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Shadow of My Former Self - By Lady Myotismon
Authors Note: Warning this is a Yaoi story rated PG.  Purrmon and Lady Myotismon are my own characters, if there are other such characters in existence it is coincidence.
    Piedmon walked around his Palace at the top of Spiral Mountain with a look of concern on his face.  It had been many years since he last heard from the one person he hated to admit he loved,  Myotismon.  Piedmon was not alone when  pacing back and forth in the Throne Room.  Purrmon was watching her Master pace, the black cat with huge red and white front paws knew that Piedmon was miserable even though he did not show it.  She swayed her tail that has a metal ring on it back and forth following the rhythm of her Master's pacing.
    "Myotismon, why have you not contacted me in ages?  Did something happen to you while in the Human World?  I know the Digi-Destined are responsible for this I can just feel it.  Purrmon, I want you to see what is going on in the Human World, you are the only servant I trust that will not fail me.  Find out what has happened to Lord Myotismon."
    Purrmon leapt off her pillow and stood before Piedmon. "I will not let you down, Lord Piedmon."  With a swish of her golden ring on her tail, Purrmon created a small enough rift for her to enter the Human Realm.
    Purrmon had no trouble locating Myotismon since he went Mega.   Purrmon blinked because Venom Myotismon was not her idea of a pretty Mega.  She kind of missed Myotismon the Ultimate.  She quickly climbed a tree and recorded this battle so Piedmon could see what had happened to his beloved Myotismon.  "Wow! The Prophecy Myotismon told me about came true!  He is the Undead Digimon King."  Tears formed in Purrmon's eyes because she was proud of Myotismon for finally becoming Mega. 
    Purrmon's tears turned to tears of rage when she saw Angemon and Angewomon help Tai and Matt's Digimon to Warp Digivolve into WarGreymon and Metal Garurumon.  "Noooooo!", she cried when she saw Venom Myotismon get deleted with the help of the two Megas.  Purrmon would never forget the look of horror in Venom Myotismon's eyes as he was being defeated
    Purrmon Digivolved to her next level thanks to her anger and love for Myotismon.  "Purrmon Digivolve into LADY MYOTISMON!"  Purrmon's body took on a human shape as her dark fur was replaced with a Navy Blue outfit and long flowing Black Cape.  Her two front paws became hands that had elegant grey gloves on them.  Purrmon's Blue eyes were covered with a Red mask and her face became a pale shade of White with a Lavender mouth that had fangs that were bared in anger at the moment.  Lady Myotismon spied on the Digi Destined for a few minutes and learned that Gatomon was Angewomon.  "I knew she would turn on Myotismon!  Gatomon, you will pay for your treason!"
    Lady Myotismon created a portal using the Golden Bat that was attached to her long Brown hair that was braided.  She left the Human World and re-entered Piedmon's Castle.  Her heart broke because she heard Piedmon chatting with the other Dark Masters.  How was she going to tell him that his Lover was slain by the Digi Destined and their Digimon?  Bats were flying around Lady Myotismon as she went to Piedmon's Room.   She place the recording she made during her stay in the Human World.
    Lady Myotismon quickly hid when she heard someone coming.  Piedmon entered his Room and noticed a recording on his table. "Excellent!  Purrmon, did not fail me!"  Piedmon played the recording and watched in horror as his love was defeated by WarGreymon and the help of the Eight Digi Destined.  Piedmon threw a Trump Sword at the recording and it was deleted.  "Myotismon, I will defeat those annoying Digi Destined in memory of you."  Piedmon with a very rare display of emotion cried at the loss of the one being that loved him and reminded him of his Ultimate form, Vandemon.
    Lady Myotismon stepped out of the shadows and knelt before Piedmon.  Piedmon was about to lash out in anger at the strange Ultimate but halted because he knew deep down that his loyal servant Digivolved to her next level.  "Purrmon, I see that you reached your next level.  The new look is very becoming for you, what is the name of your next level?"  Lady Myotismon stood up, "My name is Lady Myotismon, my Lord."
    Lady Myotismon smiled at her Master.  "Master, I wish to assist you in defeating those miserable Digi Destined for you.  Myotismon was my friend and witnessing his death was hard on the both of us."  Piedmon sat on his throne and poured himself a glass of his finest wine.  "Very well, I will let you help me avenge Myotismon's death."  He offered some wine to Lady Myotismon since she earned it.  Lady Myotismon accepted the wine politely and sat down next to Piedmon.  Piedmon placed his left arm around Lady Myotismon's waist pulled her into his arms and kissed her.  Lady Myotismon blinked then smiled at Piedmon.
    Piedmon laughed as he said this to Lady Myotismon,  "There were once Eight Digi Destined, who had a slow and painful death at the hands of the Dark Masters and Lady Myotismon........."
The End
*This is my first Digimon Yaoi story and Digimon story. ;)*
Lady Myotismon
Digimon of Darkness a Lord Myotismon Shrine.