?
Miss Booth: Well you see two watches are not allowed to get married and me and Mr Brown love each other. To cut a long story short we are to be married.
Bubbles: Congratulations but we are going to be sad to lose you.
Miss Booth: Thank you take care we'll send you wedding invitation.
Bubbles: Thank you bye.
Miss Booth: Bye.
Bubbles: Hey guys Miss Booth and Mr Brown are getting married but because of this the law of the watcher says they cannot now give us their knowledge but we are going to be invited to the wedding.
Lita: Ok
Jed: Cali are you ok?
Cali: No not really. I feel sick I. Don't want to go.
Spike: But Izzy is your brother.
Cali: I know but I am so nervous I thought it would be easy to go and meet him but it isn't.
Jed: We are here for you Cali.
Cali: Thanks Jed you're a true friend.
Jed: Your welcome.
Trixy: Is everyone ready?
All nod.
Trixy: Ok then let's go.
They all go to the Digital World.
In Odiaba Izzy is also nervous.
Izzy: Mum is it natural to as nervous as this.
Mrs Izumi: Of course it is Izzy. You are about to meet your sister.
There is a knock at the door.
Mr Izumi: I'll get it.
He opens the door.
Mr Izumi: Hi come on in.
Tai, Matt, Tk and Kari: Thank you Mr Izumi.
Tai: Hey Izzy you ready to go?
Izzy: I guess so.
Mrs Izumi: Good luck Izzy.
Izzy: Thanks.
They go to Izzy's room and opened a Digiport and went to the Digital World.
In the Digiworld Cali and the others are waiting for Izzy.
They come through the TV.
Cali: (gulp) well here goes.
Cali walks forward.
Tai: Cali this is Izzy your brother.
Cali: Hi Izzy.
Izzy: Hi I don't really know what to say.
Cali: How about how are you. What you been doing?
Izzy: Oh yeah sorry I am nervous.
Cali: (laughs) You aren't the only one I can tell you that.
At the bottom of the mountain Skullmeramon is beginning to look for the Digidestined. On the top of the mountain Ladydevimon and Ashuramon are using equipment to search for the resistance base.
Ladydevimon: It has to be somewhere out there but where?
Ashuramon: If it is around here the scanner will find it and when we do find it we shall go and destroy it along with all the digimon in there.
He continues scanning and comes across activity.
Ashuramon: Ah ha found something. Let's go I think we have finally hit the jackpot.
Down around the resistance base the digidestined are talking especially Izzy and Cali.
Cali: So Izzy I am adopted to Himsaki Yamaichi. He wants to meet you.
Izzy: My parents want to meet you too. I didn't know you existed until a couple of days ago and now we are here meeting.
Cali: I knew that I was adopted from the age of 11. I am now 15.
Izzy: Do you know what happened to our parents?
Cali: I knew they died in a car crash but I didn't really know them. I don't know what age I was but I know I was very young.
Izzy: We were babies. I am 15 too.
Cali: We are twins.
Izzy: Yep.
Cali: I am so happy to see you.
Also near the base is Skullmeramon who has received word from Ashuramon to go and destroy the base with himself and Ladydevimon.
Gotsumon: Cali we need help Ashuramon, Ladydevimon and Skullmeramon are here.
Cali: What they know where we are?
Gotsumon: Yes they are practically on top of us.
Cali: Dag it if they get in here then they'll destroy everything including the new born digimon.
Bubbles: New born digimon? You have Digieggs here?
Chibimon: Yes we have an Elecmon guarding them.
Jay: Just as the Primary Village Elecmon does.
Lita: We have to get those Digieggs and digimon out of here.
Pumpkinmon: We do have another place to hide but we are not going to be able to get there without being spotted by the Ultimates up there.
Spike: Patamon and Salamon can digivolve to Ultimate.
Bubbles: And I can go to ultimate to hold them off while the rest of you get the digimon and Digieggs to safety.
Jed: I'll stay here and help you 3.
Jay: I'll stay too we need to make sure they don't get past.
Bubbles: Ok let's go. Transform into Ultimate.
Bubbles transforms.
Bubbles: Angel master protector of Life.
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon: Angemon
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon.
Spike: Angemon go to ultimate.
Angemon: Angemon digivolve to.
Magnaangemon: Magnaangemon.
T Patamon: Wow Magnaangemon Spike's Patamon went to ultimate.
K Gatomon: Can your Gatomon go to Ultimate Lita.
Lita: Nods go for it.
Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to.
Angewomon: Angewomon.
K Gatomon: Cool.
Kari and Tk: Great.
Jed and Jay: Now it's our turn.
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon
Elecmon: Elecmon digivolve to
Lightningmon: Lightningmon.
Cali: Me, Izzy, Tai, Matt, Tk, Kari, Patamon, Gatomon, Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon and Chibimon will get all the digimon and Digieggs out of here take care.
Others: We will.
Bubbles: Come on let's go.
Ashuramon: They are under us start digging Skullmeramon.
The digimon and digidestined come up.
Ladydevimon: No need they came to us. Wait they aren't all here.
Ashuramon: Never mind that now we can take these out first.
Bubbles: I don't think so hot head. Peace Sphere.
She blasted at him but missed him.
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow.
This was aimed at Ladydevimon but she eluded it.
Ladydevimon: I don't thinks so Angel face Darkness wave.
A row of bats was aimed at Angewomon.
Magnaangemon: Gate of Destiny.
This sucked the bats it.
Ladydevimon: Grrr
Puttiemon: Star Tiara.
This hit Ashuramon but he shrugged it off.
Ashuramon: You expect such a pitiful attack to stop me. Ha. Fire Chain. Shoot.
The attack hit Bubbles and Puttiemon.
Bubbles: This guy is good.
Puttiemon: And packs quite a punch too.
Meramon: Fire Ball.
Skullmeramon: Is that supposed to hurt. Metal Fire Ball.
This hits Meramon.
Meramon: Woahhhhhh oof.
Lightningmon: Storm Rush
Skullmeramon: Huh!
He moves.
Skullmeramon: Pathetic.
He hits Lightningmon with his chain.
Jed: He's beating them and Ashuramon is beating Bubbles and Puttiemon.
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow.
Ladydevimon moves again.
Ladydevimon: Darkness Wave.
Angewomon: Uh oh.
Magnaangemon: Excalibar.
He tries to destroy many on the bats but there are too many and they are overcome.
Meramon: Ugh Fire Ball.
Skullmeramon: Metal Fire Ball.
This hits both Lightningmon and Meramon.
Jay: We need more power. It's hopeless.
Jed: Don't give up you can do it gather your courage and go at him.
Jed's digivice glows.
Jed: What oh.
The Digicoin of Courage leaves his pocket and goes into his digivice and the front claps shut.
Meramon: Woah I feel strange. Meramon digivolve to.
Skullmeramon: Skullmeramon.
Jed: My digimon is at Ultimate and a red Skullmeramon.
Jay: Cool Lightningmon keep on at him with Skullmeramon just keep your cool and bide your time to get your main attack in.
Jay's digivice starts to glow.
Jay: Eh my digivice.
His Digicoin of Patience left his pocket and went to his digivice and sealed inside.
Lightningmon: Lightningmon digivolve to.
Werelightningmon: Werelightningmon.
Jay: My digimon too is at Ultimate sweet.
Jed: Cool Now
Both: Go and get him.
J Skullmeramon: Chain Attack
This wraps up the other Skullmeramon.
J Skullmeramon: Get at him.
Werelightningmon: Ice Stone
Skullmeramon: No.
Stone after stone pummels Skullmeramon until he is deleted.
Skullmeramon: You nailed him.
Werelightningmon: No we nailed him.
Skullmeramon: You're right. Now come the other need our help.
The go to help the others.
Ladydevimon: Lord Ashuramon we have trouble two more Ultimates.
Ashuramon: Time for a new plan of action. Fire Chain shoot.
The chain kept the digimon busy but it let Ashuramon and Ladydevimon escape.
When they had finished the digimon returned to their Rookie forms and Bubbles returned to normal.
They then went underground to where the last digimon had been evacuated.
Cali: All out and accounted for.
Bubbles: Cool we have to more digimon to the Ultimate list too.
Izzy: Phew I've put the new system it cannot be detected by any other system.
Cali: Thanks Bro.
Izzy: Huh? Oh it's going to be a while before I can get used to it.
Cali: Don't worry it's cool.
They all went to the new base.
Pumpkinmon: The nursery is ready Elecmon is there now.
Cali: Ok thanks.
Bubbles: They really look up to you.
Cali: Huh they come to me for advice but there isn't much I can do.
Bubbles: You've done a lot. You've given them hope, friendship, some security and a reason for living. You saved all their lives. You are like their leader.
Gotsumon: Cali we need your help.
Cali: Ok I'm coming.
Bubbles: See look since we're digidestined together we will join Rebel Underground too.
Cali: What?
Lita: Yeah I agree with that.
Jed and Jay: Us too.
Trixy: And me
Spike: Me too.
Cali: Thanks you guys I'll get everyone to come into the hall and we'll tell them we got new rebels.
She got all the digimon in the Underground together.
Cali: I have good news the fight has just intensified. We have new members in the Underground, The Digidestined.
Digimon: Yeah.
Cali: With there help we can free the other islands inhabitants from Ashuramon and Ladydevimon.
Bubbles: We can work as a team and we can beat Ashuramon and his cronies. We can regain the freedom you need.
Pumpkinmon: I agree with it.
Gotsumon: Yeah me too. The baby digimon need a future.
Elecmon: I second that.
Cali: That's it then we are going to fight for our freedom because we are..
All: Rebel Underground.
On the top of the mountain Ladydevimon is being chastised.
Ashuramon: You said he wouldn't fail.
Ladydevimon: I didn't think he would.
Ashuramon: But he did next time your going alone am I understood?
Ladydevimon: Yes sir.
Ashuramon: Then get out.
Ladydevimon left Ashuramon's presence went to her quarters.
At the base the digidestined are ready to go home.
Agumon: We'll stay here with the other digimon.
Tai: Ok Agumon.
Cali: We'll be back tomorrow but if anything happens..
Pumpkinmon: We know get in touch.
Izzy: Sis
Cali: Yeah.
Izzy: I'm glad I met you.
Cali: Me too.
The walked to the TV.
Cali: Before you go back to Japan promise me we'll meet again.
Izzy: As if I'd lose you now. See ya.
He, Tai, Kari, Tk and Matt went back home.
Cali: Come on let's go home.
They went back home as the sunset in the Digiworld.

What will Ladydevimon do when she confronts the Digidestined? And will Izzy and Cali meet each others adoptive parents? Find out on the next digimon Digital Monsters

Jay is not my character he is Best Actors but he won the competition I ran. He has started his own fics. I know about his storyline and it is ok what he is doing so don't e-mail him or me about some similarities because we have talked about it and it's ok!!
Cali is in his fics too but is different to the Cali in my stories but she is my character.