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The Island of Connection

Bubbles: I was in big trouble but Freemon jumped in front of me and saved my life. Unfortunately this made her be deleted. The power of my friends made my other points on my Medallion glow. I changed into Angel Master and beat Myotiswomon. Cat turned back to normal and I removed her Dark Energy. We then went to File Island to Primary Village. We met Willis who gave Jay his Digicoin. Willis and me got our digimon back. But we then found out we had a new bad guy to beat on a new Island called Connection. I'm sure we can beat him too.

Ashuramon: Those Digidestined will meet their doom. What has Cali and Chibimon been up to?
Digimon: I know not my lord.
Ashuramon: Well go and find out.
Digimon: Yes my lord.
The digimon left Ashuramon's presence.
He went down the mountain to a cave where 2 digimon were standing guard.
Digimon: Stand aside and let me through on Lord Ashuramon's orders.
The guards stood aside and he went into the cave.
It was poorly lit but he was accustomed to this. He saw a few cells in this cave most were empty. The digimon that had been brought here a few days ago had been executed. In one cage was Cali and the one next to her was filled with her digimon Chibimon. The digimon sneered at these two.
Digimon: You are lucky you know
Cali: Oh yeah how?
Digimon: I'd thought you've had realised this already. All the others have been executed already.
Cali: Why does he normally execute his prisoners?
Digimon: They all normally try to escape but this way we can keep them under control ha ha permanently. See you around especially at your execution.
Cali: What!
Digimon: Oops did I let Lord Ashuramon's secret out. Oh well I guess you would have found out soon enough. Enjoy you last few days of life.
He left the cave.
Chibimon: Cali
Cali: Hmmm.
Chibimon: What do we do now?
Cali: I don't know. I haven't got my hairgrips on me they confiscated them when we were caught.
Chibimon: How about a nail file?
Cali: Nope that went too.
Chibimon: Well what can we do now?
Cali: I'm out of ideas for the moment. All we can hope for is to escape on the day of our execution.
Chibimon: Either that or we think of something else before then.
In the real world Bubbles is on the phone to Sakura.
Sakura: So how are things?
Bubbles: There is a new enemy now that Cat is back to her normal self.
Sakura: I see, who is this enemy?
Bubbles: I don't know we have to go to the Digital World soon.
Sakura: Ok thanks for letting me know.
In Japan Izzy's parents are talking
Mr Izumi: I think we should tell him
Mrs Izumi: I think you're right I'm surprised he hasn't asked this question before.
Mr Izumi: We'll tell him when he comes in.
Back in England
Jay: Is everyone ready to go?
Others: Yeah
Jay: Digiport open.
They all transfer to the digiworld.
Bubbles: Is this it?
Trixy: It looks so dull.
Jed: I guess its cause of the evil on this island.
Spike: Yeah and I bet the evil lives up there.
He points to a mountain. Around this mountain is a very low cloud.
Bubbles: Looks like a bad guys HQ.
Lita: I guess we have to go up there and beat him.
Bubbles: Yah. But something tells me this isn't going to be as easy as that.
Jay: What gives you that idea?
Bubbles: I can feel the evil coming from there. And on the evil scale between 1 and 10 that is 12.
Jed: It's also cold even at this level. How cold must it be up there?
Trixy: I am having reservations about going up there.
Bubbles: Hmm maybe it is right to be cautious.
Jed: If we keep on being cautious then we're going to get no where.
Jay: But if someone gets hurt what then Jed?
Jed: I'm sick of you challenging me Jay why don't you just get lost we don't need you with us. We we're doing fine before you came.
Jay: Maybe I'll do that.
Jed: And you can keep away from my sister too.
Bubbles: Jed!
Jed: What? He needs to be told.
Bubbles: Jed you are so..
Jay: It's ok Bubbles I know where I'm not wanted.
He turns.
Jay: Come on Elecmon let's go.
They walk off into the distance.
Bubbles: Jay don't go we need you.
Jed: We don't need him.
Bubbles: Don't even talk to me Jed I don't want to know. Freemon come on we're going after Jay.
They both go to after Jay.
Lita: Come on Salamon we better go after her.
Spike: Hey wait for me.
Trixy: I'm coming too.
Jed: That's right leave me why don't you.
They still continue going after Jay.
Jed: Fine be like that goodbye. I won't be coming after you when you're in danger.
He goes in the other direction.
Up on the mountain Ashuramon is talking with his right hand digimon.
Ashuramon: Isn't this great Magnadevimon.
Magnadevimon: Yes he is an easy picking shall I go after him?
Ashuramon: Of course and while you're gone I will deal with Cali she will suffer before her execution at Dawn on Friday.
Magnadevimon: Yes sir. He flew up in the air and down the mountain.
Blazemon: Are you worried about the others?
Jed: I guess.
Blazemon: Do you want to go after them?
Jed: Maybe.
Blazemon: Oh come on Jed. Your sister can get hurt and you don't even care. Jay loves her can't you see that. You're just jealous and you can't stand it to see them enjoying themselves.
Jed: Oh and how do you know that?
Blazemon: I'm your digimon that's how I know.
Jed: Ok I admit it you're right. Happy now?
Blazemon: I guess but I wish you'd go and find the others.
Jed: Ok you win let's go after them.
Magnadevimon: You're going nowhere.
Jed: What who are you.
Blazemon: He is Magnadevimon and an Ultimate digimon. His Venom Spit paralyses his enemies. But what's worse is that is his Nightmare Blaster.
Magnadevimon: Digi brat I suggest you come with me.
Jed: Suggest all you want but I'm not coming with you.
Magnadevimon: I think you are Venom Spit.
This hits Blazemon and Jed.
Jed falls to the ground.
Jed: I can't move.
Blazemon: I'll try to digivolve.
He tries to but can't.
Blazemon: It's no good I can't move either.
Magnadevimon: Of course you can't. My Venom Spit is too strong for you. My lord I have them they are yours. He encases them in a bubble. And takes them up the mountain.
In another area the Digidestined are walking back towards the area where Jed was.
Bubbles: I'm sure he's cooled off by now.
Spike: I hope he's ok. He's my best friend and I learnt all my Football skills from him.
Jay: He plays football, so do you, Bubbles, Trixy and Lita play rounders and I play Basketball. We a mixed bag.
Bubbles: But we all will have to pull together to defeat the new enemy.
She looks up the mountain.
Bubbles: Hey what's that?
She see's Magnadevimon with Jed and Blazemon.
Jay: It's Jed and a digimon.
Spike: His names Magnadevimon he's an Ultimate digimon.
Bubbles: An ultimate digi I can take him down.
Lita: We can all take him down we can change into digimon too.
Bubbles: No offence but you are only Champions and our digimon can only go to champion.
Jay: You may be right but Jed is one of us we need to help him.
Bubbles: But why do you defend him after what he said to you.
Jay: Me and he are friends he just doesn't want to admit it. Besides we need him.
Bubbles: Ok we'll change into our digimon forms and go after him.
Lita: Ok now you're talking Transform into Champion.
Lita tries to transform but can't.
Lita: What's wrong I can't change into my digimon form.
Trixy: Dunno I'll try. Transform into Champion.
She tries but can't.
Bubbles: Hmm I think I know why.
Spike: What's your theory?
Bubbles: When you wanted me to beat the Commander so bad I guess your power came to me.
Jay: But it means we can't transform.
Bubbles: Fraid so I'm sorry.
Spike: It's ok I guess there'll be another way for us to transform.
Bubbles: I'm sure there is but first we need to get Jed back again. Transform into Ultimate.
She changes into Angel Master
Bubbles: Angel Master keeper of Life.
She makes a sphere around the digidestined and digimon and takes them up the mountain.
At the top of the mountain Ashuramon is in prison cells with Cali and Jed.
Ashuramon: You have a new friend Cali but not for long. He will die soon.
Cali: You can't kill him he's done nothing wrong he isn't part of the resistance.
Ashuramon: No but he is part of the Digidestined and I hate digidestined as much as I hate resistance members.
Jed: Well you are going to be in so much trouble when the others find out about you.
Cali: (Thinking) others they could help free me. This is the chance I've been waiting for.
Ashuramon: Ah you so called friends from what I saw I bet they never come after you again. After what you said to Jay I wouldn't be surprised if they come to your execution and cheer. Now as for you Cali you'll be happy to know most of you comrades have been captured too and are on their way here now.
Cali: (cries) NO!
Ashuramon: And I shall execute them all on one shall be spared.
Cali: Why if I get out of it so help me I'm going to make sure you never murder anyone else again.
Ashuramon: I am not a murderer I am merely a moderator getting rid of the Islands Traitors. They will be executed.
Bubbles: Not if we have anything to say about it.
Ashuramon: What do you want?
Spike: We want our friend now!
Ashuramon: Your friend ha ha ha. He is going no where except to another life.
Bubbles: I don't think so. Peace Sphere. This hit's Ashuramon but he shrugs it off.
Spike: Woah her attack had little effect on him.
Bubbles: Not good I need you guys.
Jay: You know we can't transform.
Ashuramon: Fire Chain.
A circle of fire wrapped around him and split into small balls.
Ashuramon: Shoot.
The ball flew at the digimon.
Digidestined: (except Jed) Digivolve.
Freemon: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon.
Bubblemon: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon
Patamon: Patamon digivolve to
Angemon: Angemon
Salamon: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon: Gatomon.
Elecmon: Elecmon digivolve to.
Lightningmon: Lightningmon
Jay: Ok go and get him keep him busy.
The digi's flew at Ashuramon.
Magnadevimon turns up with the new captives.
Magnadevimon: What?
Digimon: Now is our chance to free Cali and ourselves.
Bubbles: Cali?
The recently captured digimon freed themselves and attacked Magnadevimon.
Ashuramon moved out of the way of the attacking digimon.
Ashuramon: I need reinforcements.
Out of the shadows came a platoon of Demidevimon lead be a Devimon.
Jed: If someone doesn't mind we need to get out of here.
Spike weaved his way through the battling digimon.
Spike: Angemon go after Devimon he's no match for you.
Angemon started focusing his attack on Devimon.
The other digimon started attacking Demidevimon.
Spike went to Jed and picked the lock on his cell.
Jed then went and got Cali out of her cell.
Jed: Are you ok?
Cali: Yes thank you. But I think we need to leave formalities till later we have some digi's to take care of. Are you ready Chibimon?
Chibimon: Yes.
Cali: Then go for it.
Chibimon: Chibimon digivolve to.
Demimon: Demimon.
Blazemon: Shall I?
Jed nods.
Blazemon: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon: Meramon.
Puttiemon: Star Tiara
Meramon: Fire Ball
Turtlemon: Shell Shock
Angemon: Hand of Fate.
Gatomon: Lightning Paw.
Lightningmon: Storm Rush.
Demimon: Demi Rose
Gotsumon: Rock Fist Attack.
Pumpkinmon: Pumpkinmon Power.
These attacks went through the Demidevimon and Devimon.
Digidestined: yeah
Magnadevimon: Now the fun begins Nightmare Blaster
Angemon and Gatomon: We don't think so
Gatomon threw her glove up in the air.
Angemon: Hand of Fate
This went to Gatomon's glove and she grabbed it.
Gatomon: Here have a little punch Lightning Paw.
She hit Magnadevimon but has little effect.
Lita: How did he?
Spike: I have no idea
Cali: He has to be defeated if the resistance is to survive.
Lita: She is right although we aren't in the resistance we need to help them
Spike: Yeah.
Lita: Gatomon
Spike: Angemon
They took their digivices and pointed them at their digimon. The digivices started to shine. Next their Digicoins slipped from their pockets and to the digivices. The centre opened up and they went into a hole. The front then clicked back in place.
Angemon: Angemon digivolve to
Magnaangemon: Magnaangemon
Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to
Angewomon: Angewomon
Bubbles: Sweet. Shall we my fellow Angels?
Angewomon: Yeah
Bubbles and Angewomon attacked Magnadevimon as Magnaangemon went behind him.
Bubbles: Peace Sphere
Angewomon: Celestial Arrow
These hit him direct on sending him flying backwards.
Magnaangemon: Gate of Destiny.
A flash of light came from the gate as Magnadevimon disappeared into it.
Ashuramon: Impossible. Grr we will fight again. With that he disappears.
The 3 dedigivolve.
Lita: You were cool Salamon.
Salamon: Thanks
Spike: My digimon can digivolve to Ultimate. But how I don't understand.
Bubbles: I think it was because you were willing to help someone else.
She looked at Cali. She extends her hand
Bubbles: Hi I am Sonja but my friends call me Bubbles
Cali: I am Cali. Let me take you to a safe place.
Bubbles: Ok.
Jed: Jay can I talk to you a minute.
Jay: Sure what is it?
Jed: I want to say sorry for what I said earlier. I didn't mean it.
Jay: It's ok I know you didn't your just trying to protect your sister but she is safe with me.
Jed: I know it's just that when she was younger she was hurt in a car accident. I don't like letting her out of my sight.
Jay: Now I understand why you're so protective.
Jed: Hmm.
Jay: Well if you want me to keep away I will.
Jed: No I'm daft you and her are a perfect team.
Jay: Ok if you're sure.
Jed: Yeah.
They went and started climbing down the mountain.
In the real world Mr and Mrs Izumi are talking to Izzy.
Mrs Izumi: Izzy there is something we need to tell you.
Izzy: What is it?
Mr Izumi: You know you are adopted well you had a sister.
Izzy: What a sister I don't remember having a sister.
Mrs Izumi: You were still young when the accident happened. We couldn't have both of you so a man called Himsaki Yamaichi and his wife Namcali Yamaichi took your sister. We don't remember her name but they used to live a couple of doors away when we lived on Highton View Terrace
Izzy: So I have a sister where is she now
Mr Izumi: The family went and moved to England.
Izzy: Because of the Digimon attack?
Mrs Izumi: I think so.
Izzy: I see well thanks for telling me. I am angry that you didn't tell me before.
Mr Izumi: We thought it was for the best but we decided to tell you now it's your right.
Izzy: Ok thanks I'm going over to Tai's house I'll see you later.
Mr Izumi: Alright son.
Izzy went to Tai's house.
Izzy: So Tai I have a sister like you do but I don't know her name. But she lives in England. She also saw the Highton View Terrace Bombing. She lived a couple of doors away from me. The family was the Yamaichi's
Mrs Kamiya: Hi Izzy.
Izzy: Hi Mrs Kamiya. Um this may sound silly but do you remember the Yamaichi's from Highton View Terrace?
Mrs Kamiya: Hmm the name sounds familiar but I can't remember. I'll have to look at my address book.
Izzy: Ok thanks Mrs Kamiya.
Back in the Digiworld.
Cali: Here we this is the secret underground base of the resistance. Come in.
Bubbles: Thanks.
Cali: We'll be safe here. Nearly all the digimon that were here have been captured in battle and executed. The few that are here are the only ones left. But you've come.
Bubbles: We were sent to stop Ashuramon.
Cali: We have the same mission. I am a Digidestined from Britain. I was also sent to stop Ashuramon. I found out about an Underground group calling themselves Rebel Underground. They were many so I decided to join them. But Ashuramon has picked us off one by one.
Jed: From what I've heard from him he is major psycho.
Cali: He is very dangerous. The future of the Island depends on us.
Lita: Well I suggest be band together and beat him. We have 3 Ultimates on our side.
Cali: We had about 5 Ultimates and he beat them of course he only fought them one at a time.
Spike: He is extremely dangerous.
Bubbles: Where about in Britain do you live?
Cali: England I live in a city called York.
Bubbles: Same as us we all live in York. Which area?
Cali: York 6.
Bubbles: Same again. I live in the apartment blocks near the city centre.
Cali: The Texas area.
Bubbles: Yes I go to Texas High.
Cali: Cool I am in Mrs Golem's class.
Bubbles: We're all in Miss Booth's class.
Jed: How did you become a Digidestined.
Cali: Many years ago I saw two digimon fight at a place called Highton View Terrace. Shortly after that I moved with my adopted family but my adoptive mother died. I have a brother who was adopted by a family called the Izumi's he lives in Japan still.
Spike: Woah did you say the Izumi's?
Cali: Yes why do you know them?
Spike: Yes I know their son well their adoptive son Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi.
Cali: Can it be my brother?
Spike: It could be.
Back at Tai's house Mrs Kamiya has found the name in her address book.
Mrs Kamiya: Izzy I have found the Yamaichi's in my address book. Mrs Yamaichi died in England they had a daughter called Cali. She was adopted.
Izzy: Do you have a phone number Mrs Kamiya?
Mrs Kamiya: No.
Izzy: (thinking) My sister is called Cali. (out loud) Thanks anyhow Mrs Kamiya.
An e-mail comes through.
Izzy: (reading) This is Spike. There is someone here who wants to speak with you put on your audio link.
He puts on the link.
Cali: Is that Izzy?
Izzy: Yes who is that.
Cali: I am Cali, Cali Yamaichi.
Izzy: My sister?
Cali: Yes.
Izzy: It's good to here from you.
Cali: You too. I'd like to meet you Izzy.
Izzy: How?
Cali: I am a Digidestined.
Izzy: Cool
Cali: I know you are too.
Izzy: Yes I am. We can meet in the Digiworld tomorrow.
Cali: Yes that'd be great Izzy.
Izzy: I'll see you tomorrow.
Cali: Ok bye bro.
Izzy: Bye sis. (thinking) I've talked to my sister. (cries) Oh Tai.
Tai: It's ok Izzy.
Back in the Digiworld.
Cali: Thanks you guys.
Bubbles: It's ok it's what we do for friends.
Jed: There was something I wanted to ask you. Do you have a Digicoin and medallion?
Cali: Um you mean these things?
She pulled out a Coin and a medallion with a Ying Yang on it.
Bubbles: The Coin of Power and Digiwarrior on Ninja's. have you used them yet?
Cali: No I don't know how.
Bubbles: I'm sure you'll find out in time. We all learnt how to use our Medallions but they gave up their power to fuel me in a battle with another digimon called Myotiswomon. We need to also get some power back for them.
Cali: How are we going to do it?
Bubbles: I don't know but I'm sure something will come up. Meanwhile we better return home.
Cali: I agree I have a lot to tell my dad.
Bubbles: Would you like us to come with you tomorrow?
Cali: Yes I am a little nervous.
Bubbles: Ok just give a ring when you want us.
Cali: Will do.
Bubbles: Here this is our number. She wrote it into Cali's digivice.
They then left the Digiworld and went home.
In Izzy's house he tells his parents what has happened.
Izzy: So I'm meeting her tomorrow. Tai, Kari, Tk and Matt are coming with me.
Mrs Izumi: Ok are you still upset with us?
Izzy: No I'm going to bed for tomorrow is going to be a busy day.
Back in the Digiworld Ashuramon is plotting.
Ashuramon: Ladydevimon how can we defeat these brats?
Ladydevimon: I don't know but we can launch an attack.
Ashuramon: We shall do that soon and when we do the Digidestined better watch out.

What will Ashuramon do and what will happen when Izzy and Cali meet? Find out next time on Digimon Digital monsters

Jay is not my character he is Best Actors but he won the competition I ran. He has started his own fics.
Cali is used in his stories with my permission.