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Myotismon Fiction and Poems

Fan Fiction Archive

Welcome to the Myotismon Fan Fiction Archive. I like to thank all of you who sent me Fan Fiction so far. I finally have a second page of Fiction, just click the Myotismon Button at the bottom of the page to enter page two. >^.^<

Diamond Rose

A Dream Within My Heart - By Diamond Rose
The Myotismon Freak

A Light in the Darkness - The Myotismon Freak
The Digidestined are in the human world, where an intruiging mystery arises: it seems that someone personally knows Myotismon; who, they don't know. Eventually, they confront the evil Digimon. And the evil Digimon-he confronts himself, deciding whether or not he is truly evil.

Overshadowed - The Myotismon Freak The Digidestined are still in the human world, but this time with many things to think about-for one thing, something they just learned about their enemy. At the same time, Izzy recieves an e-mail from Gennai stating that that must find the ninth Digidestined before time runs out. They only have until the lunar eclipse to find them-or else they will be lost for all time. To add to it all, Myotismon steps in-but this time, in a different position at a mysterious girl's side. The Return of Digidestiny - The Myotismon Freak It has been eight years since the last adventure of the Digidestined, and they have all sunken into the past. Then, she arrives. The ninth Digidestined returns with news from the Digiworld-Evil had once again showed its ugly face. Now, the Digidestined must go back to the Digiworld to fight two familiar faces-each one stronger than before-and save both worlds from an existence under the grasp of Evil. The Final Encounter - The Myotismon Freak The Digidestined have returned to the Evil-filled Digiworld, where Devimon and Etemon have taken over. The kids must once again fight their adversaries, but it is a surprising being that in the end defeats them. Guiding Light - The Myotismon Freak The Digidestined find themselves in the world of Beast Wars, where they soon side with the Maximals. Myotismon, too, finds himself on prehistoric Earth, and at first takes up with the Predacons. After realizing their plan, Myotismon-half dead from starvation-makes his way to the Maximal base, where he befriends Dinobot. Later, when Dinobot is destroyed, Myotismon-still in sorrow, but severely angered at the Predacons-avenges his lost friend. The Forgotten Past - The Myotismon Freak The Digidestined are in the human world, battling Myotismon. Then, they make a startling discovery: someone has allied herself with Myotismon. And, in the process, she finds a clue to her mysterious past . . . Creature - The Myotismon Freak It has been one year since Angewomon defeated Myotismon with her Celestial Arrow. Everything is quiet, because the eight Digidestined have already told their tale. Then, something happens: young women begin appearing in hospitals for severe anemia. Something evil is on the prowl . . .. Now the DIgidestined must stop whatever it is. But . . . when they discover who-what-it is, they recognize it as a familiar face. The Lost One - The Myotismon Freak The Digidestined are in the human world, where things are steadily worsening. Myotismon has disappeared, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. Gennai has told the Digidestined that Myotismon is part of the Harmony between Darkness and Light. Without him, the balance is upset. Later, during their search for him, the Digidestined come across a mysterious girl known only as Shadowsoul. Could she be the acclaimed Lost One, the human with a Crest and no Digimon? Dragon's Fire - The Myotismon Freak A new Digidestined has arrived in Odaiba, and the Digidestined-though it may seem-do not trust him very much. Who is this mysterious "Manfred," and why is he so to himself?

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