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Digimon of Darkness - A Shrine to Lord Myotismon

You enter a Park late at night there is no moon to light your way. Fog surrounds you as you walk onwards. You come across a carriage that is moving by itself, this strikes fear in you. The door opens and you notice a very tall silhouette in the Darkness. Myotismon steps out of the carriage and smiles. Is that fangs you see? You are tempted to run but he reassures you that he will not harm a Guest to his Shrine. "Please enjoy your stay, feel free to explore my world and learn all about me. " Myotismon returns to his carriage and you notice Piedmon with him before it disappears mysteriously. That surprises the heck out of you but you continue walking till you reach the Pieyotismon archive.

Fan Fiction

Shadow of My Former Self - By Lady Myotismon

Broken Heart, Aching Soul - by DigistarDBZ

Fan Art

This is a great picture.  Thanks for allowing me to use it DigistarDBZ. :)

A charming couple sharing a friendly kiss. Thanks DigistarDBZ for allowing me to put this on my site. :)

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