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Vice Versa

Jay: We were at a theme park when we got an urgent call. We hurried to the Digiworld where we met Tai and the others. Ladydevimon was around and not far behind was Ashuramon and all of his troops. All our digimon digivolved. Soon Bubbles, Trixy and Cali's digimon got to Ultimate too. The Digicoin of Power made all the old digidestined's digimon go to ultimate too. It then made us get our power of Digi Warriors back. With an upset Ladydevimon helping us we finished Ashuramon off. All the Digital Worlds Islands and Continents joined together and a voice spoke to us. I wonder who it is?

Bubbles: Tell us who are you?
Voice: I am Kiorey Yamamo. I am a Digispirit.
Izzy: You are like Gennai but why do you have your own digimon?
Kiorey: I have my own digimon as my helper. She is a great friend to me after I saved her from Piedmon many years ago.
K Gatomon: She's like me but black.
Digimon: My name is Purrmon I am a Black Gatomon but I am not dangerous unless anyone attacks Kiorey or me.
Bubbles: Tell us Kiorey why have you come?
Kiorey: I have come to give you help and advice I am your new watcher.
Bubbles: Ah that's right because Mr Brown and Miss Booth are getting married.
Kiorey: Yep. I am going to be frank with you all. I am new to this.
Jed: Oh great!
Cali: Jed!
Jed: Sorry
Bubbles: Sorry about him he's strange.
Jed: Talk about yourself.
Bubbles: Anyhow have you come to tell us what to do next?
Kiorey: Yes.
Bubbles: Well what do we have to do?
Kiorey: There is a powerful force taking over the Digital World. This force is too strong for the Digispirits to handle so we need the Digidestineds help.
Tai: Great we'll help too.
Kiorey: No you can't
Davis: And why not?
Kiorey: You haven't the powers to stop this evil. The newer digidestined have the medallions and coins to stop this evil.
Tai: I see but is there nothing we can do?
Kiorey: Not as yet maybe later but there is a lot that needs to be done so the digidestined can fight off this evil.
Bubbles: Who is this evil?
Kiorey: I cannot say I am under orders.
Lita: Oh come on we need to know if we are to prepare to fight.
Kiorey: Can't say!
Bubbles: Don't hassle her. If she can't say she can't say.
Kiorey: Thanks. But what I can say is you need go somewhere to get an item that you will require.
Jed: Oh where in the Digiworld is it?
Kiorey: Did I say it was in the Digital World?
Trixy: Then where are we going?
Kiorey: To another world where things are not as they seem.
Tai: And what do we do?
Kiorey: Go home and rest you won't be able to do anything now your power has run out it was only a temporary effect.
Jay: What of our Medallions power?
Kiorey: Your power was reenergised to it's full potential so you can still use your power.
Sora: That's a good thing! Come on guys lets go home and wait.
Tai: Good luck.
Bubbles: Thanks Tai.
They went to the tv and went home.
Kiorey: Now it's time for you to go on your mission.
Bubbles: Where are we going?
Kiorey: You will see.
She used her power to send the Digidestined to another world.
When they landed it looked a lot like the Digital World they had just come from.
When they looked around they saw digimon fleeing away from them.
Bubbles: What's wrong with them?
Digimon:  It's the Digidestined now we're in trouble.
Bubbles: We won't hurt you!
Digimon: Yeah right
Lita: Seriously we won't harm you.
Digimon: Why should we believe you, you delete digimon for the fun of it! But no more our leader is here he will stop you!
Bubbles: That's Myotismon
Jed: But that's impossible he was sealed up
Lita: Woah look who's with him.
Freemon: Myotiswomon but how.
Myotismon: Your tyranny ends here Digidestined you won't delete digimon anymore.
Jay: What are they talking about?
Spike: I have no idea
Bubbles: Listen you got us all wrong we aren't doing the stuff you said we only just arrived here.
Myotiswomon: You expect us to believe that?
Bubbles: That's the truth.
Myotismon: The truth is you digidestined have been taking innocent digimon lives.
Bubbles: No if that was true wouldn't we have attacked the digimon around us now? We are not like that you have got it so wrong!
Myotiswomon: She maybe right
Bubbles: If you still want to attack do it.
Myotismon: Hmm.We'll take you in for questioning.
Bubbles: That's fine by us we are not guilty of anything.
Myotismon: Seize them and cuff them.
Jed: What hey that hurts.
Myotismon: Blind fold them so they can't see the way to our base if it is them.
Bubbles: We didn't agree to this.
Myotiswomon: We have to take precautions.
They were hustled into a ship and taken to the base.
Myotismon: Take the blind folds off when they are at the prison cells.
Digimon: Right.
They were taken to some prison cells where there were cameras watching them. Their blindfolds were taken off.
Jay: Tight security.
Bubbles: Well don't try anything we aren't guilty.
Upstairs in the main nerve centre of the base Myotismon and Myotiswomon are talking.
Myotiswomon: I don't think it is them.
Myotismon: I'm not sure they are a tricky bunch with all the digimon they have harmed in the past I cannot trust them. We have to keep them from doing more things.
Myotiswomon: I know but something inside is saying that this is not them. They would have destroyed us in a second if they were the real digidestined.
Myotismon: Maybe your right. We'll keep an eye on them.
Digimon: Myotismon the digidestined have been seen in sector 5.
Myotismon: Put it on the view screen.
He sees the digidestined.
Myotismon: Split the screen and show me the prison cells.
The picture comes up with the digidestined in the cells.
Myotiswomon: 2 sets of digidestined.
Myotismon: The ones we have are the good ones. Go and let them out of the cells and ask them to come here if they want to leave I understand.
Myotiswomon: Ok
She ran down the stairs and opened the cell.
Myotiswomon: You are free to go if want but Myotismon has asked for your presence.
Bubbles: You need help don't you?
Myotiswomon: Yes we do.
Bubbles: Come on then lead the way.
Myotiswomon: (smiling) thank you.
They all went back up the stairs. Myotismon was looking at the view screen. When the door opened he knew who had entered.
Myotismon: I am sorry for what I did. This is why we wanted you.
He pointed to the screen where the digidestined where with their digimon at Champion stage who were wrecking everything in site.
Bubbles: I see they are like doubles of us. I am beginning to understand why we were sent here from our universe. In this one roles are reversed. Myotismon and Myotiswomon are good and the digidestined are bad.
Myotismon: They really do come from another world like they said.
Bubbles: Well I suggest we get going so this can be ended.
Lita: Yeah I want some action.
They all left the base and went to find the other digidestined.
Jed: What is this place
Myotismon: This is Dark Metal City where the digidestined hang out a lot.
Bubbles D: Hey what?
Jed D: What's wrong sis woah!!
Spike D: Myotismon and doubles of us.
Spike: Except we are peaceful and you ain't.
Lita: Well most of the time we are peaceful but we'll make an exception in your cases.
Bubbles D: You expect to defeat us go and digivolve Freemon.
Freemon D: Freemon digivolve to.
Puttiemon D: Puttiemon
Other Doubles: Digivolve digimon now.
Blazemon D: Blazemon digivolve to.
Meramon D: Meramon
Patamon D: Patamon digivolve to.
Angemon D: Angemon
Salamon D: Salamon digivolve to.
Gatomon D: Gatomon
Elecmon D: Elecmon digivolve to.
Lightningmon D: Lightningmon
Bubblemon D: Bubblemon digivolve to.
Turtlemon D: Turtlemon
Chibimon D: Chibimon digivolve to.
Demimon D: Demimon
Bubbles D: We will defeat you and your digimon.
Freemon: Not if we have anything to say about it.
All the digimon digivolved.
Bubbles: You ready again?
Bubbles D: What do you mean.
Bubbles: Wait and see.
Digidestined: Digivolve.
Puttiemon: Puttiemon digivolve to.
Fairymon: Fairymon
Meramon: Meramon digivolve to.
Skullmeramon: Skullmeramon.
Angemon: Angemon digivolve to.
Magnaangemon: Magnaangemon.
Gatomon: Gatomon digivolve to.
Angewomon: Angewomon.
Lightningmon: Lightningmon digivolve to.
Werelightningmon: Werelightningmon.
Turtlemon: Turtlemon digivolve to.
Silvermon: Silvermon.
Demimon: Demimon digivolve to.
Magnachibimon: Magnachibimon.
Jed D: Ultimates they are all Ultimates. I told you we should have looked for the coins earlier.
Bubbles D: Oh shut up go and get them.
Angewomon: Heaven's Charm
This hit Gatomon making her change back to Nyaromon.
Skullmeramon: Metal Fire Ball.
This hit Meramon making him dedigivolve to Flamemon.
Magnaangemon: Excalibar
His sword hit Angemon making him dedigivolve to Tokomon.
Silvermon: Water Blast.
This hit Turtlemon making her dedigivolve to Splashmon.
Lightningmon: Ice Stone.
This hit Lightningmon making him dedigivolve to Demielecmon.
Magnachibimon: Magna Blaster.
This hit Demimon making her dedigivolve to Chibichibimon.
Fairymon: Daisy Chain.
This hit Puttiemon making her change back to Seedmon.
Myotismon: You beat their digimon!
Bubbles D: How could this have happened?
Lita D: Our digimon were useless.
Lita: What did you say about your digimon?
Lita D: I said they were useless.
Lita: Never ever talk about your digimon like that. They worked hard for you but we had more fire power.
Lita D: No our digimon just didn't try.
Myotismon: It doesn't matter seize them.
Digimon ran and seized the digidestined doubles.
Trixy: What will you do with them?
Myotiswomon: They will probably tried and executed under their own system.
Trixy: You can't kill them there has to be some other way.
Myotismon: What do you suggest.
Trixy: Bubbles is there anything you can think of.
Bubbles: Actually there is.
She pulled out her medallion.
Myotismon: A Digiwarrior Medallion.
Bubbles: Transform into Ultimate.
She changed into her Digiwarrior Form.
Bubbles: Angel Master Protector of Life. Power Removal.
The sphere appeared in her hands and energy came from the Digidestined Doubles.
Bubbles: Energy Seal.
The sphere sealed and then disappeared.
Myotismon: What did that do?
Bubbles changed back.
Bubbles: Watch the digidestined.
Bubbles D: Where's Seedmon whatever happens don't harm her.
Lita D: Nyaromon where is she?
Myotismon: They are caring for their digimon!
Bubbles: The energy removal took the evil energy from them they are no longer a threat.
Myotiswomon: So they won't attack now?
Bubbles: That's right.
Myotismon: We'll keep them under surveillance for a couple of days and if they act kind etc then we'll let them carry on their lives as normal.
Bubbles D: Thank you for showing us the light we are truly thankful.
Bubbles: Hey no problem.
There is a flash of light.
Kiorey: You have passed the test Digidestined. As you reward you will be given a card each this is the key card for your Digiwarrior Houses.
Bubbles: Oh sweet!
Kiorey: It is time for you to return back to your Digital World.
They were taken back to their Digital World.
Kiorey: Here they are your Key Cards.
They got their Coloured matched Card.
Kiorey: Now you need to find your Digiwarrior Houses.
Jay: Yet another challenge.
Kiorey: They are all over the merged Digital World. I suggest that you split into two groups or enlist the help of the older Digidestined.
Bubbles: Kiorey there are many places in the Digital World but the atmosphere of the areas is that a clue?
Kiorey smiled and nodded.
Bubbles: So mine is in the Forests.
Jed: Mine is Volcano's and heated places.
Spike: Mine is the planes where Lightning always strikes.
Jay: Mine is in the Frozen Lands.
Lita: Mine is in the Water.
Cali: Mine is in the Temples.
Trixy: And mine is in the Mountains.
Kiorey: That's right.
Bubbles: We'll split and call on the older digidestined for help so we are not alone.
Jay: Ok.
Jed: Hey Kiorey what is in our Houses?
Kiorey: I don't know you will find out when you get to your houses.
Voice: Kiorey.
Kiorey: I'm here!
Voice: You may give them the power.
Kiorey: So they passed that well?
Voice: Yes.
Kiorey: I shall give it to them.
Voice: When you have I shall talk to them all.
Kiorey: Ok. Hold out your medallions digidestined.
They all held them out. She sent some power to them.
Kiorey: Now to Transform you need to say Change Into Power you will all be at Ultimates. Bubbles you will still be slightly stronger so you can control the dark power in your sphere.
Voice: Digidestined I would like to congratulate you on a job well done. I don't have the power at the moment to appear before you.
Bubbles: No problem glad we could help. But can you tell us who our next opponent is?
Voice: I can't tell you either you need to find out in your own time. It is the Ultimate Test of you strength. You need what is in you Houses to defeat him. And you need to put any differences aside that you have to defeat him.
Spike: What is in our houses?
Voice: Now that would spoil the surprise. I shall talk to you again Digidestined. But in the mean time Kiorey shall help you.
Bubbles: Ok thank you.
Kiorey: I think we should go to your parents and I'll explain what is happening. We are going to have to seal the gate while we are in the Digital World the next time due to the intensity of the evil approaching.
Bubbles: Well since we can have the older Digidestineds help I'll contact them and they can tell their parents.
Kiorey: Ok.
Jay: Kiorey there is something else I wanted to ask.
Kiorey: Oh
Jay: Are there anymore digidestined like us in the world at the moment.
Kiorey: No you are the only ones this generation.
Jay: That's a bummer I was hoping that they would have been you know for more help.
Kiorey: Sorry to disappoint you.
Jay: Ah well.
They then left the Digital World and went to each house in turn and explained what was going to be happening. The parents gave their consent.
Mrs Sanyo: You may stay with us tonight Bubbles has a spare room.
Kiorey: Thank You.
In the Digital World a spirit was floating trying to locate his Digiegg so he could hurry and change back to his mega form.
Digimon: 5 years ago I was sealed in that world but I am free due to some very good luck. Now I shall rule the Digital World.
He floated over to a Digiegg and saw it was his. He went inside of it and the egg hatched. The baby digimon suddenly grew to a Mega.
Digimon: I have returned and I am stronger than ever. Muwahahahah
Bubbles was sleeping in the real world suddenly awoke in a cold sweat.
Seedmon: What's wrong Bubbles.
Bubbles: I don't know Seedmon. I can sense something really evil. I am really worried the digimon Kiorey has spoken of has arrived.
Seedmon: We better tell Kiorey.
Bubbles: Woke Kiorey up.
Kiorey: What's wrong Bubbles.
Bubbles: He's arrived!
Kiorey: Huh?
Bubbles: The evil digimon has arrived in the Digital World I sensed it.
Kiorey: It has begun then! We can't do anything now it's only 3am. Try to sleep and we'll sort it tomorrow.
Bubbles: Ok.
She went back to her bed and laid staring into the Darkness. She still couldn't get to sleep. She got out of bed again and went to the window. She looked outside into the stars. She began making out shapes of digimon. She saw a set that looked like Freemon, a set that looked like Gatomon and then she saw another set she didn't know which digimon it was. It had sticking up hair with a Shakespeare type costume. It looked directly at her. Bubbles shuddered and closed the curtains. She went back to bed and fell asleep. But the face would haunt her for the rest of the night.

Who is the digimon? Why is Bubbles so uncomfortable? Find out soon in Digimon Digital Monsters.